May 18 2010

Who inspires you?

On Good Morning America this morning, they asked a great question... Who Inspires YOU??? We would love to know who that is and why they inspire you. Thanks for sharing!

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5/13/2010 11:24:58 PM
anonymos United States
my snowboard instructor Rudy inspired me to get better and not to give up and persevere and to get better at stuff
5/13/2010 11:27:25 PM
anonymos United States
im 13 so put on air and say its good to persavere and it fells good to get great at what you love doing and dont give up
5/13/2010 11:34:15 PM
kayla phillips United States
kayla phillips
My memmaw that passed away in Jan.2010 has always inspired me. She was a wonderful Christian person and had a heart for God. No matter the circumstances she always praised God throug it. Ex. in Aug.09 she had a difficult heart procedure in which the dr. said as he leaned over her to pray for her and our family "you could be very well waking up and having breakfast with Jesus this morning". Her response was "well Jesus is still on the throne." She just was that type of person. I loved her dearly and she was such an example of how to live your life.
5/13/2010 11:34:23 PM
Sydney Q. United States
Sydney Q.
The person who inspires me is my dad.  I locve writing and music, My dad has written songs and learned piano, guitar and drums by ear.  he never fails to make me laugh and is always there for me.
5/13/2010 11:35:52 PM
Nicole Harty United States
Nicole Harty
I have a lot of people who inspire me, but you asked this question at just the right time for me to pick 1 in particular. Last week, my husband graduated from college. He's spent the last 4 years working full time, and mostly 6-7 days a week. He chose to go back to school so he wouldn't have to work in factories for the rest of his life. So, with determination, he finished school with an Associates in Computers, with a GPA of 3.7! Last week as I watched him walk across the stage I realized with his support I can do the same. I had quit college thinking I couldn't keep my grades up, but I know with the help of my husband and God, I can do all things!
5/13/2010 11:36:26 PM
kayla baldwin United States
kayla baldwin
my grandmother is my inspiration. She passed away 2 years ago, but she loved the Lord Jesus Christ with all her heart, and she told me, if you live for the Lord, you will never regret it. I live for the Lord now, and I dont regret it one bit. She would give people the shirt off her back if it would help. she was always helping people..
5/13/2010 11:40:35 PM
Amber United States
Y'all actually know my inspiration.  Producer KC from the morning show!!  I met KC back in 99 when he worked for a little station in mid-Missouri.  He has been my brother, friend, confidant, and prayer warrior ever since!!  KC has helped me through some of the darkest times in my life!!  In 2004, I won a pair of tickets from that station to see the band FFH, with Warren Barfield, and Big Daddy Weave.  FFH spoke of the prayer of salvation.  I prayed it right then and rededicated my life back to my Father!!  (I had been a Prodigal Son/daughter)  Ever since, KC has been there through all the horrible struggles I have endured in my life, and has always been the encourager!!  My life is a better life because God was working through KC!!  He continues to work through him!!!  He's my brother!!  I love my brother!!  I only hope I can return the favor someday! =)
5/13/2010 11:40:45 PM
Laura Klick United States
Laura Klick
who inspries me is my friend tess because she is the greatest person to me through life hse helps me because god is the one can help each othrer to sinspries me that she is best friend to bec god hold's us toghter that why tess is so imporaqtnat to be all the time through life
5/13/2010 11:41:53 PM
haley allen United States
haley allen
My boyfriend Tyler inspires me most. We have been together for 7 months and I have learned so much from him. I have learned to be bestfriends is much much easier than feeling like your forced to date. I have learned through him that you can do anything when you put your mind to it. He gives me encourgament every single day of my life. He promises me everything will be okay when I think it I will never be able to get out of that dark hole I am in. God is or inspiration to live happily. So in all reality Jesus has the most inspiration.
5/13/2010 11:41:56 PM
andrea johnson United States
andrea johnson
my mom and dad inspires me and my sister too.
5/13/2010 11:43:11 PM
andrea johnson United States
andrea johnson
my mom and dad and my sister inspires me
5/13/2010 11:43:21 PM
andrea johnson
andrea johnson
my mom and dad and my sister inspires me
5/13/2010 11:44:08 PM
Cindy Keele United States
Cindy Keele
Who inspires me?  I would have to say my Grandma.  She passed away when I was 13 years old... I am MUCH older now... but even today when I get down and I don't feel like God is right here with me... I think of her and that all goes away.  She was dying of lymphatic cancer... but she never let it get the best of her.  After all I saw her go through... nothing I've gone through compares to what she endured.  She kept a positive attitude until Jesus came and got her and took her home!  Without her I would not be the woman I am today. Smile
5/13/2010 11:44:40 PM
5/13/2010 11:45:18 PM
polet bet david United States
polet bet david
my husband.  He just accepted Jesus as his personal savior few weeks ago.  He knows little about the Bible but what he knows he shares with his coworkers who live alone meaning without a loyal friend like Jesus.
5/13/2010 11:46:06 PM
Sandy Reed United States
Sandy Reed
Whenever I feel like giving up on something or feeling sorry for myself I get this wonderful picture in my mind.  That picture is of my oldest son, Christopher.  He was very sick all of his life and died at the age of 10. I see him looking up at me and smiling right after coming out of a seizure.  When I see his smile I can't help but smile too.  I hear a voice in my head asking me, "How can you feel so sorry for yourself when he found so much to be happy for."  I thank God every day that he put such an inspiring presence in my life.
5/13/2010 11:46:10 PM
Jordyn Canada
My dad inspires me, he is a police officer and pretty much lives by John 15:13 Greater love has no one than this, that he lay down his life for his friends. Every time he puts on his uniform he is potentially putting his life on the line to help others. It is because of him that I have my passion for missions and helping other.
5/13/2010 11:46:57 PM
Sherry Cantu United States
Sherry Cantu
My second-grade teacher inspires me.  She was an amazing teacher those many years ago and even showed the love of the Lord in the public school setting.  She later went on to be a missionary to several different countries.  We reconnected about 15 years ago and she has continued to speak into my life and challenge me to walk the path that God puts me on and to lean on Him at all times.  Her strong faith has inspired me time and again to step out of my comfort zones and trust the Lord in all things (even breakfast).
5/13/2010 11:47:36 PM
Bailey United States
A very important person in my life who inspires me is my friend, Heather. No matter what she does she always seems to be strong with God and i admire that. She has helped me in mnay ways big and small become a beter Christian.
5/13/2010 11:48:58 PM
Bernardin Blanco United States
Bernardin Blanco
When my daughter Alicia was born she had to have open heart surgery when she was just three days old. I called upon GOD over and over and He heard my cry. It was when I surrendered her to GOD is when my prayer was answered. I didn't cry to save her because He already knew what my heart wanted. I told GOD that I give her back to Him and thanked Him for the little time that I had spent with her, but that I understood that if He wanted her back, I would give her back without any resentment or blame. Alicia is now 12 years old and getting ready for junior high. Even though I have failed GOD many times, He has never failed my family!! Thank you GOD for your SON, Jesus Christ, MY SAVIOR!!!
5/13/2010 11:50:04 PM
andrea moore United States
andrea moore
my inspiratoin is my papaw he gave a strong fight against lung cancer then gave up and i still miss him today so that makes him my inspriration
5/13/2010 11:51:42 PM
Jordyn Canada
My dad inspires me. He is a police officer and pretty much live by John 15:13  “Greater love has no one than this, that he lay down his life for his friends” Everytime he puts on his uniform he is potentially putting his life on the line to help others. It is because of him that I have my passion for missions and helping others.
5/13/2010 11:52:17 PM
Jóel Rósinkrans Kristjánsson Iceland
Jóel Rósinkrans Kristjánsson
I think that it's my dad who inspires me. He always seems to find the right words for me when I'm down or feeling far away from God. It's so good to have someone like him, it's like I get reminded of everything that GOD has done for me.

Of course K-Love inspires me a lot. K-Love is the name of the music that I listen to. Everything is good and so inspiring. I'm so happy to have heard about K-Love because I'm not from the United States and the christian radio station here in Iceland is simply boring.

I want to give GOD all the credits. He's so amazing. I LOVE K-LOVE. May God bless you for your work.

5/13/2010 11:53:21 PM
anonymos Canada
cindy same hapend to me my gramah passed away wen i was 13 too -_-
5/13/2010 11:57:11 PM
Lucy Smith United States
Lucy Smith
I did not want to miss this opportunity to say that my daughter, Ginger has been the greatest inspiration to me.  5 years ago she went to be with Jesus, but I am still inspired by the way she lived her life even through great suffering. She first developed cancer at age 23 and lost her eye.  She took it in stride and remained calm and full of faith.  The cancer retuned 5 years later when she was 22 weeks pregnant with her little son, Luke.  Even though she was told she was terminal, she continued to live everyday as though she would live forever.  She was never fearful and never gave up hope of healing. Her faith in her Lord inspired me and hundreds of others as she remained faithful through much pain and suffering. She inspires me daily and I can't wait til the day we are reunited in heaven! Thank you for giving me this opportunity to share.  I Love K-Love.
5/13/2010 11:58:30 PM
Veronica C United States
Veronica C
My mom is who inspires me. She has always had a strong faith and trust in Jesus. I didn't really truly understand until my adult years, most importantly the last year and a half, what she meant my having full trust.  And with the help of KLOVE I am knowing Jesus more and more. I thank her for always reminding me of the love of Jesus and to pray for his help when I call her on my down days. She is a very big inspiration to me because I'm sure Jesus IS her inspiration! And thank you KLOVE for all your encouraging music and stories..God bless..
5/14/2010 12:00:12 AM
calli cremeans United States
calli cremeans
the one person that inspires me would be Robin Lawhun....because whenever i have a problem & don't know what 2 do she always knows exactly what 2 say & do...i know no matter what i do i can go 2 her 4 anything because she loves me & is always there 4 me when i need her...i love her 2 death & wanna be exactly like her when i grow-up
5/14/2010 12:12:45 AM
Jodi United States
Who inspires me? My 9 year old daughter, Kasey. Kasey has a heart the size of TEXAS! She delivers thank you cards to our fire fighters who work on Thanksgiving Day. She also delivers personalized Christmas ornaments to those who work on Christmas Day. She has done this for the past 4 years. Usually she gets all kinds of news coverage, as she did this year. But she told me that next year she wants to do it without being recognized in such a public way. Her heart is for those fire fighters who sacrafice SO much in order to keep the rest of us safe.
Kasey is also my inspiration to get back on the right track with God. I witnessed her worshipping God to "He Is' in the backseat of my truck when I was at one of my lowest moments. I realized right then that I could NEVER be the reason her faith could be shaken.
5/14/2010 12:22:56 AM
andrea johnson
andrea johnson
i inspires the church last year i got baptize and i met beth moore in person.
5/14/2010 12:24:21 PM
Ashley Galvan United States
Ashley Galvan
Britt Nicole inspires me, she sings songs of hope and encouragement. She has the love and joy of God and I pray to be a Christian like that. She surrendered her life to God and he made something beautfiful out of it.
5/14/2010 12:25:51 PM
Kaitlyn United States
I'm 12 and the person that inspires me is Britt Nicole! When i got her CD i couldn't stop listening to it!! I listen to it everyday!!!
5/14/2010 12:28:51 PM
Kristen Foss United States
Kristen Foss
My sister inspires me. She was diagnosed with MS at the age of 19 and she is now 25. She last year rode in the MS 150 mile bike ride and she will be doing so again this year. She was one of 200 people who had MS that did the ride out of like 3000 people. She works full time, is going to school to get her Masters and is my best friend and I pray every day that I can have just a little bit of her strength that she shows everyday.
5/14/2010 12:28:52 PM
Karissa Martin United States
Karissa Martin
Out of the many wonderful people in my life, my step mom Misti (or my second mom as I like to call her) is such an inspiration to me. She has struggled with illness and medical issues for years, such as severe asthma and chronic pain and headaches. She is always at the doctors, and they never seem to have uplifting answers. But let me tell you one thing that amazes me. She is the first person to say hi to you, give you a hug, or help someone in need. In the 6 years I have known her she has never complained about her life. She is one of the most supportive people in my life. My husband and I recently found out that I am pregnant, which is such a blessing. I just know she is going to be such a wonderful and inspiring grandma to my baby. I love her very much, and thank God she was placed in my life.
5/14/2010 12:31:00 PM
Bobbie Shular United States
Bobbie Shular
I have read several of the "Little House on the Praire" books by Laura Ingalls Wilder to my family.  Reading the books as an adult gives me a whole new appreciation for Charles and Carolyn Ingalls and the values they taught their family.  The adventures, hardships, and life threatining situations they faced and triumphed over while teaching their family to love God, and always give thanks even when facing starvation and the very real threat of freezing to death makes me more appreciative of the blessing I have in my life.  They and other pioneers literally put their lives and the lives of their family on the line for the chance of a better life and the freedom to worship God.
5/14/2010 12:33:57 PM
katie franke United States
katie franke
I have several inspirations but one is my Grandma.  She just had her 95th birthday and is really ready to go and meet Jesus.  Her body is slowly giving out on her and when I visit her she is still so uplifting and praising God.  Family from all over the country drove to Kansas to see her for her birthday.  All eyes and ears were on her, taking in every thing she had to say.  I pray when I am 95 and bound to a wheel chair I can be as inspiring and as much a witness!  
5/14/2010 12:34:53 PM
Kaitlyn United States
I'm 12 and the person that inspires me the most is Britt Nicole!! When I listen to her CD I know that "love is coming through my headphones"!!
5/14/2010 12:36:51 PM
Tracey Beaver United States
Tracey Beaver
My 35 year Sister-in-law Carolyn inspires me, she has battles Sarcoma cancer for ten years and through it all she has gave God all the glory and has show us how to be a true surviver in her times of suffering with chemo treatments. She has become a minister of the gospel and she is our praise and worship leader and has showed us how to truely be worshiper to God. She has taught me how to the person that I am today and I appreciate her for that. She is my inspiration. I would have never knew who God was if she had not showed me through her faith and strength.
5/14/2010 5:43:55 PM
Belinda United States
My son Ronnie has inspired me, he is a senior this year and kept his goal from kindergarden that he would be valedictorian and he meet his goal he influence others as well, he inspired me by his complishments and he also restored my faith in god. When I look at him I not only see him but I also see gods work in him. He always looks for the good in others. He is kind an loving and would never say anything bad about anyone. He loves to help everyone no matter how big or small it may be. In the last serval year my son has taught me so much and to walk in gods path as he would that live is so much enjoyable thank you lord for blessing me much
5/14/2010 5:44:09 PM
Matt United States
My best friend cole. he is very laid back, and will do anything you ask. it is easy to take advantage of people like him, but he he loves God and never complains. he makes me want to be as holy as i can be.
5/14/2010 5:46:55 PM
Marie Baldwin United States
Marie Baldwin
My name is Marie there are actually 2 people that inspires me their names are Jeff and Jennifer McDonald I met them at church and they are like family Jeff is like a dad to me and Jennifer has a very strong testimony she was in a bad car accident in 2005 and her faith has gotten stronger. They have been teaching me to be different from the world and I thank God for placing them in my life and I love them more than they will ever know. They have helped me through some tough times.
5/14/2010 5:49:31 PM
Jamielle United States
Many people throughout my life have inspired me on so many different levels, but most of all my cousins have inspired me. Over the past few years, it has been rough, but through their support, love, and positive example, have inspired me to become a stronger Christian teen who realizes God's unconditional love for ALL his people. They truly embody the qualities of faithful Christian beings, with a passionate love for the the Lord. Seeing how their trusting relationship with the Him has shaped the character and led them to so much success and happiness has encouraged me to want to strive for that type relationship with the Lord as well.
5/14/2010 6:02:49 PM
Marsh Gentry United States
Marsh Gentry
My cousin, Mark, inspires me!  He died last Saturday after a long battle with cancer.   He original contracted cancer in his 20's and was given a less than optimistic prognosis.  He fought that battle through his 20's and GOD saved him.  Other complications arose from the battle over his life and he finally succumbed.  Never once over the many years did I ever hear him complain or question GOD on the hand dealt him.  He steadily continued serving his wife, family, and GOD over the years in so many ways.  Many people will miss him deeply, but he will continue to inspire those that knew him.
5/14/2010 6:10:30 PM
Sarena United States
I am sitting in my chair making a detailed list of all household goods, preparing for a major move. I have KLOVE on my laptop and enjoying the quiet moments I have had tonight. The song playing right now by Casting Crowns has touched  me in so many ways. It never ceases to amaze me how the Lord uses this group to bring me back to where I need to be. Casting Crowns inspires me to use every situation, even the stresses of moving, to bring glory to the Lord. Thank you for playing that song just when I needed a reminder to let God shine in every thing I do!
5/14/2010 6:18:59 PM
Deborah Grace United States
Deborah Grace
I grew up in foster care and I move to AR to go college.  The woman who inspires me so much in this stage of my life is Billie a lady from my church who took me in, calls me her own and loves me unconditionally.  She teaches me so much, pushes me to overcome my past and encourages me to grow and become the woman God wants me to be.  She lives and belives Joel 2:25 "And I will restore to you the years that the locust hath eaten"  She is the kind of mother I hope to be like and I thank God for her daily.
5/14/2010 6:23:28 PM
Catherine Vidal United States
Catherine Vidal
My daughter inspires me...She is 14 and continues to amaze me and others with her ability to remain grounded in God. Her sister commited suicide on January 1, 08 and thru God's grace and mercy we are on a healing path. I was in a car accident in Jan. 4, 09 and my mom died in Aug. of 09...Courteney my daughter still maintains a straight A average and was just given the National Junior Achievement award where she atttends school right now. She comforts me and reminds me daily that God is with us always...I love that young woman. She is beautiful, funny, intelligent and most of all grounded in God. She ispires me to be a better person....She still calls me mommy and want me to tickle her when she is sad....
5/14/2010 6:28:16 PM
Emily Carroll United States
Emily Carroll
The person who inspires me is my older sister. She is busy almost all the time and I rarely see her apart from when she just breezes through the house in between her jobs and school. When i see her I see a loving sister, but in my mind I call her Supergirl. She has a couple of jobs and college to deal with when she's not at home. I love her with all my heart, always have and always will.
5/14/2010 6:29:57 PM
Heather Guy United States
Heather Guy
I'm 13 years old and the people that inspire me would have to be Justin and Lisa. They are the leader at Marsh Junior High's christion club. When I started going there I was not that big of a christion. But coming to the end of the school year, I have asked Jesus into my heart, have sponsored a child through World Vision, been giving to others, and spreading the word of Jesus Christ. They have changeed my life dramadicaly and that is why they have inspired me.  
5/14/2010 6:37:09 PM
Ellie Mays Garden United States
Ellie Mays Garden
My mother was my inspriation and continues to be.  She passed away at a young age to pancreatic cancer.  Since her passing I find that "people" inspire me.  Surround yourself with good people and you become inspired.  It's like someone bringing in a new shiny gadget and you find yourself wanting one...people who are full of God's love "shine" in the same way and others see that & want it.  I tried to capture this by creating a virtual "garden" as a philanthropy project in my mothers memory.  The core of the project are the 5 "Traveling Boxes of Faith" that were sent out in May to start their journey across the U.S.  When you receive the box you will find seed cards, kindness certificates and a journal requesting you perform a random act of kindness, write about the act in the journal & then forward it on to the next person.  Hopefully reading the stories of those before will "inspire" the receipient.  The garden also sends out "Sunday Seeds" - a challenge for the week and posts inspiring stories.  The garden was created in memory of my mother who inspired me, and I hope her legacy lives on with others being inspired by visiting her garden.  Her garden is located at  I have a link to K-Love at the Garden because your "Make a Differnce Monday" always gets me inspired to do some good when I listen on Mondays.
5/14/2010 6:38:26 PM
Aaron United States
2 come to my mind right away.  #1, my wife.  We were divorced 4 years ago.  I left her with her 17 year old daughter who is very handicapped, our 6 year old son and our 1 year old son with down syndrome.  She did not want a divorce but because of my non-believing self-centered self, i wanted to find happiness, so i left.  God bless her.  I dont know how she managed over the past 4 years taking care of our children by herself.  And all the while she stayed strong in the Lord and had faith.  God told her I was "the one" so she and my son prayed for me continually for the past 4 years.  This past November, God found me and I gave my life to Him.  We re-married on Easter.  Her faith truly inspires me.  #2, My brother Derek.  He is currently going through a very ugly divorce.  His wife has backslidden and no longer believes in our savior.  I'm telling you she is demon-possessed the way she talks to him now.  Just downright hate-filled anger without any apparent cause.  He doesnt understand what happened and keeps telling her that he loves her and doesnt want a divorce and to come back to Jesus.  She hates him for his faith in God yet he does everything he can to show his love for her and accomodate her while she rips his heart out. He is having a hard time but i can see him growing stronger in his relationship with Jesus.  Others in our family (non-believers) were telling him that he should make her pay!!! But I tell them that he is operating by different guidelines, the love of Jesus. I am so proud of him for trusting in God through his pain and confusion and I told him that I pray that I can be half as strong in my faith as he has been when my times of trouble.  God bless them both and God bless you guys and K-love.  
5/14/2010 11:44:57 PM
Samantha United States
Who inspires me?

My daughter inspires me. My testimony is like a lot of single mothers out there. Father left when I was only 2 weeks along. I went thru everything by myself. had to hide the pregnancy. When the family found out I was out on my own. I was living in a non-christian home at the time. My mother moved me into the basement without telling my father. At that time I was sneaking out of the house to catch rides with her to get food. My lil brother would sneak me food. It was a mess. Finally came a day I put myself in the hospital for depression. I got the nerve to tell my father that I was having this child. I was 15 weeks when my mother sent me to Oklahoma to have an abortion. i went thru the first part of the procedure and on my way home I cried and cried. I called my pastor friend who called his friend and so on. I got this feeling that night saying it was alright. I was going to be ok. The next morning the highway was closed down because of snow and ice. God answered my prayer! I then put myself in the hospital and when I got out i marched up to my father and told him I was keeping this child. She was a blessing before anyone knew it. He moved me back in and i walked around on eggshells until i had her. May 4th 2007 I gave birth to my best friend. My daughter Loralei (Laura-lie) is the most beautiful, honest, onry, lil girl that I know. She is beyond loved. Its amazing to see what God has done. I instantly went back to him and apologized for what I had done on turning my back from him. He was always there for me. I thought I could run from him, but he was lifting me up when I thought I was lost. He is amazing. The Lord is wonderful! My inspiration is a 3 year old who holds church in the back seat. Who sings Holy Holy Holy. My inspiration prays with me at night or even when im having a bad day she comes to me and says "God be with Mommy" My inspiration is the light in a dark tunnel. My inspiration is her grandfathers favorite girl. Thank you Lord for her!
5/14/2010 11:57:06 PM
Erik Berg United States
Erik Berg
My dad is my inspiration. He is a Norwegian immigrant that came to the USA for college. He is a strong man that always does what he believes is right no matter what. He is a great role model and an amazing leader of my family. One particular instance in which he inspired me was during a trip to Alburquerque for one of my many soccer tournaments. We were coming back to the hotel from dinner and this man came up to me and my dad and offered to sell us his watch for some money so he could buy food.My first reaction was "Yeah right this guy is going to go buy booze." My dad instantly fished out his wallet and gave the guy a twenty dollar bill and told him to keep his watch. I was shocked. I asked my dad why he did it and if he really thought that the man would use the money for food. He basically told me that, "The one time that a person I give money to tells the truth and can eat that night makes up for the 99 times that they lie and go and buy alcohal with that money." This huge show of generosity is just one of the many instances that my dad has inspired me to become a better person.
5/15/2010 12:28:00 AM
Alethia United States
My dad inspires me! He has been an off and on alcoholic all of my life. I have many fond memories with my dad when he is sober. My dad inspires me to be a better person. Watching him struggle with addiction has made me strong enough not to follow his footsteps. Right now he is lost and I hope that someday soon he will come back to the Lord! I miss the dad I use to have, and our memories! Every morning I wake up wondering if today is the day! My dad’s actions and choices break my heart, but I still love him! He has taught me what unconditional love is, to have faith in God, to be forgiving, and to never give in. I pray that he will find the lord and come back to me before it is too late! I want to tell my dad what he has done for me. I also want to see that twinkle in his eyes, that has been gone for so long. Please keep him in your prayers! Thank you K-love!
5/15/2010 12:35:49 AM
Terry Martin United States
Terry Martin
My Inspiration are my two boys. They are 24 and 25 years old and both serving the Lord. With the things our youth faces today it is inspiring to me to see young men take a stand for Jesus. When I am low in Spirit, i can count on them to pray for me. I thank God for my sons. And K Love is an inspiration to me as well. God bless you all.
5/15/2010 8:01:57 AM
Leslie United States
The person who inspires me is my former boss and one of my best friends. She recently moved to another town to start a new job wit her new fiance. She inspires me everyday with her positive spirit and God-listening ear.
5/15/2010 4:36:13 PM
Maegan Ward United States
Maegan Ward
There are two people I have in my life that inspire me. And they are my dear friends Kathleen an Jason Redd. Kathleen has had a tough life in her past, from being a young mother with no family, to fighting cancer but she has made the best of her life. She has two wonderful children of whom are almost finished with High school and she says she has not raised them by her self God has helped her raise them....and that he has.Kathleen has also graduated College and has a double major she is very inspirational for me and she continues to amaze me more and more every day. The second person that inspires me is Kathleen's husband Jason he is only 36 years young and has been diagnosed with a rare lung disease and has only been given 5 years to live but the disease is progressing faster than we hoped it would. Even though Jason is so sick and is unable to work for the rest of his life his faith is still so very strong in the lord there is no doubt in my mind I know where he will go when his battle is finished. I praise God that he has given Kathleen the ability to work two jobs and do all that she does to keep her family going and her faith still be so strong in the lord. These two people are my inspiration and they always will be.
5/15/2010 4:53:06 PM
Maegan Ward United States
Maegan Ward
There are two very special people that God has placed in my life and I feel like he put them in my life to show me that through the many battles we fight in life, and the obstacles we face we can over come our trials in life. These two people I am speaking of are Kathleen and Jason Redd. Kathleen has dealt with allot of hard ships in her life from being a young mother with no family to support her and her children, to battling cancer a few times in her life. And she continues to have many obstacles and challenges in her life due to her husband Jason whom has been diagnosed with a rare lung disease and has only been given a few years to live. Because of this lung disease Jason is unable to work for the rest of his life so Kathleen is working two jobs just so she can manage to make sure her family has what they need. Jason's faith is so strong in the lord to see him keep going on to the best of his ability is very inspirational to me allot of people would give up and I know at times he feels like giving up but his faith in the lord keeps him going. Kathleen is not only a great inspiration but she is a great role model and by seeing her continue to go on in her life with a smile on her face and seeing that her Faith is so strong in the lord is a true inspiration for me. Having these two people in my life has really taught me allot and I will always look up to, admire, and respect these two very special people that God has placed in my life. May God continue to bless this family and use me in any way that he knows best so that I may be able to help Kathleen in any way that I can.
5/16/2010 8:27:59 PM
Rebecca United States
tobyMac has inspired me-a lot! I've always wanted to be a singer. The other person that has inspired me is my cousin Tommy. About two years ago he got cancer. He died in February, and he was only 40, and he was really strong through it. He taught us all to put others first, and to glorify God at all times.
5/16/2010 10:30:04 PM
anonymos United States
My mom inspires me the most in many ways. She is a strong follower of God. She has taught me to put God first in everything. Because of budget cuts at the Cupertino school districts,she might lose her job. She's been offered a good deal for her job,but she said she felt like God was telling her to refuse it. That means she wouldn't have a job for a long time. She said that I should always follow God no matter what because he always has plans for us.
5/18/2010 8:01:29 AM
Kathy henson United States
Kathy henson
My best friend inspires me I thank God so much for her I have lerned so much from her she has showed me gods love when I didnt think I could be loved or love anyone else she never gave up on me . I have been through alot in my life and God knew that I needed a friend and he sent me one I have turned my life around all I want to do is live for God.We have been friends for 13yrs now and there are no words to describe how much she means to me and how much I love her.I thank God for Connie padgett for being the godly example in my life and loving me just the way that I am.God I thank you for saving me and i pray a special blessing on my special friend I thank you for her.
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