Mar 10 2010

The Passion crew join us today!

Chris Tomlin, Matt Redman and Louie Giglio are our guests on the show today! Learn more about the new Passion CD and Tour! Any comments for them?


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2/16/2010 7:26:18 AM
Kenny J. United States
Kenny J.
i have seen louie giglio's videos when he mentions ashley. i was so sad and i felt like i wanted to cry. your are such a great speaker and ashley's family is so blessed to have you. you're awesome too chris and matt. my best friend's mom loves your music chris, and my mom really likes your song "you never let go" matt. all of you are great and i hope that God allows you to keep writing music you rock!!!
2/16/2010 7:40:24 AM
Daniel Romania
HelloSmile i really appreciate what you are doing guys and we expect that one day we will see in RomaniaSmile... it will be that possible? be a real bless for other by blessing His name! with love DanielLaughing
2/16/2010 7:43:31 AM
Dusty United States
Have been reliving 2010 as I worship to Awakening.  Can still feel the power of those hours together in Atlanta!  WOW!  Thank you Louie, Chris, Matt and all who made it happen.
2/16/2010 7:44:00 AM
Lisa United States
To: Chris Tomlin
You came to our little church in Henderson,Texas several years ago. (Hillview Baptist Church) Me and my 9yr old son, Jake love your music.  When Jake was baptized last year on Mother's Day, he sang "Amazing Grace, My Chains Are Gone" with our music leader and it was so sweet!!  We would sure let you come back to our church when you are passing through???  We love & support K-LOVE
Jake & Lisa
2/16/2010 7:46:20 AM
Timotei Romania
Hy KLove and PassionSmile I've been waiting all day to listen to you guys live.
We are listening to every album from you guys and we are fully enjoyed by your music.

God BLESS you all, Passion and KLove.
2/16/2010 7:49:03 AM
Barbara J. United States
Barbara J.
Is it possible that you would bring the Passion conference to NYC, Manhattan? I believe you could all fill Madison Square Garden easily! Please consider us here in NYC, not N.J. you've been there (-: God bless all of you and your ministry for Jesus!

Peace and blessings,
Barbara (Brooklyn, NY)
2/16/2010 7:52:34 AM
aly United States
i absoulutly LOVE chris tomlin! when i heard he was going to be on i ran home as fast as i could and turned on the radio.  When i was about 8 years old i would always fall asleep to his cd arrive and if i didn't have it on while i was sleeping i would cry because, that was my comfort at night too know that GOD was there and it'd always remind me to pray at night and tell GOD all i was thank ful for! I just love chris tomlin he is my favorite singer EVER! and every night i use to listen to that i would always say how great is our GREATEST GOD! i love this. it's amazing you guys have him there!!
2/16/2010 7:59:32 AM
Denise United States
I have been listening to Chris Tomlin's Arriving album for years now and it is my favorite worship album so far. Thank you Chris for the encouragement you have brought me through Christ!
2/16/2010 8:00:19 AM
Maria Quintero United States
Maria Quintero
klove. thank you for having such wonderful talent on the show! i love chris tomlin and as a valentine's gift last year, i was blessed to go the concernt in denver!

you all bring to life the saying that my grandfather taught me... "Cristo y Yo somos mayoria aplasante!" your music is that for me ...

thank you God for these singers ...
2/16/2010 8:01:02 AM
Cindi United States
Louie Giglio is by far my favorite speaker of all time! Everything I've ever seen or heard of his has touched my heart and challenged me. Thank you Louie for helping me and so many others grow in our faith! You are really good at making us cry! Smile

Chris and Matt! Thank you for giving us such encouraging, uplifting, and simply incredible music to worship our Amazing God with! You give us the words we feel in our hearts but sometimes can't express on our own.

I pray the Lord continues to bless you all and your ministry! I know the impact you've 3 have ad on this world is HUGE! Smile Thanks again! God Bless!
2/16/2010 8:03:21 AM
Sandy G United States
Sandy G
Saw Chris and Louie in California just before Christmas for their Glory in the Highest Tour. It was an amazing night of worship that I got to share with my sister. We had just left from visiting my dad in the hospital who was dying of cancer. God ministered to us powerfully at that concert. Dad passed the next day. Praise God we will see Dad again. Thank you for using your gifts to give Glory to the Highest-Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.
2/16/2010 8:05:07 AM
Amy United States
I was with a group of high school students at the Student Life camp in Daytona Beach in 2008. While there, I heard Louie and Chris share just a little about the world tour they were in the middle of. As the week went on my heart began to ache. I wanted so desperately to be a part of something like that. After I returned home, I began to pray that God would allow me to be a part of something big, something world changing. A year went by and I found myself back in Daytona once again at the Student Life camp. From the moment Chris took the stage my heart again began to ache. This time even more so then when I had left Daytona a year ago. I prayed all week, almost to the point of begging God to let me part of a ministry that was in the business of making Jesus famous! One month later, a friend told me about a job opening - I jumped at the chance. I moved across the country to begin working for a world known ministry. I can't even begin to describe how amazing it is! Thank you Louie and Chris for sharing your heart during the summer of 2008 to a group of high school students - the leaders were listening too. :o)
2/16/2010 8:06:04 AM
Michal Joy United States
Michal Joy
I cannot begin to say how much God has used Louie, Chris and Matt to influence me in the direction of worship and ministering to others.

I have seen you guys live on so many occasions and each time I leave with a greater awe of God and His wonder.

Thank you for what you do, your sacrifice and your willingness to go out into the world for the Lord's renown.

If you ever need a female background vocalist sign me up. Smile
2/16/2010 8:06:53 AM
Jenny United States
For Matt Redman:  My 2 and half year old daughter and I have been listening to KLOVE in the car for a year now and the first song I heard my daughter singing along with was Never Let Go, it touched me so much!  That same day I went to YOUTUBE and showed her your concert performance, and now everytime she sees me at the laptop, she says, Never Let Go, she enjoys watching and listening to you sing. Thank you for this beautiful, encouraging song!
2/16/2010 8:11:05 AM
Ron United States
Really appreciate the passion series.  Rough year in 2009.  Blessed by many friends and family.  As appreciation for their efforts we gave 20 "Indescrible" sermons to those that encouraged us, knowing they'd receive like blessings.  Big Giglio fans.  God bless!
2/16/2010 8:11:28 AM
Eryn United States
Just wanted to say "Thank You!" For sharing your Passion for Christ! I remember the first time i ever heard the name Louie Giglio. Our church announced the service would be a little different than normal and that we would be watching a video....and they handed out GOLF BALLS to all who entered each service.....WOW! what a life changing moment! and I went to the Night of Joy concert @ Rock Church in Va Beach, and it was such an amazing night. Our family has been through so much and your words are a reflection of God's unmatched Passion, Love and Grace for the lost and wounded. thank you Chris Matt and Louie, you are such a blessing to all

2/16/2010 8:12:33 AM
Petrina Ula United States
Petrina Ula
We are a concert-starved Christian family on Guam! Sonic Flood came here last year and it was a blessing for us! COME TO GUAM! Pray for Guam! We serve in Calvary Chapel here. They need to hear some awesome worship music on Guam. Pray and ask the LORD to send you all here!

Love the LORD, love klove, love Chris, love Louie, love Matt...keep blessing the world with the gift God has given you!
2/16/2010 8:15:40 AM
Celena Tyler United States
Celena Tyler
Chris Tomlin is my absolute favorite artist EVER!!!! I just heard today he is coming to Hope church with Toby Mac in Cordova, TN!! Chris, I just wanted to tell you how much your music means to me and my family. My five year old, Maddie, loves you too. Her favorite song is "I will rise". It is the sweetest thing listening to your child sing to God with all her heart. Thank you for helping our family praise the Lord. KEEP COMING TO THE MID-SOUTH!!!!!!!!!!!!
2/16/2010 8:15:58 AM
Albert & Liz United States
Albert & Liz
We saw Louie & Chris on the K-love Friends and Family cruise last month. What an awesome time!! I so wanted to get Chris autograph while on the cruise because I owed it to my daughter.  We had tickets to his concert last year in El Paso, TX and that evening as we were getting ready to leave the house, I couldn't find the tickets..ugh  So I told her I would get Chris autograph to make up for the loss tickets.  Unfortunately, we missed the autograph session due to a prepaid excusion on the island.  Thank you so much Chris & Louie for your words of encouragement and music..God is awesome and gracious in giving us your music and books.  Take care & que dios te bendiga!!
2/16/2010 8:15:59 AM
Christina United States
Hey Matt and Chris! Thanks for allowing God to work through you guys to bless so many through your music. I've been to many of Chris' concerts, including the recent Glory in the Highest concert in LA. Louie! Just discovered your AWESOME teaching! I have been getting my hands on never 7:22 talk possible, and have been soaking up your messages from PCC. LOVE IT! God is opening up my heart in a whole new way to understand His awesome love and grace more fully. I was linked in live to Passion 2011, and was so blessed by the time together. YOU GUYS ROCK!! Fellow doorkeeper, Christina.
2/16/2010 8:18:51 AM
Beth United States
Chris Tomlin's song "More Then Enough" was (and is) a gift from God. This song has spoken to my heart in ways that were truly orchestrated by the Holy Spirit to comfort me during some incredibly heartbreaking times. My first husband left me after years of infertility. I knew the desire of my heart was to be a loving wife and mommy and yet the journey seemed to be leading me elsewhere. When circumstances stripped everything away from me, then I truly understood how God could be "More then enough". I poured myself into ministry teaching little ones about the love of Christ. In time, God healed my heart and that song was my anthem. The Lord blessed me years later with an amazingly loving husband who was as thrilled about adopting as I was. We adopted a precious 1 year old girl and we are the happiest family in the world.  My dear husband lost his job last November in a field hard hit by the economy and we have been clinging to God tightly knowing he was, is, and will always be MORE THEN ENOUGH! This song has ministered to me for years and I am so grateful for artists who let God use them to speak His truth to us!
2/16/2010 8:21:10 AM
Joe New Zealand
Thank you for all your beautiful and spiritual music. Please don't forget about us down in New Zealand. We always seem to miss out on all your tours.
2/16/2010 8:25:16 AM
Candice Nele United States
Candice Nele
The Lord has laid the desire on my heart to join in the Passion Movement in any way possible. I am a college student, along with my 18 yr old daughter. Although she is not actively serving the Lord right now, my prayer is this is the day she will start. Mr. Giglio, if I can do something to start the Passion Movement on my campus here in Lafayette, Louisiana please contact me. (337) 945-3247 Candice Nele.
God bless and I will continue to stay in prayer over the Passion Movement. Looking forward to Good Friday at the Verizon Center in Georgia!!!!!
2/16/2010 8:28:01 AM
Melissa Japan
I'm listening on-line in Japan right now!  I'm so excited about Passion Tokyo.  I found the webpage and have already been forwarding information to my church and other people I know.  Will start praying NOW and ask my church to pray.  Thank you so much for coming to Japan!
2/16/2010 8:30:26 AM
Brian United States
My favorite is LAMININ!!! We just used that video last week with our youth.
2/16/2010 8:34:12 AM
Mia Brabaek
Mia Brabaek
Hellow I just wanted to say that you and
every one at K-Love has blessed me so
much and your the resson I excepted
Christ. Now I'm 12 going on 13 and I
just all of Chris tomlins and Mat's song's
God bless you all
2/16/2010 8:34:50 AM
Leandra United States
Louie Giglio is so cool!!  
We do this Enrichment program on Fridays for Homeschoolers and for the science we were watching parts of him talking about the stars on the "Indescribable Tour" and the "How Great is Our God Tour" and we were amazed!!  it was sooooooooooo amazing you talking about the stars and how huge they are and how indescribable and Great or God is!  Personally, it brought tears to my eyes while I was watching.  One thing that was really good that Louie said is that "I am not trying to make you feel small, I am telling you that you are small!"  I LOVE that!  I am also very interested in Astronomy, so I am so happy that I got to see that DVD with Louie, I am still telling all my friends about the stars, and Laminin!!!!  Laminin is so awesome!!!!!!!  I mean, come on, the cell that is holding our body together is a shape of a cross!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  that is wow wow wow wow!  I also was facianated with the star that had the cross on it.  So, thank you Louie and God Bless!

2/16/2010 8:35:58 AM
Stacey United States
I heard Louie speak at SuperWow on Jekyll Island, GA around 1990.  He spoke one night on Eph 5:1 "Be imitators of Christ"  Although I was already a Christian , that week and especially that night had a huge influence on my relationship with Christ.  I have often used some of Louie's scripture and illustrations from that week as I have had the opportunity to speak to youth and adult.  Thanks Louie for being an imitator!
2/16/2010 8:36:17 AM
Navya United States
Chris Tomlin is coming to my school, Cherry Hills Christian School on April 8 which gives me a thrill to hear him before that. I am very thankful God has given me songs that are being sung by these Christian bands. Imagine in the world today with no Christian Music?
2/16/2010 8:37:13 AM
Wendy Fanucchi United States
Wendy Fanucchi
We've been in and out of the car this afternoon.  We headed to the library while How Great is our God was playing and my boys (ages 6 & 9)both said, "I love this song!" and proceeded to sing it at the top of their lungs.  After getting back in the car at the library you were interviewing the guys.  The boys immediately recognized Matt Redmand's voice from our Veggie Tales Worship CD.  It was so fun to hear Chris talking, too.  It is due to the influence of these two men that my 6 year old wants to be a songwriter and wants to write worship songs when he grows up.  Not only are their songs a blessing to me (Blessed Be was my hearts cry when dealing with post partum depression and How Great is our God was one of the first loaded onto my MP3 player) but I love hearing my children worship God with all their hearts through these songs.  Thank you!  I praise God for you! - Wendy (listening on the NEW KLOVE station 107.3 in the Bay Area of California)
2/16/2010 8:38:02 AM
JENNY NEW United States
When my son started in the ministy a few years ago, he was given a small church that nobody else wanted.  Needless to say, they had no piano player and their Worship in Song was of taped music by these gentlemen as well as others. When they worshiped in song though, you could feel the Spirit of God!  I know these gentlemen have world-wide fame, but they also have the gratitude of many small churches who can now sing with the largest of churches as we all praise God together.  My son is now a successful Youth Pastor and he and all his youth follow these artists.  I just wanted to let you know, that at least in the small town of Somerset, KY, you have made a difference!  God bless you all.
2/16/2010 8:39:43 AM
Stacey United States
Thank you so much for having these 3 guys on the air. My family and I were blessed last year to beable to travel to Bayside from Grass Valley to see Louie. It was on of the most amazing services I have ever been to. I would love to see him again. God Bless you all. You are so encouraging. Someday I hope to see Chris and Matt live also but for now I am happy you have them on Klove and I can listen to them.
2/16/2010 8:40:45 AM
Bryan Hakey United States
Bryan Hakey
Hey, I just want to shout out to Louie and the Passion group. I was at Passion 2010 and it was my first Passion event and I was blown away. God is really using you guys to really making an impact on today generation!

At passion I heard your new song "Our God" and it touched me so much it was insistently my favorite and I NEEDED it on my play list! I've already got the Awaking CD. K-love better play that song, lol.

I also want to encorage you guys and praise God for sending you in to the nations again in Passion World Toruer. How I wish I could come with you guys and see the collage age of the world worship and give God prase.

I was planning on taking a Trans-Atlantic cruse this May, but instead I'm looking in to taking a trip to London to see Passion again there. I can't wait!

So ya, that's all I have to say I guess. God bless you all!

(PS: Is there anyway I can get my hands on some of the videos you used in Passion? Particularly that opining Creation video! Also, I bought the Francis Chan small group, but it neglected to include the Q/A at the begin. Some of the answers he gave to the questions were more inspirational then the prepared sermon. God bless you again! ^_^ )
2/16/2010 8:44:35 AM
Jemima Griffin United States
Jemima Griffin
I was at Passion 2010!! I loved it!! It was an awesome way to start out the year! And it was a total awakening for me. My favorite part and when it hit home for me was when Francis Chan was speaking one night. He was using the "GPS" analogy with us and God. When we make a wrong turn or don't make the right turn, if we repent and come back to Him, God simply says, "Recalculating. It may take you a little longer to where I want you to be, but recalculating. Im still here and I still love you." I loved that!! And I have been sharing that with my friends, my loved ones, and every opportunity that I am blessed with to share with. God has used Passion to awaken my soul and to draw me closer to Him. I am most definitely coming next year and bringing all the friends that I can bring!! Smile
2/16/2010 8:44:46 AM
Kiera Holbrook United States
Kiera Holbrook
I don't know where to begin.  I have to say that the music of both men have touched my life in many ways but Chris' always seems to speak to me.  My father is the Worship leader in our church and a huge fan of both Matt and Chris.  The funny thing is that my dad has done so many songs by both of you worship that the rest of the team always kids with him about having Chris Tomlin Sundays.  My husband also makes the countdown videos used at church and has many videos for your songs.  On hughly personal level Chris' song "I Will Rise" has deeply touched our family.  My grandfather was sick for many months last year and finally went Home with Lord in August of 2009.  That song has meant so much to me and my family.  Believe it or not my mom and dad also sang it at his funeral.  Thank you for all you do and may the Lord richly bless you and your families.  

p.s. Can't wait to get the new cd!
2/16/2010 8:45:14 AM
Becky C United States
Becky C
Chris Tomlin is my favorite Artist and "Jesus Messiah" is my absolute favorite song! I play this song in my car, turn it up full blast, sing along and worship the Lord.  Every time it comes on at home, I dance in the living room.  My daughters assure me I can't dance (or sing), but I tell them, I may not have been blessed with these talents on earth, but just wait until I get to heaven Smile  I would love to be in Atlanta for the Good Friday service to see all of you.  God Bless you and thanks for the music and message!
2/16/2010 8:45:37 AM
james harvey United States
james harvey
You guys are amazing in so many ways! I would love it if you guys would join my face book group called Jesus Freaks.
2/16/2010 8:50:50 AM
Bob O. United States
Bob O.
I'm a seamster (sewing) at home and so it gets very lonely at times. Fortunately, I have bands like you guys to minister to me and lift me up. I really can feel the Spirit of God at those times and have to weep because He's visiting me in such a mundain activity. Thank you guys and thank you Klove for your ministry. I listen 24/7 since I was saved last spring. Again Thank you and Thank God!
2/16/2010 8:52:38 AM
Scott Hoeppner United States
Scott Hoeppner
Tomorrow March 11th will be the 4th Anniversary of our beautiful sweet son Austin going to be with our Lord after a two year battle with cancer.  He was so special to so many people and we miss him SO much.  At his funeral we sang “How Great is Our God”  which can be very moving but especially at that time.  A few months later Chris you and Louie came to Fort Wayne for a concert and it was almost overwhelming to hear you sing it in person and it was so touching for my wife, son Chase and myself you can’t even imagine.   Thank you so much for all your wonderful work and Blessings to you all.  Hope to see you again in the future
2/16/2010 8:54:32 AM
Debi Oebker United States
Debi Oebker
We showed the universe video to our middle school group about 3 months ago. Last week they asked when we get to watch it again. It is so impacting at that age to realize how you loved you are by such an amazing God. Thank you for the love and energy you put into your presentations.
2/16/2010 8:56:08 AM
Valerie United States
I remember a certain BSU conference in Arlington, TX that I attended back in 2001 when I was a student at Hardin Simmons. I remember that Louie was giving a message about Christ in us, the hope of glory. He was using a box as a prop and he was trying to explain that the box represented Christ. Only he wrote C H I R S T on the box instead of C H R I S T. So the next day, either Chris or Shane Bernard got up and sang a song for Louie: "I've got the C-H-I-R-S-T in my H-E-A-R-T". It was so funny... but I never forgot that message. I also enjoyed camping out in Shelby Farms, TN at 'One Day' back in May 2000. The presence of the Holy Spirit was so strong there. Thank you for all you do. God bless.

2/16/2010 9:07:27 AM
aly United States
It is so inspiring to hear that so many people play songs all for GOD. He is amazing! And I just love how much GOD loves us and i know many other loves can fail but, i know GOD's never will. don't lean on something you know is going to fall or might fall. lean on GOD he will NOT let you fall. that inspired me one night. and were ever you go if you ignore him or forget him and turn around and see him and he is like i have been following you this whole time waiting for you too turn around and are you going to walk with me?... it's just so amazing how GOD loves us even when he sees ALL of the depths of our heart and he still loves us! don't matter what you do he loves us. Smile
2/16/2010 9:08:04 AM
aly United States
It is so inspiring to hear that so many people play songs all for GOD. He is amazing! And I just love how much GOD loves us and i know many other loves can fail but, i know GOD's never will. don't lean on something you know is going to fall or might fall. lean on GOD he will NOT let you fall. that inspired me one night. and were ever you go if you ignore him or forget him and turn around and see him and he is like i have been following you this whole time waiting for you too turn around and are you going to walk with me?... it's just so amazing how GOD loves us even when he sees ALL of the depths of our heart and he still loves us! don't matter what you do he loves us. Smile
2/16/2010 9:08:18 AM
Donald United States
Just please let the guy know that they are very encouraging to me and well i have been through alot as i have been called to preach when i was 16 and now i am 20 and i just started a church and it hasnt been easy along the way but however i know that there is always comfort in God and mostly the reason i have learned that is because Of Chris and Matt and well i know that anytime im down i can always turn there music on and its just so encouraging, i just wanna tell them thanks for all they have done in my life and let them know they are in my prayers and well i hope and pray sometime they can come down to Huntington, WV and share there music so people in our area can experience what i have in my heart through there music, love you Guys and God bless
2/16/2010 2:19:08 PM
Jennifer E. Hampton United States
Jennifer E. Hampton
What an awesome surprize to hear the name Louie Giglio again!  I am a 1997 Baylor graduate and very often attended "Choice" at Baylor. So great to hear that your heart is still burdened for college students!!!  Thank you for hearing God's call!

Three years ago at age 35 I found myself getting ready for emergency heart surgery.  I remember feeling God's calmness and peace.  He is the only one who can give us this peace, so thank you for continuing to share the love of Christ with others.


Jennifer Hampton
Roswell, NM  
2/16/2010 2:19:52 PM
Michelle United States
I had the wonderful opportunity to learn from Louie while a student at Baylor University.  He has such a great love for the Lord, and it created a deep desire within my heart to know God and His life more.  Because of Louie, I took on the challenge of memorizing Ephesians.  I didn't quite make it, but I wept openly a few years later when he sat in front of our group on a Monday night and recited the great word that God put in his heart.  Louie and Shelly have been a great example to college students for many years, and I'm so grateful that God has blessed their obedience.
2/16/2010 2:21:13 PM
hannah byler United States
hannah byler
hi i jus want to say thanks to chris and matt for useing there wonderfull talented voices for christ and i also wanna send out a special thanks to louie for his wonderfull messages we have heard him preach already and they r all just such a blessing in my life i love all their music and everything ! may god bless u all as u all do work for the lord!! Smile
2/16/2010 2:21:17 PM
rachel United States
Can you tell CHris Tomlin, Matt REdman, and Louie Giglio to please keep doing passion events for anotehr four years so I can join! That's when I'll get to college! And tell them I love their music! -Rachel
2/16/2010 2:24:52 PM
Maria Mejia United States
Maria Mejia
I am 17 and thank the lord for the the music by Chis Tomliin, Matt Redman and Louie Giglio. they have helped m so much. their songs have helped me have  better relationshp with the lord and they have helped me throughtough times in my life.. THANK YOU so much for your music nd the love the LORD gives you and me!!
2/16/2010 2:26:13 PM
michael s United States
michael s
Louie i am a worship leader at my school and your speech how great is our God touched me at a time when i was in a really bad place spiritually and had cast God out of the picture i just want to let you know you that your words filled me up in all the right ways and inspired me to show everyone the love that offered me i just finished my 2nd week of prayer and i have been greatly influenced by you thank you and Godbless    
2/16/2010 2:28:48 PM
Todd United States
I am a part of our praise team at First UMC in Loveland, CO.  One of the ways I worship is through song.  There are many, many songs from many, many artists that speak to me when I hear them or sing them.  It is at those moments that I feel Gods arms wrapped around me.  However, one of the most special moments that I encounter is with Matt Redmond’s song “You Never Let Go”.  Our 4-year-old granddaughter Chloe calls it the Power Song.  “Papa, Can we sing the Power Song”, she asks maybe while we are traveling in the car.  She has also asked me when we are we going to sing “Never Let Go” again in church.  So I have requested that song with our praise leader a few times by saying that a very young attendee in our church would like to hear that song.  With a smile on her face, she sings along as we all sing the song.  What a great God we serve that a 4-year-old is able to experience the Love of our Awesome God through song.
Thank you K-LOVE.

2/16/2010 2:29:18 PM
Carmen Peckenpaugh United States
Carmen Peckenpaugh
I want to express my love and gratitude to the Passion Team! Passion has opened my eyes to big dreams! I'm trading my little life for the Big Story of God! I have been to a Passion event every year since 2005. God delivered me from a pit of anxiety and depression into a life of vocational ministry through the work of Louie,Shelley and the entire Passion crew. Tell Louie I will see Him at the Doves, since we didn't have much time to catch up on the K-LOVE Cruise!!! Love you guys!!!
2/16/2010 2:29:31 PM
Kayli United States
Another one for Guam! Please pray about COMING!
2/16/2010 2:30:39 PM
chyna United States
You guys are hilarious! its such a blessing to turn on the radio and have the first thing that comes out of your mouths makes me laugh! keep it up with the smiles blessing the millions listening to KLOVE!!!
2/16/2010 2:36:49 PM
Michele Osterhoudt United States
Michele Osterhoudt
I had the immense joy of meeting/hearing Chris and Louie on the KLove cruise last month. WOW! I was thrilled to find out you got your bow, Louie! Praise God!! And Chris, your song "Love" has kept me strong. When I get bogged down wondering whether God has an earthly love planned for me, you remind me that His love is the answer - o-kwa-ga-la-kwe ku-singa-byoo-na! Thank you for always pointing my attention to Him. I had every intention of catching a quick video of you on the cruise, but I was so caught up in the worship, I forgot!! Thank you both for your incredible ministry. Love and Blessings,
2/16/2010 2:43:09 PM
Jacob D. United States
Jacob D.
I am 14 and I just started listening to KLOVE in the last year. The first song I heard when I began listening was "How Great is Our God," and ever since you have been my favorite Mr. Tomlin. Right after that got done, "You Never Let Go," came on. That was when I realized that God was always there for me. Thank you both for your worship, and thank you Scott and Kelli for being there whenever I need someone to look to for help.
2/16/2010 2:55:20 PM
Angela United States
If I'm not mistaken, Passion '97 was the 1st conference. I was lucky enough to be there as well as at Passion '98. So glad to see it's still going strong! Louie, glad to see you're still a part of this. I think it was Dave Busby who also made the 1st year a special year. I learned so much during those times. May God bless you for your obedience to Him.
2/16/2010 2:57:03 PM
Ann United States
I almost drove off the road when I heard that Louie Giglio was on the radio!  I attended Choice at Baylor way back in 1989 as a brand new Christian, and am so thankful for how he made the Word come alive to me.  I still have some of his lectures on cassette tape!  How wonderful to see how God has used him in such a mighty way.
2/16/2010 3:05:59 PM
Kari United States
When you brought the Indescribable Tour to Wheaton College a few years ago, I was there, and three prayer requests were answered that night.  During that time, my mother was in Manila on business, and I was terribly lonely without her.  As Matt was preparing to sing, he mentioned how awesome it was that we could gather in Chicago at 7:00 on a Saturday night, while churches all over the world were preparing to come together in worship at the same time. I was comforted by the fact that even though my mom was a world away, the same Loving God knew exactly where we were and He was holding us both safely in His Hands.  That same night, I heard Chris Tomlin's song, Made To Worship for the first time.  I had been praying that God would help me to live a life of worship and obedience, and that song echoed so many of the things God was teaching me at that time.  Another prayer that had been on my heart was that God would remind me just how BIG and magnificent HE is.  Louie's sermon....WOW!!! What a perfect demonstration of God's mighty power.  Thank you all for being obedient to the voice of God, and for using your gifts to edify the church today.  I will pray for your ministries as you travel the world.  God Bless!  Kari
2/16/2010 3:06:15 PM
Chele Weiglein United States
Chele Weiglein
We live in Northern New York and have a post-abortive ministry at the Care Net crisis pregnancy center located close to town. We use Louie's dvds to help them with their concept of God. You can never receive true healing until you have your concept of God in line with scripture. THANK YOU LOUIE for all of the women you continue to help through this healing process.
2/16/2010 9:34:30 PM
Liz United States
If they happen to read this, I would like them to know that they mean so much to me. Their music has helped me through a lot! I hope one day I can tell them this in person! I've been through a lot and I think that the music I listen to has helped me through the pain. So thank you guys, for everything!!!
2/16/2010 9:42:47 PM
Robyn United States
Chris and Louie-
  I was hoping to see more of you on the music boat last month. You missed an amazing 4 days! I went on the cruise for the first time ever solely to see you and it was the best experience ever so thank you!
  I watched the live link last night and am excited to be a door holder as well! I love your nuggets of knowledge to ponder and use to push ourselves forward! Thanks for doing what you do!
  I was at the concert in LA last year when they were filming for the live DVD but haven't heard anymore about that. Is it still in the works?
  I love Passion and all that comes from it! Amazing what happens when you give college students an opportunity to stand and make a difference!  
  I prayed for KYIV today! I'm planning on praying for one city of your world tour a day! Looking forward to hearing of all that God does through you and Passion!
          May God continue to bless your efforts!
2/16/2010 10:02:17 PM
Vicky Meyers United States
Vicky Meyers
Hi Chris, I'm slightly outside of the demographic you described. I'm a 37 yr young stay at home wife and mom of 3 boys ages 21, 12, and almost 3. I discovered you a few years ago and just LOOOOVE your music/lyrics. You are so in love with the LORD! I have 2 of your CDs so far, in fact "In The Morning" was playing on my little boom box at the hospital almost 3 yrs ago when my little Sethie was born. I missed you when you came to the Rock in San Diego, I believe in August of '07 because I didn't think Seth was old enough for me to leave him yet. I've been waiting ANXIOUSLY for you to come back. You and TobyMac are 2 of my top 5 faves. Do you think your tour will end up including San Diego? We sure would love to have you!

Matt - I attend Horizon Christian Fellowship in San Diego, and we're about due for another visit from you as well (as from your friend Brenton Brown). Your song, "Blessed be Your Name" is my 12 yr old son's favorite song. See you soon!
2/16/2010 10:49:45 PM
Laura United States
This is a little late as I know the guys are already gone, but I hope Chris can know what a huge blessing his music (I should say, "the music that God has given him") has been to me and my family.
I love to sing praises to God, and Chris Tomlin's songs are some of my favorite! I especially like I will Rise. I can't wait for Heaven and when I will stand before Christ my Savior, and "my faith will be my eyes". My mother recently passed away (went to HEAVEN!) (On January 22nd) after a 3 year and 4 month battle with cancer.
My mother loved to listen to my sisters and I  sing. She would always ask us to sing I will Rise. And every time we did, she would say, "Girls, when I die, I want to you sing that song at my home-going celebration service." (she never called it a funeral)
Well, just as she requested, we got to sing that song (my 3 brothers and 6 sisters) all together and just rejoiced in the fact that our dear mother is now with Christ, and she is seeing Him face to face. No more sorrow, no more pain. It was so hard to sing, but at the same time, it was just be too hard to sing because of the tears that come from the overflowing joy and hope that we have in Christ and eternal life with him.
So, I just wanted to thank Chris for letting God use the talent that God gave him, to encourage us all in this journey on earth.
I went to Passion 2010 Atlanta, and it was a huge blessing! Thanks a lot!!
God bless! Love in Christ, Laura
2/16/2010 11:06:17 PM
KOvertoom United States
I have always felt so encouraged and refreshed in my faith when I sing "You Never Let Go".  It reminds me that no matter how many times I mess up, God will be with me.  

I also quoted Matt Redmon's song "Blessed Be Your Name" when my husband was laid off of work last year and when he was offered a job three months later.  Even though it was truly a blessing, the job was 1800 miles away and meant that I would have to leave some of the closest friends I had made--ever.  It felt like God was simultaneously giving and taking away and yet, I still felt the need to bless His name, because He has been our provider emotionally, spiritually, and physically.  

As for Chris Tomlin, his songs are great when I am leading my kids in worship every day in our homeschool.  We use "ACTS" prayer format and I have the kids give God a reason that they love him for the adoration.  My rule is that we love God for who He is, not what he does for us.  Christ Tomlin songs have lots of great names of God, like "Jesus Messiah"

2/19/2010 8:31:54 AM
Johnny entertainment Australia
Johnny entertainment
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2/20/2010 12:09:10 PM
Becky United States
Ok, I'm a little late. But I just wanted to say thanks for helping me learn to worship.
11/22/2010 4:03:37 PM
Anne United States
I want you to know just how much the Lord Jesus has used you in my life. I fell in love with your version of Amazing Grace! That song made my heart sing! My mom died in March of 2007 and I felt led to sing that song at her funeral. My son, Ira, played the keyboard, my other son played the guitar and my daughter-in-law sang harmony with me. My dad didn't know Jesus at that time. He had always gone to church but we know that doesn't make you a Christian. We had been witnessing to him for many years!He loved the song and was deeply moved by it.  We had been witnessing to him for years and we could see the Lord at work. He was very heartbroken because they would have celebrated their 53rd anniversary in June of that year. We kept on loving him and praying with him. He passed on October of 2007 one week after the stroke. It was so bad that he couldn't talk anymore or swallow and was paralyzed on his right side. We just kept on loving him praying for him and I am hoping he cried out to Jesus and received His Amazing Grace before he died. Music has played a big part in my ministry with family and friends and I am so thankful for songs like Chris Tomlin has written that totally bring Jesus the Glory and Praise He deserves! Thank YOU KLOVE and Chris! God Bless! Anne
3/23/2011 4:46:42 PM
morgan gallaty
morgan gallaty
i love his music exspesually exuse my spelling I will follow!
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