May 14 2010

What is True Beauty!!!

Kathie Lee and Hoda from the Today Show's 4th Hour went on TV without Make-up one day this week. They wanted to stress how much pressure women are under to look perfect. How have people reacted when you don't wear make-up??? Here Jonny Diaz's video of "More Beautiful You" to remind of what true beauty is in God's eyes...
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5/10/2010 10:54:27 AM
Kristian Kelly United States
Kristian Kelly
His song reminds me of when I first met my bride. When we started hanging out, I was not attracted to her. We quickly became great and even best friends. Then one day, God removed the veil from my eyes and since then, I have found her to be the most beautiful woman I have ever seen. The sight of her brings a smile to my face everyday and I cannot thank God enough for bringing my "Beautiful" into my life.
5/10/2010 11:20:37 AM
Danette United States
I feel uncomfortable wearing make-up now because I haven't worn make-up for years. It is a strange place to be. At 39 I wonder what people will think of me if I started wearing it all of a sudden. I am affraid to feel like I can't leave the house with out it. I can't afford it anyway.
5/10/2010 11:27:48 AM
Susan Seeman-Pultz United States
Susan Seeman-Pultz
I would go on tv without makeup because beauty is on the inside not the out
5/10/2010 11:31:25 AM
Connie Brazee United States
Connie Brazee
Scott, I appreciate the song by Johhny Diaz very much!  I also appreciate that you support commercials like the recent ones by Dove.  Un fortunately, Dove is owned by the same co. that owns Axe.  Axe commercials objectify women as sex objects BIG TIME!  
True beauty comes from the glory of God living inside of a woman who carries herself with dignity bacause of the presence of the Lord inside of her.  I know that I am beautiful because the Lord spoke to my heart one morning during  our morning visit and told me that I am a jewel in His crown.  The fantastic part of that is that our Heavenly Father feels the way about every one of His children.
5/17/2010 4:34:28 PM
Rebecca United States
I don't wear makeup because I'm only 11- don't know if I ever will, because I agree with Johnny Diaz-I can never be more beautiful!=)
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