may 11 2010

How would you spice up an everyday task?

We just learned about the "Happy Cow Car Wash," which is featured on the news page, where washing your car turns into a laser light show! What task would you like to improve with technology? How would you do it? Share your ideas here!

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may 11 2010

Tenth Ave. North is LIVE in the Studio Today!

The guys from Tenth Ave. North are our special guests today!  The guys have brought us such great songs, like "By Your Side", "Hold My Heart" and "Healing Begins".  What would you like to ask them???  What would you like to say to them about their music???

Click the links below to listen to the interview with these guys!

10th Avenue North visits Scott & Kelli to talk about their new CD, The Light Meets the Dark

The guys from 10th Avenue North talk about their hopes for this new CD

10th Avenue North talk about what song on the new CD impacts them

Mike from 10th Avenue North shares his thougths on the new CD

The guys share about Mike's impressions he does on tour

may 10 2010

How have you made a difference today?

Alright, time to share your cool "Make a Difference Monday" stories again! What did you do today? Did someone do something amazing for you? Tell us about it!

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Matt Maher in outer space!
May 18 2010

Matt Maher in outer space!

Congrats to Matt Maher, who's song "Alive Again" was used as a wakeup call on the International Space Station this week! Check it out here!


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Comments (7) -

5/15/2010 9:04:30 PM
Leandra United States
That is totally AWESOME!!!! SmileSmile
5/15/2010 9:17:22 PM
Lisa Perine United States
Lisa Perine
Awesome way to wake up and more awesome was he thanked God!!
5/15/2010 9:17:57 PM
Gretchen Mitchell United States
Gretchen Mitchell
WOW!!  That is sooooooo cool!!! Smile  Praise God!!
5/15/2010 9:18:33 PM
Arlette United States
I agree with Kelli - it gave me goosebumps!  Thank God for those who share their faith unhindered.  Smile
5/15/2010 9:20:11 PM
Whitney hanna United States
Whitney hanna
It's a amazing to me to hear an austronaut thank god for his creations!
5/16/2010 8:46:35 PM
Gregg United States
Our God is an AWESOME! God.  It fits so perfectly with the theme this past weekend at Lewis Memorial Baptist Church here in Huntington, WV - knowing the God of Genesis.  After several sessions with the folks from the Creation Museum and, it really gives special meaning to our Astronaut praising God for the view of His creation.
5/17/2010 3:37:49 AM
Bonnie United States
Incredible!  I just saw Matt in concert at our church a couple of weeks ago and he taught us a coule of the lines of Alive Again so we could sing along -- who would have thought Alive Again would end up in outer space.  I just Love the way God works.  And high five to Mike the astronaut for his testimony.  Thanks KLOVE for sharing this with us.
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