May 18 2010

KLOVE Artists in live Nashville Benefit Concert

KLOVE artists Brandon Heath, Toby Mac, Britt Nicole and Tenth Avenue North are in concert tonight in Nashville to raise money to rebuild a church that was devasted by the recent flood. You can stream the concert live here:

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5/13/2010 12:07:50 PM
Leslie United States
are you sure its live because i cant find the video
5/13/2010 12:19:05 PM
Renee United States
I found the site but cannot find anywhere to log on to watch.  Any advise?
5/13/2010 12:20:41 PM
lisa fresina United States
lisa fresina
I went to the web sight. I can not find the concert on it at all. Mistake maybe? Love you both.
5/13/2010 12:22:16 PM
Renee United States
I found the site but can't log on to watch.  Are you sure it is viewable online?
5/13/2010 12:24:19 PM
Jennifer United States
the link to the live concert only took me to a blog page announcing the concert??
5/13/2010 12:34:02 PM
Byron United States
Looks like it was a goof up, either in the communication or in the upload of the webcast.  Either way, looks like no live concert tonight.
5/14/2010 1:00:03 PM
Claire United States
Concert-Great! I love all the artists! Pretty neat! I love it!
5/14/2010 8:11:51 PM
Suzann Campos United States
Suzann Campos
FYI:  The song Alleluia was originally penned by Leonard Cohen and had several biblical references.  The song has been redone and interpreted by many artists afterwards.  I don't think the song was sung by Fiona in Shrek because it is a guy's voice but I am unsure what character sang it.
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