Feb 22 2010

KLOVE is on in San Francisco!

We are SO excited to announce the latest addition to the KLOVE family! KLOVE can now be heard loud and clear on 107.3 in San Francisco, San Jose, Oakland, Stockton and Sacramento (along with all the surrounding cities!)! Praise God! Thanks for praying that God uses it in HUGE ways and thanks for spreading the word! Go God!

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1/31/2010 4:23:23 AM
Leandra United States
1/31/2010 9:51:50 AM
audrey United States
I hope this isn't inappropriate. I just wanted to tell Scott that he looks great, especially with the bald head. :0) If you're married or something, I don't mean to offend your wife or Kelli, if she's your wife. :0)


1/31/2010 10:43:03 AM
Kenny J. United States
Kenny J.
could you set a station in dallas cause i go to dallas often and tyler isn't close enough.

p.s. i live in henderson, texas
1/31/2010 11:40:12 AM
Rebekah United States
This is a great page!  Keep on glorifing God with all you guys do!!!
God Bless!  
1/31/2010 2:46:27 PM
Felicia United States
This is a major praise!  KLOVE goes to San Fran!!!!  This was so needed.  Praise God.
2/1/2010 3:02:49 AM
katie v. United States
katie v.
that's awesome! i'm so glad that i have klove here in PA. now they have it in california too! thanks to everyone who prayed for this to happen. i know all these places will be happy. god bless everyone.
2/1/2010 5:43:34 AM
Margaret Pottorff United States
Margaret Pottorff
In the last year I have made some significant changes in my life.I stepped out in faith with the lord by my side and took a journey I never thought possible.It has been a roller coaster of times and I won't lie and try to say that it's all been "wine and roses".It has been a miracle for me and my family to end up where we have!It's a long story but one that praises God's glory time and time again.It is one that I will continue to share with everyone I can.I want to let everyone know that I am living testimony that through God,Faith and the belief in Christ,no matter how big or little the situation may seem to someone,the impossible can become not only possible but profound,glorified,and on going with growth that you never saw coming!It is an amazing heart warming gift to be filled with the Holy Spirit!I want to let you know throughout this journey you have been right there with me.I leave this station on all the time.My girls and husband love this station we know all the songs and we have tons of family conversations in the car right along side you when you discussing things as though you are in the car with us.You are inspiring to me and us!So thank you for becoming a part of our daily lives and for doing God's work and letting his light shine through you everyday!!
2/2/2010 5:35:40 PM
dart United States
I grew up in the (San Francisco) Bay Area and moved to Central Oregon about 5 years ago.  I still work for a hospital in Oakland/Berkeley and travel to that area a couple of times a year. Every time I go I feel SOO out of sorts... NO KLOVE!!  Scott and Kelli were just asking what we have to be thankful for, and ever since I heard about this NEW station for KLOVE in the Bay Area, it has been on my heart to say thank you, thank you, THANK YOU!!!  I am SOOOO happy to hear this!!! This is desperately needed in this area and I pray that God will use KLOVE to reach the hungry and thirsty in the Bay Area...  Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU!!!!!    - dart
3/12/2010 1:26:42 PM
drewsan03 United States
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3/27/2010 1:28:14 AM
Wen United States
Wow I have been waiting for this to happen for a long time now! I lives in San Francisco and usually just listen to KLOVE while I'm at work. It's great to know that now I could also tune in to 107.3 while I'm driving. Go Go KLOVE and Praise the Lord! Yeah!!
3/30/2010 7:07:10 PM
Wen United States
Hmm.. I just tried it out here in San Francisco (sunset district), I found that both 107.3 and 88.9 are NOT very clear, still a lot of background noise. Any plan in the near future to strengthen the signals please? I just participated the easy pledge and I really hope that more people could hear this radio here in San Francisco. Thanks!
6/25/2010 5:45:07 PM
Alan United States
Just recently noticed K-Love is on 107.3 fm. For many years, I wondered about the disappearing signal of 91.9 fm and 99.3 along Hwy 101 between Redwood City and San Francisco, where I then tuned to 88.9. Answered thought/prayer. On a side note, the signals for all of these in Daly City is very weak near Serramonte Shopping Center/Auto Plaza and cemeteries (west of San Bruno Mountain). Hopefully this'll strengthen.
1/27/2011 1:04:50 PM
joe velasquez jr. United States
joe velasquez jr.
I am a pastor here in the central valley my radio is stuck on 88.5 all day. Today I recommended k-
Love to my son who lives in Pacifica CA, who recently went through a separation from his girl friend. God bless K-Love in the Bay Area on 107.3
3/6/2011 2:02:40 PM
searching United States
One day, I was sad, depress, disappointed, and scare.  I don't know what to do other than set my car on drive mode and drove......one hand control the steering wheel, and the other searching the radio station for some words of encouragement. %$Bang*@# I heard the word "positive, encouraging K-love" from K-Love Radio station followed by a very powerful gospel song. Thank you for having such a station that touches our lifes.
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