Apr 23 2010

Are you on a low-carb diet?


Recently a report in the Archives of Internal Medicine stated that people who stuck to a low fat moderate carbohydrate diet for a year not only lost as much weight (30 pounds) as those on a low carb plan, but they also felt happier.  The reason: “Too much fat and protein may reduce your levels of mood boosting serotonin, leaving people feeling depressed,” says lead study author Grant D. Brinkworth, Ph.D.

The Skinny: 

If you are feeling down for no apparent reason you should monitor your carbohydrate intake and do not dip below 130 grams per day.  Ideally, weight loss expert Christine Avanti recommends a minimum of 200 grams per day and says that her clients continue to lose weight at that range. 


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4/14/2010 9:15:36 PM
Kenny J. United States
Kenny J.
all i want to say is, welcome to the family sterilng, and dont worry, with family like scott and kelli, eric and lisa, jd chandler, wayne, and everyone else, you have nothing to worry about. Smile
4/17/2010 4:32:31 AM
Sue Chapman United States
Sue Chapman
Dear Kelli,  

I don't think I have turned off my radios since you guys came on the air here in Maine last July. I struggle with a couple of different and painful chronic illnesses. On the days that I look up and ask "why God?", the music and ministry of K-LOVE reminds me of "why not?". Thanks for bringing me closer to God.
Sue C.
Unity, Maine
4/17/2010 2:32:14 PM
Sheila Hart United States
Sheila Hart
Unfortunately, the information presented here provides false information on low carb eating. Only the initial phase (usually two to six weeks)of a low carb plan restricts carbohydrates to very low levels in order to reset the body's metabolism. Even the intial phase includes lots of fresh vegetables. The ongoing plan allows for a moderate intake of carbs including fresh fruits, vegetables, and whole grains. A diet that excludes refined flour, white sugar, and other simple highly refined carbohydrates is much healthier for everyone. I really get tired of people saying that low carb plans only include lots of meat and exclude vegetables and fruit. It's just not true. My husband and I have followed this plan for years with his weight loss of over 40 pounds sustained. Please make sure your "experts" check their facts before making blanket statements.
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