May 11 2010

Tenth Ave. North is LIVE in the Studio Today!

The guys from Tenth Ave. North are our special guests today!  The guys have brought us such great songs, like "By Your Side", "Hold My Heart" and "Healing Begins".  What would you like to ask them???  What would you like to say to them about their music???

Click the links below to listen to the interview with these guys!

10th Avenue North visits Scott & Kelli to talk about their new CD, The Light Meets the Dark

The guys from 10th Avenue North talk about their hopes for this new CD

10th Avenue North talk about what song on the new CD impacts them

Mike from 10th Avenue North shares his thougths on the new CD

The guys share about Mike's impressions he does on tour

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4/30/2010 2:55:23 AM
Savannah United States
I love there new song "Healing Begins.
4/30/2010 2:55:50 AM
If We draw you a picture and send it to K-Love can you guys get it?
4/30/2010 2:57:11 AM
Savannah United States
I love their new song "Healing Begins"!!!!
4/30/2010 3:02:38 AM
Charissa United States
Hey Guys! Your music is such a blessing to me and my friends and family. I would like to thank you for what you all do. I can not wait to get your new CD! Thanks again. ~Charissa
4/30/2010 3:18:38 AM
Janene Crosby United States
Janene Crosby
It's finally here!!!!! New Tenth Avenue North cd.  My daughter & I went on the KLOVE cruise and were blown away by Tenth Avenue North.  Their music is tremendous, but we were so impressed with who these guys are as men of God.  I feel like God sends them lyrics just for my personal benefit.  My favorite song: You Are More.  What a tremendous message!  My daughter and I take turns writing snipits of their lyrics on each others bathroom mirrors, computers, whatever can be written on.  Thank you Tenth Avenue North!!!
4/30/2010 3:33:08 AM
suly United States
i am thankful to the lord for u guys. the songs u sing really helps me focused on the lord and not only in the busy day. i love u tenth ave north.
4/30/2010 3:37:00 AM
suly United States
keep doing GODs will in youre lives .  Blessing be in to ya boys. Great songs
4/30/2010 4:03:23 AM
Leah United States
Hold My Heart is one of my favorites! I love playing it on the piano and singing to it! It definitely comforts me to listen to it!
4/30/2010 4:13:33 AM
Tilen Slovenia
I just want to thank 10th avenue north to have such a huge impact on me and people around me. I come from Slovenia, Europe which is spiritually a really dark place.
Your music gives me and my friends the strenght to go on each day.
4/30/2010 4:16:14 AM
Savannah United States
I love their new song "Healing Begins"!!!!
4/30/2010 4:17:15 AM
Jordan United States
I had the wonderful pleasure to see them perform at the spring celebration at great america over the weekend thank you for the wonderful music you have blessed us with!!!! God Bless
4/30/2010 4:17:20 AM
Jeanna Giese United States
Jeanna Giese
After having a life-and-death struggle battling with rabies, and becoming the first person in the world to survive rabies without the vaccination, I have gone through many rough times in the last 6 years. I first met the guys in 2008, and have seen them at Lifest in 2008 and 2009, and will see them there this year. Since I first heard them, I have looked to their music in both down-times and thankful-times. Hold My Heart and Healing Begins are my two favorite songs. They mean so much to me, and help me remember that even when life throws you down, God is there to pick you up.
Thank you.
4/30/2010 4:17:52 AM
Shelley United States
This song, Healing Begins, really is hitting me hard. I just broke up with a man I have been seeing off and on for 5 years. I can't do anything about him or his choices. I think he is afraid of the unknown of allowing God to tranform his thinking and life. Rather play it safe and stay in some bondage. I can't do that anymore. My heart is heavy. But today I have heard this song twice. I have heard it before and I NEEDED this song right now today. I choose healing to begin. And to step out into whatever God has for me. Thanks. In grace.
4/30/2010 4:19:08 AM
Meghan Brown United States
Meghan Brown
How were you guys able to break into the christian music industry?
4/30/2010 4:19:32 AM
Michelle United States
Simply enough, I love y'all. (: I just went to get a haircut, and I didn't know when you guys were coming in on the radio and I was getting all nervous thinking I was gonna miss it. My hair dresser let us change the station because you're just that cool. Laughing

My question is: Why are you so wise? (: Haah, well, not just that. Hm, okay. Mike, explain your tattoo by your elbow, please. My mom kept asking me about it after we went to a concert back in October. I kept telling her I didn't know and she would still ask. (:

Anyyway... I am sooooo excited about this album. It's like, intense. (:

I love y'all! Congrats and God bless! Laughing
4/30/2010 4:20:06 AM
Haley Haskew United States
Haley Haskew
Tenth Avenue North is my hero. My motivation. All my life I have dreamed of becoming a christian muscian. I really think God has laid that on my heart, and there's nothing else I want more. I'm only 14 years old, but I couldn't have more motivation. I want desperately to share the love of Christ and what he's done for me. I pray every single day for this. I've even written god several letters about my dream. Tenth Avenue North has been my greatest motivation. One day I really hope I can touch the lives of people like they've touched mine. My friends don't always believe in me and think I'm crazy for how serious I am about being a christian muscian, and sometimes it really upsets me. But listening to Tenth Avenue North always helps me. Like I said, if I could make a difference in people's lives like they have in mine, my life will be complete. Thank you so much for saving me, tenth avenue north.
4/30/2010 4:20:25 AM
Jasmine United States
My family loves "By Your Side" and "Healing Begins" Your music is a great blessing to us. We pray that God will use your music to glorify Him and Him only. Thank you so much!

4/30/2010 4:21:15 AM
Jennifer Bryan United States
Jennifer Bryan
The same thing recently happened in my life, where i exposed some secrets to my fiance. I was newly saved and in that moment he still loved me anyway and really showed me the love of Christ. He amazed me and we are getting married on the 23d of this month because of Jesus Christ.
4/30/2010 4:23:06 AM
Mitch United States
Thanks guys for the Wonderful music it has really helped me during times I felt down and depressed I am a college student and work part time so i deal with a lot of stress.
4/30/2010 4:25:16 AM
Jennifer Bryan United States
Jennifer Bryan
Your music really touched me and my Fiance, in fact we are going to be singing your song "Love Is Here" in our church after we get back from our honeymoon. Your music is beautiful and has so much meaning to the lives of all who listen to you and i hope to do the same one day! Thanks for doing Gods Will!! Smile
4/30/2010 4:25:38 AM
travis smith United States
travis smith
I recently saw you guys perform on april 1st in dayton ohio.  I knew the music would be great but the best part was listening to you minister to the crowd.  I really loved to see your guys love for Christ pour out of you!  I have a new found respect for the band not just as artist but as ministers.  

PS. Ruben should change his name to "The Ruben" so there is no more confusion.
4/30/2010 4:26:17 AM
Amanda United States
I just wanted to say thanks to K-Love for being on air, I don't know what I would do if I didnt have you all to listen to, and of course thank our Lord as well. I'm going through some problems right now but K-Love is getting me through. I was excited to hear Tenth Avenue North was in studio! They are my favorite. Their song By Your Side is the song that got me through some really tough times and I listen to that song everyday. It's something i have to do. Thank you so much for that song! In my local church, the singer from our choir played that song and it brought everyone to tears. Thanks! and God Bless!
4/30/2010 4:26:25 AM
Meghan Brown United States
Meghan Brown
how did you guys break into the christian music industry?
4/30/2010 4:29:42 AM
Tosha United States
It is so refreshing to know that I am not alone...the song When the Light Meets the Dark describes exactly where my life is right now. My husband and I have been married for 5 months and they have been some of the most difficult because we are both learning that who we are is not who we thought we where. Bringing issue to the light from the darkness is POWERFUL and brings TRUTH. The lyrics are right it is where the healing begins no matter how painful. I am believing God for total restoration of us individually and our marriage! Thanks for showing us GOD!
4/30/2010 4:30:19 AM
natalie United States
Thenk you so much k-love for bringing tenth avenue north to the studio today. tenth avenue north is my favorite band its great to hear them have conversations, if they are still there say hi to them for me!!!
4/30/2010 4:31:12 AM
miranda United States
i love your music. all of you guys are awesome.
4/30/2010 4:32:27 AM
Regina Vidal United States
Regina Vidal
I just love there album Over & Underneath and the songs Times & By YOur Side especially all of the songs are great but these two just touch my heart... Thank you for falling in love with Jesus and doing his will....
4/30/2010 4:34:16 AM
kim United States
Can you have Mike repeat what he said about Religion saying "do this" and you'll be accepted, whereas the Gospel says "you're already accepted....... what came after that? I loved the quote!
4/30/2010 4:35:14 AM
natalie United States
hi k-love
thank you so much for having tenth avenue north in the studio. It's great to hear them having conversations. Thank you, scott kelly and tenth avenue north. say hi to tenth avenue north for me!!
4/30/2010 4:35:26 AM
lillian United States
when i first heard Love is Here it was completely different from other artists and it made me want to listen to more, i went to the store and bought your first cd as i was listening to it i was moved to tears because God gave it to me and perfect timing and was a blessing to listen to your guys music Smile im now a HUGE fan who has gotten alot of friends to listen to you guys and im sooooo excited 4  your guys next cds and tours!! God bless you guys!!! Smile
4/30/2010 4:35:40 AM
Steven Hedrick United States
Steven Hedrick
My name is steven, I get goosebumps everytime i hear by your side, it is such an awesome and well written song! I wanted to take my family to worlds of fun to see them with toby mac but unfortunately can't afford it but we will most definitely listen to both of them at home! We love you guys and we will see you guys in concert hopefully in the near future! Thank you so much for everything klove and tenth avenue north, you guys are amazing keep up the outstanding work, keep making great music we will definitely keep listening!!!!
4/30/2010 4:35:46 AM
Ashley United States
I just thank you guys for always being there when I need someone else to worship with. I love waking up to KLove and hearing ya'll play, or when I walk to school on my iPod, or even in the car. My family aren't fully with the Lord yet, and it's just nice when they enjoy your music too, because I know the seed is being planted. Thanks ya'll and God bless ya'll.
4/30/2010 4:36:37 AM
Jessica United States
I'm so thankful for your music! "By Your Side" has meant so much to me. It really hit home for me just recently when I was up in the wee hours of the morning talking (online) with my friend in Wales. Her mother-in-law had been diagnosed with cancer; my friend isn't a Christian and was pretty much falling apart. Your song really inspired me as I was sharing God's love with her and the fact that He is by our side to get us through things.
Thank you so much, and I love the new album!!
4/30/2010 4:37:14 AM
larisa United States
Thank you so much Tenth Avenue North

By Your Side has had an impact on my life.  I needed the reminder that God is with me always, and that He sacrifised His life for us, By Your Side came onto the radio one day and it just made cry because it seemed like I was looking for something more.
4/30/2010 4:37:20 AM
Erica United States
Hi fellows in 10th ave.north.YOUR BAND IS GREAT!!!
4/30/2010 4:38:30 AM
Kris United States
By Your Side has helped me get through plenty of painful days. I'd also like to let Reuben know that I'm a fan of the band and the sandwich!!

Kris from Indiana
4/30/2010 9:38:51 AM
Janet United States
Im a freshman in college. and being the last week of classes I am SO stressed right now.  When ever I just need a minute to myself I just turn on K-Love and get lost in it. I just want to thank you for sharing your God given gifts. Thank you SO much.
4/30/2010 9:39:03 AM
Rachel Korea
I was heard you talking about Korea on KLove. All that you were saying is completely true. I am teaching English here and there are some cool things about Korea, but then there are things like why. The never ending seafood is crazy. I wonder if at some point if it will ever end. I like all your songs that I have heard so far.
4/30/2010 9:39:19 AM
Brian Brochu United States
Brian Brochu
I want to thank 10th Ave North from the bottom of my heart. By My Side got me through a very rough time. It was an amazing blessing to sign to myself the words and know that I am not alone no matter where I go.

I am 48 yrs old, and currently living in South Dakota. There is a younger gentleman who works with me named Chris who's parents are also from Korea. He and I were talking last week about the same subject of how others react to him. It is exactly the same! LOL I grew up in Boston so I am use to it, but the locals are interesting to watch. Chris and I can relate! LOL
4/30/2010 9:39:32 AM
Ashley United States
I have recently been going through a seperation with my husband and I am taking care of our 3 children alone which has left me broken and scared. The first time I heard " Hold my heart " it dropped me to my knees crying, your words expressed everything I was feeling, fear, abandonement, heartbreak, the want of faith and hope, and searching for God ... Searching for  more in such hard time hopeing that he hears my cry for reconciliation. My question is how did you know that this is what you wanted to do for a career? Was it something you thought you would always do or did it just happen? Thank you so, you guys are wonderful !!
4/30/2010 9:40:57 AM
Amanda United States
Hey guys!! I have your new album and I love it! "Any Other Way" is my favorite so far. What's your favorite song on your new album? Also, is there any chance of you guys coming down to Alaska sometime in the future?! Thank you guys SO much for your messages through your music! Keep it up!
4/30/2010 9:43:24 AM
Rony India
Thanks guys for ur online radio....

I working in night shift and alone on the entire floor. But ur radio companies me during my work at night. The songs keep me going...

Praise the LORD for this radio.
4/30/2010 9:43:31 AM
Kelli United States
My mom passed away in November. It was the toughest thing I ever went through. We we were on the way home from the funeral and "By your Side" came on Klove  and it reminded me God is with me no matter what I may face. It also helped me get through Mothers Day. Thank you guys so much.
4/30/2010 9:43:38 AM
Jenni Busey United States
Jenni Busey
I just want to say that you all have been given amazing gifts and I am so thankful you have decided to use them in the ways you have.  Smile
4/30/2010 9:44:23 AM
chris United States
10th ave came to me when my life seemed at it's worst.  I didn't like myself and I prayed to "fall on the Rock before the Rock fell on me". Bold as a request as it was my world fell apart.  I almost lost my marriage and blew a disc in my neck requiring spinal surgery (which probably helped out the marriage part). But through it all "love is here" "hold my heart" and more kept me strong when everything was the bleakest.  Since then our marriage has improved, we even help out at a marriage group at our church.  The surgery was a blessing and I moved to "Satisfy my soul".  Thank you for the blessings you have given me and so many more.  thank you.
4/30/2010 9:44:37 AM
colleen belt United States
colleen belt
thanks for sharing. I spend more time ministering to people who" Christians" have beat up with their judgmental self-righteousness...we need to put the focus on Christ's perfect love that anchors us's about what He did at the cross...we all stand shoulder to our God He wasn't a far off and neither should we be...  God bless you guys  ...
4/30/2010 9:45:40 AM
Jean United States
I was just listening to the radio with some of my kids in the car, I have 7. (4 were with me) I could not cover their ears, or I would have. The 7 year old said, Oh they are being rude to Korean people.  I am part Korean and so are they and what you said on the air was rude.  Germans eat pickled cabbage and call it saurkraut? sp?  Well I had to write and share that usually your station is uplifting and Christ like but for a moment I wondered what I was hearing.  REALLY.
4/30/2010 9:47:58 AM
Ashley United States
I just want to say thank you to Tenth Avenue North for writing Times it has impacted my life so much. Every time I feel lonely I listen to it and it reminds me how much Jesus loves me no matter what.  I would like to hear either that or You Are More Thanks you guys Smile
4/30/2010 9:48:55 AM
glenn United States
Hi guys
I was liston and one said Indiana, what part ?
We are from Richmond Indiana, that by the Ohio
We been in Alaska about 20 yr. love it.keep the good work up,enjoy your music.

4/30/2010 9:50:13 AM
Amelia United States
I LOVE your songs Hold my Heart and By your Side.  People can't believe that i like you more than Justin Bieber.  I like you way better than him.  I even have a picture of you in my locker at school!!!
You guys totally rock!!!  
4/30/2010 9:51:40 AM
Dave United States
Every day I thank God for many things, your music is one of them. I grew up in a churc tradition that seemed to promote works for salvation. I couldn't doit no matter how hard I tried, I was going to hell on a regular basis. I finally gave up and said "I love Jesus and this is what he would have me do with my life even if I go to Hell because I can't be perfect" I lived in this confusion for years. recently My family and I changed churches to be closer to home. It was there that I was taught of God,s grace. I had entered a new phase of my spiritual life. Irealized that works were the fruits of the spirit through the grace of god rather than the other way around, I was saved by grace even though I am not perfect. Still my old teaching haunts me occaisionally. In the last year I have also found good christian music, and then k-love. I had almost given up radio. one of the things I discovered in Christian music, your songs have made a diferencin my life. When I Am haunted by my past now I tuen on "By your side and immidiatly get filled with God's grace and love, it almost always makes me smile and sometimes cry thank you for what you do through Christ who strngthens us all. I am from Indy, 51 years old and born in again in God's grace. God's blessing on k love and all you great artists.
4/30/2010 9:51:44 AM
Amelia United States
I listen to your music before I go to school every day to motivate me
4/30/2010 9:54:15 AM
Amelia United States
I went to your concert at the NC State Fair and absolutely loved it!!!

Smile Smile Smile Smile Smile
4/30/2010 9:54:20 AM
Esther United States
I luv ur music so much!!!!!!!!!! Ur songs r so uplifting 2 me and mean so much. They r continually bringing me closer to God
4/30/2010 9:54:20 AM
Hannah United States
I absoloutely love tenth avenue north! i am only 16, but i have been impacted so much by their music. every single one of their songs has something amazing to say. i have to say, lots of people love you here in Sioux falls, south dakota! i am probably one of their biggest fans here. but back on topic, ha, tenth avenue north is amazing, and they have never ever failed to write any bad music. i am always encouraged and impacted by every one of their songs. i thank you for always touching my life with your songs, and at your concerts too. keep up the amazing work and i love the deep faith you all have! its so important. I love Christian music and what it does. thanks!
4/30/2010 9:54:40 AM
Esther United States
I luv ur music so much!!!!!!!!!! Ur songs r so uplifting 2 me and mean so much. They r continually bringing me closer to God
4/30/2010 9:54:41 AM
Chandler Hansen United States
Chandler Hansen
Tenth Avenue North is definitely the greatest band ever. I met you guys when I worked as security for your concert with MercyMe in Mercedes, TX, and it really was AWESOME. This morning, I spoke at a middle school's Bible study about the song "Satisfy." I love the message that the song speaks about -  letting God be the source of total satisfaction and not trying to put anything else above Him. The whole first CD is AMAZING. The messages through the songs have really changed my life. I just got my pre-ordered deluxe package and can't wait to listen to it! The iTunes singles have been great so I have no doubt that the rest will be too. Thank you so much for being rockstars for Jesus!
4/30/2010 10:00:35 AM
Amy Gerali United States
Amy Gerali
Hey- Just listening to 10th Ave North with you guys today... 10th Ave. North and their song "By Your Side" has provided my family much encouragement.  My father-in-law recently died of cancer.  He was only 52 and had so much to live for, but this song always reminds me and my family that God will be by our side and that Dad will be too... I know that maybe this isn't exactly what the song is talking about... but it is what God says to me everytime I hear the song.  So, thank you so 10th Ave for listening to God and creating this song.
4/30/2010 10:02:40 AM
Nichole United States
Hey!!!!! You guys are awesome!! So, when I was living in Costa Rica, every Sat. night was my Youth Group, and the first time I heard your music was during worship, it was new to most of us but what was even cooler was some of my friends who lead worship that night translated it into spanish. So like we always did we sang the song By your side in both english and spanish. It was phenomenal!! The movement of the Holy Spirit was so present. I remember going home that night and licking up the song and found your whole album and my whole family got hooked on it! I got your whole album in only hearing one song, but never you actually singing it. So anyway from then on I listen to your music all the time and now I can't wait to hear your new album and memorize everyone of the songs like I did your other. Its great when you walk to school and just end up singing all these random parts of all your songs. I even have been caught ( not in a bad way I just didn't realize I was singing out loud) singing to it well making photo copys for my teachers.  I love it. I praise the LORD for your music, keep strong in the LORD and keep playing for His honor and glory. May God bless you and keep you always!  
P.s. where are you actually from?????
4/30/2010 10:04:53 AM
Nichole United States
Hey!!!!! You guys are awesome!! So, when I was living in Costa Rica, every Sat. night was my Youth Group, and the first time I heard your music was during worship, it was new to most of us but what was even cooler was some of my friends who lead worship that night translated it into spanish. So like we always did we sang the song By your side in both english and spanish. It was phenomenal!! The movement of the Holy Spirit was so present. I remember going home that night and licking up the song and found your whole album and my whole family got hooked on it! I got your whole album in only hearing one song, but never you actually singing it. So anyway from then on I listen to your music all the time and now I can't wait to hear your new album and memorize everyone of the songs like I did your other. Its great when you walk to school and just end up singing all these random parts of all your songs. I even have been caught ( not in a bad way I just didn't realize I was singing out loud) singing to it well making photo copys for my teachers.  I love it. I praise the LORD for your music, keep strong in the LORD and keep playing for His honor and glory. May God bless you and keep you always!  
P.s. where are you actually from?????
4/30/2010 10:05:27 AM
Malia United States
I have had a countdown in my room for the past 20 days as I awaited the release of the new album Smile. I even saved $10 of itunes money so I'd be ready to buy the album.
Thanks guys for writing music that impacts lives in so many ways!
4/30/2010 10:07:17 AM
Hannah United States
hi! i absoloutely love your music and you guys in general. haha. i love the deep faith you all have. its super important. i am 16, from sioux falls, south dakota, and i am going to have to say, that ever since you came to lifelight the summer of 09, i have been absoloutely touched by you guys and your music! ever since then, you have become my favorite band, because of the very relevant messages you give at your concerts. and then, i recently went to the one in april at the sioux falls arena, and that was also amazing. i have been struggling lately with being a Christian in high school, and its hard for me when people make fun of me, and scream or yell at me when i tell them a Bible verse, or talk about Christ. but like it says in Romans 1:16-for i am not ashamed of the gospel, for it is the power of salvation for everyone who believes. , that verse is constantly with me everyday. i will not be ashamed. everytime i listen to you guys, i feel the amazing presence of God! you guys have never failed to bring great music for us. i thank you for impacting my life, and i thank you for even helping me with my relationship with Christ through your music and messages! may the Lord bless, keep, and lift up His face to shine!
4/30/2010 10:08:45 AM
Elizabeth Evans United States
Elizabeth Evans
I've written books about different artists, but about the only band that I haven't done is Tenth Avenue North.!!!
You guys have helped me so much!!! My favorite song is "Beloved."
4/30/2010 10:10:18 AM
dennis United States
this past saturday at spring celebration at great america you motivated not only the crowd but your piers of the other artists who can not say only how great this band is and where their hearts lie. i can not wait to see you guys perform again at spirit west coast.  also i would like to thank 1 of the band members for signing a drum head for my youth group hopefully the rest of the band will sign at SWC TO FINISH IT OFF. GREAT BAND FOR OUR FUTURE YOUTH TO LISTEN TOO!  DENNIS REID
4/30/2010 10:20:27 AM
Dennis United States
Very disappointed on what I heard on a Klove station.  I caught the tail end about the culture and food of Korea.  That is something that I expect to hear from a 15 year old, not from a christian group traveling the world preaching the gospel.  And also not from a Klove host

Ignorance is not a reason to be stupid.

Is dried squid any different then beef jerky?
Are there any strange foods in the states?  What you made fun of is what God created.

Kelli, before you make the statement about buried cabbage, do a little research on the culture and figure out why they did that in the past.

Yours truly,
Brother in Christ, Dennis

4/30/2010 10:20:36 AM
Linda Juarez United States
Linda Juarez
This is Ruben's mom and I want to say that our entire family has been so blessed by our son's commitment to this ministry.  This group has God's favor and is so annointed that their songs can be life changing. I love those guys and their beautiful families.  I pray for them daily and I know that God's Hand is always on them.  Love you all!        
4/30/2010 10:21:15 AM
Jennie Klotz United States
Jennie Klotz
Its Jennie from San Diego again. I am 16 and in high school right now and I listen to you guys every afternoon while I work and sometimes slave over the mounds of homework that I am assigned. You have made all the difference in my ability to focus and keep my strength up when sometimes I want to give up on the stupid geometry problems or the complex chemistry formulas. I love Tenth Avenue North a ton and their song "Hold My Heart" has made a huge difference in my life. I struggle with my faith even though I have been a Catholic all my life. I sometimes am unable to see God in my life and believe that He is here holding me together. The verse, "But if there's no other way, I'm done asking why. I'm on my knees, begging You to turn to me I'm on my knees, Father will You run to me?" is the part of the song that gets me the most. Tell the guys to keep it up and to know that they are changing people profoundly. Even a young 16 girls life. I love all you guys at KLOVE. You being on the air is truly what holds my heart.  
4/30/2010 10:22:18 AM
Christin United States
I remember listening to your first album over and over and over again, and currently im sitting outside family christian about to buy this new album. your lyrics have always spoke to the deep parts of my heart and I thank GOD that you all are faithful followers of CHRIST. May GOD continue to bless and inspire you
4/30/2010 10:22:38 AM
Tim United States
I'm an old guy at 48 and you guys in your 20's put me to shame in your faith but your music has changed my life its so inspiring and deep ive come to tears many comes at a time in my life that is very wife Julie and I are seperated and she wants a divorce...ive sent her your last album to inspire her as it has me to reconcile and trust in God, i'm praying without ceasing she will be moved in the Lord soon.  Thank you for your music and its help in focusing on the Lord thru this.  Tim in Phoenix
4/30/2010 10:22:45 AM
Jonathan Francisco United States
Jonathan Francisco
To Tenth Avenue North:

Hey guys. A couple months ago I made a very important, but very hard decision. I had been in an unhealthy relationship with a friend of mine. I had become very emotionally attached to her (friend) and it was becoming a hindrance to my spiritual growth. I was way too attached to her and as I am only 15 i believe that now is not the time to develop an intimate relationship with a girl. So I broke of the relationship.

It has been by far the hardest thing I have ever done and i have been struggling with the pain over it for the past couple months.

I had just recently started to get over my pain when something happened this past Sunday night that like reopened the wound. I suddenly felt pain like i did the day I broke off the relationship with my friend. It brought tears to my eyes.

Then I decided to just listen to my ipod and try to get to sleep. I randomly shuffled all of the over 350 songs i have on my iPod. The first song that played was "Healing Begins." It brought me to my knees and I was just overcome. Through the song God gave me a sense of peace greater than I had felt before the wound was reopened.

I just wanted to share that with you guys, God bless you all.

4/30/2010 10:24:59 AM
Erin Smith United States
Erin Smith
  I have been counting down the days til today! My mom surprised me by getting y'all's new cd and putting it on my mp3. I had no idea!
  I love all of the songs! I think my favorites are 'By Your Side' and 'Healing Begins'.
  I just wanted to thank all of y'all for making these awesome songs. They have helped me through some difficult times. Y'all are awesome!!
4/30/2010 10:25:24 AM
Jenn United States
You all are touching many lives with the message through your music. I spoke with a cashier in a store last week and told her I was excited for the new Tenth Avenue North CD to be released (I still need to get it), and she said that your music personally touched her as she had gone through some really tough times in the last year. And personally, no matter how many times I listen to the Over and Underneath CD (it is on constant repeat all tracks), something new speaks to my heart. God bless you all and your families for your ministry and the sacrifices that you all make to further the Kingdom.
4/30/2010 10:27:18 AM
Missy Barrett United States
Missy Barrett
Awesome music and lyrics!!! Thank you for reminding us not to be proud Smile
4/30/2010 10:29:04 AM
Cheree' United States
This past summer I taught a Catholic catechetical program called Totus Tuus where I traveled around the diocese of Sioux City, Iowa and spent one week at each parish, teaching 1-12 graders about the Catholic faith. One night a week during the high school program, we had a confession night. With this, we had a talk about confession or adoration and then we did led a meditation before heading to the church for adoration and confession. My team decided to use two Tenth Avenue North songs: "By Your Side" and "Love is Here." While these songs played, we had a brief meditation about light and darkness and then an examination of conscience. Week after week, it proved to be incredibly powerful: for me as well as for the students we were teaching that week. I heard from numerous high schoolers about how much one or both of the songs affected them and tugged at their heart. It was one of the most beautiful experiences every single week. I just want to say thank you for your music. God used your music, week after week, both in my own heart and in the hearts of teens in Iowa. To this day, as I hear one of your songs, I am reminded of this past summer and the ways God worked in my own heart and the hearts of teens I taught in Iowa. It never fails that I hear your music and am automatically lifted up again because of the memories of this summer and the many powerful experiences that occurred as a result of two of your songs that we used for our meditation. I am eternally grateful for your music and the way you lead me and many others closer to God through your music. Know that God is using you and your music in many beautiful and powerful ways! Keep on keeping on!!
4/30/2010 10:33:51 AM
Sydney United States
My mom won't stop telling me that Tenth Avenue North is her favorite band ever!! Love y'all!  Like your new song healing begins, and by your side. We met them at tthe christian book store in san Antonio, we told mike that we played their songs at home.
Love y'all!
4/30/2010 10:34:56 AM
Matt Lamar United States
Matt Lamar
Hey, can you do an Irish accent? I happen to be very good at that, along with high class english man(very good speech), poor english man(olivr twist "can i ave some ore?", scottish, and american slang.
4/30/2010 10:35:17 AM
Jackie United States
I just wanted to thank you guys for your encouraging music. I just went through a very low time in my life and your song " Hold my Heart" has meant so much to me. I lost my job, I was in a terrible financial mess, and all because of a spiritual stronghold - GREED!But, PRAISE GOD, because of the love and forgiveness of Jesus Christ and the love and forgiveness and support of a loving husband and family I'm here today!!! Thank you for your great music and inspirational lyrics. Phillipians 4:13
4/30/2010 10:35:34 AM
Megan United States
This is a big thanks to Tenth Avenue North.  I was feeling down and broken when I first heard "By Your Side" and God comforted me through the words from the song.  God used the song as reminder that He will always be there. Smile
4/30/2010 10:38:31 AM
Matt Lamar United States
Matt Lamar
i posted earlier, and i forgot to mention i could also do a little bit of a Russian accent.
4/30/2010 10:40:34 AM
Erica United States
Hiiiiiiiiiiiiiii, Oh my God i can't believe this.
My name is /Erica and I'm very excited to say something to my big guys, i love you guys so much and i always pray for u guys , your songs have changed  the Erica that i used to know into a great one , I'
m so glad that you guys let God  use u to bless me , I'm so greatfull, I really love you guys so much and I'll like to ask " what do u guys do about from singing?" and " Are you guys married yet?" hope that's not too personal , I've actually never been lucky to attend any of your concerts but I know that God will grant me the opportunity to see the people he used to bless my life and change me for good face to face one day.
   thanks Scott and Kelli and Tenth Avenue, you guys just make me crazy every where I go with your songs , I've become addicted to you guys and Klove as well so much so that it's like a disease with no cure,
          God bless you guys and i won't stop praying for you all
        lots of love kisses and hugs
      from Erica
4/30/2010 10:42:07 AM
Dru Spurlock United States
Dru Spurlock
Just wanted to thank evetone for the words of ecouragemnt. This morning I texted my daughter to ask her to listen to K-love for one week since she has had a few hard months, when ya'll played beside me I hope she was listening so that she would know that God is always there no matter what happens.Thank all of you for all that you do and may God Bless each and everyone of you.
4/30/2010 10:43:33 AM
Nicole United States
I love your song Times! I had this song on repeat for a week and now my 1 yr old nephew loves the song too. He cause it the Uh-oh song and demands it before he goes to bed.Smile I think you guys are amazing and can't wait to hear your new CD.
4/30/2010 10:44:29 AM
Cat United States
Just wanted to say that your music has help me through a rough patch ion my life. I saw you guys at Great America on Saturday you guys were great I was finally truly worship God and not afraid of what people thought.
Thank You,
4/30/2010 10:45:58 AM
Marion United States
My daughter is in a ballet class that focuses on worship dance. For their recital last year she and a friend choregraphed a dance to "By Your Side".  I cannot begin to tell you how much that song and dance meant to people who watched it.  A lady from another church saw the dance and asked the girls to perform it at their ladies group.  Thanks for giving us such wonderful music that shows God's love for us.
4/30/2010 10:46:27 AM
Oluwatobiloba(God is Great)
Oluwatobiloba(God is Great) from Nigeria...and Tenth Avenue North has been a blessing to me... i am a huge fan....and i Thank God for them..... Just wanted to them to know that they should keep doing what they are doing as its touching the ends of the earth.
4/30/2010 10:46:37 AM
Elizabeth Evans United States
Elizabeth Evans
Is Mike Donehey married?
4/30/2010 10:46:49 AM
Sydney United States
Question for the band: what's your favorite band besides yourself!
4/30/2010 10:46:56 AM
Elizabeth Evans
Elizabeth Evans
Is Mike Donehey married?
4/30/2010 10:47:39 AM
Kim Larsen United States
Kim Larsen
We were on the klove cruise this year, and LOVED the Tenth Ave North concert, I can't believe how great they did while suffering from sea sickness!
When the concert was over someone near us asked my husband if one of our sons was in the band, and he said "no why" well you knew all the words to the songs!  Smile
The new album comes out just in time for my husband's 50th birthday!  Thanks for songs with great messages!
4/30/2010 10:47:55 AM
Alyssa Jones United States
Alyssa Jones
I just wanted to say thank you to the guys of 10thAN i had the pleasure of meeting these guys in Dallas during winter Jam while my friend was working the tour for Fireflight. I have to say that Christ just radiates off of them. They walk what they talk and you not only see that in the music of these guys but in who they are just walking around. THank you guys for your heart and obedience to Christ in the music you write. You have no idea the kind of Inspiration and encouragement that you give. You have truly changed my walk and my thought process through the words of your music. May god bless you all.
4/30/2010 10:49:38 AM
laura United States
mmmk so, i went to the casting crowns concert in greensborro to see you guys. and the part when you had everyone raise thier hands really spoke to me.  it helped me realize Not to be scared to do stuff like that. so thank you for giving me the courage to openly worship!!!
4/30/2010 10:53:57 AM
Sylvia Deleon United States
Sylvia Deleon
Does Mike spell his last name as "Mugica" or Mujica? My nephews name is Michael Mugica.  Just curious.

Sylvia D.
4/30/2010 10:55:53 AM
Britney United States
Hello! My Name is Britney, I just wanted to tell you that, I started listening to KLove, October of my Senior Year of High School Last year, and I had been just so discouraged about how many people in my school were not walking the same walk as I was, and I felt like, I had no Christian friends to surround myself with, to lift me up and encourage me, and I just started becoming sad frequently, and I just began to search for companionship in so many different people, and i just began to put off god, because I was searching for love and desire in all of the wrong places, and one day I was sitting in a friend from church's car and we were listening to the radio and I asked her what station it was, and she told me it was KLove and So as soon as I got into my car, I turned it the station, and the very first song that came on was "By Your Side" and i just started crying as soon as the words "why are you still searching, as if I'm not enough" and I realized that i needed to stop searching for a friend in all of the wrong places when God has been there all along, and I needed to just trust in him and allow him to fulfill all of my needs, because he can, It seems like that song came on at just the right time in my life, and I wanted to thank you SO much for always placing the right songs at the right time to touch me when I'm not having a very good day, I appreciate all that you do! Thank you so much for touching my heart and helping me to realize that God is the only thing we will ever need, and he will never EVER leave me. Thank you!
4/30/2010 10:56:39 AM
Melissa, Tim's sister United States
Melissa, Tim's sister
Hi, this is Melissa, Tim Combs' sister. I just got your new CD in the mail yesterday. I can see where your songs will continue to minister in special ways. I'm already planning on buying another CD to share with a young lady who it sounds like you describe in your song "You Are More." Thank you guys. I love you, and tell my brother hi for me.
4/30/2010 11:00:02 AM
Matt Lamar United States
Matt Lamar
Could you guys pray for my grandma? She had open heart surgery about a month ago, and she had been a heavy smoker for 57 years. Last winter she was on two packs a day.
  She quit after the surgery, and spent a couple weeks at our house. But she wanted to go home to be with her ten year old overweight beagles.
  Someone told her that she would breath better after the surgery. but she hasn't, and it is getting her depressed. It would be great if you would prat for her.
4/30/2010 11:00:51 AM
Matt Lamar United States
Matt Lamar
i spelled pray, prat.
4/30/2010 11:05:11 AM
Leah United States
I just wanted to thank Tenth Avenue for your encouraging words on the station today... It truly is ALL about CHRIST and NONE of us.  So many people ask the question "what can I do for God?"  But the truth is that we can do nothing to please Him! It is Him who works in us both to will and to do for His good pleasure.  It was good to hear your words. Thank you.
4/30/2010 11:05:15 AM
Diane Charewicz United States
Diane Charewicz
We saw you guys at the Winter Jam concert in Moline, IL!  LOVE your music, your hearts, your love for the Lord, and you guys are cool & cute to boot!
Looking forward to the new album!!
Many blessings to you and your families!
4/30/2010 11:38:30 AM
Jamie United States
I listen to K-Love often. I have to admit I don't remember ever putting your name to your music. This interview has spoken to my heart in a deep way. Unfortunately, I was picking up my son and went through some areas of static and couldn't hear most of your insightful conversation. What I heard has me seeking out how I can go back and listen to your entire interview. I hope it will be available soon. I feel like your conversation and this time in my life is pivotal. Please keep reaching for God. You are encouraging for others. Thank you.
4/30/2010 11:41:21 AM
Stacie United States
I was on a road trip this past summer to reunite with some new friends, but it seemed like everything was going wrong.  After totalling my car, having conflicts with others on the trip, and numerous other experiences, the lonely drive home was just an overwhelming trip.  I was crying and struggling and not knowing who to turn to.  At that point, I was not strong in my faith, and I definitely didn't turn to god for the answers and comfort that I needed.  But somewhere on a country road at 2 or 3 in the morning, I picked up a KLOVE radio station for the first time and heard the lyrics, "one tear in the driving rain. One voice in a sea of pain. could the maker of the stars, hear the sound of my breaking heart?" and at that point, I broke down and prayed for the first time in a long time and new that God was there with me in the struggles and the loneliness and new I would be okay.  Thank you KLOVE and 10th Avenue North!
5/1/2010 3:46:54 PM
Claire United States
I love the songs of Tenth Ave. North. I heard you guys on the radio. I just wanted to say-That "Hold My Heart" is encouraging to me. I just wanted to say thank you for playing your music. Maybe everybody else thinks that you aren't the best but you are!
5/1/2010 10:27:25 PM
MacKenzie United States
I LOVE Tenth Avenue North!! I am so grateful that I was listening to K-LOVE when Tenth Ave. was on! Their music is AMAZING! They are truly gifted musicians, with such great hearts for God!
And of course I love K-LOVE, too! Thanks for playing great music on your station!  Smile
5/2/2010 11:56:40 PM
karla curtis United States
karla curtis
Dear K-Love and 10th Avenue North,
I am writing in response to your invitation to share with 10th avenue north if any one of their songs has touched our lives in a special way.  I am so anxious to share this with them.
One year ago, May 12, 2009, I was 37 ½ weeks pregnant with my daughter Gabriella.  We were up late the night before.  She and I were online shopping for her bedding.  Trying to suffice mommy’s need for girly stuff but balancing it with daddy’s request for “not so much pink!”  I found the right one- finally- and printed it out and went to bed.  The next morning, I had my weekly checkup and she had passed away in the night.  Just like that- there was no heartbeat.  Just like that- I went from pure joy, praising God on the way to the doctor’s office, singing DC Talk loudly in the car to pure and complete brokenness.  Pathology reports showed she had gotten her umbilical cord folded over and circulation was cut off.
Whenever my life has been out of control in any way, I dreamt I was in a car, going downhill, usually on a mountain- with no brakes.  I had never actually crashed, but it was always my check inside that something needed to change in my life.  The night of May 12, I crashed in that dream.  Everything went black.  I woke up pinned in the car.  I had the no brakes thing going on, but a woman there said that a drunk driver hit me and ‘killed my baby’.  I said no, she died this morning.  I wanted to know if the other driver was okay but no one would answer me.  They were too focused on the fact that driver was drunk and that I was pregnant.  Anyway, the ambulance came and took me to some holding area.  I walked over and got myself a glass of water.  All the people who in real life are my true supporters were there with me in this holding area.  I was walking around, trying to clear my head.  I sat back down and my son and brother-in-law both noticed some horrific details.  My legs were broken.  My tibia was poking through the skin on one side.  On the other side my foot was turned the wrong way.  Both of my legs were absolutely mutilated.  I didn’t feel that.  I just knew I was broken in my heart.  So the question I woke up asking was- “How in the world was I walking?”  So I awoke from this dream and started praying and asked God- What was that?  That was horrible!  How was I walking?  He answered me very clearly in my heart.  You are unable to walk right now, so I am carrying you.  I will carry you until your legs (and heart) heal and you are able to walk on your own again.  It will take a very long time.  Then I thought of myself taking those first painful steps out of the wheelchair and only being able to walk a few steps.  Daily, being able to go a little farther, slowly graduating to crutches and eventually walking independently.  He said, “I’ll be carrying you whenever you can’t walk however long it takes until you can walk on your own.  Then I will not leave you but walk beside you.”
That dream was very comforting those first few weeks, but as the days wore on, the dream wore off my    mind and was replaced by severe depression.  We have a blended family.  The end of school came soon.  My step-daughter went back to her mom’s for the summer; my son went to his dad’s for the summer.  I felt like three of my four children were taken from me, all in the same month.  I had my youngest, who was almost 2 and my husband.  So the two year old didn’t comprehend what happened and my husband was just as broken as I.  I tried everything to get rid of that unbearable feeling of sorrow.  I took pills, drank alcohol, anything that would make my head fuzzy.  Absolutely nothing took this hurt away and all of those attempts were out of character for me.  So from that, I developed a huge sense of guilt for being a mother and not doing my best for the one I did have at home.  Guilt filled my soul.  I hated myself and the person I had become.  Then I was driving one day and “By Your Side” came on the radio.  I listen to Christian radio every day.  I have often felt very touched by songs and definitely felt that the songwriter was probably hearing from God when he/she wrote it.  However, this day, this song was, without a doubt, Jesus- speaking directly to me through the voice of 10th avenue north.
Due to my guilt, I hid my face from Him.  He told me to not turn away.  He asked me why I was still searching as if He wasn’t enough- when He and I both knew He was enough; He was everything; He was the ONLY thing I needed.  And to where will I run?  I can’t hide from Him, and why would I?  Then He asked me to please not fight these hands that were holding me.  I was fighting His hands because deep down I just didn’t understand why! I realized He wasn’t there to explain.  He was there to love me through the hurt.  He said He wanted to give me life.  He was the only one that realized all the beautiful colors were gone from my life.  And I didn’t care.  But He wanted to restore that.  Then He told me He loved me and would never let me go and to be honest, I don’t think I had really ever absorbed that He truly loved me before that moment.  He knew all my failed, and some inappropriate efforts to mask the pain.  He also showed me that He knew my heart and my hurt.  He loves me no matter what.  He’ll never let me go.

This song was a big turning point for me.  Anytime I would try to disregard what I THOUGHT I heard, or maybe I was giving myself too much credit to think I was hearing from the Lord- the song would come on the radio.  Jesus was saying, “Don’t hear that voice- hear mine.  You heard ME.  I’m by your side.”
I am far from healed.   I don’t think losing a child ever ‘heals’ but just becomes part of you.  You find a new normal.  I’m still finding the new me, but it is so much better since I let Jesus back into my daily life.  I am pregnant with another little girl and though I’ll never understand why Gabriella had to go, I know she is safe with Jesus.  I feel Him in my heart, in the air I breathe, in the beauty of the trees and the smell of fresh cut grass.  I know she lives in my heart.  I planted flowers in her memory.  This winter I started buying them so I always had fresh flowers in the house.  I lean down and smell them and feel her presence through the aroma.  I feel her comfort through the butterflies accompanying me in the garden.  I am pleasantly reminded of heaven and love and reassurance.  There is no way I could see and feel these things without Jesus.  Thank you all for allowing yourselves to be a vessel of encouragement and worship in the name of Jesus.  I hope I can help someone with what God has given me the way you all have utilized your talents to help others.  I am sending this regarding me, but I’m sure I am one of thousands touched by the Lord through your music.
Thanks Again,
Karla Curtis
6/1/2010 4:10:36 PM
kenzie United States
all their songs influnce me to do the right thing. when the song, healing begins, came out, when it played it seemed like i could not be un happy. when i got the cd, i was overcone with happyness.

i'm dealing with friend problems and that song is a song i look to when i am down.

thank you tenth aveune north for all you do! you have made a HUGE differance in my life!
6/22/2010 7:21:12 PM
CO Gal United States
CO Gal
Sorry this is really late......
I am going to be in 7th grade this year and over the last 6 months I was having friendship problems and was really hurt. (I am a total FAN of 10th Ave North and I love every song you guys wrote.) I was listening to the radio one day and the song "Healing Begins" came on. It really helped me left go and it opened my eyes that I had hurt the girl that hurt me. So I apoligized and now we are friends again!!!
Thanks so much for writing your songs
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