Sep 16 2015
Sep 15 2015

Newborn Baby Saves Mom's Life!

Mom Awakens From Coma After She Hears Her Baby


Families Bonded Over Emotional Mistaken Identity Case Find Strength in Faith


In Other News...

Disney is Making a Marry Poppins Sequel, Over 50 Years Later


50 States, 50 Pizzas


Mark Zuckerberg: Facebook Working On a 'Dislike' Button


Drivers Stuck Traffic Jam Treated String Quartet Performance


A horse escaped on the M5 today on our way back from Devon, causing a complete stand-still and a string quartet to play :)

Posted by Helen Delingpole on Saturday, September 12, 2015


John Cena Celebrates 7 Year Old Girl Who Beat Cancer


Two Students Dead in Houston School Bus Crash


California Fire Updates: Valley Fire Among the Most Destructive Fires in State History


10-Year-Old Boy Among 12 Dead in Utah Flash Flooding


Lost GoPro Found Years Stunning Footage Grand Canyon


It's Beginning to Look Like Christmas in Shopping Malls, Poll Finds


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Sep 14 2015
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Oct 05 2015

South Carolina Hit with "1000-Year Flood"

South Carolina Hit by Torrential Rainfall, Eight Dead


Determined Couple Gets Married During SC Flooding


In Other News...

World Teachers' Day Aims to Honor and Inspire for a Brighter Tomorrow


How Screwy Weekend Eating May Wreck Your Metabolism


French Bulldog Chases Two Bears from California Home


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Oct 02 2015
Oct 01 2015
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May 10 2010

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5/4/2010 11:36:14 PM
Leandra United States
I went to the concert that they did in Colorado that was at my church, and it was the most amazing concert ever!  it truly was a Night Of Worship and it was so inspiring (and really fun!)!  I can't say how incredible it was!  they did a great job!
10/1/2010 4:35:21 PM
Hope United States
hahaha Smile i LUV the song safe sooooooo much it made me bawl and cry and bawl some more. Tong Smile
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