May 27 2010

Ever had an odd experience with sleepwalking? Waking in a strange place?

A woman fell asleep on a flight, only to wake up 4 hours after landing at the airport. The plane was empty. Talk about a shocking wake-up! Ever woken up in a strange place? Know anyone who is prone to sleep-walking? What happened?
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5/19/2010 5:23:11 AM
Claire United States
Well-I do know about sleep walking! Ahh! I didn't even realize it! I actually have 2 stories. First one is-my mom said at 2:00 in the morning. I came in and said I love her-(I told her-she must have been dreaming, but she said it was true.) Second-I was asleep in my friend bedroom-upstairs-I ended up being in the dining room laying down with my friend. But I don't remember waking up and going down there. ODD! Is all I can say!
5/19/2010 5:30:47 AM
Nora United States
I was at a conference with some ladies from church, and I went sleepwalking right out the door of our hotel room and the door locked behind me.  It was about 3 in the morning, and I had to bang on the door so that someone would let me in.
5/19/2010 5:32:39 AM
Nora United States
I went to a conference with some ladies from church, and I went sleepwalking right out the door of our hotel room and the door locked behind me.  It was about 3 in the morning, and I had to bang on the door so that someone would let me in.
5/19/2010 5:37:22 AM
Amber Ruck United States
Amber Ruck
As a child I slept-walked A LOT! Once I woke up under my bed, another time I was coxed back inside a hotel room from the parking lot (without ever waking up!) But, the all-time scariest place I ever woke up was in another campsite when I was about 10 years old!

The craziest part is that I remember leaving the tent in the middle of the night to go use the restroom up the hill from us but I don't remember anything else until a bright light shining directly in my eyes woke me up, accompanied by a voice that said "Are you okay?"

Thank the Lord some people in a campsite near by heard be walking around, woke me up and helped me find my family and my campsite again!

THAT was a crazy experience!
5/19/2010 5:38:08 AM
Sally United States
When my daughter was 19 she want to Europe for a week.  On the flight over she fell asleep.  She awoke after a while to find herself in darkness!  She panicked for a second, then the darkness moved!  There were some German nuns on the plane & one of them had gotten into the overhead bin above my daughter & the sleeve of her habit was covering my daughters head!
5/19/2010 5:39:33 AM
Pam Baker United States
Pam Baker
About 1:00 in the morning i heard a knock on the door, so I peeked out the peek hole and saw nobody, figured it was kids playing a prank so I ignored it.  It continued, so I got pretty frustrated and finally opened the door to go chase down the kids and to my surprise there was a nieghbor boy about 6 years old who had been knocking on my door but I couldn't see him cause he was too short.  I brought him in and asked what was going on and he was talking gibberish.  i called his mother and asked her if she knew where he was.  she swore he was in his bed and that i was nuts.  i finally convinced her to go check his bed, she freaked and the next day there were new locks way up high on their entry doors.
5/19/2010 5:43:37 AM
Kathey United States
When I was young I was fortunate enough to travel with an Aunt and Uncle.  They woke one one night with me trying to get out the door of the 2nd story motel because of sleep walking. When they asked me what I was doing I replied I was looking for the hair dryer.  Luckily the chain the motel room's door stopped me from getting outside.
5/19/2010 5:44:50 AM
Lehua Tandal United States
Lehua Tandal
When I was in elementary, my family and I took an outer-island trip to Maui.  I had a habit of sucking my thumb so one night when I was sleeping, I had a dream (which i didn't realize til after) that my dad told me to get a knife because he was going to cut my thumb off.  So I got up, went to the kitchen and got a knife. When i turned dad wasn't there. So I went into their room to find him sleeping. I woke him up and all he saw was me standing there with a knife in my hand.  He FREAKED out..and then my mom woke up and was scared too!! And then whole time I'm thinking, "What??? you told me to get the knife".  They still tease me about that.
5/19/2010 5:50:24 AM
Pat United States
This is so weird but absolutely true. Almost 25 years ago when my oldest daughter was a baby, we made a trip to visit my inlaws.  The baby slept in a bassinet and my husband and I slept on a fold out sofa. I woke up early in the morning after having a STRANGE dream that my baby was crying in the middle of the night and I went to get her from the bassinet but she was all wrapped up in a sheet and I couldn't get to her so I cut the sheet open.  Anyway, that morning when I walked into the kitchen to fix her bottle, I was a little freaked out when I saw a kitchen knife with feathers stuck to it sitting on the counter.  I went back to the living room and checked the baby and she was fine but the feather pillow sitting on the table next to the bassinet was cut open.  Talk about a scary sleepwalking experience!
5/19/2010 5:52:02 AM
Donna United States
I pulled into my driveway at 9:45 one night when my son was about 8 years old.  My husband was home with the kids and they always were in bed early.  My son came walking out of the house and into the garage right in front of me.  He proceeded to put his bicycle helmet on his head and get on his bike.  He wouldn't answer me when I asked what he was doing out of bed and in the garage. I realized (in horror) that he was sleeping and had God not orchestrated my arrival home (15 minutes sooner than scheduled) he might have been riding around town on his bicycle in his pajamas in his sleep.  I took off his helmet and walked him up the stairs to bed.  My husband was in the tub and didn't even know he was out of bed.
5/19/2010 5:54:11 AM
David Perrine United States
David Perrine
Once in Bible College, the professor had to be away from class one day and left a video for the class to watch.  I fell asleep during the video only to wake after class was over.  Everyone was gone from the classroom, the video was over, and the TV was still on displaying only 'snow.'  Fortunately, I hadn't slept too long and didn't miss any other classes but I sure heard from my fellow classmates about it!
5/19/2010 5:57:05 AM
Erin United States
When my dad was in high school he walked the 6 or so blocks to the high school in his sleep.  Then continued to sleep on the lawn.  He was awakened by the sprinklers turning on!
5/19/2010 5:58:55 AM
Ben United States
I was on a missions trip with my band, and I was sleeping at the feet of my friend. I woke up about 3 in the morning and find my head on the arch of one of his feet. It was actually fairly comfortable, but strange. Tong
5/19/2010 6:02:30 AM
Autumn H. United States
Autumn H.
i was sleeping at a christian camp for girls camp and i woke up in my bes tfriend's bunk. it was really funny and i just climbed back down the ladder and went back to sleep in my bunk. i asked her about it the next morning and she said she didnt even know i was there. it was super funny.
5/19/2010 6:06:17 AM
Hope United States
I had a sleep over once and my friend was sleeping next to me.  We were really young and we were pretending that our dolls were our kids. We went to bed and she put her doll next to her. At night I heard someone talking and I woke up. It was my friend rocking her doll with her eyes closed sitting up on the bed. She was talking gibberish to her doll while sleeping. it scared me bc I was about 9 years old and didn't know what was going on.
5/19/2010 6:07:36 AM
Donna United States
When my sister was about 8 y/o, she was sleep walking.  She went into the kitchen, opened the bread drawer and pulled out the 5 lb. coffee can that my mom kept in their.  (When mom bought sandwhich cookies, she would put them in the coffee can in the bread drawer.) Luckily there were no cookies in the can, as my sister proceeded to put the can on the floor, slide down her P.J. bottoms and sit on the can. You've guessed it, she was going to "relieve" herself!  Mom stepped in and got her to the bathroom on time!  
5/19/2010 6:14:12 AM
Krista S. United States
Krista S.
One night i was spending the night at my Grandma's house. I woke up about 12:30 at night walked into her room and asked her how long to heat up doughnuts and she said what I said how long do you heat up doughnuts she said we will talk about it in the morning I said OK then i went back into my room and went back to sleep =)
5/19/2010 6:17:50 AM
Leslie United States
My parents Jean & Larry were with me at Silver Dollar City in Branson, Mo and my mom and I went into a gift shop and left my dad (Larry) on a bench to wait for us and he dozed off and when he woke up he was looking up to a undertaker (park worker) as he was handing him a Death Certificate (as a joke of course) but it startled him!
5/19/2010 6:23:39 AM
Kelsey United States

I was watching a little gil named Leanne while her parents were on a little vacation. They were family friends and so I was saing a their house so I could also watch the do. I had just the 5 year old to sleep by watching Snow White. Suddenly I heard a noise, woke up, and freaked when I realized Leanne was not in her bed. I ran right into the dog. I knew something was not right because this family kept the dog in a kennel. So that is where I ran to. And there was Leanne IN the dog kennel!! She had no idea how she got there. But boy she had me terrified!!!!!!
5/19/2010 6:24:18 AM
Kim United States
When I was young, we were at church and another young girl, maybe 9 or 10 got up out of her seat and walked up on the platform while the pastor was preaching and sat down in his chair. She kinda walked like she was dragging her foot. Everyone was trying to hold back the laughs, including the pastor. He never quit preaching, but you could tell by the sound of his voice that he was trying not to laugh. In a few minutes her dad walked up there and brought her back to her seat.
5/19/2010 11:49:35 AM
Angie United States
When I was like 3 or 4, I woke up UNDER the bed, completely stuck. Not to mention scared to death. I have absolutely no clue how I got there. I guess I crawled under the bed in my sleep.
5/19/2010 12:04:58 PM
rebekah United States
yes i have and i have ran into my glass door at midnight and what is wried that the big door was locked and i wake up when i hit the glass dorr but it did not break but then when i get up in the morning i hade a balck eye
5/19/2010 12:22:58 PM
Mary Loi United States
Mary Loi
When I was a young girl I would sleep walk every night end up back in the living room where my Mom and DAD were and Mom would lead me back to bed. One time I sat down by the door and when my Mom opened th edoor to go to bed there I was.
5/19/2010 1:34:58 PM
Esther United States

About 5 years ago, are then 12 year old son, Jake left the house in his sleep aroud 10:30pm as I sat in my bedroom watching TV.  My husband came home from work just about that time and asked "where's Jake" when he noticed Jake wasn't in his bed.  We checked each room frantically!  I went to the back door to check the patio and my husband went to the front door to check outside.  When he opened it, there was poor Jake standing in his boxers and a t-shirt crying.  He said that he woke up all the way around the block and ran home as fast as he could.  He's always been a super hard sleeper, but this one took the cake!
5/19/2010 1:37:06 PM
Tish United States
Five years ago, we had just moved away and our assisting pastor, from our "home" church, was visiting us while on his vacation.  We were up late, about midnight, talking around our table, when our then 11 year old son came out to the kitchen and started making himself breakfast.  We asked him what he was doing and he said he was getting ready for school.  We laughed and told him to look outside, it was dark, he snapped out of it, realizing he was sleep walking, put the milk in the cereal cupboard and the cereal in the refrigerator!  We obviously still get chuckles when we share this story.
5/19/2010 1:38:11 PM
allie United States
One time we were spending the night at my friend Brookes house. When we woke up our friend Emily said she couldnt find the blanket she had slept with. We then went searching for it. We found the garage door open. Brooke was like Emily you must have slept walked. Emily denied it. We went outside and saw footprints in the grass. So we got on her golfcart and rode around making sure she didn't walk down the street to her own house. We still couldn't find it so we went back to Broiled house and found it in the bathroom. It was all muddy and grassy but we had a good laugh about it.
5/19/2010 1:38:39 PM
Lauren Killmeyer United States
Lauren Killmeyer
I was a sleep walker as a child.
Craziest place I ever woke up was on the steps in our house. I had my pillow and blanket at least i was prepared.
5/19/2010 1:41:43 PM
Mackenzie United States
I sleepwalk all the time and when I wake up in the morning my mom always tells me stories of what I did. One time in particular stood out to me, my mom had just come home from having dinner with her friends and she was coming to walk up  the stairs when she saw me walking down the stairs with my bible in my hand. She said she knew I was sleepwalking and wanted to know what I did next! She said I went to the door and wanted to open it but she told me to go back to sleep and I did, with my bible in my hand! I'm not sure what God was trying to tell me through that, but I sure would like to.
5/19/2010 1:41:43 PM
Bradley Orzolek United States
Bradley Orzolek
I went to bed after a tiring Halloween.  My mom came in to tuck me in, but immediately fell asleep.  In the middle of the night, she woke up and heard a chainsaw.  By this time, it was like 3:00 in the morning so she ran downstairs to see who on Earth was cutting down a tree.  She went back upstairs after giving up her searhc.  My mom went to my dad's room and found out his snoring kept her up for three hours wondering who would cutting down an inoccent tree in the middle of the night.  So it was dad's snoring the entire time!
5/19/2010 1:47:39 PM
Bradley Orzolek United States
Bradley Orzolek
I have another one:

My brother, who is about 2 years old, finds his way out of his crib and sleeps in the hallway.  One night, my mom (it's always her) hears a THUMP THUMP WAAAAAA!!  Yes!  You guessed it!  He fell down the stairs!  My mom ran downstairs to help him but tripped on the way down.  Now her big THUMP woke me up, but I went back to sleep.  The next morning, I woke up to a big surprise!
5/19/2010 1:49:14 PM
Daniel United States
OK, this goes down as my most embarrassing moment. I was in my mid 20's recovering from a borken leg at the time, and had been put on some serious pain medication. My girlfriend at the time (now my wife) and my best friend were given the responsbility of decorating the church for the Christmas season. So one Sunday afternoon, the three of us went to work to decorate the sanctuary and foyer in holiday attire. I was on crutches, but did my best. Due to my medication, I eventually became drowsy and at some point that afternoon I laid down on a pew to rest my eyes. The next thing I know I'm awoken by the sound of singing and loud music. In a groggy state I open my eyes and look up, only to find myself surrounded by a congregation standing on their feet with hymnals in their hans and everyone singing "Victory in Jesus." Worse yet, I'd laid down in the section which was considered the senior citizen section; they were not amused. When I looked across the sanctuary to where my age group was resigned to sitting during the evening service, I saw my wife (then girl friend) and my best friend; along with everyone else busting out laughing and in tears. Bottom line, I clearly recall thinking I had died and gone to heaven, yet not seeing anyone younger than 80 was a little disturbing.  
5/19/2010 2:16:49 PM
AJ MILLER United States
5/19/2010 2:18:58 PM
Katie United States
When I was a Senior in high school, I would drive myself to school daily. It wasn't uncommon for me to sleepwalk. But one particular night I got up, showered, dressed, gathered all my books and actually got in my car. It was when I started the engine that I woke up and realized it was only 2:30 in the morning.

I still sleepwalk/talk. Only about 6 weeks ago I woke up in my walk-in closet pulling out clothes. This time I know  I was having a dream of people coming to visit my home.

According to my parents and various room-mates I also sleep with my eyes and I have since I was an infant. But that's a story for another time....
5/19/2010 2:21:03 PM
Sam Todd United States
Sam Todd
When I was 11 we were camping. Us kids were sleeping on cots outside of my aunt & uncles trailer. I woke up in the middle of the small river behind the small hill at our camp site! What woke me up was a "splash" from the water.
Once I awoke and could get my bearings I realized that I would have to climb up the hill (called rattlesnake hill)or go back into the water. I chose the hill, climbing up to the top and then scooting down on my bottom. Needless to say the remaining nights of our camping trip I spent "locked" in the trailer.
5/19/2010 2:21:37 PM
David United States
This didn't happen to me or even to someone that I know, but I heard about it somehow.

This guy was sleeping and he usually slept in his underwear, he had a tandancy to sleepwalk and on this particulay night he walked right out of his front door.

When he woke up in the early morning he was laying on his neighbor's porch . . . in his underwear.
5/19/2010 2:23:44 PM
Theresa Hoover United States
Theresa Hoover
When I was a little girl I used to sleep walk a lot..Mostly when I came home after visiting my mom..  I remember my step mom telling me one morning that I had gotten up and said I couldn't she warmed some milk like she usually did when I couldn't sleep.  While the milk was warming up..I got an apple..peeled it, sliced it..and when the milk was done...I poured the milk into the dogs food  dish and put the apple in his food..then returned to bed...My step mom said she laughed so hard she was in tears...she realized that I was sleep walking.
5/19/2010 2:27:49 PM
Jessica United States
I don't sleepwalk out of my bed, but I do scare my sister regularly. She is normally up later than I am, and we share a room. She says on a regular basis I will sit up in bed and interrogate her (I must have detective dreams every week!) - usually quite intensely. Also, I have been known on occasion to yell at people to stop when they walk past my room. Apparently there's a giant cliff in front of my door that only I can see. ;)
5/19/2010 2:32:02 PM
Lisa United States
When I was a kid in the middle of the night, my older brother got up to go to the bathroom. I'm guessing he had no idea what he was doing and in result of that he ended up using it in the humidifier in the hallway. I had no idea this happened until that morning when my mom asked who did it. He had no idea either! I will never forget that!
5/19/2010 2:37:07 PM
Denise Meyers United States
Denise Meyers
when I was just a teenager.  a couple friends and I were up in the mountains and started our trip home at 1AM which may have not been the smartest thing to do, but I was determined to be in church the next day.  So my girl friends went to sleep in the back of a 1 ton cargo van as I started the drive home. 13 miles to the main highway down to town.  I was all ready nodding off. But I made it to the turn off - only 50 miles to town, then al of a sudden there was a street light.  I thought "What is that street light doing up here in the mountains?" Then I looked around... I was on flat ground, not in the mountains, I was coming up to the first street light in town.  So maybe this isnt a sleep walking story, but it is a sleep driving story.  Gods miricles never cease.  Needless to say... the adrenelin kept me awake the rest of the drive home.  I'm sure the nap did some good too. God is Good
5/19/2010 2:39:49 PM
Jami United States
when I was about 13 or 14 during the summer I went to church camp on a college campus and one night I walked out of the dorm room. My friend told me the next morning that she heard me walking up and down the steps then she heard me knocking on the door. I couldnt get in because I didnt have my key so she let me in and she said that I was just standing in the doorway in my pjs and I got up walked in the room and jumped right back into bed and went to sleep. It was so weird because I remember none of it so I dont have a clue what I was doing walking up and down the steps.
5/19/2010 2:42:25 PM
rachel United States
When I was about 12 years old my family was staying at my uncles house.  Our family was all staying in one room and in the middle of the night I got up and walked out of the room asleep.  My mom actually asked me if I was going to the bathroom and I replied saying "yes".  When she didn't heard the door close she got up and started looking for me. Not finding me in the bathroom she found my aunt watching tv and they both started looking through the small house.  They finally found me curled up next to my uncle fast asleep in his bed. They got me back to bed and when I got up in the morning I was so embarrassed.
5/19/2010 2:46:38 PM
Alexandra Bloss United States
Alexandra Bloss
One time when my grandparents were visiting and I was sleeping with my sisters, I went to the bathroom and forgot where I was sleeping, apparently not totally awake.  I went to my own room and got into my own bed and jumped on my grandpa in the middle of the night.  He and my grandma woke up with a start because I had tried to lay down on him.
5/19/2010 7:49:32 PM
Brandy United States
When our oldest daughter was 3 or 4 we would wake to hear her in the living room running back and forth between the two couches and laughing.

Our youngeset daughter would some how end up sleeping on the kitchen counter (scarry)
5/19/2010 9:13:06 PM
Brittni United States
Well, I wasn't fact, I wasn't even born yet, but my family always tells me about it. My uncle Brandon, who was about 12 at the time, was sleep-walking. He opened up his door and walked in to the hallway. My grandma woke up thinking that someone was breaking in. She walked in to the hallway to find Brandon...urinating on the wall. My grandma yelled at him and asked what he was doing. He looked at her surprised and said "I don't know, what am I doing?"
5/19/2010 9:19:58 PM
Teresa Jeche United States
Teresa Jeche
I have two odd sleep walking/talking stories:

1.  I am an elementary school counselor, and the first school I ever worked in had an overnight Read-a-Thon for the 4th, 5th and 6th graders at the school.  Several of the staff volunteered to stay overnight too.  We had lots of fun activities, read alot, and eventually started quieting the kids down so they could sleep.  We used the gym as a giant bedroom, with big curtains hung across the middle, to section off the boys from the girls.  Everyone was trying to sleep in their sleeping bags, on the tumbling mats, and it got later, and later, but another teacher and I could not go to sleep.  Finally, about 1:00 a.m., I was drifting off, when I saw a young girl near us jump up and head for the door.  I thought she might be ill, because she was moving so fast, so I followed her.  She was walking down the hallway so quickly I had to jog to catch her, then she raced in the girls' bathroom, entered one of the stalls, and shut the door.  I tried talking to her, but got no response.  Two other teachers had seen me leave, so they appeared as well, to check on what was going on.  We all tried talking to the girl inside the stall, but she wouldn't answer.  Since she hadn't locked the door, we finally opened it and there she was, sleeping, sitting on the stool!  We woke her up, asked her if she needed to go to the bathroom (she said no), so we guided her back to her sleeping bag.  She immediately went to sleep.  The other teachers and I finally went back to sleep as well (after giggling for awhile).  About an hour later, an elderly gentleman (one of the grandpas who was chaperoning on the boys' side of the gym) woke me up, with that girl in tow, and said she had just tried to sleep on his sleeping mat with him.  She was totally asleep, so I once again guided her back to her sleeping mat, moved my sleeping bag over closer to her, and sat up and watched her the rest of the night.  When her mom picked her up after breakfast the next morning, she was so surprised---she said her daughter had never done that before.

2.  I was, and still am, a sleep talker.  My newly wed husband got the biggest kick out of prompting me to talk more, when I would wake him up in the middle of the night, discussing things at work, etc., and some of the conversations would go on for quite awhile, until I eventually awoke enough to get irritated with him.  In one instance, I had just started working in a vet clinic, answering phones, and woke him up in the night asking "How many cows do you have?"  But, by far, the funniest time was when we went to the Wisconsin Dells for a short vacation.  We were in college, had very little money, and could only affort to rent a tiny, seedy little cabin on the outskirts of town.  The TV was bolted to the wall, above the end of the bed, in this tiny little one room cabin.  I was tired after a long day of sightseeing, so I went right to sleep, while my husband stayed up to watch some latenight TV.  The next morning he said to me "Wasn't your pillow fluffy enough for you?"  I asked him what he meant, and he said about half an hour after I went to sleep, I told him:  "Get me toilet paper---lots of it".  He went to the bathroom, brought back a big wad of toilet paper, I took it and stuffed it under my pillow and went right back to sleep!  I didn't believe him, until I looked under the pillow!  That one still cracks us up, 30 years later!
5/19/2010 9:28:51 PM
malorrie United States
when i was about 10 years old and my grandpa was in the bathroom shaving his beard and i was sleep walking and i was trying to open the door to go outside but the door was locked and my grandpa woke me up and asked me what i was doing and i said how did i get here. he then took me to my bedroom and i went to sleep
5/19/2010 10:00:02 PM
Kay United States
Today I was listening and someone said that their brother came into their bedroom and took their pillow. I had a similar thing happen to me. My brother, 4 years older, came into my bedroom in the middle of the night. He grabbed my pillow, and I told him, "Go get your own pillow!" He went to his room, got his pillow, came back and slept with me the rest of the night. And of course when he woke up, he asked me why I had gotten in bed with him.... In my room! Too Funny!
5/19/2010 10:19:29 PM
Theresa Hoover United States
Theresa Hoover
I have another one...about my daughter, Amanda, she used to sleep so soundly that she wouldn't wake up to go potty...(she was around 2 years old at the time) We decided to wake her up about the time that we thought that she was having accidents...(around midnight)  We took her to the bathroom and she sat on the potty and then we would take her back to bed.  Eventually she began taking herself...but what we didn't realize was that she had trained herself to do it in her she would take herself to the potty, but not always take herself back to bed.  My brother and his wife moved in because they needed a place to stay.  The first night they stayed...we woke up to a you guessed it...My sister in law got up to use the bathroom but didn't turn on the when she went to sit down...she almost sat on our Mandi...we had forgotten to warn her about Mandi's sleep walking habits....  
5/20/2010 11:23:24 AM
Kieth Kulow United States
Kieth Kulow
I was the R.A. Director and had taken a group of boys to our area R.A. Camp-o-ree for the weekend.
In the middle of the night one of the boys in my cabin got up and I watched him go to his suitcase on the floor; raise the top and then use it as a commode.  He closed the top and went back to bed. He could not understand why his clothes were wet the next morning.  Bad Move!!
5/20/2010 1:35:52 PM
Loretta United States
About 4 years ago, when I was 7 months pregnant my sister came to stay overnight with my husband and I. I went to bed that night with my sister snoozing comfortably on the couch. I woke up the next morning to make sure she was awake and running on time for work, only to find the couch empty. I figured she had left and looked out the door to find her car still in the driveway. We lived in a trailer at the time, so it wasn't that difficult to "search" for her. I looked in every room and did not see her. I began to panic knowing my sister has a history of sleep walking. I decided to look thru the rooms one last time before full panic mode kicked in. As I turned to leave the nursery, I stopped and thought "there's no way" but I decided to look anyway and there in my future son's crib, curled up like a little baby lay my 26 year old sister...sound asleep!!! She still says to this day that my husband and I put her there...despite my being 7 months pregnant!!
5/20/2010 10:49:23 PM
Kathy Campton United States
Kathy Campton
Well I wasn't the sleepwalker however I think she still refers to me as the sleeptalker. I great friend and I were traveling on a 55 city, 4 week, National Tour to gather support for our deployed troops when one night in Minnesota a friend's sister had paid for our hotel at a large indoor water park/hotel. It has been 2 weeks since either of us had more then 4 hours of sleep a night and this night my friend decided to take a sleeping pill to get some rest. I had the most vivid dream that someone called and asked if she belonged in my room. I told the caller she did. The next thing I knew it was morning and she was clearly upset.  She asked if we had went anywhere in the hotel besides our room the night before. I assured her we did not. She asked if I remembered getting a phone call during the  night. I was very confused that she would know my dream. She then told me how upsetting it is to wake up to a gentleman letting you back in your hotel room? She had sleepwalked her way through the entire hotel searching for the restroom and was waken by the Hotel Staff at the front desk. They questioned her about her name and room number, questioned if she belonged in the hotel as her name nor mine was registered. When the front desk called me I told them she belonged however I didn't get up to let her in. I did answer the phone a second time to tell them that they could let her in. I do not recall that part. The rest of our time on the road to Fire and Police Stationed she teased me for sleep talking and I teased her becuase our hotel room HAD a bathroom she didn't need to tour the hotel to find one.
5/22/2010 10:11:44 PM
Sara United States
When I was little I would sleep walk all the time! My mom would put me to bed and I would always wake up in another place. When visiting family they all knew so if I walked to their beds they just let me get in with them but when I woke up I would get scared and cry. As i got oldere it calmed down a lot but I would speak another language when sleep walking and the first time it happened with my step dad he was freaked, my mom just explained and put me to bed. I didn't believe her at first but as I got older I would wake up in the middle of getting in another room.

During high school it ended but when I was an intern at my church and apparently the stress of living on my own got to me and I started sleeping walking and talking again. My room has plenty of stories of me talking in my sleep. Her favorite one to tell is of me when I had fallen asleep with us doing our homework for our class and all the sudden I yelled at her to stop rocking the boat. Another time I told her to park the donkey, or something. I also woke up sitting at the kitchen table, with my face in a book but I had went to sleep in our room. No one woke me up either when they got up! They left me there. My neck hurt so bad.
6/1/2010 10:46:30 AM
Michelle United States
On a related note....I am a habitual sleep TALKER.  Shortly after my husband and I were married, he came to me one morning and said, "Honey, last night while you were asleep, do you remember clucking like a chicken?"  I said, "Like this...." and proceeded to demonstrate my best "cluck."  He said, "No,you sounded much better in your sleep!"
7/30/2010 11:09:37 AM
Stephen Foster United States
Stephen Foster
Several years back, the doctor prescribed that Ambien to help me sleep. I would get up the next morning and find dishes in the sink and bruises on me. I finally asked and my daughter told me that I would get up and cook something, eat it and then she would hear me and walk me back to bed and I never remebered any of it. So, needless to say, I don't take Ambien anymore.
9/13/2010 9:50:39 AM
k dub United States
k dub
I sleep walk and sleep talk occasionally.  Once, in high school, I was supposed to be up at 5 for water polo.  I woke up standing in the middle of my room (in the basement), looked at the clock, and saw it was 2:30 AM, so I went back to sleep.  When I woke up and hour and a half later, I noticed my comforter was missing.  When I went upstairs, my sister, who had had a friend sleep over with her in the living room, yelled at me, "Are you awake this time?"

I had drug my comforter up the stairs in my sleep.

Another time in college, I had a nightmare, and woke up my roomates up by running and screaming into the hallway of our three bedroom apartment.
11/2/2010 5:01:26 PM
Shelby United States
My son got hit in the head with a plastic sled while sledding one winter.  I was working and he was with his Dad.  I got that call at work.  He ended up with 10 stiches in his head.  So watch out for those plastic sleds when it is cold out.

The same son also went sleep walking one night, going out of the house and down to his Dad's house.  Thank goodness it wasn't all that far, and when the door closed I knew he was gone. So we put bells around the door knob to be able to hear him if he did it again.  Talk about being scared!!

Kids are so much fun!!
12/16/2010 1:17:16 AM
appartamenti isola di pag Croatia
appartamenti isola di pag
Yes,I had a similar experience at the age of 15 once.I  stand up and walk from the sleep at night.I don't know whether it is a psychological disorder.
2/13/2011 10:56:33 PM
will United States
My room is in the basement, last night i saw myself running thru my door and didnt really wake up and have control till i made it up 2 flights of stairs. It was like i was scared for my life and running from something, i couldnt stop shaking like i was going into shock or something. I dont remember anything from getting out of bed to my door,and the rest of the way i could see everything but couldnt stop running and yelling like something was after me. I sat down at the top with no idea what just happened.
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