Feb 10 2010

How to pray for your children

Both of our families attend Bayside Church of Granite Bay, CA and our pastor, Ray Johnston, had a sermon on "How to raise G-rated kids in an X-rated world" this past weekend. He stressed the importance of praying for our kids and gave us a list of specific ways that we can pray. Here they are:

1. Pray they will know Christ as Savior early in life. (Psalm 63:1; 2 Timothy 3:15)

2. Pray they will have a hatred for sin. (Psalm 97:10)

3. Pray they will be caught when guilty. (Psalm 119:71)

4. Pray they will be protected from the evil one in each area of their lives: spiritual, emotional and physical. (John 17:15)

5. Pray they will have a responsible attitude in all their interpersonal relationships. (Daniel 6:3)

6. Pray they will respect people in authority over them. (Romans 13:1)

7. Pray they will desire the right kind of friends and be protected from the wrong friends. (Proverbs 1:10-15)

8. Pray they, as well as their mates, will be kept pure. (1 Corinthians 6:14-20)

9. Pray they will be kept from the wrong mate and saved for the right one. (1 Corinthians 6:14-17)

10. Pray they will learn to submit totally to God and actively resist Satan in all circumstances. (James 4:7)

11. Pray they will be single-hearted, willing to be sold out to Jesus Christ. (Romans 12:1-2)

12. Pray they will be hedged in so they cannot find their way to wrong people or wrong places, and the wrong people cannot find their way to them. (Hosea 2:6)

Isn't that great?! If we can pray for your kids, please let us know their names here--we would be honored to pray for them today!

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1/22/2010 6:30:01 AM
Teresa Wells United States
Teresa Wells
Thank you so much for posting this list! I struggle in my prayer life, often feeling that I am not heard. The one area I try to keep up my prayers in is for my kids. I have three girls who keep me so worried and scared for their safety. Another good resource that I recently found is a couple great books. Parenting Your Teen and Loving It by Susan Davis and The Princess and The Kiss by Jennie Bishop.
1/22/2010 6:46:18 AM
vicky United States
Hi guys or should i say Dudes jeejeejee anyhow i luv all of them but especially prayer#1...i have two kiddos (10yr.old daughter n 18yr.old son) my son says that later like when he's my age he'll have a relationship that right now he doesnt need God?! it really saddens me but i jus invite hime to go to church w/us and pray for him - i tell him i want him to start now so he doesnt go thru the same or worse suffering than i did cuz i did not have a close relationship w/God till recent and i find myself more in peace now then before - i tell both my kids i want them to have a better life as soon as possible and there's nothing better than relationship w/God <3
1/22/2010 6:55:38 AM
Sara United States
This is great. There is also a great book by Stormie Omartian (sp?) called The Power of the Praying Parent. I've learned so much from this book. There are 20+ chapters with a story, etc. and then a prayer and Bible verses relating to several areas in a child's life. There's also a chapter on praying for your adult children.

And, I have Stormie's other books: The Power of the Praying Wife and The Power of the Praying Woman. My husband has The Power of the Praying Husband, and my son has The Power of the Praying Teen.

I think there is also The Power of Praying (which probably started it all).
1/22/2010 7:09:13 AM
Breanna United States

1/22/2010 12:29:39 PM
Shelby Barnett United States
Shelby Barnett
I just love this. I too feel like I need help or direction when praying for my kids.  I usually just pray for their safety and sometimes take for granted that they will always follow God.  This was a good reminder to ALWAYS pray for all that is important.  Thanks again for this reminder and please help me pray for my boys-Gabriel(12), Papas(9) and Boogie(8).

thank you soo much and thanks for being a blessing to our family,

The Barnetts
1/22/2010 12:56:52 PM
Analilia Ortega United States
Analilia Ortega
Thank you for posting the list on how to pray for our children. I love it!!! You guys are awesome. God bless you. I am a single mother of three, ages 17, 15 and my princess is 11. I became a christian about 5 years ago. At first my kids were cool with going to church. They loved their youth pastor but as soon as the youth pastor left to another state, they did not want anything to do with church. I still took them with me even though they resisted. The one thing I always pray for is their salvation. Three days after my 17 year old's birthday, he was fighting me big time saying he did not want to go to church. That it was a waste of his time and that he was an atheist. I thought to myself, "The more reason to take you to church!" That Sunday, he accepted Jesus Christ as his savior. The devil knew what was going to happen and was trying really hard to stop my son but I caught that and I fought him even harder thanks to the strength Jesus Christ gives me daily.

May God continue to bless you and K-LOVE,

1/22/2010 1:06:28 PM
Miriam United States
1/22/2010 1:10:58 PM
Jenn United States
Thank you for this I have been looking for the right words to pray over my daughter, we've recently had a couple of incidences with my 3rd grader Heaven's that involved subject matter that is definitely not G rated. My husband is on his path toward the Lord but not quite ready to give in yet, so I'm the only parent in the house praying over her, I  would really appreciate anyone who wants to agree with me in prayer over her, and I can't wait to put these lessons into practice.
1/22/2010 1:23:00 PM
kristia United States
thank you for posting this!
i need to remember that although their personal relationship with Christ is the most important decision they will make in their lives, I can't stop praying for them and anyone else that wants to pray for my children is always appreciated!
jonathan and madelyne are their names.

Bless you guys!!!
1/22/2010 1:27:40 PM
Jennifer Bridges United States
Jennifer Bridges
I have 3 kids that are mine biologically and 4 that are mine when I got married. We are a blended family and when I say blended it becomes very hard at times to speak the words that our feelings are expressing. Our kids are 25,23, 15,14,11,10,and 9. Prayer is something that the youngers practice alot.The older ones were brought up in church but have straided from Gods Grace. We have alot of resentment from past marriages that are manifesting in our kids and we would love your prayers over our children.
1/22/2010 1:28:25 PM
liz chavez United States
liz chavez
thank you so very much for posting how to pray for my kids.  I had to print it out to place in my bible so that way I can use it everyday when i have my quite time with God.  It is so difficult to see my children grow up in such a R rated world.  They are taught at a very young age that you must live the world's way and not God's way.  it makes it even harder when one parent is a believer and the other parent is not.  That is the situation in our home, my husband is not a believer so I know the importance of taking the role of praying for my children to be raised in The Lord's ways.  Please pray for Elizabeth, Jose, and Monica.  Thank yo so much and may God bless you always!
1/22/2010 1:31:47 PM
Susan Jones United States
Susan Jones
I have two grown sons, Michael 28 and Matthew 24, who were raised in the church and involved in youth group but have not been walking with Jesus for the past several years.  Please pray that God would breathe a new passion for Him into their hearts so that they can become the men He created them to be and so that they will fulfill His plan and purpose for their lives.  Thank you from the bottom of my heart!  For His Glory!
1/22/2010 1:32:02 PM
Lucy S United States
Lucy S
I asked prayer for my children Marina, Marcos and Misael. That they can have a relationship with the Lord. And serve The Lord with all their heart.
1/22/2010 1:33:19 PM
Pat United States
I am requesting prayer for my grown son, Terry.  He has received a foreclosure notice on his home.  His wife is furious and wants to pack up the kids and leave him.  It doesn't matter how old our children, we still place them on God's altar every day and ask God to protect them.
1/22/2010 1:57:15 PM
Lindsay United States
Thank you for the ideas for praying. I'm a single mom of a 9 year old boy, Brendan. I became a Christian 3 years ago and my son loves God as well. He is struggling so much with his relationship with his biological father, who doesn't have the same belief system. He brings his frustration and confusion home and expresses it with anger towards me and at times I feel like I can't help him. Please pray for him and for me that I would know how to respond and stay strong. Thank you
1/22/2010 1:58:16 PM
Kristen United States
This is so great!  I received a call this week, that my son's bioligical father, who he's not seen in almost 3 years, has been going to counseling and on Feb 22 they are supposed to see each other again under the supervision of my son's counselor.  I've been praying about this matter for a long time, but when it comes to the possibility of my son's heart being broken due to a no show, or a relapse, I start freaking out!Smile I have wonderful Christian friends and family praying on the matter and encouraging me, but I keep asking God for reminders that He's here and listening to us.  I just jumped in my car because in the middle of baking I realized I was missing one item.  In the one minute drive to the grocery store, I heard you mention this page and the prayer list!  That list is helpful for all of my children, and was just one more reminder that God is in control of this situation.  My son will be protected, and I don't have to lose any sleep over this!  Thank you for your wonderful ministry.  Please add Luke, Lainey and Sam, to your prayer list.  I will add your families to mine!  Thank you again!
1/22/2010 1:58:25 PM
Kim Amen United States
Kim Amen
I love you all so much!  Thank you for sharing such a great tool for keeping our children at God's feet.  I appreciate so much that you all are willing to take the time to pray over these precious kids!   I've found over the years that I value the prayers of others who truly pray...more than just about anything!  Please include the three that have been entrusted to us...Colby (12), Taylor (10), and Camryn (4).  They fill our hearts and home with so much love, we are so grateful for them, and we know that the greatest thing we could ever provide for them is an abundance of prayer!  Thank you again-truly!
1/22/2010 2:03:15 PM
Jen United States
Thank you so much for posting these! My little guy, Ethan, is only 5 months old. Growing up in a world that is getting more and more R rated by the day is not going to be easy for him. Also, since we have gotten married, my husband has decided that he didn't want to be a Christian anymore. Being the only praying parent, it is so nice to have these tips as a guideline. It is never too early (or late) to start praying for your children!

Scott and Kelli, thank you for all that you do for the Lord! Smile  
1/22/2010 2:11:36 PM
Shawn United States
Please pray for my 6 year old son Andrew and my 3 year old daughter Caitlyn. Especially Caitlyn as we are going through a really rough time with her and it's been ongoing for awhile. She can be so loving, yet lately we have been having issues of defiance, temper tantrums and disrespectful talking. Thank you so much for all you do. We used to live in the central valley of CA and just moved to Houston, TX. So blessed that we can hear you over our computer and on our i-phone. God bless you.
1/22/2010 2:16:21 PM
Kristin United States
I was listening on the way home today and couldn't wait to get home to read this. Awesome stuff, would really appreciate prayer for my niece Samantha (13) and nephew Richard (10) who are both going through some trials, she's a die hard Twi-Hard and he's got some ADHD issues, their father gets out of prison for the 2nd time next week. I've got such a heart of love for them, they truly are the best kids and just need some nurturing and love...and lots of prayer. Thanks so much!
1/22/2010 2:28:54 PM
Lee United States
Thank you for offering these scriptures for praying for our children. Please pray for my children, Chris, Ashlee, and Madeleine.
Chris - 28 For peace, truth in his heart, and wisdom when choosing relationships.
Ashlee - 20 To know her true worth and to find Christ.
Madeleine - 15 To not forget her first love and to remain close to Christ. To know the truth about her childhood and our attempts at helping her to see Jesus.

Thanks you!
1/22/2010 2:40:57 PM
Jan Shores United States
Jan Shores
I've been needing this so much and it helps to have the guidelines to use to be more specific in prayer time.  I really enjoy listening to ya'll on the way home from work every day.  Please remember my son Tyler, nieces Abigail and Elizabeth.  Thanks, again!
1/22/2010 2:52:38 PM
Barbara Barnes United States
Barbara Barnes
My son Thomas is 16 and my daughter Courtney is 12.  They need prayer in respecting people, they seem to be very selfish, not doing good in school. Daughter doesn't have very many friends because she can be very mean. I know only God can help them so please help me in praying.
1/22/2010 2:55:46 PM
Tiffany United States
I would love for you to include my children in your daily prayer time...thank you so much!  I have 3 precious daughters: Kennedy, age 3; Taylor, age 1; and Brooklyn, 6 months.  
1/22/2010 3:07:08 PM
Liz United States
Please pray for my two children, they are both teenagers and at this part in life where they need to choose whom they will serve. My son R.J.(17yrs)and my daughter Breana(15). They have been raised in church since birth, but have let the world influence the minds and hearts, I haven't been much help either, Pray for my family that we fall back in love with the Lord like never before. Thank you very much and God bless
1/22/2010 8:07:55 PM
Ron Griego United States
Ron Griego
I enjoy listening to KLOVE on my way to work every morning, and on my way home every evening.  It really is encouraging to hear y'all offer support to the listeners.  I have a request for prayer for my 16 yr. old daughter who is struggling with drug addiction.  Unfortunately I don't get to spend any time with her any more since I live over 500 miles away.  Her mom and I divorced when she was 3 yrs. old, and I used to spend every weekend with her, but of course that all changed once she "grew up".  I miss spending time with her, and ask GOD every day to help her break away from the bondage that has a tight grip on her. I trust that one day we will be able to spend time together again.  Please join me in praying for her to return to GOD and cry out to JESUS for help before it's too late.  Her name is Ronette.  I sincerely thank you and all the listeners.

May God continue to bless you and everyone at KLOVE, and continue to provide the resources to keep the programming on the air.

In HIS Love,

1/22/2010 9:00:23 PM
D United States
I feel so blessed to have two amazing children, but there are times that I get overwhelmed w/caring for them, my husband and myself.  Please pray for my children D and J that I will have the patience it takes to be a Godly mother to them.  Also, pray for a hedge of protection around their lives.  Pray that they grow to know and love the Lord.
1/22/2010 9:07:30 PM
Sherry United States
I would like to ask for prayers for my daughter Hannah.  Please pray for discernment, safety and good judgement on her part. Thanks for the prayers and for the wonderful article.
1/22/2010 9:26:22 PM
Amy United States
My 8 year old son heard this on the radio this afternoon and asked me if I was going to add his and his sisters name to the prayer list. Please add my son Samual(8) and daughter Grace (6 on Friday) to your prayers. In this tough world I need all the help I can get. Thanks
1/22/2010 9:37:09 PM
Peggy United States
Thank you for this posting!!  I am a firm believer in the power of prayer...the more people praying for all of our children the better. I have been blessed with 4 wonderful young ladies...Erin (29 - a single Mom), Lindsey (27), Kiley (18) and Katelyn (15)...and 1 fabulous grandson Devin (5).  All prayers are welcomed and appreciated.  Thank you so much.  I will pray for all of you and yours!  God Bless!
1/22/2010 9:45:52 PM
Serenity United States
God Bless you for this list. I am a single mother of a 6 year old little boy, whose father refuses to have anything to do with him.  He has recently started to act up in school and become agreesive with some of the other children.  I have been looking for ways to ask God to teach him and protect him.  

I have been an on again off again Christian since I was 5 years old.  I recently recommitted my life to worshiping and loving God and intend to remain "on again" for the rest of my life.  I want to raise my son to know, love, and obey God.

Please keep him, Michael, in your prayers.  I thank you for all the love and blessings you share everyday.
1/22/2010 10:03:31 PM
Kimberlie K. Morris United States
Kimberlie K. Morris
My daughter Mauda~kae and I pray every night for God's grace and protection over her. She is 9yrs old, but due to the alcohol consumption by her birth mother during her pregnancy, my daughter has Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders and has the understanding and emotions of a 4-5 yr.old.God has been so very faithful for us, and she does have a personal relationship with Him. Thank you for adding her name to your prayer list. I believe there can never be too many people covering our children in prayer.We listen to Klove 24/7-its always on in the background, and she so enjoys singing along with some of the songs. Thank you Klove for your ministry.
1/22/2010 10:08:52 PM
Brittanie Flores United States
Brittanie Flores
I am a mom of two boys, ages 11 (Garrett) and 7 (Dustin) and a soon to be step-mother of another boy, age 10 (Aaron).
My children and I recently went through a divorce and my ex is not supportive of the church or my children being a part of it.  This is a definite struggle.  So I would covet your prayers for all three children, and for our family.
1/22/2010 10:10:34 PM
Kori Blake United States
Kori Blake
Thank you for the list of prayers that I can say over my children.  I would love to ask for your help in praying for my children.  We are all suffering from the loss of our son and baby brother, Thomas, 2 1/2 months ago.  My daughters are Jonni (15), Baylee (11), Abigail (5) and Sydnee (almost 3).  We are struggling with how much we miss our baby, while we know he is in Heaven with our Heavenly Father, it hurts us so badly on earth to be without him.  Please help me in praying for my children that our journey in life be the journey that God has intended for our family.  It is hard raising children when the journey seems to be perfect and happy, it is SO much harder when we are faced with a trials and tribulations!  Thank you for your help as I struggle day-to-day to understand situations that have happened in this life and may not be able to give 100% to my precious children, which they badly need right now. Thank you so much for your help!
1/22/2010 10:13:53 PM
Jennifer Ramirez United States
Jennifer Ramirez
Thank you I loves this I copied it and and pasted so I can print off in keep several places in my home. Please pray for my son Elijah who is 6yrs old and my daughter Amaniah who is 2yrs old. Since they have been born I have been serving the Lord and I pray they always will as well  Thank you Klove your minstery is such a blessing in my life   Your sister Jennifer  
1/22/2010 11:34:29 PM
Anita Sarringhaus United States
Anita Sarringhaus
Thank you for this amazing list of things to pray for. I find myself praying for the same things, like being safe or being good. I love that the list gives specific things to pray for. My daughter is 7 and her name is Emilie. My son is 2 1/2 years and his name is Jack. Thank you for praying for them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
1/23/2010 12:01:08 AM
Cheryl United States
Please pray especially for my son charlie.  He is going thru a rough time right now.  He is 14 and has told me that for about a year or so that he just doesnt care about anything anymore.  His grades have gone down and he is getting into trouble at school.  He is such a good kid with a caring and sensitive heart and i love him so much!  I just want to take all his pain away!  We pray together every night but it always seems to be the same prayer and sometimes more methodical than anything. I often think that i am not even sure what to pray for, there are so many things. where to really start so that God knows my deepest hearts desire for him.  Thanks.
1/23/2010 12:00:03 PM
Priscilla United States
Thank you guys so much! I have 4 children and I know they are facing alot. Please pray for them with me.
Madyson 14 (really struggling in school with her grades.)
Sadie 12
Skyler 8
Wense 2
1/23/2010 12:56:28 PM
Sherry United States
Please pray for my daughter Hannah.  She is potentially making some life altering decisions that I don't agree with and also scare me.  Thanks and I love the list of how to pray for our children!
1/23/2010 12:57:01 PM
carol horne United States
carol horne
thank you K-Love i start my day with you and stay with you through the day and into the evening.  My son went to Heaven last Jan. and left behind our daughter in-law, Sara, Ave Grace 6 years and Justice Elijah 3, Spencer 15.  She is soon to be married to a wonderful God centered man Ryan who has two teens. Please pray for all and their new life. Bless you!
1/23/2010 1:51:56 PM
Kaycee United States
Good morning!  Thank you so much for posting this yesterday!  I am part of a weekly prayer group for all of our kids in the group and I can't wait to incorporate this list into my prayer over these little ones!
My boys are Michael-5 years and Logan-3 years.
God bless!
1/23/2010 1:56:04 PM
Dawn United States
I have a 10 & 5 year old.  My 10 year old has struggled with school since she started.  She's smart enough, just not motivated. Recently she cheated on a Math test and has not been doing her homework.  Pray for school, friends, and self-esteem.  My 5 year old has been in trouble a few times in Kindergarten, so pray for him as well.
Thank you so much and God bless you guys!
1/23/2010 2:03:03 PM
Cindy United States
please add my son Jamie to your prayer list, he is twelve years old and a joy to us
1/23/2010 3:14:22 PM
Audra Hernandez United States
Audra Hernandez
i too love this post! Please pray over my three girls. Shelby is in college, Tia is in high school and Samantha is a 2nd grader. They all are good kids and have surrounded themselves with good, Jesus loving friends. They have lots of obstacles ahead of them. Thanks.
1/23/2010 4:37:24 PM
Teena Gurule_Vazquez United States
Teena Gurule_Vazquez
my sons names are Manuel 10yrs and Sergio Jr 2yrs, thanks you so much for sharing this with us i been searching so hard for words to speak over my 10yrs old who's starting to test how far he can go in this world. i've been looking for guidance THANK YOU SO MUCH, for heading the word of God, god bless you
1/23/2010 4:48:41 PM
kelli palmer United States
kelli palmer
My oldest, age 10, needs to know that she is special, loved, successful.  She recently had a disappointment that really got to her.  I pray that God will protect her and she will be able to pick herself up and move forward knowing that this one thing does not define her.  Please pray that she believes in God and the special, unique, and good  purpose God has for her life. NOT the enemies plan to hold her shortcomings over her, keeping her a slave to pain.      
1/23/2010 5:05:09 PM
Annie Corbett United States
Annie Corbett
Please pray for my 3 kids. Emily Rose, soon to be 18 and a graduating senior; Adam, 15 and soon to be driving; and Molly, 13 and struggling with grades and staying focused. We are so blessed and encouraged by KLOVE, we listen to you all the time.  Thank you for sharing, praying and shining the light on Christ for all to hear.
1/24/2010 12:00:18 AM
aimie United States
I have your radio station playing in my sons' rooms 24/7. God inhabits the praises of his people and I want God to inhabit my home. I pray over my children daily and speak blessings into their lives. Thank you for your prayers as well. We can never get enough!! Right now a big prayer request I have is health. My sons are sick and I am praying for supernatural health for them and for our family.
Connor - 2 years
Blake - 4 months
Thanks again!
1/24/2010 12:08:50 AM
Keri Gregory United States
Keri Gregory
Thank you so much for posting this list and offering to pray for our children. Please pray for our 2 boys Taylor (9) and Tyler (3). They are truly blessings from God.
1/24/2010 1:12:12 AM
Velma United States
Please pray for my 14 year old daughter Natalie.  She loves the Lord but I know the things she is up against with this crazy world.  Pray that God would protect her and give her the wisdom to make the right choices, choices HE wants for her.
1/24/2010 2:07:26 AM
Sasha United States
Thanks so much...I would love you to add my daughters, Alexandra (10) and Samantha (6) to your prayer list.  
1/24/2010 11:29:02 AM
Pj United States
This really caught my attention as I was driving the other day. I couldn't wait to get home and read the list. Thank you so much for posting it.
I've been really praying hard over my two teenagers, Cayman & Noah these past few months and this list really helps me to keep going.

Please add them to your prayer list as I see satan trying to steal their faith. It's an everyday battle for us, but I know God has his hand on them! I'll never stop covering my children in prayer..
1/24/2010 1:30:56 PM
Valerie McKenzie United States
Valerie McKenzie
Hi..Thank you so much for posting this.  I am not always certain of the right words to pray to protect my daughter from the evil in this world.  She is 11 right now, and accepted Jesus at a young age.  But, I want her to remain close to him.  Please include her in your prayers...I would be grateful.  Her name is Madisen and the Lord blessed me greatly when he loaned her to me for a while!  
1/25/2010 2:26:56 AM
Emily Yeater United States
Emily Yeater
Thank you so much for sharing this helpful "guide" to praying for our children.

As a young mom to a three year old and almost 16 month old,  I don't even know where to start but know that I need God's help to raise them up into a man and woman of faith.  

If you could please pray for my younger brother, Nicholas (17), I would so appreciate it. Our dad left when he was only 9 years old tearing our family apart. My mom constantly prayed for both myself and my 3 younger siblings. She was such a prayer warrior and knew how important praying for your children was. Unfortunately, we lost our mom on October 16th this past year after an 11 month battle with brain cancer. She held on until she couldn't any longer because she was concerned about what would happen to Nicholas.

In the last few weeks before her passing she was unable to speak as her brain tumor was leaving her incapable of speaking. But one of the very last things that my mom said to my sister and I was asking us to please pray for our brothers everyday.

Since my moms passing, Nicholas has been filled with so much hatred and anger. He doesn't understand that mom did not choose to leave him and he is feeling abandoned in his mind. He has strayed so far from the Lord and become involved with drinking and drugs among other things.

Please pray for him and for his relationship with the Lord to be restored. I know that this is only possible by getting down and fighting a war against the evil one on my knees. This outline, along with scriptures, will help me to better pray for him. Again, thank you so much for sharing.
1/26/2010 1:37:05 AM
Susie Rogers United States
Susie Rogers
My fourteen-year-old son needs God's direction as my husband and I are going through a divorce.

Please pray that my son keep his faith strong through this suffering time, and that he lets God guide him safely through the months ahead.

1/27/2010 1:32:17 AM
rebecca United States
This is a great prayer. I have three children ages 6, 9, and 16 (17 in April). I would love for you all to pray this prayer for them. Especially, pray for my eldest. She is a great Christian girl, but she is making terrible decisions when it comes to dating. She and I are very close, but I can't seem to get through to her right now. Please pray that God would show her that he has great plans for her. Also, pray for my younger children that they will seek God in their lives and accept Jesus as their Savior while they are young. Thank you.
1/28/2010 9:32:38 AM
Shannon United States
I would appreciate you adding my 3 children to your prayer list.  Their names are Taylor (16), Ryan (12) and Jordan (7).  We moved from the East coast to the West coast this past summer and it has been a difficult adjustment on many levels.  Thank you for posting this list of prayers.  We are new listeners and I have it on in the car while driving my children to school in the morning.  We all enjoy listening to you, thank you.
1/28/2010 8:50:25 PM
Carrie United States
Wonderful comments and suggestions which I have printed out and will use in my daily prayers.  I have a request.  My daughter will start high school in the fall.  While I think she will do well in her faith walk, I would still like a prayer to go out for her that she will stay strong and will be able to navigate through all the pitfalls she may face in her high school years.  Thank you.  Mom of a teenager.
2/2/2010 5:42:00 AM
Joanie United States
Thank for posting this and praying for my boys.  They are Sammy 16, Sean 14 and Josh 12.  My husband almost 2 years ago and filed for divorce.  He is in church but not really walking with God and is not an example for our boys.  I don't always know what to pray for them and this guide will really help.  God Bless you and thanks for your incredible ministry.
2/6/2010 3:47:02 PM
Please pray for my children. Adolfo 14yr and Michelle 9 yr. They attend a Christian school and Adolfo is struggling having to submit to authorities and being respectful.  He does not believe that God has a great plan for him.  I am a divorced mom and Adolfo has a lot of anger and I can see he has a broken heart that only God can heal.  I thank God for all the great work He does through the KLove ministry.
2/7/2010 6:28:20 PM
Helen Alford United States
Helen Alford
Thank you for blessing all of us with this information. I love the Lord with all my heart and desire to serve Him, however He wishes. I have three children:Elizabeth,8,Sophie,5, & Jack,2.  My husband is not a believer and does not go to church. (I do not nag him about this--I pray about it) This is becoming a problem because the kids ask him to come and he says he will, then comes up with an excuse not to. And now he is trying to lure them to stay home with him for "funtime with Dad". Please pray with me for my situation. Thanks for the intercession!
2/23/2010 11:42:44 AM
cheryl United States
please pray for Jeremy and Jonathan and their relationship as brothers
3/27/2010 1:11:47 AM
Frances Earle United States
Frances Earle
Please pray for my daughter Moriah, bring her one good Christian friend and boyfriend.(not dating) Having lots of problems with kids at school. Depressed to the point of suicidal thoughts. I do not allow her to hang out with friends that are not healthy for her so she is labeled that she thinks she is too good. Cheerleading friends and group of clickish girls given her hard time for two years. Please pray for Moriah
Ezzy- please pray she will find happiness with in herself but most importantly from our lord. She is having problem with oldest daughter 13. My daughter has been married twice and been from relationship to relationship cant get over her grandfathers death and he has been gone 4 yrs.
Ryan is a Marine and served two tours in Iraq, he is out and has a little girl and a girlfriend from haiti she does not get along with our family is very controlling and it has put a wedge between me and my son and we were so close. pray that they would turn to god. And that my sons mind would not be in trouble mentally from the aftermath of war so distant from us and his friends
Jarred is now serving in the Marine Corps, and he will be going to Afghanistan in August.pray for a Godly woman in his life. Pray for safety for him. and his mind. The most prayer I have is that they would first Seek the Kingdom of God and His Righteousness and all things would be added unto him.
3/31/2010 8:54:21 AM
Joanna United States
Please pray for my nephew, Lucas, 7 years old. He was sexually abused this weekend by a 10 year old boy. Please pray for safety and that God will heal his wound.
4/11/2010 1:25:37 AM
Marcy Gonzales United States
Marcy Gonzales
Please pray for my son Marco he is hanging out with the wrong crowd.  Some of these friends are gang members, drug dealers and is also dating the wrong type of girls.  I am afraid that he will get into trouble with law, get a girl pregnant  or maybe get killed in an accident.  I am having trouble communicating with him.  He is being very disrespectful.  He does not answer his phone when I call him.  He acts like it is ok to do what ever he wants.  He doesn't even ask for permission anymore.  He is 16 yrs. old will be 17 this June.  I feel like I am loosing him and I don't know how to get him back.    
4/11/2010 1:36:48 AM
Marcy Gonzales United States
Marcy Gonzales
Please help me to pray for my nephew Joshua he is suffering from depression.  He doesn't care if he lives or dies.  He has a drug addiction that my sister has tried to help him with and has not been successful.  He is currently on probation due to drug related charges.  He is 15 yrs. old.  We are currently waiting on a court date.  My sister is hoping he can be placed in a facility that will help him with his substance abuse as well as help him with his education, depression and to just help him get his life back in order.  My sister does not want him to be sent to juvenile because he will not get the help he needs and will probably only make his situation worse.  My nephew has been under weight and is loosing more weight and just doesn't want to live.  Please help me pray for healing in his heart,mind and body.  Help me pray for strength to stand up to his addictions and finally to help him find the will to live and want to turn his life around.    
4/12/2010 5:10:40 PM
Crissy Wesley United States
Crissy Wesley
I am a mother of 4 girls: Alexia(10)- Alayah(9)w/adhd- Aaliyah(7)w/autistic spectrum disorder & adhd- Alivia(4). I love my girls with all my heart. My husband and I work so hard to keep them on the right path. We just gave our lives to the Lord 8 months ago and the devil is trying so hard to break up what God has put together. I am struggling so much with Alayah(9). She has been acting out in ways I never thought was possible in our life.Her pediatrictan wants me to set her up an appointment with a mental health hospital to see a phyciatrist. Instead I went to our Pastor for help and guidence. I can't see myself sending my 9 year old to get medicated just not to deal with her. I want to get to the bottom of this and I pray God takes control. So thanks for this post and can you all please pray for my daughter and our family to be stong. I just feel like I cannot go anymore, physically,emotionally, I just feel drained.Thanks!!!!
7/22/2010 2:48:25 PM
Aura T. United States
Aura T.
Thanks for sharing this!  I just had a bad day with my eldest son, who just turned 13 last week.  It reminded me that although I have bad family days...I still need to pray for my children & husband on a DAILY basis & the #1 prayer should be that my 2 boys will know Jesus Christ as their Lord & personal Savior & truly have a personal 'relationship' with Him.  Is there a "share" button that I share this on FB?  Blessings to all!
8/6/2010 10:16:51 PM
Sue K. United States
Sue K.
Please pray for our daughter Bailey who will start 10th. grade at a new school this fall.  She is nervous and probable scared. She also suffers from some severs mental illness and needs your prayers for healing.  
8/9/2010 7:47:53 AM
rose United States
Please pray for my sons Joel (6th grade), and Aaron (4th grade)  that they would be lights to there schools.
8/9/2010 7:59:36 AM
Aimee Dawn United States
Aimee Dawn
I am a single mom of Cameron going into the 4th grade and Collin who is going into the 3rd grade Collin is Autistic so I worry about him and Cameron has some learning difficulties so my prayer is they get great Teachers like they had last yr.  We have also just moved from UT to TX and my prayer is that they find good friends both in school and at Church.
2/7/2011 10:26:47 AM
Marcy Gonzales United States
Marcy Gonzales
Please help me pray for my son Marco DeLaRosa. We are from San Antonio Texas. Marco is 17yrs. old.  He audition with AMTC which stands for Actors, Models & Talent for Christ.  He received a call back!  AMTC prepares aspiring talent to shine for Christ in the entertainment industry. I have managed to come up with the money to send my son through the training process.  I now have to raise money to send my son to Orlando Florida to attend the six-day SHINE convention.  My son will be exposed and will be given the opportunity to perform for 50-100 of the world's best agents & casting directors onsite at the Gaylord Hotel.  This has been a dream for my son since he was a boy and now he has been given an amazing opportunity to follow his dream.  God is so amazing and good. I know my Lord will be with me as I work hard to raise the money.  The convention is July 12-17, 2011.  
3/11/2011 3:27:58 PM
susan United States
Pls pray for my little Stephanie who is going through a rough teenage period right now
3/24/2011 8:20:29 AM
Adrianne Hayes United States
Adrianne Hayes
Please pray for all three of my children. There names and ages are William Garner 15yrs old, Chritiaunna Hayes 9 yrs old, and Lennie Marie Hayes 5yrs old. My son William is going through a rouge time at this time most of all.
3/24/2011 8:22:03 AM
Adrianne Hayes United States
Adrianne Hayes
Christiaunna hayes correct spelling
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