Mar 02 2010

Oh, THAT'S embarrassing...!

Kelli has discovered Zumba. It's a lot of fun and GREAT exercise, but slightly embarrassing! The feet and hands always seem to be doing the opposite of what they are supposed to be doing! Any embarrassing sports stories you dare to share?

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2/10/2010 3:52:15 AM
Alex Huff United States
Alex Huff
I am a teenager. So everybody my age, all of my friends, play sports. I do not. So when we get together sometimes to play baseball, I am horrible! I can not throw a ball, and I can never catch a baseball!! Not to mention when we play football, I can almost never catch a football, even though,I must admit I am getting better at catching a football, but not throwing it. So there Kelli, I believe my story is more embarassing! Even though I have no idea what zumba is...
2/10/2010 4:50:20 AM
Jordan United States
I love Zumba!!  It is definitely a work out and sometimes hard to keep up with, but worth every disoriented minute!!  I have an embarrassing moment thanks to a clumsy me and a treadmill.  I was at my friend's house, where they had a treadmill set up in the living room beside a piano.  While my friend played something on the piano, I decided to play on the treadmill (we were in 8th grade).  I was running and doing fine until I decided I wanted to stop.  I stopped, but the treadmill didn't.  I spun and fell and rode the track to the end, but there wasn't much room for me to fly, so I was stuck at the end of the treadmill.  The track tore a hole in the back of my jeans and gave me something like rug burn on my lower back.  It was awful!
2/10/2010 4:53:31 AM
Heather United States
One word, YOGA.One of the hardest things I have ever done. There is this one pose called the swim, where you lay on your belly and act like you are swimming, but you kinda bounce when you do it and i uttered this low uhhhhh sound and every body laughed.
2/10/2010 4:56:31 AM
Jennifer United States
I had a very dangerous bowling moment!  Went with my youth group, threw the bowling ball backwards.  It hit the pastor's son in the ankle and sprained it.  It was embarassing, still to this day no one stands behind when I bowl!

Thanks for K Love!  I just discovered it recently and it has been a blessing to me!  If there is anyway that you could work in the song Amazing Grace, My Chains are Gone I would be so appreciative.

God Bless!
2/10/2010 4:58:25 AM
Patty Moore United States
Patty Moore
I was dismounting from the trampoline in PE class way back in junior high school and ended up hanging upside down over the edge with my leg caught in the spring - in front of the whole class!!  Grace is NOT my middle name!!
2/10/2010 4:58:34 AM
Heidi United States
Don't worry Kelli. A friend and I take a Zumba class every Monday evening and I always feel like I can't dance. Just when I feel like I have the move down the teacher switches to another move and there I am there still on the last move. Oh my!

It does gets better the more you go because you learn the moves. I promise. Smile Have fun in Zumba!
2/10/2010 5:01:42 AM
Kim United States
Several years ago, I was in an aerobics class and we were laying on our stomachs on the mats.  We slowly got up by first getting to a crouched position on our tip toes.  I didn't realize the person next to me was so close and our butts bumped!  We laughed about it.
2/10/2010 5:05:31 AM
Debbie United States
Not a sports story, but I got a new pair of "cute shoes". My feet are very narrow so most of my shoes either buckle or tie. But these shoes were open-toed heels. So cute! When I wore them for the first time I went to church. I started to walk down the stairs my feet flew out from under me; my coffee mug flew out of my hand and my Bible went another direction. I landed on my back and everyone insisted they call the ambulance. Three days later I found out I had broken a rib.
2/10/2010 5:10:55 AM
Dorothy United States
Hi Kelli,  I too do Zumba, the Dr. I work for got me to go with you I have no rhythm, but if I don't get there at least twice a week, I go into withdrawels!!  I love it, and our instructors are great!  Keep it up!
2/10/2010 5:20:42 AM
Marcia United States
I was playing Volly-Ball. And I crashed into an  adult and He fell on top of me. Ya, it was embarrassing.Frown ( and i couldn't put weight on my ankle for a weekSmile)
2/10/2010 5:56:25 AM
Tory United States
Recently, our church's children's department took a trip to the roller skating rink. It's been years since I've rollerskated, but thought it was like riding a bike. After less than halfway around the rink, I started to wobble, wildly flailing my arms. Kids started screeching and trying to dodge me as I started to fall. (Imagine a redwood crashing down!) As I fell, I took down two kids with me and when I stood up, heard lots of kids laughing and pointing. One of the girls I knocked down pulled my arm and whispered, "You ripped your pants!" Don't think I'll be rollerskating again anytime soon!
2/10/2010 7:31:54 AM
Diane United States
Hey girl,  make the workout your own.  went to a class and 1/2 way through it realize that I was there not to look good but, to get my body in shape.  The point being, get that beautiful heart of yours pumping and have some fun. Don't let anything stop you, not even yourself. Know it's hard ,but you can do it.  With lots of love and courage sent. your sister in Christ Diane
2/10/2010 7:55:32 AM
Kaitlyn Gray United States
Kaitlyn Gray
As a senior in high school, doing something embarrassing is something I try to avoid. However, at a track meet, I had one of the most embarrassing moments of my life. I was ready to go for my hurdle race, and I was so confident that I was going to win. The gun went off and I flew. I came up to the first hurdle, and I felt my front leg hit the hurdle dead on. I landed on my butt ON TOP OF the hurdle and slid forward on my butt. Inside I was so embarrassed, but I managed to finish my race in 5th out of 8. Instead of everyone laughing at me, they were actually amazed and proud that I got up and finished the race. I would have been more embarrassed if I had stayed on the ground than I felt when I had finished the race.
2/10/2010 7:56:03 AM
Gail United States
I worked on staff at a youth camp. The day of pictures all 500 and some high school kids were playing relay games. I was randomly jumping in and out of groups to play with them. At then end they were all facing toward the building to get a group photo made. I was walking back toward the building and as I tried to sneak between two very small bushes my foot caught a branch on one of them. I did a swan dive onto the sidewalk.
Of course there was complete silence until I moved my body indicating I wasn't dead. Then almost on que there was a huge applause then a lot of laughing and chuckling.  
During the week most of the kids found me to make sure I was ok. I had a few scrapes but most of all I was embarrassed. But we all had fun with it.
2/10/2010 7:57:26 AM
Teekey United States
Ohh my were do i start? I really hate basket ball in gym because i really dont dig it, you know what i mean? I cannot shoot baskets, or dribble, or whatnot. I am also on a swim team, and i cant always understand what the coach said. So once, the drill was right arm, both arms, left arm butterfly.I only heard butterfly. So for 4 lengths the LONG  way, i was doing hard butterfly. for all of those who do not know what that is, it's the stroke that micheal phepls ( <3 ) does. It's the hardest out there. I personaly detest it. so i get back to the wall and all my friends are saying, what were you doing? you know it was a drill right? i nearly died right then and there. you have no idea how emmbaressing it is when you do the wrong stroke in swim practice.
2/10/2010 8:00:30 AM
Sarah United States
So it was my very first volleyball game playing on varsity and i was so nervious. well the surve went up and came over the net i called it n i was going to get it i ran into the wall....and then fell it was so embarrassing and they still make fun of me but in the end we won the game!
2/10/2010 8:01:07 AM
Kathy Peterson United States
Kathy Peterson
*I'm not sure I'm writing this where I'm suppose to...

Embarrassing moment-

Story from college days- I have a huge crush on one of my future husband's (we weren't dating yet Smile) best friends.  I was a lifeguard at the pool and worked very early in the morning.    Generally I dressed in a hurry and slept as long as possible- trying to be considerate to my roommate.  On this particular day- I decided to jump in and "work out" while visiting with the guy...  We chatted for a while- thought I was pretty cute.  When I went to change to dry clothes - VOILA' my SUIT was INSIDE OUT!  I was mortified.  He must never have told my soon-to-be boyfriend/eventual husband because he didn't know (or that's what he told me) until after I told him once we were married.
2/10/2010 8:02:09 AM
Ashley United States
I used to play softball, all through high school.  In the summers I would play on a club team and we played at night.  I was warming up in the outfield with a teammate when I lost the ball in the lights - the next time I saw it was too late - smack!  Right in the forehead, leaving a lovely welt.
2/10/2010 8:08:29 AM
SUZ ELDER United States
Hey Kelly, My comment is about your "creeping" age and going to Zumba...I am 59 and LOVING IT!!!
Last year I took a tap class and my age was just about the total of all my other classmates, ranging in age from 8-18...I've been at my goal weight for a year since losing 100 lbs and am EXCITED to be able to move!!!  Keep on Moving! SuZ
2/10/2010 8:31:27 AM
Charlotte United States
I was working at a Child Care Center and the kids wanted me to play hacky sack and I said sure I was doing good until I didn't have any shoes on and nike paints on and right behind my boss with all the kids and at a public pool I went down and broke my ankle in 3 places and dislocated it. What a mess that was.
2/10/2010 2:17:55 PM
Ana United States
so, I was on the Volleyball team, and i was setting the ball to a friend, and then she bumped the ball the wrong way, and then i tried to set it back up, without it touching hte floor, and i fell and tried to catch myself and fell and broke my wrist (: hah. embarassing... Laughing
2/10/2010 2:35:38 PM
Angela United States
For years I did Gymnastics, Back in 2000 I retired but not with out making some memories.

I was learning a new move for a Uneven bar routean when my coach set up the start up move I hit the spring board to hard and went over the high bar of the uneven bar and landed on the gel mat then bounced to the flat bellow the gel mat.

My coach and partner laughed along with everyone else in the gym that day.  
2/10/2010 3:14:04 PM
Krysten Neel United States
Krysten Neel
So, I was at my uncle's wedding and I was wearing a nice eloquent dress (I was the one to straighten the train of the wedding dress before [my aunt] the bride walked down the isle). But before the wedding started, we went out to decorate the couple's car. All of this was after I had went to the restroom. When we got outside, ALL of my family that was at the wedding (hundreds of family members, LITERALLY) were standing outside around the car, and I bent over to tie the cans to the bumper, but apparently the back of my dress had got caught in my underwear, so everyone saw EVERYTHING at their Wedding!!!! I was soooo devastated!!! Cry
2/10/2010 5:24:00 PM
sara :) United States
sara :)
My youth group held a Zumba fundraiser so we could go on a missions trip.  I have to say that the most embarrassing part of it all was that all our parents were doing a better job Zumbaing than the high schoolers were.  It was defiantly a day of laughter!
2/10/2010 7:05:09 PM
Jehan United States
Kelli don't feel bad, I quit Zumba after only one class... I couldn't really get into it because I can't dance to spanish style music. I am more of a pop or hip hop dancer. Zumba is great exercise but it isn't for everyone! If you are having fun then keep at it. If not find a class you can have fun with and get into. That way when you are exercising it won't really be "exercising"! Good Luck with whatever you decide. Smile
2/11/2010 10:31:51 AM
sue United States
You HAVE to keep going to Zumba!!  I have been doing it for a year and a half and I wouldn't miss my classes for anything!!!  It is the best "feel good" exercise I've ever done!  I have met so many new people and made some great friends.  We have an amazing instructor who is passionate about Zumba and conveys that to each and every class.  DON'T GIVE UP!!!!  You will grow to absolutely love it!!  
2/11/2010 10:01:51 PM
Brenda United States
This is a sports story, but it was at my first high school dance last fall.  I was with three of my friends, and my mom dropped us off at the front doors of the school.  When I got out of the SUV, my heel got stuck under the door and I found myself grasping onto the door for dear life!  Scary at the time but pretty funny!
2/17/2010 5:18:31 AM
Johnny United States
My sister and I were in church one day and the choir was singing a really high noted song that was really loud. I accidentally sang to loudly to early! I don't like to sing so much now!
4/17/2010 12:15:21 AM
Elyse United States
A bunch of the teachers at our school get together after school and do Zumba. We (for the most part) are not very good. But we figure the calories we don't burn because we aren't doing the video right, we burn from laughing.
12/9/2010 4:47:46 AM
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4/3/2011 9:17:02 PM
Chris United States
I love Zumba! Just found out that our local gym is offering classes! Love the rhythms and beats makes exercising so fun, our instructor also told us about going to where we can get music to dance Zumba to. Got to go now have gym class in 15 mins.
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