Mar 19 2010

Cancer Fighting Foods

Cancer Fighting Foods

Crush Cancer with Garlic-

Researchers at the American Institute of Cancer found that letting minced garlic sit for 10 minutes before heating helped to retain a third more of its cancer-fighting sulfur compounds. 


Alive and well with Asparagus-

This gorgeously green stem is packed with a powerful B vitamin called folate.  Folate has long been known to benefit our hearts.  But research has also linked high folate intake to a lower risk of colon, breast, ovarian, pancreatic and lung cancers.


Choke cancer with Artichoke-

This thorny flower bud is your ally!  Artichokes have high amounts of quercetin - a flavonoid (think antioxidant) that works as an anti-carcinogen to protect against cancer and heart disease.


Reduce cancer risk with Red Onion-

According to a study by Cornell University food scientists, led by Rui Hai Liu, M.D., Ph.D., associate professor of food science, shallots, Western Yellow, pungent yellow and Northern Red onions are higher in anti-cancer chemicals than other onion varieties tested.


 Try Christine's newest Haute and Healthy dish…

Artichoke & Asparagus Pasta click for recipe.


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3/3/2010 1:07:59 PM
Marcia United States
Sorry Scott, I am sick too. Frown
I feel horrid Tong
3/4/2010 12:21:08 AM
elise United States
the food looks really good
10/13/2010 5:19:39 AM
Gist United States
Cancer is a curable disease..its can affect any ages of people.its occur through some food..some may be caused cancer
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