Feb 19 2010


New findings from the Mayo study, which were published in the European Heart Journal, suggest that reducing heart risk requires increasing the percentage of lean muscle mass at the expense of body fat.

Eating a healthy diet is important in reducing body fat, too, but Mayo Clinic researchers observe that if you only restrict calories, you risk losing an equal amount of body fat and lean muscle tissue and thus you could end up weighing less without significantly reducing the percentage of body fat.

The best way to avoid this is by consuming a diet that is a healthful balance of proteins, carbs and fats.  Beware of extreme calorie restriction or low carb diets…they usually cause muscle breakdown.  As the above referenced study indicates….it’s dangerous to lose weight at the expense of losing lean muscle tissue.  


335 calories and 5 grams of fat!  

Click here for my Guiltless Grilled Cheese Sandwich (with fresh oregano and roma tomato)


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2/14/2010 12:23:07 AM
Deb United States
I need to comment on the Mayo clinic study.  It clearly states low calorie diets are bad.  It doesn't state that reducing carbs is bad.
Somebody's comments states low calorie and low carbs are bad.
SEVERAL blind studies and medical studies are now finding that
reducing simple carbohydrates in our diets helps blood sugar, heart health, and (believe it or not) reduces cholesterol! Low amounts of complex carbohydrates are important and combined
with protein, studies show that body fat is reduced.
2/15/2010 5:37:00 AM
Sharon United States
Ok, I can't pass this one up....My low calorie grilled cheese. I use Sandwich Thins 100% whole wheat. It is 100 calories for the top and bottom. Also, 1oz of low fat or reduced fat cheese is 80 cal. 1 medium tomato is 35 calories. One medium zucchini is 35 cal. Less than 200 total becaue you don't use the whole tomato or zucchini.  I must mention. I like to put my slices of zucchini and tomato in the oven and toast it just a bit before I put it on my sandwich. If you wanted to double your cheese (2oz) you still have a grilled cheese under 300 cal. It is AWSOME.....
2/20/2010 7:44:03 PM
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