May 20 2010

Ever fallen in public?

US Protocol Chief, Capricia Penavic Marshall slipped on the steps of the White House in front of the whole world yesterday. Poor dear! Ever fallen in public? Dare to tell about it?
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5/16/2010 1:59:38 AM
Amanda United States
one time me and my cousin were going to the mall during summer in the afternoon, and I was wearing heels, and right in the middle of the parking lot I tripped fell flat on my face, and mu cousin started laughing and helped me back up, it was so funny, I laugh everytime I think about it.  
5/16/2010 2:00:12 AM
Gail G United States
Gail G
I was a counselor at a summer camp of about 600 middle and high school kids. They were all lined up to get their photo taken, facing my way. When I went to step across a small bush my foot caught a branch. I did a swan dive, my papers went flying, clipboard, everything! I landed on the sidewalk.  After a moment of silence and everyone knew I was ok, I got a HUGE applause and then lots of loud laughs and giggles!  I was sooooo embarrassed!  The kids though were so sweet, all week many of them came to me to make sure I was ok.  They did say it was one of the nicest swan dives they'd ever seen... LOL
5/16/2010 7:09:56 AM
Melissa King United States
Melissa King
My friends and family know that I am naturally clumsy. I tend to fall down all of the time, so I have countless stories, but this is the most recent accident that I will never forget.

We went to Shinefest at Worlds of Fun in Kansas City last weekend and it was the most amazing concert especially when tobyMac came out! While I was taking pictures I was so surprised to see tobyMac pop out into the crowd right in front of me, but before I knew it he was heading right towards me in the crowd and I wanted to get out of his way, but when I stepped down off of the bench we were standing on I stepped down on our umbrella and fell over as tobyMac was coming by! Everyone teased me and said it looked like I fainted, it was embarrissing, but still the best moment ever to get to stand right next to tobyMac in concert!!!
5/16/2010 7:10:42 AM
Courtney White United States
Courtney White
Neither Scott or Kelli just caught was Scott just said......
Her job is to make sure every T is dotted and i is crossed !!Too funny Scott

I hope she does a better job than that, but than again it is politics !!!!   LoL
5/16/2010 7:13:52 AM
Tracy United States
When I was in 8th grade, I wiped out downhill skiing...on my face directly under the chair lift. I had to lay there bloody while the ski patrol strapped me into the sled and everyone above pointed at and talked about me. I was called Platypus for about a month after that at school b/c my mouth was so swollen! Lucky me.
5/16/2010 7:13:58 AM
melissa United States
well i did biff it at school. i was waring flip-flops and there was some water on the floor. i stepped and was on the floor the next second. the worst part was i had a lode of books in my arms. lucky i held on to then.
5/16/2010 7:15:20 AM
Kylie United States
Three years ago, my family and I were also at the White House because my mom decorates it for Christmas. We barely show up to the dinner after the week full of decorating is over. We get our picture done with Laura and we walk into the other room. I was walking towards a Chrsitmas tree to take a picture with it and I slipped! My arm was hurting so they took me to the White House doctor's office and sure enough I had broken my arm! I must agree, the White House is slippery..
5/16/2010 7:16:52 AM
Jeff bachman United States
Jeff bachman
We have all fallen at sometime that is why we need Jesus. I think the continual mention of this young lady may be even more embarazzing for her.
5/16/2010 7:20:02 AM
Laurie Bradford United States
Laurie Bradford
For my wedding, I wore a bridal gown with a lace mini-train in back. Our reception was at my mother's workplace, Seattle's premier hotel. Halfway through the reception, I was desperate for a bathroom. As I ran down the stairs to the mezzanine (overlooking the hotel lobby), my spike-heel caught on the lace train. I rolled sideways down the flight of stairs like a runaway loaf of baloney! Being a trained ballerina, I rose quickly to my feet, curtsied to the crowd of horrified onlookers, and ran red-faced into the ladies room to count my bruises.
5/16/2010 7:20:42 AM
Laramie United States
My first week of High School, i had my first High School boyfriend. We were standing in the hallway talking, when my bestfriend's brother walked up the stairs and called my name. I went running towards him and he went running towards me. As we got closer to each other, I decided i would jump in to his arms. When we actually go to impact, he ducked to throw me over his shoulder, and i jumped to go into his arm. I literally did a flip over the top of him and landed flat on my back in the middle of the hallway. My boyfriend and bestfriend were on the floor laughing. While i had been knocked completely out of breath.  A few days later my boyfriend and I broke up because he could not look at me with out cracking up.
5/16/2010 7:21:17 AM
Christine Gold United States
Christine Gold
Oooh! At the fun age of 12 I was riding my bike with friends and we were crusing the neighborhood having fun when we saw a group of kids sitting in a court that we went by so trying to be sooo cool I looked and waved to them.  Bad idea!!  Next thing I knew I was laying on the back of a parked car.  Ouch!  I quickly got off the car and back on my bike and rode away to laughs and snickers.  39 years later I always watch where I am going.  Oh well!!
5/16/2010 7:21:28 AM
Elena Zinski United States
Elena Zinski
My boyfriend took me to his house right after his high school graduation in order to let out his dog before we met his family for dinner. We'd been dating less than a month, and he still made me nervous. I wanted so badly to be perfect and had agonized over an outfit for that day. I chose a white blouse with a blue and white skirt. Well, I was following him out into the backyard when my white high heel got caught in a floorboard and I did a very ungraceful face plant onto the patio. I skinned my knee, but I got a hug out of it. A year later, we're still dating, so I guess my poor balance didn't ruin everything. :  ]
5/16/2010 7:21:31 AM
Bailee United States
The other day in fact i was hanging up posters in our school gym for student council elections. So it was in the period of boys athletics and i fell right in front of all of them. Actually i ended up having to have stitches. So at the moment i have stitches in the leg.
5/16/2010 7:23:46 AM
Reanette United States
I was in my office with a bunch of important people and pushed back in my chair that had rollers to get into a file cabinet and my chair fell back and I was laying on the ground with my legs straight up in the air!  
5/16/2010 7:23:57 AM
Garrett United States
Well when I was in gym in  the 8th grade (2 years ago) we were playing flag football and I had the long athletic pants that button up the side on. WellI had the football and I was running for the touchdown when all of a sudden someone went for my flag and accidentally grabbed my pants too...ALL the buttons on the side of my pants were pulled open and next thing I knew everyone was laughing at me. And since they were pants that buttoned up the side I couldn't just pull my pants back up so I ran as fast as I could to the locker room! That was one of my most embarrasing moments.
5/16/2010 7:24:53 AM
Hannah United States
I was going to lunch the other day, in my brand new slightly big white cowboy boots, and I fell up the stairs in front of a ton of upper classmen. Then I was leaving later that day and did the SAME thing on the SAME set of steps!! Thankfully there were not as many people around.
5/16/2010 7:26:01 AM
Danielle Heinisch United States
Danielle Heinisch
Two years ago I was interviewing for a position at a church and was getting the tour of the building. We were walking out of a builidng and down some stairs and I missed a step and fell hard. There was no way to break my fall and I skinned up the whole right side of my body as I hit the concrete. I even tore part of my skirt. I of course jumped up immediately and said "I'm fine" even though I was hurting. I was so embarrased. I ended up getting the job and am still there today. I don't know if they truly thought I was the right person or if they were just scared I was going to sue them. Smile        
5/16/2010 7:26:16 AM
Sharon Stinson United States
Sharon Stinson
My senior year of highschool the administration began issuing student ID cards.  All the senior classes gathered in the auditorium as they called us up one-by-one to have our picture taken for our card.  That day I was proudly wearing my 6 inch stacked platform shoes (hey, it was the 70s!) and an outfit with a skirt that came about 6 inches above my knees (again - that 70s thing!) When my name was called I carefully tottered up the steps at the side of the auditorium stage to make my way to the photographer's station, all the while holding down my skirt in the most lady-like way possible.  Then, to my horror, my shoe caught on the final step and I went flying across the stage, face down and feet/skirt up!!!  I recovered within seconds, pulling my skirt back into place and wobbling back up on my "stilts" but by that time everyone in the auditorium was either gasping, exploding into laughter, or clapping - I was absolutely MORTIFIED!!!  I will never, ever forget that moment (nor have I worn platform shoes since!)  Ah, high school - the golden memories - NOT!!
5/16/2010 7:27:06 AM
Carly United States
Im 16, and at a pep rally for my school. I was playing a game. You put your head on a bat and the bat on the floor and spin around, then run to the end of the gym and back. Well as soon as i took off running i fell. RIGHT ON MY FACE. Nothing hit the floor but my face. The Whole high school, jr. high, all the teachers wacthed me fall. As soon as i hit i hurd a crowd of people laughing so hard at me, but i didn't find it funny. I had a knot the size of a baseball on my head.
5/16/2010 7:27:07 AM
Mikah Johnson United States
Mikah Johnson
I was the flower girl for my mom and step-dad's wedding. At the reception, I was dancing with my nephew, I spun out, lost my balance and fell into a tub full of sparkling cider and ice. The whole crowd turned around and all that was showing of my body were my feet and my up-turned dress. I'm sixteen now, that happened thirteen years ago and nobody will let me live it down. Frown
5/16/2010 7:29:25 AM
Rose United States
My second oldest sister, Chris, fell going up the steps to recite the eulogy at our mother's funeral 6 years ago.  She received a lot of ribbing from that one.  
5/16/2010 7:29:50 AM
Marianne United States
I just called my son to get his permission to share his public humiliation story with you. He said, "Go ahead Mom".
So, Jake was riding his bike to his girlfreind's house one day. As he was riding downhill, he accidentally squeezed the front brakes instead of the back and ended up doing a face plant over the handlebars into the cement. When he looked up, there were two medics sitting in an ambulance parked, laughing hysterically at him. Then the one in the passengers seat held up a sheet of paper with a 10 on it!!!
I remember the scrape on his arm and asking if they offered to look him over, but he was too embarrassed to take up their offer. We laugh at the timing about the incident to this day!!!
5/16/2010 7:32:09 AM
Brandon Schaden United States
Brandon Schaden
I was in a school play last week. It was a comedy. I played a televangelist and the scene took place where I was being held hostage by two stupid terrorists. And when they turn their backs to me Im supposed to run to the door to escape. To I ran to the door and they turned around and yelled at me to "SIT DOWN!" So I closed the door and turned around and fell flat on my face scraping my lag and ripping my pastor robe. I had to keep a straight face the whole time because I wanted to laugh so hard.
5/16/2010 7:32:38 AM
Teara United States
Well one of my most embrassing falls happened to me while i was at space camp. We were on our way to lunch, and i was just talking and laughing with my best friend. Now the floors were like tile and i was wearing converse, so how this happened i have no idea. But the next thing i know, everything went black amd i was on the cold hard floor. Everyone came around me and asked me if i was okay. Only one person wasnt there to help me. My best friend was laughing so hard she was nearly on the ground next to me!!! We were laughing so hard... so everybody figured out that i was okay. I live super far away from my best friend, so the only way we can talk is through email and skype. And whenever she tells me she is having a rough day i always bring up that embarassing fall i had in the cafeteria. Cheers her right up!!
5/16/2010 7:34:03 AM
Jennie Valdez United States
Jennie Valdez
One Sunday morning I was on the keyboard during worship service.The keyboard along with the other instruments are postitioned in front of the church, veiwed by all. Right in the middle of "Here I am to Worship" the keyboard bench broke and I fell flat on my back! I laid there for awhile trying to gather myself. The ushers came over and helped me up. I was so embarassed! Im sure even God chuckled that morning Smile
5/16/2010 7:36:58 AM
Cindy Pennington United States
Cindy Pennington
The year of the Iranian Embassy take over I was the President of the President's International Advisory Council at my collage.  I have never had great balance and have been known to be able to sprain both ankles standing barefoot without moving.  As I was on my way up to the podium to introduce the President of our collage I had one of those events.  Since I had been doing that for years I had developed a technique where I basically just tumbled through the fall and came back up on my feet.  When I fell the Dean and the Vice President of our college rushed to my aid.  Everyone was stunned because by the time they got to where I had fallen I had already made it to the podium and was introducing the college president.    
5/16/2010 7:42:32 AM
Bonnie B. Canada
Bonnie B.
We've had so many people fall or miss the last step or just fumble down the stairs in our church office (mostly PASTORS!!! ALWAYS IN A HURRY!!) that we had to create a manual on "Safety in the Church Workplace" for our staff ... including tips like "hold your Bible with one hand and the stair railing with another!"

— Bonz
5/16/2010 7:42:56 AM
Jenn United States
Once I was at my soccer game and had just got on the feild. And well before the game started i fell on my butt in front of every body. Thankfuly the guy I like was not there!
5/16/2010 7:50:17 AM
Deb United States
I was working in Tuzla, Bosnia with the US Army at the time. I was working in the NATO headquarters and I was walking UPstairs and tripped. While rather emabarassing I at least made the day of the Bosnian gentleman who worked in our building cleaning it for us.
5/16/2010 7:51:01 AM
Andrea from Petaluma CA United States
Andrea from Petaluma CA
My son who is in 6th grade normally takes our black pug, Buckley, out in the morning. Well, last week during one of the heavy morning rains, he was running late for school, so I put on my flip flops and bolted down the stairs following my pug to my neighbors yard where he chose to do his "duty" I didn't have a bag so I carefully and quietly dug through her recycling can and came out with a Dole pineapple can. I scooped up the offending mass into the can and quickly turned to leave the "scene of the crime" I slipped on the cement and I fell flat on my butt just as my neighbor was opening up her blinds! She ran out concerned about me, and I looked in the can and I guess during the fall, I accidentally flung the contents to some unknown location.I said I'm so embarrassed and she said that all she saw was feet and red umbrella!Then we both started laughing so hard! A couple days later, I sent  a pineapple to her front door that had a not on it that said "Well, that was funny and embarrassing! Love Andrea and Buckley.  '  
5/16/2010 7:51:50 AM
Lauri United States
I was taking a walk during my lunch hour and was about a block from my office. I had to walk past our mailman who was stopped talking to someone. As I started to walk around them, I "fell off my shoe" and fell down right in front of the mailman (who happened to be very cute, too). Every single day that mailman delivered mail to my office and it was impossible to pretend that he did not see me fall at his feet.
5/16/2010 7:55:33 AM
Jonathan United States
We have a Christmas concert every year at our school, and one of the grades was up on stage singing.  Now, our school has risers, and this little girl was on the top one.  Suddenly, she fell off the side!  Thankfully, the risers are about 2 feet off the ground, so she wasn't hurt, but everyone who was at the concert saw it happen.  When she got back up, there was a look of shock on her face!
5/16/2010 7:58:10 AM
Heidi United States
So I was about 10 i think and we were on a family vacation in caolifornia camping at one of the observatories and we had our dog baily with us and i decided that i would take her for a walk around the camp grounds and before i could get out of sight of mt family and the Park Ranger they were all talking to we came upon one of those reflector marker post's that are oh about 2 feet high and lets just say i went one way and and my dog went the other with the leash in the do the math, i fell smack on my face everyone came running and the park ranger was scared to death we were going to file suit on them....i laughed at him but wow i was embrassed!!!
5/16/2010 7:58:44 AM
Christine United States
I was doing ballet in News10, one of the news stations for Sacramento, and I fell. Everybody started laughing, whew, I can't get over that!

In Jesus Christ,
5/16/2010 8:02:51 AM
Natasha United States
The most memorable public fall I had was on the day of my wedding. We were running from the church to the waiting car while everyone threw birdseed (instead of rice).  It seemed like 20 hands trying to help me up afterwards.  
5/16/2010 8:11:16 AM
jen United States
most falls don't phase me. i have cerebral palsy and i fall. i've been falling or bumping my head since i can remember. i use an electric chair now w/o a seatbelt (to confining). when there is no, or an inaccessible, sidewalks i use the streets. well, when i'm going 5 or 6 miles an hour and the front tire (rear-wheel drive) catches the curb, weel let's just say i take a short flight onto the grass! if there are cars, some stop but so far i've been fine. National tv might embarras me, but general it's life.
5/16/2010 8:17:24 AM
Denise Hanlin United States
Denise Hanlin
OMG - When my daughter, Cassie, was a freshman in high school one day when I came to pick her up after school she jumped in the car buckled herself up & looked up & it wasnt me.  She had jumped in a strangers car! lol
5/16/2010 8:35:13 AM
Missy United States
My 4-H group went to the Iowa State Fair and as we were walking out of one of the buildings another girl and I tripped over eachother and fell.  As we were trying to get up a man came to our aid.  When we were telling him thank you we looked up and realized it was Govenor Brandstad.   We were so embarrassed.  
5/16/2010 8:39:37 AM
Leandra United States
The other day I didn't see this step and I fell and and got three scraps, a bruise, and a twisted ankle cause I was wearing heals. (it was a horrible fall, landed on both knees!)  IT was the dumbest thing ever and I just jumped right up hoping no one was watching me and made it to the car which was near to impossible but I pushed myself because once i was at the car I could look at the injures but right then I had to make it to the car and play it cool.  lol
5/16/2010 8:42:03 AM
Kim United States
In January of this year I went to Great Falls to visit my boyfriend. It was cold and snowing off and on the whole time I was there and my boyfriend was constantly reminding to be careful of the icy ground. As it neared the end of my stay there I was feeling pretty proud of myself for not slipping and falling on any ice patches! On my last day there we decided to take his daughter roller skating. Even though I had not skated in nearly 20 years I decided to give it a go. We all had a blast and after a couple hours decided we'd had enough fun. So, as we are preparing to leave my boyfriends daughter was tired so I said I would carry her out to the car. I carefully avoided the icy patches on the way to the car and as I was opening the car door suddenly my feet went flying from under me and I was on my back! Thankfully his daughter landed on top of me and after I heard a couple of people ask  "are you alright?", I started laughing at myself and they joined in. Thinking about it now makes me laugh and all I can think now is "pride goes before the fall" !  hahaha Smile
5/16/2010 8:48:21 AM
Erin United States
Well, I didn't fall, but when I was little and I was at Disney World it was late and me and my family were walking back to the car and I closed my eyes for 2 seconds and opened them and walked straight into the huge cement columns in the Parking Lot! It was very embarassing!
5/16/2010 8:49:22 AM
Emily United States
I was at a christian youth convention in March and my friends and I were headed down front to the stage area before service and I hit the stadium floor and I guess I didn't land flat footed and landed flat on my face but had a two second rebound rate and was right back up and my friend turned around and said all she heard was a smack and then saw me getting back up. I had a huge bruise on my left leg for two weeks.
5/16/2010 8:52:35 AM United States
So i have a story about falling. When i was in high school i hurt my ankle and due to that injury i was on crutches. Well let me take a moment and discribe my high school to you. It was nothing but hills and the campus was so spread out that you had to go a LONG distance to get from class to class. Well this school beings that it was nothing but hills got the nick name "Lake Highland" (Highland is the schools name) because it did nothing but flood so there was lakes everywhere.

So when i hurt my ankle i went to school and my bestfriend offered to help me from class to class and carry my books. So as i entered campus to start my day at schhol on these crutches. A corner of the crutch went in to the "lake" which was a puddle that was about 7 inches deep and about 20 feet wide and about 16 feet long. Well when the crutch hit this water if flew out from under me and along with the crutch i went down as well into this massive body of water. Well i slid from one side of this lake to the other. And when i stood up i was covered from head to toe in mud. When i looked over at my bestfriend she was on the groung rolling back and forth laughing. (Note this took place right before school started) So the rest of the day the ENTIRE school was talking about this poor girl ontches who got pushed by her friend and slid through this HUGE lake. Her and i still laugh about it today
5/16/2010 9:09:22 AM
Michael United States
Back in high school I asked a young lady to go to the show with me. It was our first date. When we came out of the show we found that there was a freezing rain storm. We started my car and began our drive to her house. Now my old car did not have a very good defroster and I would have to stop the car to scrape the ice from the windshield. I stepped out of the car and my feet slipped on the icy street and I fell. I caught myself with one arm on the arm rest of the door and the other arm on the seat. When I looked over at my date and she was laughing so hard. That was in 1969. Last April we celebrated 36 years of a very happy marriage.
5/16/2010 2:34:09 PM
Mary Booth United States
Mary Booth
My daughter and I went on a trip to Mexico, it was a great trip and we were enjoying it so much!  One of the first nights we were walking to the buffet and talking at the same time by the pool.  They moved the lounge chairs and I didn't notice them, so not only did I trip over them, I flew over the lounge chairs like I was sliding into home base head first!  There was no way to get up discreetly, not to mention my daughter was laughing her head off so much that she didn't even help me up!  Nope couldn't get out of that one with my ego intact!
5/16/2010 4:31:04 PM
Leslie United States
When I was in high school I fell down the bleachers at a volleyball game. Stood up and everyone was laughing!
5/16/2010 5:41:38 PM
Amanda United States
I was walking through a crosswalk at a very busy and very large intersection (the king where you can't possibly get across before the light turns red again). I was right in the center when the strap of my sandal came out of my shoe. I went down with my arms flying and my legs wobbling trying to stop myself. Not only were there a ton of people there to witness my fall but they were all in cars pointed towards me. There's pretty much nowhere else to look!
5/16/2010 5:49:15 PM
Amanda United States
Wait! I have another one! This wasn't a fall and it didn't happen to me but it was hilarious none the less! My company's old office building was in my city's downtown area where there are many one way streets, few stop lights, and random stop signs. It gets confusing and drivers get frustrated... hence there are a lot of accidents. One day an accident happened at the intersection right in front of our building. There were a ton of "lookiloos" including a woman who worked in my building. As she was walking from her car up to the building she was too focused on the accident to her right instead of the pole straight in front of her. Right when she looked forward she smacked hard into that pole and was knocked to the ground! Her nose bled the rest of the afternoon and she had a black eye for the rest of the week!
5/17/2010 11:55:08 AM
Corie United States
One day me and my friends were going into my neighbors backyard to go see their two puppies. The puppies were VERY hyper! They were scratching at us and being mean. We could not get out of my neighbors backyard because of the dogs. So we decided that one of us would stay back with the dogs and keep them calm and then jump the fence while the rest of us ran off! That person that was going to stay with the dogs was me. So i kept the puppies calm while my friends ran out but then i had to jump the fence! I had jumped over many fences before but with jeans on! This time i was wearing shorts and when i was about to jump my shorts got stuck on the fence and i started to hang from the fence! Everyone of my friends started to laugh! I was just hanging there trying to get down! Well thats not falling but i think hanging off a fence is pretty emaressing!
5/17/2010 12:09:26 PM
Deanna Biss United States
Deanna Biss
I was unable to comment yesterday, but I have a good "Fallen in public" story...  When I was in college I took the bus from my house to the campus.  Well, one day I got off the bus to walk across the street to the campus and while I was walking across the street I literally tripped on something that was part of the street, but should not have been there.  As I fell, I landed with both my hands. The intersection was full of cars on all four sides of it and there were a couple more buses as well.  After I tripped, I just got back up and I took my bag and I walked away like nothing happened, but with a limp and my entire body was sore.  
5/17/2010 1:02:28 PM
Claire United States
Well, I was walking with my friends and we were on are way to the park! I walking and tripped and fell right smacked down on the pavement. Well, I wasn't just the only one. Another, one of my friends, ended up falling too!
5/17/2010 1:53:30 PM
Tabby United States
My senior year of high school i fell in front of half of the school in the cafeteria. What had happened was I was on my way to the bathroom, I was wearing flip flops because I wasnt expecting it to rain. When I went through the doors of the cafeteria I slipped in water and fell on my left side including my elbow for support. I fell right in front of stairs and the couple coming up the stairs said "are you alright?" I said yeah. Well when I got up my arm felt like it was hanging. I went to the doctor and found out I had broke my elbow. So my first semester of my senior year I was stuck in a cast! It was horrible!
5/17/2010 8:08:22 PM
Elizabeth Evans United States
Elizabeth Evans
Once, I was racing my little brother at church. I twisted my ankle and fell... on my stomach. I tried to stand up, but I couldn't. I tried to talk but I couldn't. Some friends came rushing over to me to help. I got better, but three months later, I found out that I had chipped my tooth from the fall. Painful!!!
5/18/2010 3:51:19 AM
JESSICA United States
When my husband and i were courting, we were walking down town at this shopping mall. I was wearing flip flops and went to take a step up on the curb and my foot didnt make it all the way up. I had a little purse that wasnt zipped up. I fell on my knees and my purse flew out of my hand and it hit the store window in font of me. It wouldnt have been a big deal but it was during the busy weekend. I was really embarresed because everthing in my purse flew out even female items flew out...My husband (boyfriend at the time) was trying to make sure i was ok but i was more concerned with getting my stuff picked up!! later that night i seen i had cut my knees all up and my pants had blood al over them.
5/18/2010 5:51:36 PM
Jennifer United States
I had to take P.E. over the summer of my junior year in order to take all the other classes I wanted my senior year. We had to run the mile in under 11 minutes if you were a girl in order to pass the class. I'm not much of an endurance runner - both sides of my family were more of the sprinter types. I ended up sprinting almost half a lap in order to meet the time deadline. I remember crossing the finish and then I was on the ground. I apparently took a few steps, fell over on to my backside and just sat there dazed for a few seconds after hearing my finish time. It was pretty funny as others were telling me what happened.

Then there was that one time I slipped on the curb in a dress...that was rather embarrassing hehe
5/21/2010 8:15:52 PM
Kathleen United States
I tripped on a curb and fell on my face before oncomming traffic. Everyone stopped, but i did notice no one got out to help me or see if I was okay. I guess I'm thankful they atleast stopped!
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