Mar 01 2010

A free soda? A kind word? Clean house? What has someone done for you today?

Happy Make a Difference Monday! This is a chance to show kindness to someone just to remind them that you care and that God cares! What have you done for Make a Difference Monday? What has someone done for you? Tell us about it!

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2/13/2010 11:19:29 PM
Brad United States
Make a Difference Monday doesn't always have to be done on Monday!  But it can be shared... I took my family out to a restaurant on Saturday, we noticed an elderly lady by herself.  I txt my wife, who was sitting across the table from me about paying the lady's lunch bill.  She said ok, and we both teared up.

I told the waitress about what we wanted to do.  She said she would love to help and, "Thanks for doing that."  She did not tell the lady that we were the ones who purchased her lunch.  She did tell the lady, "I made a mistake with your bill, so they will correct it up front at the register."

After she left, our waitress came back and said, "When she was told that someone had paid for her meal she teared up and almost cried."  The restaurant manager also came up to us and told us that an elderly man in the other dining area also had his meal purchased by someone.

After the waitress had left, my wife actually had tears running down her cheeks.  We are constantly struggling with our bills and cuts we have taken at work, but it felt so good and the right thing to do.  Then to hear about it being done for another person at the same restaurant was AWESOME!

Make a Difference Monday is not just for Mondays!  
2/13/2010 11:22:57 PM
Sarah Burns United States
Sarah Burns
Today I was walking through the halls in my school to get some paper for my teacher's printer and I saw a kid with crutches trying to get to his class down the hall. I asked him if he needed any help and he said yes so I took his books to his class and put them on his desk for him.
2/13/2010 11:27:55 PM
Richard United States
Oscar's Mi Familia at 45th and Western  
Hide caption  Friday, February 26, 2010 at 2:24 p.m.
Last updated: Friday, February 26, 2010

Read more: Local, Community, Pay it Forward, Oscar's Mi Familia, Amarillo, 45Th and Western, Pay it Forward at Oscar's, Donation

AMARILLO,TEXAS -- At three Thursday afternoon, we spoke with Oscar and he told us that so far 452 people have paid it forward. Oscar also said, the restaurant closes Saturday at 2:30, and if they have any money left over they will donate it to a local charity.

Previously Posted:

In the Panhandle Spirit the notion of paying it forward has been evident in Amarillo for the past two days.

It's not unheard of for someone to pay an extra dollar or two to the stranger in line behind them but no one expects it to go on all day long.

For anyone visiting Mi Familia Burrito at 45th and Western on Thursday or Friday they received a little something not on the menu, thanks to a visitor that decided to pay it forward.

Oscar's son Tim Soto said, "People looked kind of startled when they pulled up and we told them that their total had already been taken care of and they say why and I let them know what happened, and they want to keep it going all day long we're at 80 cars right now in the line."

"Some people, even if their order cost more than what they owed they left us cash," said Soto.

As of nine Friday morning, 250 had their meal taken care of. The restaurant closes Saturday at 2:30 p.m. and if they have any money left over they will donate it a local charity.
2/13/2010 11:28:20 PM
Peg Mason United States
Peg Mason
Years ago my husband had homework for college that required that he go to our local art museum. We decided to make it a family outing (it was a free day at the museum) so we walked down the street on a very cold winter morning to the bus stop with our two little girls.  It was so cold I asked the manager of the donut shop if we could stand inside while waiting for the bus.  While my sweet husband waited outside to watch for the bus one of our girls asked if they could have a donut.  Leaning down I quietly told her that we only had enough money to get downtown on the bus.  The girls didn't make any fuss and just waited patiently.  As we waited a man in a big parka approached the doors and reaching out his hand gave me some money and told me to get a donut for each of the girls.  There was just enough to get two donuts and a hot cup of coffee for my cold husband.  I thanked the kind man - I never did see his face in the big parka but I pray for him whenever I am reminded of his kindness.  It was such a neat lesson for my girls and all these years later we still talk about this 'angel of God.'
2/13/2010 11:36:26 PM
Debbie Miller United States
Debbie Miller
Listening to KLOVE Kelly was talking about "Make a difference Monday"...I was reminded of the lady where I bought the guys their lunch today...I was paying her and I said did you get my ice tea? And she said never mind ..that is okay.  That was so nice of the owner of Jumping Bean Coffee shop in Grants Pass, OR!!! And Kelly you reminded me to remember the good in people!! : )
2/13/2010 11:37:32 PM
Nikole Cumpston United States
Nikole Cumpston
My best friend Macy sent me a text this morning, saying "Nikoleee I love you baby" This made my day and I have been smiling all day cause of it.  Smile I had a crappy morning so this was a total God thing.
2/13/2010 11:53:41 PM
Susan United States
11 years ago, my husband filed for divorce and as I was leaving my attorney's office, I drove through a drive through (crying all the way) to order some lunch.  There was a truck behind me in line and when I got to the window to pay, the person at the window said "your meal has been paid for by the person behind you".  I just couldn't believe it!  I had no idea who that person was and they certainly had no idea what I had just been through.  I truly believe it was God saying to me, through this stranger, I'm here and I love you and I'll take care of you.  So...whenever I feel that little nudge from the Holy Spirit while sitting in a fast food drive through line, I pay for the meal for the person behind me and I ask the person at the window to just tell them that God wants to bless them today.
2/14/2010 12:00:24 AM
Barb United States
Love and Mercy are two characteristics of Jesus that I thrive to display to people I know who are walking or straying away from their faith. Today I met with a friend (on a professional level) who is comprising herself in a relationship that the Lord will never ever be able to bless.  She knows that I know of her new "life style", and when she is ready to come back to the Lord with ALL her heart;I want her to know that I love her and the same mercy that Jesus has given me is available to her.  Monday or not, I am always willing to love people unconditionally because "HE" first loved me.

2/14/2010 12:30:03 AM
Rick United States
Several years ago while visiting an ill church member I was talking with his wife and felt God leading me to give her financial help. I barely had $20.00 to my name but I obeyed God and gave her what I had. She cried and was so thankful for my small gift, she gave me a big hug and I left feeling the peace that only comes through obedience. Less than a week later Mrs. Phyllis died suddenly from an aneurysm. I can only imagine the guilt and shame I would still carry had I not obeyed God's request for my meager gift. God has a master plan, it's up to us if we join his plan, or wander around on the fringes grasping for crumbs.
2/14/2010 12:37:54 AM
Cristina Lopez United States
Cristina Lopez
I wanted to tell you about my wonderful husband Ruben, my  80 year old mom has been in the hospital and I've had to work. My husband is semi-retired. He has gone to the hospital everyday, to pray and help my mom. He has helped her walk, combed her hair and made her laugh.  She said he is the best son in law ever, he is the only son in law but this has made him not only the best son in law but a great husband. I am at peace knowing my husband has been there with my mom.
2/14/2010 12:38:59 AM
Cristina Lopez United States
Cristina Lopez
I wanted to tell you about my wonderful husband Ruben, my  80year old mom has been in the hospital and I've had to work. My husband is semi-retired. He has gone to the hospital everyday, to pray and help my mom. He has helped her walk, combed her hair and made her laugh.  She said he is the best son in law ever, he is the only son in law but this has made him not only the best son in law but a great husband. I am at peace knowing my husband has been there with my mom.
2/14/2010 6:17:15 AM
Trish United States
I helped a good friend go through and clean her house. She divorced about a year ago and due to the economy she and her ex-husband must cohabit since the house wouldn't sell. She has not gone through and purged many things for several years. Today, even though I am allergic to her dog, I came in and helped her dump a lot of garbage and I washed her floors and swept up tons of dog hair. Thank God for benadryl! I wanted to come into this place with her so that when I left, she'd feel better, and she would have hope. God bless.
2/14/2010 7:36:14 AM
Lisa Case United States
Lisa Case
Hi Kelli!
I know you just mentioned htis on air, but I didn't hear the details....where can I find a pre-written note that I could hand with a gift on Make A Difference Monday?  This is a great idea!!!

In Him,
Lisa Case
2/14/2010 7:39:19 AM
Noah Bruce United States
Noah Bruce
I made coffee today for my parents!

Noah, age 6
2/14/2010 7:48:25 AM
Sara S. United States
Sara S.
It was not today that I did this but last Firday. I have a life long illness and go to the doctor quite often. Well every time I go to my immunologist I would see the same guy on the side of the road is nasty clothes, in need of a bath, and possibly a doctor himself because he always is limping. Well I never have cash and always think to bring some food in case he is there (with weather he sometimes stays under the bridge where you can't get to him).

Well this was the first time in a long time I actually had cash and it was not even a lot. Just enough for a gas station lunch, which is what I was going to use it for. But I saw him again for like 100th time and rolled my window down despite the freezing cold and called him over. I never saw someone so grateful for a buck and some change, but he was. And when I told him God will bless you his smile only increased. I saw him today still walking but he walked passed my car and smiled. Smile
2/14/2010 7:51:56 AM
Jessica Miller United States
Jessica Miller
Today is Endometriosis Awareness Day.  Today I put on my face book page to wear yellow shirts to show your support to those who have this disease.  It is also a hope that we can raise awareness.  This disease effects so many women including myself.  When I got to work today several of my co-workers were wearing yellow.  It made my day.
2/14/2010 12:18:24 PM
jill United States
I was listening to KLOVE on my way home from work tonight and heard How He Loves Us.  Amazing song about the amazing, precious love of our Savior God Smile  As I was listening to the song, and stories about Make A Difference Monday, I was reminded of this verse:

John 13:35 (The Message)

34-35"Let me give you a new command: Love one another. In the same way I loved you, you love one another. This is how everyone will recognize that you are my disciples—when they see the love you have for each other."

Making a difference = taking time to love God's people, where they are.  Thank you to everyone sharing stories & sharing the love of Christ; it made a difference in my Monday!
2/14/2010 1:59:20 PM
Melinda United States
My middle school days were really really rough. Things at home were complicated and I was being bullied nonstop at school. There is one reason I got through it and that reason is a teacher. She was my theatre teacher. I never told her the things that were going on and she never asked. She just stood by me. She took care of me. She helped me find a confidence in myself that no one else could. I had her from 6th grade through my sophomre year in high school. Those were some of the best 5 years of life. I would give anything to go back and set in her classroom again. I wish I had the words to explain to you how much she did for me or exactly what she did for me. But I don't. The only thing I can tell you is I am in tears just thinking about her and the many lives she touched as a teacher. I hadn't heard from her in almost 6 years. Then one day I saw her on someones facebook. I added her and it has been amazing catching up with her. She is someone I know I can trust and she was brought back in my life at a time that I could really use someone. Sadly she isn't teaching anymore. But in the 10 years she taught, she touched more lives then most people will in their whole life! She is the reason I am going to school to become a teacher. I owe her so much that I could never give her back!
2/15/2010 4:33:00 AM
Andrea United States
This morning I was in the drive-thru at McDonald's and felt a voice telling me to pay for the car behind me.  I approached the window, paid for my bill and asked the attendant to also put the car behind me on it.  As I drove up to the second window to receive my food, I could hear the woman in the car behind talk in great surprise, then she honked her horn and waved at me.  I drove away this morning with tears streaming down my face because I know God was with me.  I hope many more people see God today just as I did.  
2/15/2010 4:58:05 AM
Christina United States
Last Friday I drove up to my sister's house in Dewey, AZ and I cleaned and did laundry for 4 hours.  I had so much fun blessing her!  She is a school teacher working 2 jobs and was extremely averwhelmed last week.  She called me crying when she got home and found her surprise.  I had also left flowers and a new devotional book.  Blessing her was a total blessing for me!
2/15/2010 6:25:56 AM
Mary Jones United States
Mary Jones
Just wanted to say Thank you from the bottom of my heart. Don't know how I would have gotten through the last few months without you.
I have been driving back and forth to have chemotherapy and radiation treatments for some time now. And I listen to your station as I traveled back and forth. You have been a real blessing to me.
I go to MD Anderson in Houston Tx for more testing on Apr. 15. I am sure that the cancer is gone. I am so positive about this. God has given me so much peace. My Cup Runneth Over.
4/21/2010 11:36:39 AM
deb United States
For years my husband surprised me we big gifts. It was usually on my birthday, but sometimes at Christmas. I was always at Bedford Church Camp the week of or before my birthday in June. the first huge surprise was a 4 day cruise. It was the most romantic vacation we ever went on. Another time I came home from church camp and a hot tub was being installed. I got a ring w/ 14 small diamonds on it another time. The gift that took the most work was when he and my young son redid our bedroom. They painted, wallpapered, purchased bedding and wall hangings. The paint was actually still wet when I arrived home. It was perfect as was all his thoughtful gifts.
I'm a widow now, 3 yrs. and 10 mos. I am so very thankful that I have these wonderful memories. The first year he was gone I prayed to see at deer to show he was thinking of me on that day. I did, on my way to church camp. I'm pretty sure our Heavenly Father had a lot to do w/ that birthday gift.
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