May 18 2010

Britt Nicole is on the show today!

We are excited to welcome our friend, Britt Nicole to the show today! Britt's music, including "The Lost Get Found" and "Walk on the Water" is having a huge impact! Anything you want to say to Britt today? Feel free to share your thoughts for her here. Also, you can read Britt's journal about her recent trip to Africa here:

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5/10/2010 7:00:03 AM
Jóel Rósinkrans Kristjánsson Iceland
Jóel Rósinkrans Kristjánsson
Hey Britt Nicole!

I simply love your songs. They are such a blessing to me. My favorite is "The Lost Get Found" and I'm so glad that I once was lost but NOW I'm found. Keep up the GREAT work and may GOD bless you for what you've done so far for me. You are an awesome singer.

God bless from Iceland,

5/10/2010 7:00:57 AM
Nina Canada
We love your encouraging music Britt, keep singing for the Lord.
This message from Montreal-Canada!!
5/10/2010 7:02:02 AM
Alexis United States
Hey Britt!

I just wanna say that you are AMAZING! I saw you at winter blast in Fayetville in Feb. and it was fantastic!!! You have really inspired me in my music. In writing songs, and singing them. My dream is to be like you, singing for our God's Glory Smile

Thanks Britt~Alexis, NC, 12
5/10/2010 7:03:12 AM
Stephanie United States
I just wanted to say that Britt Nicole has changed my life. I've been having a few rough patches lately, but before these came i found out about Britt. I began listening to her music, and focusin on the lyrics. They have changed my life. When i was having some problems i would listen to Britt and her lyrics would help  me decide on how to react with different things happening in my life. With the problems i'm having right now, i haven't been too sure on how to handle it. I'm thinking that i'm going to start listening to Britt's music again to see if God will speak to me that way too. When i heard Britt was going to be on the radio today, one thought that came to my mind is how amazing of a person she is and how much she has changed peoples lives.

Thank you for everything you have done.
Love, Stephanie
5/10/2010 7:04:52 AM
Alexis United States
....You've also really encouraged me.
When I'm feeling like no one else cares, or when I'm just feelin down; when I listen to your songs, joy springs up, and I feel...LOVED. Because your songs make me realize how much GOD really does love me and that's all that matters. Thank you so so so much Britt, I love you. <3

5/10/2010 7:05:43 AM
Becca United States
Hi Britt, I just want to thank you so much for putting the song Walk on the Water on your CD. I can't remember the last day I didn't question every move or decision I made, but every time I listen to your song, I feel relieved for 3 or 4 minutes. It helps more than I can tell you. Thank you, from the bottom of my heart.

5/10/2010 7:07:47 AM
Matthew Gates United States
Matthew Gates
hey.. i know i sent a message earlyer. but this one may get through faster. i am the drummer for Earth's Cadence band, we want to say hi, and god bless. come visit us in st.Helena sometime. our band members are all under the age of 20 so school and other things get in the way of practice. but we are moving forward. we practice/record in our lead singers house. we have not done any live preformance yet. but we want to. as for me i love you and your music, it has helped me out in lots of things. plus your drummer is awesome and i have got lots from listening to him. our band wishes to spread God's great and awesome love.

please read aloud if you feel this is good. we need to let people know we are here to make music to bless people from God.
5/10/2010 7:18:31 AM
unknown United States
I am an indian but raised in america. when we went to india a year ago it changed my life. I saw poverty and I have never seen it horribly. it is cool how britt could see it when not many people in america can see.
5/10/2010 7:20:46 AM
Desiree United States
Hey B
I love your music and your voice. You are such a blessing for all to hear. Keep on singing because your so good your voice is a gift from God.

-Keep praising the Lord

Your good!
5/10/2010 7:23:09 AM
Julie United States
Did Britt say she went to Uganda?  Thats my origin, thanks for making a difference wherever you went, at such a young age!
5/10/2010 7:24:51 AM
Sarah United States
Hi Scott, Kelli, and Britt

I am a senior in high school, and last August I was called into the ministry through mission work. All the seniors at my dance studio have the chance to perform a senior solo dance at the spring recital. The song that I chose was "Set the World on Fire." I will be performing it next weekend, and I just wanted to thank you for your beautiful words. It's not often that songs are written about mission work, and your song has spoken to me in a way I could never have imagined. God bless, Sarah
5/10/2010 7:25:46 AM
Leigh Ann United States
Leigh Ann
I just want to say, how inspiring it is to hear about the mission trip. I look forward to seeing your blog and pictures. From one sister to another what a blessing this experience has been for you and them. God is Awesome! It does my heart good to hear such joy and compassion in a younger sister!
5/10/2010 7:25:58 AM
Melissa United States
Hi Britt. I just wanted to tell you how happy I am that your music came along when it did. When I was pregnant with my daughter, who's 8 months now, my husband promised an Army buddy he would name his child after him. I couldn't see myself calling my daughter Britt knowing it was a guys name. Then I heard one of your songs on the radio and loved it! I was extremely excited to hear a female with the name Britt, so I named my daughter Britt Nichole Marie. Smile May God continue to bless you and your music career.
5/10/2010 7:26:16 AM
Marilyn McLaughlin United States
Marilyn McLaughlin
Hi there! Just wanted to say that I looked at your web site journal about your recent trip to Africa and was blessed beyond words! My son is in Tanzania, Africa right now for a mission trip with a campus ministry group from his college. I know that you went to Uganda, but I am sure that some of the ministry opportunities that he will encounter will be similar to yours, and it was SUCH a blessing for me to get to read your words and see your pictures. It kind of (in a weird way) made me feel like I was able to "be there" with him just by seeing those precious faces and the need that is so prevelant in Africa. It also reaffirmed to me that he is there doing what God would have him to do, and as a Mom, there really is no better assurance!! May God bless your ministry and thank you so much for sharing your experience in Africa.
5/10/2010 7:27:25 AM
Cristen United States
Me and my friends saw you at the revolve tour last year it was amazing and went home and bought your CD!!!!!!! keep on singing for the Lord!!!!!
5/10/2010 7:28:48 AM
Portia United States
Hi Britt, love your music. You are such a beautiful woman of God. God bless you!
5/10/2010 7:29:49 AM
Leslie Taylor United States
Leslie Taylor
While deciding if i should go on a mission trip over the summer, i heard "Lost Get Found" by Britt Nicole. Its sent me a message in my heart saying call mom and get permission to sign up. Now for 9 days this summer, starting on b-day, im going across the East Coast speading joy and God's Love with my friends and brother.
5/10/2010 7:30:55 AM
Cherish Adrianse United States
Cherish Adrianse
My daughters and I had the amazing opportunity to see you two weeks ago in our town. My girls were so inspired by you, they have your music playing all the time and you have made an impact in their lives by being such and amazing example. God bless you so much! I can see Jesus in you and so do my daughters!
5/10/2010 7:31:46 AM
Lucy United States
I really like your song "Headphones."
5/10/2010 7:31:58 AM
Kristen D. United States
Kristen D.
Hey Britt =). O my word! I just wanted to tell you that "The Lost Get Found" ...Me nd my friend Logan sang it/i played guitar at this place called Hope House Missions and it was amazing just to see these peoples faces just light up! And afterwards just to have eople come up to us and say "where's the shaker! you need a shaker!"...(one of those ... See Morebeaded egg shaker things lol)..i feel like that was one of the higlights of the night haha I have just wanted to tell you that because it's your song and it was just so amazing to get to perform that and see the people just light up and want to talk toso much! =D. I can see how you love just doing this so much.

5/10/2010 7:33:16 AM
Sarah United States
*I tried to post something similar to this earlier, but it wasn't working, so I'll try again

Hi Scott, Kelli, and Britt

I am a senior in high school, and last August I was called to ministry through mission work.  The seniors at my dance studio each dance a solo performance at the spring rectial, and for my song, I chose "Set the World on Fire." I am performing the dance this weekend, and I just wanted to thank you for your beautiful words.  It's not often that songs are written about mission work, and this song spoke to me in a way I could never have imagined. God bless!
5/10/2010 7:33:21 AM
Melissa United States

I'm about to read your blog about your trip to Africa! I also went to Uganda last year and am attending my second mission trip there again, this July.
I heard you talking with Scott and Kelly about the village you visited and all the children you were able to feed! I had a similar experience last year on my trip... Our team of 15 went to schools everyday and sang songs for the kids and our leader gave them a sermon. One of the schools we went to were Muslim, which is the picture at the bottom of this comment. All the Muslim children were holding up crosses we gave them. A couple days later, the church we started over there were holding a "Fun in the Son Club" for as many kids could come! We had about 500 kids in the small area where the church was, including Muslim kids from the school we went to! When the kids were leaving we handed each child a biscuit. They were so thankful for this small gift. To them it wasn't just a snack to fill their hunger, but it was a way of showing them the love of Christ.
Matthew 25:40 "I tell you the truth, 'Whatever you did for the least of these brothers, you also did for me.'"
Hearing the story you told gave me a since of realization, I know exactly what you talking about when you said it doesn't really sink in that  this stuff is real until you experience it for yourself. I am now sponsoring a child who I met last time I was there, I'm 16 years old. I can't wait to go back this summer, I'll remember the words in your song, "I wanna set the world on fire, I wanna feed the hungry children."
5/10/2010 7:33:57 AM
Grace Mae United States
Grace Mae
Hey Britt Nicole,

I love your music and your voice.
I write songs and would love to have any tips or suggestions that might help me write better.
Email me if you can. Thanks Grace Mae
5/10/2010 7:35:14 AM
Matthew Wilkinson United States
Matthew Wilkinson
I am Britt's cousin from North Carolina.  She has been anointed by God to do minister to people.  She has always been the real deal, even from my first memory of her. We are all so proud of her and our family prays for her all the time.  God bless you Britt and we love you!!!

Matthew Wilkinson
5/10/2010 7:36:18 AM
Jane United States
Hi Britt!!  We love your music so much; you speak from your soul.  We have the honor to meet Britt recently at a concert at a church in Mason, Ohio.  The concert was right before my cancer surgery.  I was so taken back when I told Britt about my upcoming surgery and she just grabbed my hand and prayed with us right there.  God is so good.  I have done so well over this past month.  I praised God for the loving support and prayers of friends, family, food and so much more.  I will use my own health issues to tell others of the love, comfort and peace of Jesus in my life.  Keep doing what you're doing, Britt.  There are so many people out there that are lost and need to hear the Good News.  Blessings, Jane
5/10/2010 7:37:06 AM
Maggie United States
I just wanted to say thank you for going on a mission trip and making a difference. I am 18 and I am going on my 5th mission trip to Jamaica on June 5th. Mission work is my plan when I get out of college and get my feet on the ground. Mission work is amazing and I truely believe it effects the missionaries more then the children. These tribs and children see so many missionaries but so many of us only experience is once.Honestly I don't know what I would do if I never got the chance I got. So, I want to thank you again for making a difference in so many lives.
5/10/2010 7:37:40 AM
Stacie United States
Hey Britt Nicole!

A friend bought your CD "The Lost Get Found" for me about six months ago. At the time, I had barely heard of you. I wasn't where I needed to be with God and so I didn't listen to the CD right away.

Recently, I went to a Christian Conference and rededicated my life to Christ. I began listening to more Christian music including your CD. Your songs have truly inspired me to do better for Christ. I have worshiped God, cried, and learned to place my faith in God by listening to your music.

I am a teenager and trying to serve God in a world that encourages you to do all the wrong things is tough. You are an inspiration to me the way you serve God and do what you feel he has called you to do. I hope I can do the same thing.

Your songs have helped me through a really rough time. I want to thank you for what you have done for me personally as well as the rest of the world.

I look forward to hearing more of your music. Thank you so much for everything you are doing.

5/10/2010 7:44:16 AM
Maddie United States
Hey Britt Nicole,

I love your music and what they mean and they have been a huge influence on me and my life. Its so inspiring what you do and how you help people and reach out to them using God.

When I first heard your song 'The lost get found' I was so inspired to do more and try to become closer to God. And help people and teach them about God.

I have grown in my faith with God, amazing how one song, one person singing how that can change the life of someone.

Thank you for all you've done

5/10/2010 12:51:57 PM
Becky Lehr United States
Becky Lehr
the old cliche can be a cliche if you want it to be, but it is so true - God does not call the qualified but qualifies those He calls!
5/10/2010 12:52:56 PM
sue United States
Thank you Britt, my kids love your music I love they have your life exsperiences to teach them. dont change except growing closser to Jesus. my 13 year old sang in church your song. I hope some day we will have the chance to meet you. Im so glad you took the trip to Africa I would love the chance to be awaken to the things the Lord has shown you. but I would need lots of tissues. thanks we love you. Smile  the Aman`s
5/10/2010 12:55:42 PM
Emily United States
Hey Britt!!!
I love your songs!! I saw you at Revolve last year in Portland, Or. It was awesome! I love your song Welcome to the Show!
Emily <3
5/10/2010 12:58:53 PM
Suzann Campos United States
Suzann Campos
I just caught the end of what you were talking about in regards to it never being too late and you are never too old - don't be afraid to step out of the boat.  I am  44 years old and work for an ungrateful and ungodly employer - it has been very very difficult lately and I have wondered if God was nudging me - that the grace He has given me to be her has expired.  I feel like He is wanting me to take a step of faith and your words were so encouraging - thank you! There was a time when I was used by Him mightly and I long for those days again - but to a greater measure.  Your words were timely.  Bless you.
5/10/2010 12:58:58 PM
Jane Canada
Hey guys!

I just wanted to thank Britt Nicole for her music in my life and in my girls group! I started this girls group to become passionate more for Christ and we will play her songs to inspire them. There are about 20-25 girls, ages 14-17 that are struggling in different aspect of life (relationships with Boys, Parents, Christ, etc.) I just want to thank you for being such a great Godly example to these girls. God is continuing to do great things through you, and it has encouraged these girls to live passionate lives for Jesus  Christ as well.

Thank you so much! Continue to Be God's and thank you for showing me that Christ is sovereign and He WILL use you to do great things.


5/10/2010 12:59:25 PM
Jenna Grace Elam United States
Jenna Grace Elam
Dear Britt,
     Your songs make large impacts in my life.You inspire me!You are a role model and a super great person!I always sing your songs!I make up dances to your songs as well!You do a great job at what you do!!You sing for the Lord and worship him ,and that is the best thing you can do in life.Your awesome and simply astounding at singing! I love your voice and how you live your life through-out the Lord!
                 Britt I love you,Jenna(your biggest fan)=-]
5/10/2010 1:00:15 PM
Steven United States
I doubt you will read this, but I just wanted to say something. The life you live is simply a testimony of who Jesus Christ IS and what He has to offer us. The words you sing are nothing less than an encouragement to other Christians to stop what they're doing, man up, and start living the life God has called us to live! WOW! I just want to say God bless you Britt, keep it strong! I pray for you and your ministry. Thank you for reminding me of the challenge Jesus sets if front of us. To go forth and make disciples among men.
If I don't ever meet you, I'll see you in Heaven!

5/10/2010 1:00:30 PM
Brandie Woody United States
Brandie Woody
I have an 11year old daughter who when she was 10 her and two of her cousins who were both 11 got up in front our church one Sunday and sang "The Lost Get Found".  There is nothing like hearing children sing a song that praises God.  Thank you for that song my kids and I love your music and my 5 year old asks me to turn the radio up everytime your songs come on.
5/10/2010 1:01:38 PM
Hannah United States
Hello Britt Nicole,
  You are an amazing person. A friend of mine introduced me to your music last year, and I hardly listen to anything else now!! Your songs have helped me through so much this year. I had lost my focus on God, and I started making bad decisons and only listened to "garbage". One day, I hit shuffle on my zune, and your song walk on water came on. I started bawling and gave my life back to God. You're my role model and I only hope that one day, I'll shine for Jesus as much as you do! I want to be just like you when I get older. Thank you for changing my life.
5/10/2010 1:02:07 PM
Kaitlyn United States
Hey Britt!
I went to the concert Saturday that you sang at! The songs you sang changed me life!! My room is covered in pictures I took! You are amazing!! I can't stop talking about when I met you, it was the BEST day of my LIFE!! Thank you for what you are doing!!
5/10/2010 1:02:43 PM
April United States
I love your song walk on the water! I've heard that song so many times, but until you just sang it live in the studio...never have I heard so many heart felt words. That is the first time I actually listened to every word in the song. Thanks for sharing your heart with us today!
5/10/2010 1:03:24 PM
Sheri Brown United States
Sheri Brown
Hey Brit!! We love you! My girls, Detriona - age 15 and Arriona - age 12, fell in LOVE with you after they saw you a couple of weeks ago here in San Luis Obispo. You are such an amazing witness for God and role model for my girls. Thank you for sharing your heart. Come back soon!
5/10/2010 1:03:45 PM
Jodi United States
Hi i'm Jodi i am 11 years old and i'm going to get my hair cut just like Britt from her new album  ,i love her hair it is very awesome! i love your songs as well!
5/10/2010 1:03:58 PM
Lupita United States
Hi, Britt
Today I found myself walking away from an unhealthy and sinful relationship with my boyfriend where to leaving him meant walking away with nothing and having no place to live and no money in my pocket. I sat down at my laptop and pulled up klove online and heard you talk about your experience in Africa and getting in the cab and the song that came on. I am not afraid, for I know he is with me. You inspired this 37 yr old, broke,homeless, single mom to stay strong. Thank you for your strength and may God bless you!!!
5/10/2010 1:05:09 PM
Hannah United States
Hey Britt!
I love your music so much it is such an encouraging breath of fresh air during dark times. Your songs remind me of how there is Hope in Christ when we trust him. I especially like your song Have Your Way and that has often become my prayer.
5/10/2010 1:06:12 PM
Rachel United States
Hey, You are my favorite singer ever, Britt. I liked your song The Lost Get Found and I decided I would buy your CD. I LOVE IT!!! I listen to almost all the songs on your CD regularly, no kidding, and I have many of the songs memorized up and down. Sometimes they make me laugh out loud when I hear how something in a song sounds so much like something I've been dealing with, and sometimes when nothing else can cheer me up, I listen to your music, and it makes me feel better. I don't know how I got along without your music. I have just started praying for you. Rachel
5/10/2010 1:06:24 PM
abbey United States
i think its so awesome that britt nicole is on today! i have always loved her because of the music she writes and because of her convictions. its really good to know that she comes from a divorced family because my parents are divorced as well. most people just say "I know how you feel" but really dont think about wat they're saying. its good and refreshing to hear that someone has been there and has come through on the other side a better person.
its also encouraging to hear about her mom. i feel like my mom is the same way. im so glad that britts mom is in God's will doing wat He wants even when it feels uncomfortable. thank you for all the encouragement!
5/10/2010 1:07:20 PM
Penny Townley United States
Penny Townley
I love your music, it is so inspiring and moving! While swimming, I blast your songs thru my waterproof Ipod. I would love to add new songs of yours. I just listened to your testomony, it is so amazing.
In his love,
5/10/2010 1:08:06 PM
betty United States
5/10/2010 1:08:19 PM
travis hitt United States
travis hitt
Britt, Love the music. I am a young artist and I am close to finishing a song that I really feel a lot of people could connect to. Any way I could send you a recording and get feedback? I know this is probably ridiculous, and you'll probably never read this but I your song about stepping out of the boat inspired me to give it a shot and maybe see if you would be interested. you never know til you try right

5/10/2010 1:16:22 PM
Matthew United States
I absolutely love Britt Nicole. My favorite song is her "Lost Get Found", it is so very true and so applicable. I am 17 and recently I gave a sermon in our church and I used her video as the base for my sermon entitled living like Christ. I do believe everyone in the room was effected in some way. God can use us to do so much if we just allow him to.
5/10/2010 1:17:18 PM
Kaitlyn United States
Hi Britt!!(again)
I also wanted to add that a while ago I got my hair cut just like yours!! I now keep it that EXACT length!! You are an awsome rolemodel!
5/10/2010 1:20:14 PM
Samantha United States
Hey Britt. I love your music. You have a beautiful voice! What is your advice for kids who want to get in the singing businesses? You should also come to Reno for a concert?

Your Fan,
5/10/2010 1:31:17 PM
David Marshall United States
David Marshall
Hey Britt,

My daughter, Leah is a big fan of yours.  She loves your song "Set the World on Fire".  She is an aspiring singer and actor and your music and that song is very inspirational for her.  We got to hear you perform at Del Grosso's Park in central Pennsylvania two summers ago not long after you returned from Japan.  You invited us backstage to sign an autograph and take pictures.  You are awesome!

Just heard you sing Walk on Water live in the studio.  Thanks for the explanation on the song...very meaningful to both my wife and I as our middle daughter is getting ready to graduate and our youngest is only a few years off.  God has put some things on our heart and we need to have the faith to step forward.

You are annointed by God!  Keep walking with God and allowing Him to use you!
5/10/2010 1:31:52 PM
Kristi United States
You have been such an inspiration to me through your words, music & your amazing voice! Thanks for sharing your talents and your story with the world! Keep singing for Him!  God bless you!
5/10/2010 1:35:03 PM
Robert United States
The comments you made about Africa are very rude! You were scared because you didn't know the cab driver. In the US do you take a cab because you know the driver? You said there were no white females walking around....hallo it's Africa and everyone is black. Maybe you should watch the geographic channel from time to time.
My daughter is only 3 and she loves your songs but i dont think she would appreciate those comments!!
5/10/2010 6:44:58 PM
Chris United States

I just wanted to take a moment to thank you for your comments about your mother.

I'm one of those people you were talking about. I am divorced and fought for a long time with my worth and really understanding how God could ever use me.

I am 39 now and came to Christ at the age of 31, having been divorced about 3 years.

I struggled and wrestled with the issue (and still do at times) wanting so badly and feeling such a passion to teach and preach.

I have the privilege of having been allowed to be youth leader at our local church and I have had several opportunities to speak not only at our local church, but others around the area.

It meant the world to hear this today for someone like me who still struggles at times to understand and have a passion to preach and teach.

I am thankful for any chance God gives me to speak and just want others to know that no matter what happens, what you said is absolutely true. God CAN use you, no matter how much opposition the enemy may try to put in your mind.

In Him,

Eph 3:20-21
5/11/2010 12:58:45 AM
Hannah United States
britt your sooooooooo amazing!!! thanks for being on gods side Laughing
5/11/2010 1:05:01 AM
Lily United States
Hey Britt,
Your songs are just amazing! I was just about to lose faith for everything and I heard your song The Lost Get Found and it touched me and helped me realize what God has put me on this earth for. Thank You so much for your encouraging words.

God Bless!
5/11/2010 1:10:21 AM
Leah United States
I love your song Lost Get found..I played it for my last block class today with a video I made on the ministry team I am in. The lyrics really sum up our see the lost get found. Your music video to that song is amazing I want to do something like that one day. I saw is in my English class when our teacher showed it to us..thanks for letting your light shine for Christ and keep up the good work! Smile Romans 1:16
5/11/2010 1:22:54 AM
shylee United States

Me and my best friends are your biggest fans.
we saw you in concert with Cris and Conrad, Building429, and Mikeschair. You are a great role modeland wish to follow in your footsteps I sing and I wish to be as famous as you. Me and my friend are doing a drama for church camp and we are useing the song headphones for it, me and my friend happen to be lipsyncing as you. We are so excited and we already now all the words. Thank you for being a great role model for me. It means so much to me that I can watch you with your relationship with God.



5/11/2010 1:33:58 AM
jodie United States
i love you britt!!
you helped me get through so much these past months.. i'm a senior in high school and recently my best friend tried to commit suicide.. it was crazy cuz just as i was losing hope for him your song "the lost get found" came on and i felt like it just gave me the strength and that extra push to go talk to him and help him get threw this time in his life when he lost everything and felt like no one cared.. to this day he always says i saved his life but in my head i know it was god and your song that did =) so basicly im saying thanks for being so amazing at what you do and i <3 you
ps. my senior announcement has your song the lost get found on it and every one loves it
5/12/2010 1:04:26 AM
Claire United States
Britt Nicole! I totally love your songs. They are a blessing! I love the song "The Lost Get Found"! The title reminds me some-what of the song "Amazing Grace"!
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