May 21 2010

Have you ever cried and didn't know why???

Have you ever had a moment where you just cried and didn't know why??? My wife and I were at our daughters Final 3rd grade performance this morning and both of us sat there crying listening to show tunes... Has something like that ever happened to you???
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5/17/2010 7:20:45 PM
Erin United States
It happens all the time! We are very emotional people! It is good to cry every now and then it is good to let it out even if it is funny!
5/17/2010 7:23:35 PM
Barbara United States
I actually cried at my wedding!  I wasn't sad or anything.  I think it was such an emotional day that it just spilled out that way.
5/17/2010 7:23:54 PM
Brian United States
Yes, crying and not knowing why has occurred more than I care to admit. At weird intermittent times too. I'm blaming it on springtime and the huge amounts of pollen in the air.
5/17/2010 7:24:12 PM
Cindy Keele United States
Cindy Keele
I think it's just the matter of seeing them acting so grown-up and you realize sitting there... "my baby is really growing up".  Believe me... I've had plenty of those moments!  My son is 31 and my daughter is 29 and we've had MANY of those teary eyed moments!  Get use to is... Honey there are gonna be TONS more!!!
5/17/2010 7:24:15 PM
Pam United States
It's God' beauty shining through, reminding us of all the goodness.  Little flashes of His perfection.  We feel that connection so strongly that we just cry.  You're perfectly normal.  
God's Best to You
5/17/2010 7:24:24 PM
Adria Wilkins United States
Adria Wilkins
I love whales and when we went to Sea World and watched the Shamo show. I was crying and I didn't know why.  I guess because it struck an emotion in me and I had to let it out some how.

I think it was because I was in such awe of it.

Maybe when you cried at your daughters performance it was a way for you to express your happiness.

Crying is good for everyone.
5/17/2010 7:24:35 PM
Robin United States
My oldest son is on an overnight track meet.  We were texting, and I ended the converstaion witt,  "most important is I love you and am sooo proud of you XXOOX" and the tears flowed.  Not sure why, he's a good boy and safe.  Maybe cause they grow up so darn fast.  

Thank you Smile
5/17/2010 7:24:46 PM
James A. United States
James A.
It happened to me when I came home from work and saw my 5 year old daugther in her school uniform. I felt like what happened I was just holding you in my arms singing a song to you just the other day. Lasted about 15 minutes. Again at her kindergarden graduation. Praise our Lord  
5/17/2010 7:25:17 PM
Mary United States
Yes I have cried and at the time not know why, so I sat here thinking about this question and what I am learning is that when I have alot of emotion, all kinds of emotions, not just sad, tears are a natural expression for me, sometimes I feel it is old feelings or a sense of loss or change. But simply put it is an expression of emotion.
5/17/2010 7:25:23 PM
Joy Burmaster United States
Joy Burmaster
Yes, I do it all the time at my children's events.  My oldest daughter will graduate from high school next week and I am sure I will be bawling the whole time.  In fact, I am tearing up just thinking about it.  We cry at these events because it gives us so much joy to see our children succeed with their talents.  We are bursting with pride at their accomplishments and our overwhelming love for them spills out into tears of joy.
5/17/2010 7:25:41 PM
Stacy United States
Yes, absolutely, and frequently.
I have very distinctive "emotional" switches. Most of the time they're not "turned on".
But once in a while something joyful reaches to the deep of my soul will "trigger" it on.
And I just start crying for no reason.
I think it's just another way my body response to intense emotions (could be any kind - anger, joy... etc). Sometimes when the Spirit moves in me to pray for a certain brokeness, I would often break down in tears as well, for reasons I cannot explain through words.
5/17/2010 7:25:42 PM
Erik United States
I ve had that experience many times in the past year, my pastor says that's the holy spirit touching you!
5/17/2010 7:26:19 PM
Hannah Ryan United States
Hannah Ryan
I have had a similar situation watching my son wrestle in a high school tournement.  My husband and my sons were watching my son wrestle and everyone looked at me and said "Why are you crying?"  I said I don't know I guess I just feel so lucky that GOD gave you guys to me and I am so proud of you.  Its funny because sometimes in church I do the same thing, I think how lucky I am to have such a forgiving and loving GOD and it just makes me so happy that I cry.
5/17/2010 7:26:38 PM
stacy laidley United States
stacy laidley
I cry at church all the time! every time i see people accepting Christ into their lives I start balling for no apparent reason accept that they must be tears of joy!
5/17/2010 7:28:50 PM
Tiffany United States
I always cry when I see children sing~! They are so sweet and innocent! It is moving and I just can't help it. I am glad I am not the only one!
5/17/2010 7:30:00 PM
Colleen von Tungeln United States
Colleen von Tungeln
I know I have.  It.s crazy I get choked up over the kids on my bus.  Sometimes they drive me crazy and then there's those times they crack me up.  Knowing that in just a few days they'll be gone can be hard.  not seeing how they slowly mature and gain respect for others down to the pride they have in their work...  it's cool
5/18/2010 12:31:43 AM
joyce United States
I've cried when my daughter has performed. I was so proud of her and what she was doing. To me it was a realization that she is growing up.
5/18/2010 12:31:47 AM
LEIGH United States
That happened to me this morning too!  My daughter has a wonderful crossing guard at her school.  Today is the last day of classes for her.  I wanted to do something special for the crossing guard, so I got him a gift card.  Well, when I walked out to meet him with her and tell him how much I appreciated him making sure my daughter got across safely, I could barely get the words out without tearing up.  My daughter will be 12 tomorrow.  It's not like she's still a baby(although she will always be my baby.)  I guess anytime I am dealing with my kids or my family, I have a tendency to get emotional.  We just care and love them sooo much.  Not to mention being proud of them.    
5/18/2010 12:32:04 AM
Veliana Netherlands
Oh yeah, lots of times! For example, when a random child looks at me in the eyes and smiles, when I'm taking a stroll in the wood or feeding the wild ducks, when looking at an old couple walking down the street holding hands. I always cry in those moments and don't know why!
5/18/2010 12:36:50 AM
Jerry United States
We were meant to feel without all of the tangible signs that sense and reason looks for. The place you were in was one on joy and really a seperation of time for the children and those who watch for them in preparing them to understand and look for joy in life, and your soul recognized the bigness of that to a point of joy. Without your input, the spirit is able to rejoice with the Lord, as the heavenly hosts does at purity and honesty in life. Look forward to more as you continue to discover who Jesus really is.
5/18/2010 12:37:15 AM
Makala Barnett United States
Makala Barnett
I just want to start by saying I am a very emotional person. If I see somebody, anybody, crying or hurt or in any pain; I start crying. So one time at Planet Wisdom I looked over at my friend Christal. I thought she was crying so I started crying. She was actually praying. When she saw me she started crying. It was a pathetic sight but a great memory.
5/18/2010 12:37:36 AM
Terri K United States
Terri K
Just wait, It's only the beginning. As you watch your kids grow and meet their goals in life the tears will flow. It's a wonderful thing!
5/18/2010 12:43:27 AM
Karla United States
yup! tears are a very normal and healing expression your releasing very strong sentiment. What causes it? who can really pinpoint it, just thank God you are able too. He walks with us and talks to us so the fact that tears come out at a happy event isn't so weird. Just one more mystery He has placed in us! After all we are walking wonders. God Bless Yall!
5/18/2010 12:43:48 AM
Lucinda Williams United States
Lucinda Williams
This year on the National Day of Prayer I was sitting in my car listening to Lisa and Eric on the morning show. And I realized that that very same day 18 years earlier I had been prayering that my new born son would live. And I began to cry when I thought about what a blessing it was that here 18 years later his birthday that marks him as an adult coinsides with such a special day for our country. I sat in my car and prayed that my son and my 3 other children would all continue to have long and healthy lives. And that they would always be faithful and walk with the Lord. After being born weighing only 4 lbs. and 13 ozs. my fragile liitle boy is now a strong handsome young man. As all teenagers do he struggles with sin and humanity, but I know his heart belongs to Jesus. And as a Mom nothing could make ma happier.
5/18/2010 12:54:16 AM
Tasha United States
Whenever I have gotten really emotionally I like to think of it as God's emotions shining through me. God's love for us is so strong I picture him always on the verge of tears, tears of frustration, joy, hurt for us, love. Just constantly with tears in his eyes for the constant love of us its hard to keep it in. I think we do that to.
5/18/2010 12:57:47 AM
Kathryn United States
Just last week I was crying during the last song, dedicated to seniors, at the last band concert of the year.  My daughter is a junior and she's got another year til she graduates, but I was getting weepy, then got control of myself, only to meet up with her after the concert to find HER in tears.  I think we were both thinking how very fast her childhood has gone and how fast next year is going to fly by.  I'm teary now just writing about it! Gonna quit writing before I totally lose it!
5/18/2010 12:59:10 AM
cheryl United States
When those moments come, when the spirit touches you, and softens your heart and you have tears or emotions that were unprovoked - consider it a blessing. Embrace it, without fighting it or questioning it. And think of it as a gift that God is giving you. A tender, heartfelt moment. (I don't want to get into this - but women's emotions are often discounted as "PMS" - but I cherish those moments of tears, and am thankful for a tender heart)
5/18/2010 1:04:46 AM
Elizabeth Evans United States
Elizabeth Evans
Once, I was listening to Brandon Heath on the radio in my bedroom. All of a sudden, I began to weep like a child. I never knew why, but, sometimes, Brandon can make me cry easily!!!
5/18/2010 1:10:13 AM
Claire United States
I have cried many times without knowing it! Also, I have cried a lot and didn't even know why!
5/18/2010 1:13:45 AM
Mike Ericksen United States
Mike Ericksen
I had a experience like that when hurricane katrina had hit. I went on a mission trip to the most devastated areas from the hurricane largely becase I didn't feel like my heart was in touch with what happened and I knew seeing the pain first hand would put me in touch with Gods heart. The day after I returned I randomly broke out in tears for about 45 minutes I didn't know why. After this experienced I realized I didn't know why because they were not my tears, I was just in touch with God's heart. I believe you and many others have these experiences because you were feeling Gods emotions for those children just as I was for the hurricane victims. There is nothing more pure than tapping into God's heart for another, God bless you
5/18/2010 1:15:21 AM
Rebekah United States
One time, I was shopping with my older sister and she told me to find bread.  I found it and i started crying for no apparent reason.  It just happens.  It feels really good to let your emotions out!  Smile I love you scott and kelli!!!!
5/18/2010 1:16:49 AM
Gina Clay United States
Gina Clay
Scott, I have 3 sons and I can't tell you how many times the tears have come out of nowhere, but I have to say those tears quickly remind me of the 3 gifts God has blessed me with and how time flies. They are in my care for such a short time!!! I must do all I can to be the parent God wants me to be...teaching them about God and His amazing love.  I was reminded of this very thing last night at my 8th graders band concert....high school next year!!!!  They are gifts and He has blessed me with those precious moments of joy and pride!!!
5/18/2010 1:38:21 AM
Elise G. United States
Elise G.
I have!! When the world is just throwing to much at me. Between trying to be a good Christian example at my charter school and just going through the trials of life. It is just to much for me. Then, I like to listen to Klove and I realize that God is with me even though I feel very overwhelmed. Sometimes I start to cry whenever I hear very powerful and up-lifting songs on this station. Number 56 on my list of why Klove is so cool!!!!
5/18/2010 8:22:37 AM
Tedd Jones United States
Tedd Jones
It's totally cool, even for a tough guy like you. It took me awhile to figure why it would happen to me. There are just some things that can bypass the brain filter. When these moments occur they are simply your heart honestly, openly praising God. They are tears of untainted and irrepressible gratitude. Don't worry, these tears mean that there is something very right with you....and it's HIM.
5/18/2010 9:37:21 AM
Sophia Origer United States
Sophia Origer
Having 4 adult children in their 20's, our 5th who is 9 is a gift.  I look at her and cry because I love her sooo much.  I know that GOD gave her to us. She has brought nothing but joy to our lives.  She also brought us back to our faith and church.  She is also the reason we listen to your station.  I love my four older children also.  My older kids still says my fave words, I LOVE YOU MOM at the end of our phone conversations or when they leave.  
5/18/2010 10:46:26 PM
Jennifer United States
There have been times where I have cried after meeting someone for the first time. Hindsight is 20/20 and when I would look back, it was often a God moment. Not long after that, they would tell me about some great trouble in their life and ask me to pray for them. Having a Christ-like heart sometimes may mean weeping (and praying) for those who cannot...and I've seen evidence of that in my life - it's quite a blessing.
5/21/2010 10:01:32 PM
Rachel Brown United States
Rachel Brown
Yes!!! I know how you feel.  I'm a teenager and im very independent and my mom says "Rachel it's perfectly normal for some people to cry sometimes".  but I feel so much like a baby!!I am not an emotional person. One week I was sooo Stressed about school, cheerleading, family problems, and boys!! Nothing could have gone more wrong that week.  But you know prayers always help me.  My friends prayed for me, and I don't know how but it's like you feel the burden gone.?
1/12/2011 3:39:53 PM
Faye Luxemburg-Hyam Canada
Faye Luxemburg-Hyam
I have come to realize that the tears I spill when I experience something beautiful are all about joy... which, I believe, is the reason we are all here... in pursuit of joy... so when you feel it, drop all judgment of the tears and recognize it as one of those times that you are connected to your joy...
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