Mar 17 2010

March Madness Bracket 2... Sign up!

We had such an overwhelming response to the first Scott and Kelli bracket challenge, that we had to do a second. So here is the link.

The password is march.  There is only room for 400, so sign up.  It is free and you could WIN a KLOVE Prize Pack!

So who do you think will win it all???
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3/12/2010 9:14:12 PM
Angela Cooper United States
Angela Cooper
Kentucky Wildcats all the way baby! ! ! ! !
3/13/2010 4:04:20 AM
Hunter United States
West virginia is going to win it all
3/13/2010 10:30:36 AM
craig henwood United States
craig henwood
Kansas State is my team. and Purple is my color.
3/14/2010 8:53:37 AM
Karla United States
Ok, I have tried two days in a row, but can't get in the bracket.  I vote with "Hunter", WVU all the way!!  I bleed blue and gold!!!
3/14/2010 9:34:23 AM
Mary United States
Tried to sign up this morning. But this 2nd team was full also. How about a 3rd one? Please?! Thanks!
3/14/2010 7:35:08 PM
Cindy Smith United States
Cindy Smith
My 2 teams are not it in. Frown  1. is Indiana University cause I'm a Hoosier born and raised, but 2. is Arizona State University (Live in North Phoenix now and have a son attending), but they got knocked out of the NIT 1st round. Frown  Do I guess I will just root for the Big Ten teams except Purdue!  
3/14/2010 8:13:32 PM
April United States
K State all the way!!!
3/16/2010 10:59:33 PM
Elizabeth Evans United States
Elizabeth Evans
Rockin' klove in VA!
3/16/2011 5:28:58 AM
mia United States
already full.....Frown
3/16/2011 7:32:57 AM
Rock Chalk United States
Rock Chalk
Game two is full. But KU Jayhawks all the way!
3/16/2011 2:39:52 PM
Mary Lynn United States
Mary Lynn
Your bracket #2 is full.  How about a bracket #3
3/16/2011 4:28:31 PM
crissypicks United States
Your second bracket is another???
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