Feb 26 2010

What is saturated fat and how can I avoid it?

One last tip for heart month. Probably the single biggest problem for your heart is SATURATED FAT. This basically means fat from an animal - most of us get saturated fats from the grease and oil in fast food. However a study published in JAMA (the Journal of the American Medical Association) found that protein and UNsaturated fats can positively affect blood pressure and may reduce the risk of heart disease. For you that means eat white meat chicken - which is a very lean protein - instead of beef and use olive oil - the best unsaturated fat.


So if you are driving home and thinking about stopping at Taco Bell, remember your heart. You can either order the chicken items from the Fresca menu or you can do one better - you can make my amazing 10-Minute Chicken Tacos at home. Click here for the simple recipe! You'll feel fortunate that this fantastic flavorful fun food will feed your family full fast. No foolin'!

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2/19/2010 3:56:31 AM
hey Scott and Kelli instead of worrying about loseing weight can we just accept and appricate who God created us to be and no matter what we look like God and Jesus and the Holy Spirit love us weather we are 1million pounds or 1 ounce! just except who you are!
5/20/2010 9:29:12 AM
tenna United States
god loves us no matter what we look like but when
we are destroying  ourselves to the point of not healthy then that concerns me ... we are Gods temple

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