May 24 2010

How Are You Making A Difference???

What are you doing to Make A Difference today??? What has someone done to Make A Difference for you??? I hope that Shay Kelly's story will inspire you to make a difference! Check out this video...
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5/9/2010 11:54:04 PM
Claire United States
Sometimes just helping out around the house! What I do to help make a difference. Is sometimes people are hurting or can be down...and sometimes I will do something for them-and they come and say thank you! Making a Difference-can sometimes reflect you later on!
5/9/2010 11:55:29 PM
Teandra United States
I was listening to Sterling this morning and took the challenge to not be negative or to complain for 30 days, then while I was telling a friend about it the Holy spirit told me to pull over and talk to another woman. This woman had offended me 2 years ago and I had been holding a grudge against. I pulled over and asked her for her forgiveness if there was anything I had done to offend her we were both in tears and she also asked me for forgiveness the she said can i ask you for something I said yes and she said she had just found out she has nodules on her lungs and needed prayer. I asked her if i could pray with her and we prayed together right there next to the road. All the Glory to God how he can forgive and restore if we are willing to set our pride aside. Thankyou Sterling for sharing and softening my heart this morning to hear from the Holy spirit what a Blessing. Please pray for my friend for healing. God is so good.
5/9/2010 11:57:23 PM
Dakota Molina United States
Dakota Molina
IM a 15year old boy that is in the 8th grade, that is taking a stand and leading a devotion in the  morings at school, me and another classmate.  we have seen so many blessing and changes thats GOD has made in young peoples life. several have came to know him and its great how god can move in a class room of 27 students. the sad part is our school year is coming to a end and we wont be able to devote with each other every moring. but i felt i would share how i was making a differnts.
5/10/2010 5:22:48 AM
Christina Stone United States
Christina Stone
I am full time nursing student and i work 2 jobs i have  3 children and wonderful hubby however i have started sending encouragement cards in the mail to anyone that I hear is having a hard time doesnt matter if I know them or not... it cost for a book of stamps one starbucks so I started getting my coffee at home and spent that money on the stamps and the cards. i do not know if it is helping anyone but i know its something that i can do a few words of encouragement was what i could offer and i am sending out  100 cards a week . i want to make a difference and the difference i am finding is happening to me as well.
5/10/2010 5:48:45 AM
Paula Gray United States
Paula Gray
  Last week I had taken a meal to my neighbor who's girls had strip throat. She could not believe a neighbor would do that and her husband was amazed because he never lived where neighbors shared meals or even talked. Well today I came home tired and hot from driving a school bus, to come home to my neighbor bringing me a meal. What a blessing it was. God is good and honors our giving.
5/10/2010 5:56:52 AM
Heather Allred United States
Heather Allred
Last wednesday I was flying out of the Lubbock airport to visit family and process for the air force, using the same ticket from Christmas time because my flights were cancelled for three days then. Once again we were in the plane and in the middle of take off and there were mechanical issues so we went back to the gate and again my flight was cancelled. I was really frustrated because I needed to get to Utah that day to make all my deadlines for my processing. I grabbed a bite to eat and sat down. A lady at a table next to me started up conversation and was talking about the cancelled flight. She told me that we needed to go see what the airline could do in order for me to get on a flight that day because they were scheduling me for the next day. Well needless to say they just turned their heads and said there was nothing they could do. She told me to follow her one last time. We went to the Southwest counter and the employee had said that it would cost me 348 dollars to fly on the next flight which I did not have so just said that I would just deal with waiting for one more day. The nice lady that I had just met told the lady her name and rattled off some number and the SWA employee said that I had a seat on the next flight. I turned to the lady standing next to me, Dianna Zamora, and kindly let her know I wouldnt be able to accept the ticket but thank you anyway. She told me that it was taken care of gave me a hug said "Safe Travels, oh yeah and just pay it forward." This honestly stunned me. I stood at the counter and began to cry. There are truely genuine people that are always making a difference in peoples lives. I just want to thank Dianna Zamora and one day I hope to find her and repay her for what she had done.
5/10/2010 6:07:51 AM
Becca Mertens United States
Becca Mertens
You have inspired me to do so many good deeds its hard to keep track!
I live in Littleton, CO and there is horrible wind today. My husband and I were on our way to the bank and as we turned a corner somebody's trash can went flying across the street and all their trash went down the street. we stopped picked up the trash can and rang the door bell. There was a lady home by herself with her infant. we asked for trash bags and walked around her neighborhood and picked up all her trash that the wind blew around.
She was so grateful to us. I love giving! Thank you K-love for inspiring me and my family!
5/10/2010 6:25:46 AM
Joanna Canada
Last friday I went over to my grandpa's apartment to help him do laundry and house cleaning that he cannot do since he had a heart attack a few weeks ago. I know he would do anything for me and this gives me a chance to do something for him. But mostly I'm just gald he's still alive and I can spend time with him. I never met my other grandpa because he died before I was born. That fact makes my grandpa that is alive that much more special to me. I love you grandpa!!
5/10/2010 6:28:59 AM
Jesse United States
Listening to Klove has made a difference in me today, especially your comments on the great commission. Too many people forget that it IS a go everywhere do everything non linear command. Not just in my home town, if that were so, no one here in Klove area would know, because Jeruselem is still not evangelized.
5/10/2010 6:43:55 AM
Sandra Costa Rica
Five years ago we were a normal family in Alberta CA, my husband was a very succesful business man.
One morning at a sunday service he felt that God was calling him to make a difference in kids lifes, he wasn't sure at the time what God meant by it, but later he revealed to us where, how and what kids, it tooks us two years to prepare of it.
Then it was the time...God move us from our comfort into San Jose Costa Rica, to work with kids from the Shanty towns and bring the great news of Jesus.
I'm very proud of my husband to have the Faith to leave everything he knew, to obbey God's call in his life to make a difference in the lifes of kids that otherwise won't have any hope...
I love the passion that he has to make a difference in this people lifes.
5/10/2010 6:57:29 AM
Amy Kapral United States
Amy Kapral
actually, someone made a difference for me.  I'm 5 months pregnant and have really been enjoying a certain kind of cereal.  Unfortunately, the cereal is on the top shelf at the store and I'm only 5 ft tall.  Normally, this isn't a problem, as I can reach the front of the top shelf at the store.  On my last shopping trip, there were only 2 boxes of my cereal left-- on the top shelf, all the way back.  An older gentleman (had to be over 6 ft tall) reached up and pulled one down, then asked if I wanted the second one, too (they are small boxes).  It made my day, not only to get the cereal, but to see his smile and willingness to help out a stranger.  He wasn't even an employee at the store.
5/10/2010 7:35:16 AM
Erica Tutuwan United States
Erica Tutuwan
Hi today i made a difference by helping my mom pack up her stuff in her class room, i also made a difference by helping some of my class mates with the questions in math that they couldn't answer. I'm very happy because this is actually the first  Monday that i have made a difference and feel good about it.
5/10/2010 7:48:40 AM
Jasmine United States
My dad came to eat lunch with me at school today and got 2 meals from Chick-fil-A. My friend was walking around the cafeteria and my dad said, 'Don't you have any food?' She said 'No' and was trying to beg for crackers from people. Anyway, after 1 minute my dad said, '[insert friend's name here] you can have my meal.' So he gave his sandwich, large fries, and large coke to her. I am sure God used him to encourage her today!
5/10/2010 8:11:22 AM
Elizabeth Evans United States
Elizabeth Evans
Today, I wrote my teacher a note. I put $1 in the letter and just told her how much I loved her. I signed it "Lovewell" and slipped it onto her desk when she wasn't looking.
5/10/2010 3:53:22 PM
Gina Nicholls United States
Gina Nicholls
Someone made a difference in my life today.It was our last day of school (one hour)and my birthday! My first grade students were all sitting on the rug, anxious for me to open their presents. A parent (who helps out in my classroom) and her husband came in and asked me to sit down because she had a gift for me. She goes into a beautiful speech about what a difference I have made in her sons life, how my care and love for him has made such an impact on their family. She mentions the different ways that I make learning fun for the students, including a yearly 'pretend' trip to Hawaii. After sixteen years of pretending, she says it is time for me to go for real...and hands me a round trip ticket to HAWAII! I am humbled by her generous gift and the way God encourages us during difficult seasons to continue to do his work!
5/10/2010 7:26:58 PM
Leigha United States
Actually - I just wanted to share that even the smallest things you do for someone else can really be a huge blessing - I've received 2 HUGE blessings - I'm a single mom of 3 kids going through an awful divorce - I had a friend invite me over to talk and said hey let's paint out toes - I broke into tears because I left everything behind and couldn't even do that anymore!!  Then another friend gave me a purse she really wasn't using - again not a big deal to her - but I didn't even have one, nor could I afford one. It reminds me that it doesn't even need to be a big thing but to the person receiving it - it could be so much!!  Thanks Klove for making a difference!
5/11/2010 7:12:14 AM
Malinda Daniel United States
Malinda Daniel
I am making a difference by encouraging those around me.  As teachers we have been impacted greatly by the economy and I just want to encourage everyone I see everyday.  Please connect with me to share the good news of hope for education through
5/12/2010 11:44:50 AM
Gloria United States
Its late. Its Tuesday. Really everyday should be make a difference Monday. Y'all sending me a happy birthday e-mail, helped to make my day. It just shows that you all are radio station that cares not just about fame, but about the people. Thank you for being on the radio. -God Bless
5/13/2010 7:06:36 PM
Kayla Wiltrout United States
Kayla Wiltrout
Someone helped me when I was 4. It was my brother he saved me from drowning. Never think you are to small to help.
5/19/2010 12:15:50 AM
Teresa United States
I give thanks to God for the opportunity to serve Him by helping someone a few days ago.  I set out to run a simple errand, but had much difficulty, traffic was impossible.  I changed my destination to pick up something I needed at our very large local hospital where I work part time. When I got out of my vehicle, I found an elderly lady who was lost. She was confused and in the wrong parking deck and it was getting late. I had the priviledge of serving our God by making sure she found her vehicle and was safe.- It is very clear that the traffic problems I had earlier put me in the right place at the right time. The glory be to God who protects us. Our family believes that there is no co-incidence in this life.  
5/19/2010 9:26:11 AM
Kitty Wuerl United States
Kitty Wuerl
My neighbor and very dear sister in Christ is named Joyce. This past Saturday, she became Mrs Lovewell in my life. She accompnied me to the car parts store so I could pick up the car parts I needed to have to get my long overdue car tune-up done. To my surprise, she took out her credit card & paid the bill. Then when we got over to the local mechanics shop to have those parts put in, again, to my surprise, she again paid that bill for me too ! Afterwords, we went out to eat a late lunch @ a local chinese buffet- she again paid that bill too..but that is not all she did !While eating our desert, I suffered a super severe allergic reaction and had to quickly rush off to the local ER and was immediatly admitted into the hospital. Joyce stayed in my room with me the entire weekend, never leaving me alone and kept praying with me for God to heal me the entire time. I was finally released from the hospital tonight,& we rode home together in the cab. This is one Memorial day weekend I WILL NEVER FORGET! Thankyou Joyce for being such an awesome Blessing in my life. She is DEFINATLy AN ANGEL sent from above.
7/23/2010 6:19:55 PM
Batbara United States
I wanted to add to the military comment.  For sometime I have been thanking those serving.  As I see the hats of veterans I thank them also.  One man had a Korean vet on his hat (he was elderly) and I thanked him he turned to show me WWII and Vietnam on his hat.  So, I thanked him three times.  He loved it!

Hats off to our vets!!
2/28/2011 4:50:26 PM
Sharon - 4ThGlryOfGod United States
Sharon - 4ThGlryOfGod
This is my way of "Making a Difference."  

As an amateur photographer I have chosen to share my love of photography and my appreciation of God's beautiful creation in a way that Glorifies God and hopefully brings others to that appreciation as well.  

I have set up a few accounts on-line to share with Family/Friends and the World my "Artistic" photo. images - FLICKR, christian music videos - YOUTUBE and even my FACEBOOK page that share God's Word with scripture verses, christian lyrics, prayers, holy quotes by the saint's, etc...

God is an Artist, and the Universe is His work of Art.
~ St. Thomas Aquinas

All for God and for His glory. In whatever you do, think of the glory of God as your main goal.
~ St. John Bosco

My screen name is 4ThGlryOfGod
Below are link's to a few of my sites.

Continued blessings to KLOVE,

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