May 26 2010

FFH is our guest today!

A huge welcome to FFH, our guests today! Their song "One Of These Days" has been a favorite on KLOVE for years, yet Jeromy and Jennifer seem to have disappeared from Christian music recently! Where were they? Listen and find out what God has been doing in their lives! Any comments for them? Share them here! You can find out more on their website

Jeromy has been sharing on our show today about his struggle with MS. Today is World MS Day and you can find out how you can get involved here:


Click the links to listen to the interview with FFH

Jeromy and Jennifer of FFH visit Scott & Kelli and talk about what's been going on. Also they sing "One Of These Days" live!

Jeromy and Jennifer talk about Africa and their sabattical from FFH.

Jeromy talks about being diagnosed with MS and how they got some amazing news right before leaving for Africa.

Jennifer & Jeromy talk about what it means to lament in worship and about thier kids.

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5/16/2010 3:07:55 PM
Andrea Valiquette United States
Andrea Valiquette
I was so excited to hear FFH on the show! I just went to a women's retreat this past weekend at my church in Livermore, and they performed! I didn't really know who they were before going seeing them this weekend, but I totally fell in love with them !! Now, after seeing them perform and hearing their story, I totally feel like a share some kind of connection with them! Smile yay FFH!! I love them now.
5/16/2010 3:08:33 PM
Rita Bailey United States
Rita Bailey
I just wanted FFH to know when my mom died suddenly a few years ago, I was pretty much paralyzed when I first found out. Not only did I lose my best friend and many other things in this one woman but I also lost my prayer warrior and was suddenly alone and the matirarch. I remember sitting there with no hope and the Lord played the song one of these days for me cuz I always had klove on and suddenly it all made sense to me and it was like her going home/arriving home song. I wanted them to know it made all the difference in the world and helped me move forward with the funeral and all arraingements needed in that season and everytime i hear it's like mom and i take a moment and worship the lord! her from there and me from here!
5/16/2010 3:11:19 PM
Jocelyn (Herr) Hrovath United States
Jocelyn (Herr)  Hrovath
I grew up in Quarryville where FFH started out.  We listened to them when they were first called Four For Harmony.  I think my mom even taught Jeremy at Solanco.  On our drives to vacations at the beach we would YELL out the Big Fish song.  We LOVED that song!  Do they still sing it?  I now live in Central Pennsylvania and am so thankful for K-Love because we don't have a local Christian radio station.  Every time I hear FFH I tell my husband...."I grew up where they are from!  And now they are on a national radio station!"  
5/16/2010 3:15:23 PM
Adam Sullivan United States
Adam Sullivan
I'm SO glad to hear from FFH again! We've missed you, but understand.
5/16/2010 3:18:16 PM
julie United States
So excited to hear you guys are still out there!  I grew up in church and was going through yucky stuff when i got my first WOW CD and One of These Days Was my new favorite song and my introduction to contemporary christian music.  Not long afterward,you visited Kokomo, IN and i bought tickets for me and one extra "just in case" ticket.  It turned out to be my husband's and my first date...we married 4 months later!!  Now, nine years later we are closer than ever.  Thanks for the great start!
5/16/2010 3:21:25 PM
Shannon United States
Lord Move, of Move Me

In 2001 this song was on the radio a lot and it was a source on encouragement in which the Lord spoke to me. I was pregnant with our 2nd child and had found out I had a brain tumor. The doctors couldn't do anything about the tumor until I gave birth. Every day I faced the fear that I was going to have brain surgery just weeks after our daughter was born.  Every time this song came on KLOVE I felt the arms of God wrap around me and my fears were relieved.  FYI we (my daughter and I) are both happy and healthy today. And the tumor has had no re-growth to date! God Bless you!
5/16/2010 3:22:14 PM
Dina Lundblom United States
Dina Lundblom
I have been a HUGE fan of FFH for a long family and friends say I'm a FFH groupie.   They have been a huge blessing.  We continue to pray for FFH and that you will be blessed as well.  Take Care

5/16/2010 3:22:57 PM
Adrianne United States
I remember listening to FFH as an MK (missionary kid)in the Middle East - their CDs were our favourite and the only CDs we would listen to in the car when we'd go places. It's so nice to hear them again!
5/16/2010 3:23:19 PM
katie bauer United States
katie bauer
The songs from FFH have blessed my heart and those of others that I have shared their songs with over the years. Thank you for bringing us up to date on how they are and what they've been doing. Keep playing their songs....I LOVE IT!!
5/16/2010 3:23:34 PM
scott fairlie United States
scott fairlie
just wanted to let ffh know their song
every now and then has chnged my live
I am now a youth paster
and play guitar in the worship team
at church .
   scott from webb city mo
5/16/2010 3:23:52 PM
Tyree United States
I just want to "THANK YOU" I am one of the only Christians in my office. I have my old FFH cd's that I have brought in to listen to.  It gets me through those days when I really need some encouragement.  I feel sorry for my office mate when I start to sing! Thanks to Klove too for filling the rest of my days with music and uplifting stuff to listen to. It helps keep me focused on who is really important.  THANK YOU & God Bless.
5/16/2010 3:25:15 PM
Jennifer United States
So, so happy to hear from FFH today. FFH was the first Christian CD I ever purchased. They opened my eyes to this blessing of Christian music... and I haven't stopped listening. I appreciate them so much. Thank you FFH.
5/16/2010 3:29:21 PM
kathe fanelli United States
kathe fanelli
I heard FFH on the radio in Texas ten years ago. I went to see them at one of the malls and was so excited. My husband and I had separated and I had small children. One of the most favorite songs was THE BIG FISH. The kids and I would turn it up and dance, it was one of the happiest times in there little lives! Thank you! I am so glad to hear you sing again.
5/16/2010 3:31:10 PM
Tabatha White United States
Tabatha White
I would just like to say i love FFH! I met my husband 12 years ago and in 2000 he took me to a FFH concert in Rockford IL. I had not been a Christian, but I accepted Christ that night at that concert. My Husband had already accepted Christ in to his life years before, so this moment will be forever in our thoughts. We would always play the FFH CD we recevied from that concert for our Children and our son would alway request "big fish mommy!" As I  was just driving home from work, I heard them on the show and starting to cry remembering this moment! You do not know me, but we thank you guys for showing my Christ in my life! God Bless!
5/16/2010 3:31:14 PM
Lisa Peasha United States
Lisa Peasha
If the "have i ever told you" Cd isn't in my car it's in my daughter's room. We love ever song and  know every word. My daughter Hannah's favorite song is "Millionaire". But the one we love to sing together is "Fly Away". My favorite song has to be "Before it was Said". That song reminds me of how much our heavenly Father loves to hear the prayers I lift up daily for my family. And that I can never say or sing them enough. Thank you FFH.
5/16/2010 3:31:50 PM
Muriah United States
I am have loved FFH for years, and was so sad when they disappeared. So glad to hear you guys again and more of your exciting energy that is always evident in your music. I'm trilled that God has been leading you to share your beatiful gifts all over the world. I first heard you on the radio nine years ago during a really rough time in my life. Your song Fly Away lifted my spirits so high, and to this day I sing at the top of my lungs every time I hear it. I just graduated from college last week and am starting a scary new chapter in my life, but hearing you again just made my day. Thanks so much!
5/16/2010 3:31:54 PM
Katy Ponzo United States
Katy Ponzo
I am really happy that I turned on the radio this afternoon on my way home just a half an hour ago. My family use to listen to you all when we were growing up. So when I got married a little over a year ago I made sure to find a copy of the CDs so that when I get stressed and feel really low I find the songs on my iPod and start to feel much, much better! I am really excited about the new songs!
5/16/2010 3:38:08 PM
Krista United States
My son was killed in an accident two years ago and singing "I'm Alright" by FFH at the top of my lungs literally kept me going some days, because all I could feel was sadness, and it reminded me that God loves me as His own child, even as I was missing my own child.  Thanks for your ministry, FFH...and I'm still singing "I'm Alright" at the top of my lungs, only with joy and conviction again!
5/16/2010 3:40:48 PM
Delisa United States
How wonderful to hear Jeromy and Jennifer's story - what a testimony to God's faithfulness to His servants!  I was SO excited to see FFH last summer in Waukesha Wisconsin when they first got "back on the road".  Have loved their music for over a decade - wow, we're all getting old!  Blessings to you, FFH.
5/16/2010 3:42:10 PM
Sara Ferguson United States
Sara Ferguson
It was so good to hear from FFH today on KLOVE! We saw them in concert a few years ago in Joplin, MO and bought their CD's and still listen to them on our MP3's.  Their concert was so good and it was so neat to see their love for Jesus in their music.   We will certainly pray for healing for Jeremy and ask for blessings as you continue to minister thru music for the Lord.

God Bless,
5/16/2010 3:42:19 PM
Katherine United States
I was again thinking the other day that it's been a while since we've heard anything from FFH, and I didn't recall any news of them "retiring" the band, so wondered if something tragic had happened.  So glad to hear that you all are well.   Thanks for the great, encouraging songs that you've already shared with us.  I'm sorry to hear of the hardships you've been through, but I'm so glad that you've pulled (been pulled?)  through it, and am hopeful that we hear more music from you soon.

5/16/2010 3:42:20 PM
Becki Hamel United States
Becki Hamel
Just wanted FFH to know that my daughter and I were singing with the song "Fly Away" on the way home from church one night. We drove up and pulled into the carport about the time the song ended and I said to her that it was gonna be great when we flew to meet Jesus. She immediately started crying and said that she didn't think she would do that because she had never trusted in Him. That night in our carport she trusted Jesus as her Lord and Savior. The Holy Spirit used your song to prompt my youngest daughter to salvation. Thank you for allowing God to lead you in your ministry. Love, Becki Hamel Pineville LA
5/16/2010 3:43:16 PM
Janet Waltermire United States
Janet Waltermire
I was diagnosed with muscular dystrophy in middle school.  I went on to have congestive heart failure in my senior year of high school.  I am now 34 and no heart damage can be found.  I do wear ankle braces to get around without falling all over the place, but that is the worst of it.  I truly believe God healed my heart.    

My youngest sister died on Easter Sunday last year to suicide.  I know the feeling of I know God is there, however I have struggled with my faith.  How did you move past that struggle?
5/16/2010 3:43:24 PM
Britt Marbut United States
Britt Marbut
I was so happy when I heard that FFH would be on the Scott and Kellie show this afternoon. i absolutely love your music! 4 years ago i was going through alot of hard stuff with my family and also with some medical stuff when my knee started to give me problems again. I would put in an FFH cd and was just encouraged to keep going on. I am now 4 days from my high school graduation and very excited. Thank you so much for your uplifting and encourage music.
5/16/2010 3:44:27 PM
Carrie United States
Thank you so much for sharing your story and for inspiring me.  My husband & I started listening to Christian music years ago & your cd was one of the first we bought.  Your music has always been a blessing--especially to me.  Thank you for your courage and for all that you are doing for God.  You are a blessing.  
5/16/2010 3:44:52 PM
Heather Freeman United States
Heather Freeman
I know how you feel Jeremy to be in life and being diagnosed with a health concern that blasts you out of the water, I had my own to deal with a year ago, and my grandma was diagnosed with a tumor at the back of her skull/beginning of her spine (several years prior).  It was hard to watch, and when this past year.  I can also relate when you said your friends miraculously called you.   When I was in my darkest tunnel, coming out of some emotional scars, God sent some friends my way to speak words of truth over me in the situation, as God lead me (God's spirit coming in to reveal the truth).  God never leaves or forsakes you!!!  Bless you guys FFH!!!!!  Laughing  His Joy will lead us on, for the Joy of our Lord is our Strength!!!
5/16/2010 3:47:26 PM
Erika Learned United States
Erika Learned
Jeromy, hearing you speak openly about the emotional and mental suffering you go through during the uncertain months before a confirmed diagnosis has touched a place in my heart that needed to be moved. I am a single mom and am about 3 months on the other side of a year and a half of suffering because of undiagnosed fibromyalgia. There were nights I did not know how I stood to rock her through a fussy wake up. I'd hold my babygirl and with tears streaking my face, cry out to Jesus in doubt, in fear, in agony, that he not let me die. That the MRI's and CAT scans and Dr after Dr would not find MS or cancer. The only thing that would get me through life during that time was KLOVE all day long. KLOVE indirectly helped raise my baby to become a toddler. Thank you KLOVE and thank you FFH for giving your hearts to serve through music. Your story is inspiring.
5/16/2010 3:50:05 PM
Christina Shannon United States
Christina Shannon
I just want to tell you guys a big thank you.  I have been wanting to do so since March 4, 2005.  You guys were in concert in Dallas Texas.  I had won tickets a couple of days before to the concert from KLTY radio in that city. Right before the concert that night, I received a call that my mentor and pastor Steve Wallace had gone home to be with Jesus after a fight with cancer.  I wanted to thank you, because even though I was not at that concert that night, you guys were able to bring a temporary diversion to the grief to my brother and two sisters that were at your concert that night. Thank you again for your obedience to your calling that allowed you to minister to my siblings that night.
5/16/2010 3:50:41 PM
Christina United States
In September of '08 I lost my daughter.  I found out 3 days before I had her she wouldn't service.  I went thru a really dark period.  I was angry mad and hurt.  I still believed in God I just couldn't continue praising him or even praying.  I felt like a horrible Christian because I knew people who went thru really bad things yet still sang Gods praise.  They never faltered.  When I heard about how Jeremy felt thru his diagnoses I realized that I was not alone in having this type of feelings.  I have always loved FFH and to turn the radio on and hear them today really blessed me.  I pray God continues to bless them as they continue to do His will!!
5/16/2010 3:50:41 PM
Lori Porter United States
Lori Porter
I am so glad that I found you guys!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have  been to numerous concerts and bought every cd. The first time I saw you, it was a small concert, and I got a front row seat. I was close enough to see Jeremey's eyes, and I truly saw Christ in your eyes as you sang. I know that he has great things for you and ffh and He will carry you through even in our lowest times with out faith. Our cries for help, are music to his ears. You have been an asset to the christian music industry, and am so excitited to hear from you, you made my day much brighter.  Lori
5/16/2010 3:52:59 PM
Kathy United States
I am so happy to hear FFH is back! Before 1998, I had never listened to Christian music on the radio, but one day I was flipping channels in the car and I heard One of These Days.  It and their other songs helped me make the permanent switch to Christian music.  When I heard they were coming to town, back then, I went to the concert.  It was my first Christian concert ever and it was fantastic! My first Christian music CD was also FFH.  Thank you so much for touching my life!
5/16/2010 3:53:10 PM
Katie Dunn United States
Katie Dunn
Jeromy and Jennifer,

Great to hear your testimony of what has gone on with you all the past three years. Thank you for your honesty as well. Jeromy, you admitted your faith was weak, when you were battling depression and not knowing what was medically wrong with you. Sometimes we Christians put on a mask, trying to look like we have it all together, when inside we feel like were falling apart. I have done this often. When we take off the mask, it is then that others know we need their prayers, and it helps other people see they're not alone in the battle.
You all are a blessing and thank you for bringing Gods word through your music!
With Jesus' Love,
5/16/2010 3:53:29 PM
Kristye Hinds United States
Kristye Hinds
I have always loved FFH.  Their music was the first Christian music I had heard.  It helped me through alot of situations, my stepdad's death, our faith with the adoption of our daughter that woudn't happen until 6 years later.  Thank you God for speaking via FFH.  Thank you FFH.
5/16/2010 3:53:56 PM
Sylvia United States
I never really pay attention to who the artist are of songs that I love.  But now I am so glad I am hearing you on the radio, because I love all your songs.  As a matter of fact, most of them have gotten me through so much in my life. Mostly a divorce and now sickness.  
Thank you so much for living for God.  I never have emailed anyone before, but I felt I could not let this opportunity pass me up.
5/16/2010 3:54:02 PM
Jon United States
I just wanted to drop a comment for FFH, I was driving home after work in my car, that doesn't have a/c, and of course it's been heating up nice and warm for me and I'm listening to K-love. I'm kind of annoyed at this point being in my hot car stopping at lights and not having any breeze (ride home's about 25-30 mins) and I hear you talking about praying that God would raise up people to pray for you. You shared about how you had two emails from people saying they woke up in the middle of the night (around when you were praying) feeling this intense need to pray for you. When I heard that, I literally got chills down my spine and "felt" cool, to say the least I just felt very encouraged. Bless you man. Thanks for sharing.
5/16/2010 3:56:03 PM
Sylvia United States
Do you have a web-site, and are you telling your story on the web-site.  
5/16/2010 3:56:08 PM
Do you have a web-site, and are you telling your story on the web-site.  
5/16/2010 3:57:10 PM
Never mind, I just heard about your web-site.
5/16/2010 3:57:11 PM
Angie United States
Hold on!  You are describing my reaction to what I am experiencing with my son.  He is not a believer and only 24 yrs young. He stands accussed and charged with a serious crime which has the potential to alter the rest of his life.  As a single Mom of two great kids this has the potential to rock your world.  I fell apart and ceased to function.  I reached out for prayer and those closest to me knew before I asked that a storm was upon my life.  Prayer and HOPE are bring me through.  I know my hope is in the Lord and I hold on to that truth.  God bless you and I will keep you in my prayers.  I too wondered to myself what happened to you, people come to you for prayer and encouragement and you can't pull yourself out of this.  Praise God I am moving forward and leaning on my faith and the Lord.
5/16/2010 3:58:05 PM
Tami Butler United States
Tami Butler
I have MS, I was diagnosed in August 2002 after going through several tests, MRI's, lumbar puncture and just plain worrying and praying.  I initially went to the doctor in April 2002 thinking that I had a pinched nerve!  After the diagnosis came I had tons of emotions, going up and down seemingly by the minute at times.  I often say that my MS diagnosis was God's way of making me listen to Him and to just plain slow down my life.  I also found KLOVE during that time and have listened to you pretty much all the time since.  I am doing very well, actually not using my cane for the past several months and I work full-time in an elementary school as the library assistant.  I am also a wife and a mom.  I have learned to slow down and to "budget" my energy time.  It's not always easy, but it is always.  I give all the credit to God for my positive attitude.  I'm also extremely fortunate to have a very supportive husband and family.
Take care, be positive and God Bless .... ~~Tami  Smile
5/16/2010 3:58:43 PM
Kristel United States
I grew up in Estonia (formerly a part of Soviet Union). FFH was one of the first Christian bands that I heard. I sent them a letter and they sent me their autographed photo. That was the most wonderful thing- to think that they'd even care to respond to someone from a small country that they'd probably hadn't even head of. I had that photo one the wall by my bed for years.

Many years later, I had an opportunity to see them in a concert in Ohio. Me and my friend were sitting far from the stage and I was trying to take photos of them, when someone took us to the fourth row and said we could enjoy the concert from there.

God Bless your work guys!
5/16/2010 4:00:38 PM
Tonya United States
I fell in  love with FFH from the first time I heard, "One of These Days." It was a time when I was learning about my identity in Christ and I found the lyrics so exciting and encouraging. But their song "Worth it All," God used this song at a time when I felt like walking away from everything. Diagnosed with a chronic pain illness I was heading to physical therapy and this song came on. The originality of the tune caught my attention; I turned off the car and sat listening. By the end of the first line I had tears rolling down my face. Medications had stopped controlling the physical pain and I was exhausted from hurting. Leaving my house for my appointment I thought, "there is no way I can do this for the rest of my life. Hurting this way - non-stop - seems impossible. As this song played it was as if God was singing to me. In the lyrics every fear, every argument and every question I had seemed to have an answer. God let me know that not only did He see my suffering, but He cares and, though I may not see it, He is working to restore me. i was reminded that my pain - and the sacrifices I've had to make - have eternal value adn that one day, I will fully comprehend. I resolved that if the pain was only bringing me closer to God, then it was worth it. This was about 4 (maybe 5) years ago and, though my health is still a constant battle, I can say that God has healed many old wounds and is restoring my health. Because of the faithfulness of these artists god used them to begin mending a very broken soul; I can never thank them enough for that precious gift. God is so good!
5/16/2010 4:06:04 PM
Audrey Hillegas United States
Audrey Hillegas
FFH I love you guys and so appreciate your music ministry! In high school I borrowed your CD Found a Place from the church library and I can't tell you how it encouraged me ever since. I quickly went out and bought the CD for myself. Anytime I was having a bad day or discouraged by the mediocrity of other Christians around me, I would listen to the CD and I would just know that God is bigger than anything I might be dealing with. The song "Lord Move, Move Me" has been one of my life prayers. God Bless you!
5/16/2010 4:12:08 PM
Tammy Derryberry United States
Tammy Derryberry
Oh my gosh!  I got in the car and the radio came on to you saying that your arm was numb and about the heat feeling and the "creepy-crawlies" (my word) and I literally got chills.  I knew what you were going to say.  I had the same symptoms (left-sided as well) and was diagnosed with MS 12 years ago.  Oddly enough I went through the same pinched nerve assumption and then ultimately was told I either had MS or a tumor in my spinal cord.  (And yes I had already diagnosed myself with MS based on Web MD etc - and those silly Neurologists spend all those years in school Smile)  The really strange thing is that the man that came to fix our a/c yesterday (in casual conversation) mentions that he was diagnosed with MS a year and a half ago - I couldn't believe it!  And he basically went through the same numbness/pinched nerve ordeal.  I have been so blessed and have had many good years.  Two months ago I had to end my career due to progressive problems with dizziness (I was always a clutz, now I just look like a drunken clutz!), incredible fatigue and weakness on my left side.  I prayed mightily about it and kept getting the same answer so I finally listened (to God and my husband) and let go of that part of my life - was and still is very difficult, but I'm confident it is in keeping with God's plan for my life.  I now have to wear a leg brace (up to my knee,very pretty) but, in keeping with my goofy personality, I'm going to "Tebow" it and figure out how to put a Bible verse on a ribbon or something and then when everyone looks (and they do look), they will see a verse and perhaps start a conversation.  There are tons of verses about stumbling, feet and strength (ironically Isaiah 40:31 was one of my favorites from childhood) so I will learn lots of new verses along the way - a win/win!  

I wish you all the best and will pray for your continued health - we are both very fortunate to have the support systems we have - we are very blessed.  God bless you!  
5/16/2010 4:12:24 PM
Jennifer Hert United States
Jennifer Hert
It is great to hear where you guys were.  You mentioned the diagoneses of MS and how 15 years ago there was no treatment.  Praise God that there is treatment now, My grandmother died of it when I was two years old and my mother had to watch her go through the pain of this disease.  Now as a nurse I see patient doing well with treatment and still functioning.  
Thank you for sharing making it through your hard times.  I am going through one of the hardest times in my life with my husband and you have gave me that with God we can make it through anything. I have had a hard time holding it together the last several months but hearing your story today to hear this it gives me hope.  Thanks for your courage
5/16/2010 4:12:59 PM
Ken Johnson United States
Ken Johnson
Hey there and greetings from California!! I ordered your new CD from your web site last week and cannot wait to listen to it once it arrives.

Say, maybe now that you are "back in the saddle again" [so to speak] you can get yourselves invited to go along on one of the KLOVE Friends and Family Music Cruises!! Bring the kids along!

Hope to catch you in concert sometime soon, assuming you make it out to California.

Prayers and blessings, always.
5/16/2010 4:18:25 PM
Kara United States
Jeromy, my family used to live in Nairobi, Keny, as missionaries. My mother was diagnossed with a disease called Spastic Paraparesis and we had to move back to the States. It is a lot like M.S., but it is not treatable. She has to do weights and other work-outs as much as posible so that she can walk. One of my friends mother's has M.S. I would just like y'all to know that, as someone that knows what you are going through, I will be praying for you.
5/16/2010 4:26:45 PM
June United States
I really appreciate the perspective that was just shared about believers needing to process the tough times in life together.
It reminds me of something my brother said to me last summer when I was in a very tough place.  He said, "You need to learn to stop asking 'Why me?" and start asking 'What now?'  'What do You want me to do in this situation, and who do You want me to be as I walk through this?"  That question has helped me immensely, both to walk through the dark times authentically, and to draw near to God instead of pushing Him away.  "What now?" instead of "Why me?"
5/16/2010 4:28:52 PM
Donna United States
Its terrible that once we become Christians we no longer feel that freedom we felt when we came to the cross and laid our sin down.  We feel we need to hide all the yuk in our lives so we package it in this strange facade.
Its like when we walk into church or finally have committed our lives to God and/or meet Jesus we have all these garbage bags hanging all over us with sins just pouring out, people see them and some are ok with it, some even welcome us into the church and don't mind sitting next to us with all our sin hanging out, but once you become a Christian you just don't have that freedom to come in sin and all hanging out...because "church" has become another place to "be someone" and once you become a part of leadership its tough to humble yourself and admit sin or issues in life, so people hide it (Just like Adam and Eve.  I am so tired of playing church.  

So thanks for being real....all of you...

Jeremy words...were very honest...thank you....its good to hear.  

God Bless!
5/16/2010 4:29:43 PM
Jim Okamoto United States
Jim Okamoto
I have fond memories of FFH.  When I was on a medical mission to the Nuba Mtns in Sudan, the words of the song One of These Days kept running through my head, "One of these days I'll finally be In a place where there's no more need
No more pain and no more grief
No more foolish disbelief
And all the joy there will be
When at last we finally see
One of these days."  It was such an encouragement in an area that was suffering so much persecution and attacks from the government in the north. The Christians there had nothing, barely enough to eat, yet their faith was stronger than mine. They would despair if not for their hope in Christ and seeing heaven "one of these days".
5/16/2010 4:30:59 PM
Jennifer United States
Please let FFH know how important they are to Christians! Your songs are a real inspiration! Through the murder of my father and becoming a single mom, etc.. your song Move or Move Me brought out loud the prayers I was praying and still pray. I keep that song in my iPod, iPhone and my car to get me through the crazy times and reminds me that I can be in my own way causing some of it.  Thank you for your support!

Your sister in Christ,
5/16/2010 4:32:05 PM
Jan United States
I was diagnosed with MS in 2001 after the drawn-out process of figuring out what I had.  I was told at the time that I would be in a wheelchair in 10 years.  Instead of giving up and allowing myself to go down, I went back to work after being a stay-at-home mom for 20 years.  But God is good, he has allowed me to advance in my job and even work full time.  It has now been 9 years since my diagnosis.  I am actually feeling better now than I did in 2001.  Thanks for your encouragements.  by the way, I am not anywhere close to needing a wheelchair.
5/16/2010 4:36:29 PM
Lori United States
In late 2004 while driving in my car I heard the words of one of your songs saying..."Lord me in a way I have never seen before,there's a mountain in the way, waves are crashing on the shore" and it was a moment for me!!  I had heard the song for months on the radio, but at that moment the words stood out to me like a big flashing sign in my heart and while driving my car, I began weeping.  It was the anthem of my heart!!  Little did I know what God had in store for of the darkest most trying times of my life!  My husband and I had been through a tough year with work and just life in general and knew for some time God was preparing us for a big move.  He moved us more than 2,000 miles away from everyone we knew and loved and my days seemed to grow even darker, but as I look back at that time now, it was one of the sweetest times I have ever experienced with the Lord and your song never left my heart.  No matter how dark my days grew, there was this desire, a hunger in my heart to keep singing that song.  That moment in my car that day was an awakening for me, a revelation that what I was longing for was just what your song was saying!!  Tears well up in my eyes even know just writing this!  I am THRILLED to hear you back on the radio!  God bless you!!!  
5/16/2010 4:38:16 PM
Amy United States
Thank you FFH and thank you KLove. There has never been a time where I needed to hear a message of love and hope more. I have struggled for a long time to feel that I had a purpose and belong. I found the courage to address the things I needed to when I God worked in wonderful ways to get me a job as at teacher that was everything I could have hoped for. I felt strong enough to face some of my biggest foes but to be rebuilt, we must first fall apart. Even as I was feeling broken, I've been further broken by the loss of the job I love. I'm in a dark and scary place, but the songs of FFH give me the courage and the reminder of the truth I know in my heart-this brokenness, though I cannot understand it-will lead me to be the person I was made to be. Thank you.
5/16/2010 4:39:20 PM
Autumn H. United States
Autumn H.
yay yay yay yay!!!!!!!!! i was happy to hear from them
5/16/2010 4:41:19 PM
Ashley Smith United States
Ashley Smith
I so sorry for what you have been though, I just pray that you have become closer to God thoughout your experience. Your music was and is still making a difference.
I had just gotten out of a abusive relationship and needed some help cause I was in a deep depression. I turned on KLOVE and your song undone came on, It spoke life and love back into me. I decided that night I wasn't going to take my life, instead I would let Jesus take it. Your song and KLOVE was there for me in those hard times. I will pray for you and your problems with M.S.
5/16/2010 4:43:04 PM
Rochelle United States
Thank you, FFH, for sharing your story on KLove! I appreciate you guys so much! Several years ago I was at a concert with you where the power went out, and you handled it so beautifully and in a way that truly brought more honor & glory to God. It was so neat to be there and be a part of it! Singing songs along with you without microphones was just something that really connected us all and really lifted high the name of Jesus Christ. Also, I struggled for years with pain and fatigue and was recently diagnosed with Fibromyalgia. I can somewhat understand what you are going through and appreciate your realness about the doubts in your faith and the struggles with depression. Thank you THANK YOU for the song "Undone", it really hit me hard tonight!!
5/16/2010 4:44:43 PM
Julie United States
I was listening to their new song "Undone" earlier today and it touched me cause I've been having problems in my recent engagment because I;m unwilling to share things whenever something is going on I try to fight it out on my own before telling anyone about it including my fiancee This new song has reminded me that I can't do everything on my own that I not only need to ask help from my fiancee but also surrender my problems to God thank you FFH for being so honest in your new songs they truly speak to my heart !
5/16/2010 4:45:40 PM
Andrew United States
When I bought ready to fly, I fell in love with Jennifers waltz.  i knew that would be the song I danced to with my wife at our wedding...except i wasn't dating, and had no prospects. Then I met  the song says tight likr lock and key, the key fit , but the lock wouldn't turn.  then along came Ktheryn, the key fit and the lock turned, and Christ is the locksmith...everytime we hear Jennifer's waltz we still stop and dance whenever we hear the song.  We have a 20  month old lil' girl and twins on the way...Thank you for expressing your love for your wife through song,
Andrew and Katheryn
Tight like Lock and Key
5/16/2010 4:45:49 PM
Darrin United States
Jeromy, was looking for Christian  music went to KLove and then I heard you talking of your diagnosis of M.S., and just wanted to say your not alone. I also was diagnosed with M.S. in Oct.2008 I still feel alone going through this, thank God you were talking about M.S.I feel better I'm not alone  I didn't even know it was M.S. day thanks for sharing your story. There was a reason for listening like I was directed to this station because you were on and what were going through. God Bless You Darrin
5/16/2010 9:50:10 PM
Janice Evans Ukraine
Janice Evans
I too told God I would go anywhere but Africa and 2 weeks later God sent me to Zimbabwe.  It was the biggest blessing of my life.  Then as I was finally travelling to Russia on short term trips ( my life dream) I was diagnosed with MS.  I felt like I had a death sentence. I was planning to go to Ukraine as a fulltime missionary.  My doctor told me not to go but my neurologist said go.  I wrote my doctor a long 6 page letter why I was going and the verses that God gave me.  It is still in my medical records.  13 years later I am still a missionary in Ukraine and thank God every day that I am able tobe here.  God is so good.  
5/16/2010 9:56:50 PM
Kari Hornaday United States
Kari Hornaday
Jeremy & Jennifer,
I just wanted to say thanks for your positive and Godly outlook on life with medical struggles. My husband and I just celebrated our second wedding anniversary. Six months after our wedding, I was diagnosed with hyperthyroidism and my husband and I struggled together through all of the treatments and rough days. God is so good, especially on the dark days. It's so encouraging to hear your story about having a wonderful marriage and beautiful kids. May God continue to bless you guys.
5/16/2010 9:58:41 PM
Dianna United States
I was listening a few minutes ago and hearing you talk about how we are always wearing masks and how we never share our troubles with each other as Christians; I also feel it is important to share some of our struggles with non-Christians, without trying to "sugar coat" it, so that they see that we struggle as well.  Sometimes it seems that we are so busy trying paint a pretty picture that we come across as fake, or unrealistic, or "in our own little bubble".
5/16/2010 10:01:10 PM
Larry Winans United States
Larry Winans
Thanks for that perfect prayer for fear and depression related to hurts, disappointments, rejection or disease. It really touched me! I'm 61, living alone with depression, ADD, and rejection of the companion of 8 years. I'm trusting God in the storm. Thanks again!
5/16/2010 10:02:09 PM
Justin Davis United States
Justin Davis
Jeromy and Jennifer, thank you!!! I heard you live in Orlando many times and your music plays still on the iPhone and God speaks daily to me through you. Thank you so much for your perserverance. You continue to remind us God is with us always in the mountains, valleys and on the walk back home. Prayers, support and joy I pray for you both. Words cannot describe accurately how much you helped me and my friends. Whenever I would turn on the Z in Central Florida, it wasn't long before FFH filled the airwaves! Godspeed and Love! Sincerely, Justin Davis
5/16/2010 10:10:43 PM
Renata S United States
Renata S
May God continue to bless your family, and band!  Thank you for sharing such an amazing song (What if your best).  It has been my prayer this week that all artists singing for the Lord Our God, begin to see more success than worldly artist!  Your message, this song in itself is something the world must hear!  Beautiful, anointed, a true blessing, thanks for being obedient and allowing the Lord to use you all, may you all be forever blessed!  Thanks again and many blessings!
5/16/2010 10:12:59 PM
Tabbie Lamb United States
Tabbie Lamb
When I heard that FFH was going to be on the show today, I was so excited! I have always loved FFH. They were the very first band that I was introduced to as a Christian. They led worship for a youth outreach when I was a teen in 1999. I gave my life to Christ that day, and I have been living for Him ever since. God has led me all over the world on mission trips and full time missionary and youth ministry work. If it were not for FFH's amazing ministry, music, and passion for Christ, I might not have ever heard the good news of Christ's love and sacrifice for me. I thank God every day that they cared enough to come to a small town in Southern Indiana to share the message that God loves even me.
5/16/2010 10:16:14 PM
Jodi United States
I just want to encourage FFH in knowing that God has His plan in His time.
When I was 14 I was hit by a car and suffered a fracture hip and a broken pelvic bone in 3 places. I did not know until after my first miscarriage that the doctors told my parents I would never have kids. It was a traumatic time for me because I love kids and always knew I'd have 3. After going through a divorce and then remarrying, God showed himself faithful. My new husband had a 1 year old daughter and we then had 3 more girls about 2 years apart. The third one, Trinity,was the completion of our three kids together. Then, 2 years later, we had Gabriel (our message from God that He was not done letting us have children). So after my husband had a vasectomy, God showed us that He is all powerful and we then had Kaleb. Since then, nothing. So not only did He show me that I would have my 3 kids, He also doubled it for good measure. We are a very big happy family and proof that God is good-all the time.
5/16/2010 10:51:51 PM
josh United States
5/16/2010 10:56:52 PM
Teresa Stroud United States
Teresa Stroud
Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!!!!!!!!!
I was truly blessed to hear FFH on your show.
It was even better when they sang. I know people do all kinds of things in the recording studio to perfect their recordings but - I love to hear songs done well-  live & FFH did a fantastic job.
I am new to the area and KLOVE fills my need for good christian music.
I believe God put me in my car to run errands and hear such wonderful encouraging words in music and prayer just at the right time today. God bless you all!
5/16/2010 10:58:08 PM
Malinda United States
It's been taking me a while this afternoon to think of what to post here, and I now figured it out. From hearing about Jeromy's diagnosis, made me think of my Ulcerative diagnosis. I was diagnosed in 2007 while in the hospital for 25 days. Thinking of the struggle of wondering what's going on with your body and why this is happening right now, makes me be extremely thankful for my husband and his family being there for 24/7 when I was getting back on my feet. God so know's what He's doing and I believe that he allows stuff to happen to build marriages up stronger. Mine sure did get stronger once I got back on my feet.
5/16/2010 11:05:43 PM
Margaret Forsman United States
Margaret Forsman
I so happy to hear that FFH is back with a new album.  You were the first band that I fell in love with when I began listening to contemporary christian music.   We have missed you and glad that you have returned.  God Bless
5/17/2010 10:21:37 AM
Sheri United States
I too am one who has MS. Thank you Klove for bringing MS Day in as a highlight. Thank you Jeremy and Jennifer for being a part of presenting MS to those who do not yet know about the disease.
I have the Secondary Progressive MS, and I know I have many issues due to the disease, but, I also know I serve a God Who promises to never leave or forsake me, so, I am ok! I intend to keep my praises to the One Who is the strength in my day, and the light of my path!
I have always enjoyed your music, and the FFH songs, as well as the FFH book about your roadtrips. I appreciate your hearts for God and music.
Thank you for being a willing vessel to be used for God!
Keep serving!
5/18/2010 5:32:26 AM
Joy United States
Thank you for your prayer last night at around 5:00 PST. Praying for those who battle depression. Although my battle is not as severe as others it can be debilitating at times. Right now I am once again battling anxiety and yesterday was a horrible day. When I got in the car to go home from work, you were praying for release, for strength and for the reminder that God is there. I was not able to hear the whole broadcast leading to that prayer, but God knew at that moment I needed to hear someone praying for me. It banished my negative thoughts of darkness and reminded me God has plan for me. It also reminded me to share with my family and reach out for help. I cherished that prayer and that although we may never meet face to face, we have met heart to heart. Thank you FFH for your songs, your prayers and for taking time to share. KLOVE - you touch so many lives - thank you for saving mine.
5/18/2010 2:36:32 PM
belle United States

I was also diagnosed with MS.  After 3 years of intermittent numbness, pain, tingling, and burning in my leg I finally went to the MD and was told I had a central nervous disease or a tumor.  Great choices!!!!  After rounds of testing the diagnosis of MS hit me like a ton of bricks.  I knew only enough about the disease to be sure I would be in a wheelchair within a year. I was 32 years old and the mother of 4 children 8 and under.  I was to start nursing school 8 months after I received the diagnosis and just assumed I wouldn't be able to do that. I was scared to death and significantly depressed.

That was 20 years ago.  I have occasional periods with weakness, fatigue (indescribable exhaustion), blurred vision, and dizziness but the symptoms have always resolved completely within a week. To look at me one would never know I have MS.

I work full time as a nurse (obviously I went to nursing school) and am an active bicyclist and swimmer.  I have had no change in life style.

I realize I am extremely blessed and things could be much worse - as they are for some others.  The reality is that MOST people diagnosed with MS are like me and have very few problems. Have faith that this will be the case for you.  The diagnosis of MS is NOT a sentence of disability.

I pray God watches over you and brings you peace of mind regardless of the physical problems you may face now and in the future.

For His Sake
5/24/2010 10:05:34 PM
Judy United States
Our family has been BIG, HUGE, GIGANTID fans of FFH for years!  We had wondered what happened - we have missed you guys so much.  We have ALWAYS enjoyed your music.  So inspirational and fun and LOVE to sing to!!!  It is something we have done together as a family.  And, no, not when I was a teenager.....we are 53 and 55.  We were just talking the other day about FFH and then we heard your new song on K-LOVE.  God is so cool how He brings answers to our questions!!!  We are SO very blessed that you all are back.  So sorry that you all went through and are still going through stuff but God carries us all through it AMEN?????   We look forward to singing along with you and praying for you xoxoxoxoxo  God bless you!!
5/26/2010 2:27:26 PM
Bethany Stiles United States
Bethany Stiles
I got Diagnosed with M.s when I was 19. I was very ill. And kept going undergoing test. Because we didnt know what was going on. Once, we found out that I had M.s I never even heard of it. So I didnt quiet know what to expect.. Sometimes, I cant even get out of bed or even see I would question why God had this happen to me. But, then one day I started taking treatment for M.s and it has became a huge change in my life. I shouldnt have ever question why god had this happen to me. For I know that there is a purpose for everything in my life. Im strong in the faith I have in him. I can get through anything because of my faith in god. Since Ive started the treatment Ive been avaible to do things that I havent done before. Im only 20 now. And my relationship with Christ has gotten stronger because I know that God has gotten me through this.
8/31/2010 1:55:08 PM
Angie United States
I can identify.In the last 3 years I have battled breast cancer twice and the second diagnosis came 6 weeks after my youngest who had 3 times tried to commit suicide, went to drug rehab.My emotions were reeling.She is now drug free and I am nearly to 2 years cancer free.God is so kind and gracious despite all the tough sruff we go through.Your song Undone is truly a blessing to me.May God bless your family and the ministry.Also incidently I am an MK who grew up in South Africa which remains near and dear to my heart!
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