May 07 2010

Happy Mother's Day!

Congratulations to April Dempsey of Brandon, Mississippi...she won KLOVE's "My Mom Is..." contest! We have loved hearing about so many great moms this week! In fact, if you didn't get a chance to brag on your mom this week...feel free to do it here! We are celebrating Mom today! We thought this video said it all!

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5/5/2010 12:01:59 AM
Vanessa Ruiz United States
Vanessa Ruiz
hi, i 13 yrs.old.i know i'm late but i want to talk about my mom.My mom is great beautiful mom.she cares very much about her 3 children.she best mom ever!
i ♥ her so much!happy mother's day mom!!!  
5/5/2010 1:20:43 AM
Dusti United States
I'm looking for the funny song you played on Wednesday night. A lady comedian who is also a Mom has a song out about all the things we say to our kids. Can you please let me know the Lady's name and name of song. I would love to purchase it. Can you put a link on your website?
Thank you!

5/5/2010 2:44:48 AM
Caitlin Waterfallen United States
Caitlin Waterfallen
My Mom is so great because she has always set a Godly example for me. She is my prayer worrior. She also helps me with my homework and to study for tests.I would like to nominate my mom for the spa weekend in Colorado Springs.She has a very tender heart for caring for her children.
Her Daughter, Caitlin
5/5/2010 3:29:07 AM
Kimberly G. United States
Kimberly G.
Most folks say that the best mom is a mom who loves unconditionally and goes out of her way to love and help those around her. That is true by all means. But to me, the best mom is a mom that submits her life to God following the Holy Spirit in her every day life raising the kid(s) that God has given her seeing them as dear treasure. Also, she always tries her best to walk in the fruits of the Holy Spirit. Of course no one is 100% perfect, but she always strives to achieve perfection in every area of her life.
All this(and perhaps more) describes my mom.

                  Kimberly Grace(age 13 11/12)

5/5/2010 4:04:15 AM
Elizabeth United States
That would be AWESOME to win!!
Love you guys!
5/6/2010 8:31:20 AM
Rae Kinniebrew United States
Rae Kinniebrew

My mother couldn't qualify for the trip so I'm glad for the mother who did.  My mother is with Jesus for over 20 years now. The tradition of wearing red if mother is alive on her day or white if she no longer lives does not relate to me because I'll be wearing deep pink (between red and white) for I was blessed to have a wonderful, loving, patient, caring, understandind and Godly mother who lives in my memory.  She was precious to me.  I loved her and honored her every year with a beautiful card and gift.  I see her in photographs and in my memory and every year when she was alive. I thank God for having been blessed with such a wonderful, beautiful mother.  I loved her with a true heart and since one can't love the departed, I love to think of and remember her on Mothers' Day which I shall be doing again this year.  
5/6/2010 8:34:05 AM
caterina United States
im kinda late for this i know it is over but i want to tell more than my mommy how much i love her and care about her! i am 16 and i come from a big family 11 people 9 kids and 2 adults i can probably guess what your thanking! my tridition that i do every mothers day is at 5:00 in the morning i get up and fix breakfast for her in bed i love her dearly
5/6/2010 8:48:35 AM
Mary United States
The last time I had the opportunity to wish my mom a "Happy Mother's day" was in 2006.  Although she was a devout Catholic, she knew the meaning of unconditional love and she showed everyone around her the kind of Love that God speaks of.  No matter how badly a person treated her, she always found something good about that person.  She didn't focus on the negative.  She didn't lecture us (12 children) about God and how He wants us to be.  She showed us by her walk and faith in God.  Whenever there was a want or need, her response was always, "If God is willing."
5/6/2010 8:57:17 AM
Jennifer Carr United States
Jennifer Carr
I know it's too late to submit this but I wanted to tell you about my mom. I'm 33 now so I"m not a little girl telling you about her but she means more to me now than ever before.
I never knew how much my mother gave up for our family until being a mother myself now.
My parents became missionaries when I was in 3rd grade. We lived mainly in Africa and in some very remote areas. My mom gave up her beautiful home and life to go fullfill her greater passion than even a nice comfortable home! And that was sharing the gospel with Africa. My mothers heart for ministry has never stopped. She lived uncomfortably for years in Africa so she could serve Jesus. She lived on her knees for years after we left there because I turned my back on God and my family. She lived in the public eye of the missionary organization they worked for and she could of been embarrassed and humilated by my actions. She could of complained about how she had given up so much for us and given up all comforts for herself for all those years in Africa. But I never heard my mother complain. She always had her eyes on the greater prize. The prize she will never see here on earth. To this day she continues to give up things for herself for all of her grandchildren now. She teaches Awana, and adult classes for their church on how to teach your children about Jesus.
It would have been wonderful for her to get to see Dobson!! The pampering at a spa would be something she would NEVER have given to herself but if anyone deserves it she does. If I could give that to her I would. If I could make her do something luxurious for herself like that I would do it in a heartbeat. She's such a beautiful person! I admire her above any other woman I know!
Jenny Wichita Ks
5/7/2010 8:20:48 AM
sarah United States
my mom passed away about a week ago...and i couldnt go to her funeral because I am in foster care. But my mom was the greatest, most caring, wonderful person I know. She did everything she could to make me happy and even though we faught very ofter, I know that she still loved me, and I will always love her...and she will absolutely ALWAYS be in my mind. I will never forget you mom.
5/7/2010 3:09:04 PM
reverse engineering protection United States
reverse engineering protection
Most folks say that the best mom is a mom who loves unconditionally and goes out of her way to love and help those around her.Of course no one is 100% perfect, but she always strives to achieve perfection in every area of her life.But to me, the best mom is a mom that submits her life to God following the Holy Spirit in her every day life raising the kid(s) that God has given her seeing them as dear treasure.That is true by all means.Also, she always tries her best to walk in the fruits of the Holy Spirit.
5/7/2010 6:01:32 PM
Melody MacDonald United States
Melody MacDonald
"I thank my God upon every remembrance of you." Philippians 1:3
This is for my mommy whom I love and miss more than anything in the world. This will be the 7th mothers day I have gone through that I have not seen my mom, and it is the hardest thing in the world to do, but I would not have been able to do it without my wonderful loving LORD.
RIP Mommy 3/23/70-11/25/02
I love you and the Lord for doing what was best!
5/8/2010 2:10:59 AM
Meryem United States
I am late, but here are my thoughts taken from my journal:

My mom is... This is what KLOVE was doing for the last couple of weeks leading to Mother's Day. How do you complete this sentence? If you get picked you will get to spend some time with your mom in Colorado. I thought of calling, but my mom lives in Turkey! How can she go? I thought better and did not call. However now I am thinking, should I have? At least I could have told them, although I will not be accepting this gift for my mom, I want everyone to know that "My mom is..."

It is too late now. So let's see if I can come up with a completion to this sentence: My mom is... Here is a list:

My mom is sweet. She is a romantic [just like me]. She is strong [she is still with her husband, my father]. She is liked and loved by many. Even strangers can't get enough of being around her. She is enigmatic. She is attractive. She is long suffering. She is patient. She is creative and loving. She loves beauty. She loves flowers and colors. She loves nature. She loves animals. She is a passionate person. She loves living. She lives fully. She perseveres. She is childlike. She is hopeful for the future despite the hardships of the past and the present. She is wise although she only finished junior high, which was not her will not to study. She could have turned bitter to the world for not letting her reach her dreams by being an "educated" woman, but she is compassionate and loving to all without regard to anything. She is all encompassing. She loves it all. She is beautiful. She is 66; she looks 45. She is young in spirit. She is an awesome cook. Nobody can beat her in cooking. [I miss her dishes. I can't wait till July!] She is resourceful. She has a love of learning. She loves to read. She is a singer. She can sing her heart out. She has a beautiful voice. She can sew. She can crochet. She can knit. But because of RA (Rheumatoid Arthritis) she can no longer do these activities that used to bring her joy.
My mom is joyful. She is cheerful. She lights up a room when she enters. She is the light of a party. She is a child of God, just like I am. She is the apple of her heavenly Father's eye. She was also her earthly father's. My mom is an identical twin. Her other part is so close to her in heart, but so far away physically. She is a grandmother to three granddaughters and one grandson. She is a daughter to seven sisters and three brothers. She is light years ahead of the women her age. She has a Facebook! My mom is unique! One and only mom, who could stand being away from her daughter on the other side of the world. My mom is brave. She came to the U.S. all by herself to visit not speaking a word of English! She visited me four times in the last 10 years, which is a feat all in itself. She doesn't speak English still but that doesn't stop her! She is unstoppable. She is my mom.
5/8/2010 2:34:22 AM
debbie Piatt United States
debbie Piatt
To my mom she is not alive but want to say she gave me life.And she and my pass brought me closer to God for all that I have been though even if it was not that great of a pass my future is great now I am with God.I will always love her for just being my mom . I will miss you Mom.Thank you for life.
                Debra Piatt 47
5/9/2010 3:44:20 AM
Jennifer United States
I love this video! I sent it to my mother, my step-mother and myself on mothers day. It is very touching and true Smile
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