Apr 12 2010

It's Make a Difference Monday!

Happy Make a Difference Monday! Every Monday, KLOVE listeners all over the country are reaching out, often in simple ways, to make a difference! We would love to hear what you've done to make a difference! Has someone done something for you? Tell us about it!

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4/1/2010 11:15:46 PM
Katherine Breeden United States
Katherine Breeden
In second hour there was this kid today, and he never talks to anyone. And no one talks to him. I have recently been asking about him because i felt God telling me to talk to him, and i kept putting it off until today, and i was like it's a make a difference monday. I'll do it! So i talked to him, and he had  told me that he was going to run away after school, until i told him how much Christ loved him!!!
4/1/2010 11:27:16 PM
Sarah United States
Something that I have been doing for a while to help others is I have been doing a petition at my high school, and many other high schools to stop all the crazy teacher layoffs in the state of Illinois! I found out today that I have been asked to speak at the state board meeting this month!!! I am very excited because I am only 16 and I could be changing the state! I just want to thank God for giving me the chance to help others!!
4/1/2010 11:42:47 PM
Teresa United States
My new best friend has made a drastic difference in my life. While I was in the hospital and homeless she befriended me and made sure that I was taken care of.  We met on a Monday 2 months ago and have been friends and roommates ever since.
4/1/2010 11:43:06 PM
Rod Wehrli United States
Rod Wehrli
Today after getting some frozen food at a store, there was a girl in the parking lot with a flat tire. I asked if I could help change it, and she looked relieved and said YES! Turns out that she was just in an accident and a lady ran a red light and hit her car, causing the flat! I had to find the flat (new mini van configuration) tools were all over the place, but eventually got her on her way and said a prayer for her as well! Food was still frozen!
4/1/2010 11:48:53 PM
Jamie United States
I am blessed to be able to stay home with my two small children (3 & 2, and one on the way) but as all moms know it gets tough day after day after day. My husband is a Pastor and works long and unpredictable hours so I am responsible for the kids most of the time. Today a fellow Pastor's wife offered to take my children for the day and invited me to come back for dinner. My husband is out of town at a conference so this was just what I needed. I got to rest, clean, and just have some me time. It made a HUGE difference to my monday!!!
4/1/2010 11:51:33 PM
Elisa Lowrey United States
Elisa Lowrey
My mom, Lynda Goodnow, 1 month ago just had an aggressive brain tumor removed at MD Anderson Center in Houston, TX (they got 99% of it out) Praise the Lord! She has 6 weeks of chemo and radiation that her body has accepted very well being two weeks into it.  During this time, my father decides to have a heart attack literally.  He was in the grocery store and started sweating, tingling under the arms, chest pains, and drove himself to the ER.  Praise God he made it there safely.  Well, he ended needing a stent for an artery that was 99% blocked! Talk about a circus.  My sister and I had just returned home, so we felt super helpless.  At this point, they are doing great.  They have gone to Joel Osteens church and I literally heard my dad pray out loud for the first time in my life.  Well, the good deed my sister and I are scheduling is a surprise to get people in our community of Silver Lake to donate 600 bags of mulch and flowers for their yard (which is very popular on the highway) to view.  We want to get it done before their return in the middle of May.  

Since my mom's operation one month ago, I have not changed radio stations... and my faith is growing stronger every day.

Thanks so much!
Elisa Lowrey
4/2/2010 12:05:50 AM
Laurie Leder
Laurie Leder
Will be praying for the transmission issues to be resolved quickly for the band. I understand, our van has been out for 5 months at repair shop while they try to find a replacement! I believe it will be a quick fix for the band!
4/2/2010 12:08:03 AM
Kimberly United States
My parents made the biggest difference for me an my fiancé. We lived in a place were I was working 2jobs to pay my bills. Well my dad got a job offer in another state an they offered me to move with them an they would help me out untill I got on my feet. Well later my dad offered my boyfriend( fiancé now) a job an a place to stay also untill he got on his feet. We are now completely on our own an couldn't be happier but it was all because my parents gave us that little foot in the door to get started
4/2/2010 12:22:14 AM
adam rowland United States
adam rowland
i heard where sanctus real was having transmition trouble. i prayed for them on the way home. God has proven to me that he is a better mechanic than money can buy. when i first baught my car the windows didnt work. i prayed for them and now months later they work like new. during a rain storm my windsheild wiper motor went out. my uncle and i prayed and they started working again long enough to get me home. just the other day my car started to over heat and i felt the spirit of God and pointed at the heat gage and said in the name of Jesus, and it went down and hasn't over heated since. so i know God will take care of his ministers for his glory and purpose and i praise him and thank him that he wants us to prove him to be true because he never fails.
4/2/2010 12:29:43 AM
Joe Kravis United States
Joe Kravis
Somethink that i do not just on mondays but everyday of the week. When i am Driving down the Rode I try to Wave at everyone going by.  Sometimes some of the people i am waving at have a real sad look on there face but when i just give a simple wave they get a great bigg smile and they look lifted up.  I also go to wal mart or others store even know i dont need anything and just walking around and just saying hi to everyone i see somtimes and turns to a conversation somtimes it dont but it does make a lot of people smile whne someone they do not know just says hi to them. I do this beacuse i never know when someone could jsut be haveing a real bad day and a simple hi or wave is just what they needed to lift them up.
4/2/2010 6:09:02 AM
Amanda Baker United States
Amanda Baker
I went to this christian camp last summer and got  dorm with two seven year old girls. i was concerned about if they knew the difference between a christan camp and a normal camp. I decided to talk to them about Christ. well that night, one of them named Hannah was talking about the eight graders party. I saw passion in her eyes as she said, "Instead of a normal party, lets have a Bible Party." and the rest of our free time that night we discussed the Bible. it was such a rememberable moment.
4/2/2010 6:31:28 AM
Lindsey United States
Hello, I'm 13 years old and I know today is Monday, But I think you should also have a special sundaySmile Last night my church had prayer and I attended. I cried and cried and cried te whole time uncontrolably. The asistant pastor/song leader nticed I cried through everything even the speaking of victory and called me and my friend out in front of the whole church. He had our bestfriend/youth pastor and the two head ladies of the church come pray for us. I had never felt anyone care so much in my life until after prayer when my bestfriend, 3 ladies from my mom's life group, and a mentor i have came and prayed for me. I love the people God has surrounded me with! Not only did they make a difference in my day, but in my life.
4/2/2010 6:34:24 AM
Anna Toso United States
Anna Toso
klove always makes a difference in my life. everyday i wake up and put your radio station on and get ready for school listening to klove. i spend the day in school singing the songs i hear to my best friend(she's christian too).  but your radio station always makes a difference in my school day. and in my life. it plays songs that completely fit my life. and i dont know what i would do with out being able to listen to you guys. thanks(:
4/2/2010 7:26:50 AM
Janet United States
My Subaru Outback just made a difference in my Monday.  On the final stretch home I realized that the window wipers were swishing to the Newsboys' "He Reigns" in perfect timing.  It was "raining" too, so as a musician and a writer (amateur), this is very impressive to me!

Thanks guys.
4/2/2010 7:52:14 AM
Janelle United States
I know it doesnt seem like much, but I was able to bring a meal to a family tonight who is in the middle of moving to a new place. They have had their kitchen packed up and ready to move for awhile so none of their kitchen supplies are out.  I know that a meal has really blessed my family in times of need so I encourage those who are able, to bring a meal to a friend who is need and bless them too.  Thankyou KLove for always being here for me too!
4/2/2010 8:08:24 AM
Gail Grippin United States
Gail Grippin
Just an update....called you about a month ago about teaching a Bible Study to a group of people I was not crazy about that I had issues with from the past. GOD IS SOOOOO GOOD!  I've been teaching for a couple of weeks and I am the one being blessed. Teach on Monday nights so I feel like I am making a difference, but seeing these women who don't pick up a Bible on a regular basis and don't attend church, to see them excited about God's Word gets me excited about His Word too! I make sure that they learn something good EVERY WEEK, and then I realize that it's so easy because God has already done all the work by making our lives so exciting. We began with 3 women. Tonight we had 7!  Word is out that God's Word is interesting! What a difference it has made in MY LIFE!!!!! And I was the one trying to make a difference in theirs!  We grow most when we give to others what God has given to us.
4/2/2010 8:10:47 AM
Bogdan United States
Past week I was in a small village named Chiapas in Mexico. We went there with a bigger group to serve the church through VBS, Bible studies and to do physical work for them. We gave 100% of ourselves and they did the same. They gave away most of their resources to feed us and to serve us. The person that struck me most is their pastor, his name is Juan Jose and he has given it all to God. He has no running water or electricity, he has health issues. however he loves God with all his heart and he loves his village like Christ does. He has an encouragement to me.
4/2/2010 9:23:39 AM
Matthew United States
Hey, So I have been listening to K-Love for the past several years.  I found you guys when I was randomly going through the dial trying to find a Christian radio station.  I attend Philadelphia Biblical University and am pleased and touched that I can listen to K-LOVE on my car radio and online in my dorm room.  

Anyway, I have heard a lot about "Make a difference Monday."  Last Friday, I took off work for personal reasons with a lot of other things that have been going on.  I found myself in line at Wal-Mart and overheard the cashier and customer talking about a verse in Proverbs.  The cashier could not remember the verse in Proverbs that talks about 'training a child in the way he should go, and when he is old, he will not depart from those ways.'  When the cashier could not remember how the verse went, I recalled it to memory right away and was able to recite the verse.  The lady was extremely grateful for the verse and said it was exactly what she needed.  She said that God had a reason for all of us being there at that moment.  I was really touched by this and was extremely thankful that I decided to take the night off from work.

Not a huge story, but enough to make my day and be thankful that God uses us in ways that we will never really know!
4/3/2010 11:21:04 AM
><WES:> United States
Just last week [4-5-10] I first heard of the "Make a Difference Monday" campaign.  I am 100% for helping others in the name of JESUS.  I am also for people sharing how GOD has helped them, through the hands of others.

However the Bible clearly states that you should not seek to have your good deeds seen by others, "that your charitable deed may be in secret". Please read Matthew 6:1-4.
Also, in Proverbs 27:2 GOD's word says "Let another man praise you, and NOT your own mouth...".
So, what has GOD done for you through someone else?  Your good deed in secret will be rewarded openly... by the Father.
4/9/2010 9:54:22 PM
Aaron. Rumsey United States
Aaron. Rumsey
This past thursday me and friend where walking down at Lesko Park in Aurora, IN and we heard an alarm coming from my chest. It was my defibulator alarm signifying that there was something wrong with the device.

I sent a care link up to childrens hospital in Cincinnati Ohio, the doctors wanted me to come up for testing and that night they admitted me into the hospital.

My friend that I was with that day, that night was at a local tea party event speaking, after she got the call from my a memeber of my church she started to gather around people that she didnt even know and had a prayer circle for me.

That Friday mid morning I went into operation to have the defibulator replaced and not knowing what time the surgery was going to be my friend and a person she was with prayed for me for 3 hrs about the time of the surgery.

Saturday I was released from the hospital with no pain other then soreness and made it to a church even with my friend that Saturday night at Grace of the Valley Church in Greendale. And I was in church Sunday morning with no issues at all. And this was my second heart operation so to speak in under 3 months. Fourth one being back in Janruary.

If she is listening thank so much Karen Lohmiller for those prayers. I can never repay you for you your support and love in prayer you have shown this week.

Thank you also to my church family for there support as well.

Klove it would mean a lot if this got read over the air on Make a Difference Monday

Thank you so much
4/17/2010 5:04:29 AM
Rance United States
I was eating lunch at a local restaurant with some friends. Our food arrived, and we began to eat. We each took our first bites before realizing we had forgotten to bless the meal. We joined hands and gave thanks to God. The meal continued as normal. However, when the check arrived, our waiter handed us a note instead. It seems someone noticed us praying and paid for our meal! The note said it was all because we humbled ourselves openly before God. I'm not sure who you are, but you truly touched us and made quite a difference. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts! We will be sure to pass on the blessing we received.
5/15/2010 7:28:44 AM
Denise United States
I prayed today in solitude, that God would give me a sign - anything, to show me he was there...help me keep my faith alive.  I still have chills as a co-worker called me after returning from my lunch hour (silently praying) and said I had been on her heart all morning & she simply wanted me to know that she was thinking of me, hoping all was well.  God "nudged" her to call and she wanted me to know...despite my heartache today, GOD is in control.  I am FOREVER changed by that call.  I know my Savior lives - he has me in the palm of his hands.  Thank you for make a difference Monday!
5/15/2010 3:06:52 PM
Kersten Hanson United States
Kersten Hanson
hey I'm a sophomore at Bennington High School near Omaha NE. And someone has really made a difference in my life today. In my PE class, we've been presenting games that we've made up for the class. Then the class gets to play them. The last person in our class to go, went today. Her name is Holly. She has been in a wheelchair her whole life. We played her game: it was wheelchair baseball. When you were to throw the ball, you had to use the opposite hand you usually throw with, hit the ball with the opposite hand and you had to go to the base in a wheelchair.
   This really made a difference to me, because, everyday, people have to deal with disabilities and we don't even think about it. It really put it into perspective how much people with disabilities have to go through. I got a little taste of it today, and while riding a wheelchair is fun for a day, I couldn't imagine being in one for the rest of my life.
5/15/2010 5:52:16 PM
Lisa United States
My sister made a differnce today in my life. She origanlly got me listening to Klove because she was brave enough to change my radio station in the car one day. Last night her and her husband were given some bad news regarding his father. He is in ICU right now and just had a heart procedure. He does not have much time left but last night my baby sitter cancelled on me at the very possible last minute and I had to call her knowing she would be at the hospital waiting the outcome of this surgery today not knowing if her father in law would make it. She without hesitation said she would take my 15 month old daughter and keep her all day. She also picked up my son from school knowing I would be charged an extra fee because I could not pick him up on time. She does this all the time,she is one of the most faithful, God loving people I know. I am more faithfull because of her.
5/23/2010 4:24:05 AM
Emmalee United States
My Daddy and my mum decided that they would go out today. So they took everyone other then me to my grandmothers, because I had slept in. Since I am home alone I decided to clean the house, The house was a huge mess because I have a family of 10. The house is never clean and my Daddy and mum are always is getting after us to clean it. I wanted to make my Daddy and mum happy and show them that I really do love them even though I don't show it often. I hope that the clean house will make them happy. (:
7/12/2010 8:29:57 AM
A United States
I went to a thrift store this morning to buy a couple of picture frames.  I knew the store accepted only cash and planned to use the change I knew was in my wallet.  But when I got to the register I was completely embarrassed to find that a family member had taken the cash out without telling me.  I was stammering to explain that I'd have to come back and get the frames later when The person in line next to me interrupted my uncomfortable situation and payed for my purchase.  I was stunned and said something stupid along with a mumbled thank you.  That kind of generosity and kindness completely caught me off guard.  I want another chance to say thanks.
9/18/2010 9:56:47 AM
Amanda United States
Today my boyfriend and I went to a local fast food restaurant to get lunch and we noticed two people in front of us we went to church with so we started talking to them and they bought our lunch for us. We didn't even ask them to we just say hello and hugged them and they told us to go ahead and order and they paid for it. When we all sat down to eat, we came to find out that it was the couple's 42nd anniversary. It's hard to accept that a couple on their anniversary would want to buy us food rather than us buying something for them. This gave us both a blessing
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