Apr 26 2010

Happy Make a Difference Monday!

It's Make a Difference Monday! Tell us your story...we wanna know what you (or those around you) are doing to make a difference
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4/23/2010 9:49:12 PM
Hunter Driscoll United States
Hunter Driscoll
Hope this touches and helps some people needing encouragement.

There are many people who are tired and alone,
God sees them from His throne.

There are many people dying and sick,
Jesus took their pain on His back as he was whipped.

There are many people who carry anxieties that overwhelm them like a flood,
Jesus has given them peace of mind by sweating His blood.

There are people who are prideful and put others down with scorn,
Jesus has humbled them by wearing a crown of thorns.

There are people who are ashamed of their bodies, they look in the mirror and see imperfection.
Jesus hung on the cross to show them God’s love and dedication.

There are people who feel alone with no hope as they sit and cry,
God has sent them the Holy Spirit to fill them and destroy the devil’s lie.

There are people who seek happiness in drugs and pleasures of the world that are fleeting,
They are forgiven by the hands and feet that were pierced and continually bleeding.

Why aren’t more people looking to God to meet their needs?
God is looking to you and me.

Preach the gospel until everyone hears,
Cast aside your troubles, cares, and fears.
4/23/2010 9:57:27 PM
Lisa United States
I was coming out of safeway after buying EVERYTHING I needed and overheard a  pregnant women talking to a friend and telling her that she had just returned a bag of dog food as she herself needed food and gas.  She looked a little rough and my first thoughts were that it was her own fault - BUT then I felt such an urging to do something for her -  my mind recalled the groceries that I bought and then I spotted a gas card on my console in my car that I had not used.  I walked over to the car and told her I had overheard her talking and I hoped the gas card would help.  Her eyes teared up and she was so grateful.  I said God Bless you and she again thanked me,  then I said - Hey its Make A Difference Monday!!
4/23/2010 10:04:53 PM
Sarah United States
HEY! I am Sarah! As u guys know there has been a lot of stuff going wrong with my life right now...but today another student at my new school did something really small, but it brightened my dad sooo much! This girl named Calie saw that I was sitting alone at lunch like I always do and came and sat with me! That made me feel soooo good! We talked all lunch then we talked on the bus tooooo!
4/23/2010 10:07:43 PM
Denise Brooks United States
Denise Brooks
Wow, Scott, kellie, and jb chandler what a awesome
job you all are doing there and thank you Eddie, jason and  also my church for letting me know what a powerful God we have... To believe in him and read the word daily is powerful.. I gave up everything for jesus..I have walked with him when I was homeless, and even today his blessings are wonderful,
threw christian music,and the bible and church is a
Blessing From Jehovah,and our jesus our savior threw the holy ghost... Oh yhaaay what a wonder he is I thank the lord and you guys.. God Bless You all..........
4/23/2010 10:43:13 PM
Tracy Blankenship United States
Tracy Blankenship
Hi my name is Tracy, I am from East Liverpool ,Ohio and I wanted to recognize some very special in our community. They happen to be my Uncle Corky and Aunt Kittie, my uncle is the preacher for Calvary Fellowship here in East Liverpool and my aunt is the youth teacher. We are a very small group but full of love. Anyways they are trying to make a difference in our community and I just love and appreciate them.They left their home in Florida to come and start something wonderful here because that is where they felt God was calling them. They have been an inspiration to many! I thank God for them and Calvary Fellowship.  God Bless, Tracy
4/24/2010 3:46:55 AM
Michael Wren United States
Michael Wren
I started listening to you right after left dallas due to being kicked out of my mother's house by her boyfriend the 26th of dec. I rededicated myself to JESUS on New Year's Eve while KLOVE was playing in the truck. Ever since i have been getting closer to God and truly seeking Him. I am now looking for a job and need prayer to find work. God is Good. I trust in Him.
4/24/2010 3:46:58 AM
Christie United States
I helped a friend and her hubby paint this weekend.  It's their first home.  I have to admit, when I said I'd help (I let her know on Wed) I was full of vim and vigger...but by Friday... I was pooped.  But I perservered, and told myself... "you said you'd help, so just do it!".  So I went... there were lots of people to help...and they were soooo blessed by the number of people who had shown up.  That in turn blessed me.  God is so good.  He gave me the strength, when I really needed it.
4/24/2010 3:48:38 AM
Diane Kuempel United States
Diane Kuempel
Recently the Lord put it on our pastor's wife's heart to do something to help one of the ladies in our church. This lady is very special and is on a fixed income due to health issues, and because of various circumstances was in desparate need of some extensive dental work that she could not afford. So the ladies' group at our church started Project Smile, and secretly raised the money for her to have the work she needs done and presented it to her like she was a sweepstakes grand prize winner. It was so awesome! She is scheduled to have the work done this Wednesday. Please keep Susan in your prayers. You can check out the video at the Grace Church-Nash facebook page
4/24/2010 3:54:57 AM
Nancy Simonsen United States
Nancy Simonsen
I had asked for prayers for my daughter Megan, who is 25 and pregnant.  I have been worrying because she is really thin and not feeling well. She was adopted from Korea, and we don't know anything about her medical history. Well...she is looking and feeling better, and just called me to tell me she felt the baby move. It made my day!!! Thank you God!
And thank you for the prayers.
Thank you and God bless you and your families!
4/24/2010 4:17:22 AM
Kayla United States
Today I was supposed to meet a friend for lunch after class, so I went out and picked up lunch for the both of us. As I was heading back to school, my friend told me that she wouldn't be able to meet up with me for lunch. I was a little bummed out, but almost immediately after I hung up with her, I saw a homeless man on the corner asking for food. So instead of letting the extra food go to waste, I pulled into a parking lot and took her lunch out to him and ate lunch with him and learned about his life story. He was a new Christian who struggled daily not only in his faith but in basic survival. We were able to pray for each other and it was a powerful experience. What I thought was a disappointment, God used as an open door to help my new friend. God is GREAT!!!
4/24/2010 4:20:55 AM
Caitlin miller United States
Caitlin miller
it was not today, but yester day, at church, in childeren's church we had to have partners for something. there was one spanish 12 year old. and i asked her to be my partner. i aslo sat with her at a table where no one else was sitting with her.
jesus saves,
caitlin miller
4/24/2010 4:24:17 AM
Kayla United States
Today I was supposed to meet a friend for lunch after class, so I went out and picked up lunch for the both of us. As I was heading back to school, my friend told me that she wouldn't be able to meet up with me for lunch. I was a little bummed out, but almost immediately after I hung up with her, I saw a homeless man on the corner asking for food. So instead of letting the extra food go to waste, I pulled into a parking lot and took her lunch out to him and ate lunch with him and learned about his life story. It turned out that he was a new Christian who was struggling not only with his new faith but with basic needs. We were able to pray for each other and it was a powerful experience. What I thought was a disappointment, God used as an open door to help my new friend. God is GREAT!!!
4/24/2010 5:04:05 AM
Joanna Canada
The other day I was talking with my brother and mentioned that I was getting LOW on cash. Being in grade 12 and getting close to finishing I don't have a job. So that night when I went to go to bed I found $150 on my bed in a ziploc baggie. I nevr thought he would ever do something like that for me. I never thought I meant that much to him. It touched me SOOOO much!! God works in awesome, wonderful ways!!
4/24/2010 5:19:55 AM
Jessica Cho United States
Jessica Cho
Hi! My name is Jessica and I am so grateful for my grandparents. I am a student at Penn State University and am enrolled in my dream major. I work with animals and nature everyday!
They do so much for me but they are not saved. They are Christian Scientists who believe that Jesus rose from the dead to prove that we can heal ourselves. They are getting older and I am so afraid for their souls. I have tried talking to them but they get really mad at me. The crazy thing is that they think they are Christians.
They had made such a difference in my life and I hope that you guys could pray that they come to the Lord.
KLove touches me everyday!!  Thanks!
4/24/2010 6:01:06 AM
Kira United States
I have recently moved to Oregon from California after much prayer. My sister had written me a letter telling me that she felt that Jesus would use me to impact a certain person's life. The second day at my new high school, I met a hard hearted, but sweet, girl named Morgan. Morgan and I have become friends and have talked about God a lot. She came into math class crying one day because she was so overwhelmed with all of the death in her life. Her friend from Idahoe had recently comitted suicide and her grandfather is dying. I told her that I would be praying for her and she looked at me in disbelief. She said that she appreciated it immensely but didn't think it would do any good, because she didn't believe in God. Well, since then, Morgan and I have talked frequently about death and Jesus. She has become so much more open and I am praying for her everyday. She needs God so much more than she realizes and I would appreciate it if you guys could pray for her. Thanks!! P.S. I was devestated because KLove wasn't accessible to me for some time, and I was soo sad! Now I have access to it, and I honestly do not know what I would do without it! You have no idea how much KLove impacts the lives of people every day! God bless!
4/24/2010 6:20:22 AM
Dianna Clute United States
Dianna Clute
Scott and Kelly - Tried to call you but could not get thru to you.... I was blessed incrediably today by make a difference Monday! My little sister lives in New Zealand and is fighting the fight against breast cancer this is the 3rd bout in 6 yrs the cancer is in her lung and chestwall and the bone. She is a single mom with a 14 yr old daughter her daughters father passed suddenly last August. I am going to be traveling to NZ to visit her in the next few weeks we are just awaiting the oncology report from next week as to her status  and a gal I used to work with just mailed me a check for 500.00 to help me with the trip over-(she lives in Wisconsin- me in AZ) she told me she was sending me a little package last Friday I thought maybe it was a book for my sister to read or something like that- what an incredible blessing that God used Pat and her husband to do this for our family- it costs alot of money to fly halfway around the world and this maybe the last time I see my sister on earth- I just give all Glory Honor and Praise to God!
4/24/2010 6:46:40 AM
delene engelbrecht United States
delene engelbrecht
Someone did something great for me today.
I don't know if she knew it was make a difference monday. I bought some groceries at Buy for Less in Warr Acres, OK this evening (6.45pm) and was
45 cents short. I told the cashier I would get it out of my car and the lady behind me in the line whipped out 50 cents and said "I'll pay". She had two small children. I was blown away. God still shines through people!
4/24/2010 6:57:31 AM
tom green United States
tom green
i'm acarpenter in monterey ca. about 10 years ago i was asked to go to india on a missions trip. although i said i'd pray about it i didn't take it too seriously because i had an air sickness problem that could last for days if i flew even a short distance. as i prayed about it i felt the Holy Spirit say go. i was bothered by this answer and felt like what good was i going to be if i was sick the whole time, yet in obediance i went.from the time i got on the plane i have never had air sickness again. i have been to india twelve times now. my wife and i have started an orphanage in agra, saving children from slavery. my church has helped a church in dehli grow from about 200 people 10 years ago to over a thousand folk now. who knew that God could use a simple carpenter in such a wonderful way. hopefully this will encourage someone else to step out in a way they would not have ever expected  God to use thier life.
4/24/2010 7:05:47 AM
Brittany United States
Every Monday, I hear you on KLove and think "I wish I had time to do something to make a difference."  I know God can use us wherever we are, but it sometimes seems there's not much opportunity.

Well, tonight, I was in the middle of making dinner and sending some letters and a few other things when I suddenly remembered a friend who is taking an exam tomorrow.  I know she's really nervous and worried about it, so I stopped everything and went straight to my email.  I didn't think much of that... I just wanted to do it before I forgot!  I dropped her a quick note saying I was praying for her, I knew she could do it, and referenced Psalm 34:10; "They that seek the Lord shall not lack any good thing."  

Well, about 10 minutes later I received an email saying "I read this right after I sent you my email to ask you to pray for me."  I looked at my other emails and sure enough, she had sent another email asking me to pray just minutes after I let her know I was praying!  

I didn't know why it felt so urgent that I send that email right away, but God knew this friend needed encouragement--not only was that I thinking of her, but God obviously was too and prompted me to email her at just the right moment!  It is such a small thing, but a reminder to me that even in the midst of busy life, God can use the smallest things we may never even think about to "make a difference."  I hope other people can be encouraged that their little things also make a difference to God.
4/24/2010 7:14:38 AM
jen United States
I was coming from an AA meeting, where I had just recommended to my friend to listen to Klove and he had encouraged me to get a temporary sponsor as I begin my sober journey. As I was reflecting on this assignment, I thought of asking my late Aunt's husband's new wife. All long time AA-ers. As soon as I thought it I realized this was my late Aunt's way of reaching out and helping me and, in confirmation, simultaneaously Mark Schultz's Love Has Come came on the radio. KLOVE touches my life every day and as I mentioned above we have all touched each other's all night long!Let's all keep encouraging each other every day! Yours in Christ--jen
4/24/2010 7:48:49 AM
Mollie Reynolds United States
Mollie Reynolds
A year ago, today, I gave my heart to Christ. I am 13 years old. Honestly, that was the hardest week of my life. On the 22nd, my Mammaw passed. On the 25th, she was buried. And on the 26th, she watched me give my life to Christ from the best seat possible. Heaven. This year as I keep hope, my grandfather is in the hospital, as I celebrate my love of Christ. Could you please pray that he will be okay and never lose sight of Christ? He hasn't been doing well, and I'm afraid this may be one of his last hospital visits. Hearing K-LOVE every day reminds me that I never have to fear. Thank you so much. There have been numerous days where I turn on K-Love and it saves my life. Thank you so much. You helped me to never give up and never lose hope. God bless. ♥
3/7/2011 3:27:24 PM
Karen United States
The story of Moses being hidden in the reeds of the river and his identity not being revealed until the time was right--in God's time--reminds me of 14 brave Senators in Wisconsin who have found safe off site work areas to insure justice and the rights of the working middle class people they serve.

They are making a difference this Monday, and every day while sacrificing time away from their families.

God's blessings on all who work for peace and justice in this world.
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