Jun 03 2010

Are you good at spelling or math?

We have a friend who is rocking the National Spelling Bee right now! Someone suggested that if you are good at spelling, you are weak at math and vice versa. What do you think?

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5/31/2010 9:16:28 PM
Brooke United States
It all makes sense now - I love math and I'm terrible at spelling. Phew, what a relief.
5/31/2010 9:18:50 PM
Rachel United States
I agree.  I was an English major in college and loved spelling.  Although in junior and high school, math subjects were not my strong points.  My husband is just the opposite.  He is very good with numbers.  He has a teaching degree, and for his current job, he has to be good with math and numbers.  I normally use a calculator, even for basic simple calculations.
5/31/2010 9:23:59 PM
Hannah United States
I am a excellent speller! I'm in the fourth grade, home schooled, and is in 7th grade spelling!! I'm proud of myself.
6/1/2010 2:39:51 AM
Alicia United States
I have never heard that before, but it could be very true! I would consider myself to be a pretty good speller and thought I was good at math up until the 9th grade when I hit advanced Algebra!

When I got to college and had to take College Algebra, I was miserable! I am even horrible at simple math that most people can do in their heads!

My husband jokes with me when I can't calculate in my head because I recently finished school to become a teacher, but I always tell him that I didn't go to school to become a Math Teacher!
6/1/2010 2:44:22 AM
rebekah United States
i am bad at spelling but i am great at math
6/1/2010 2:50:58 AM
Valerie United States
I'm listening to you guys on the radio right now talking about the "I love you guys" Ministry. It got me to thinking about something that I was just reading. I'm a student in college, and one of my assignments was to write a critique on a magazine article on which ever one we chose. I picked an article on a story about a woman from another contry who was forced into prostitution as a 7 year old child. Her story was absolutely heartbreaking. I was crying as I read about the things she went through. But what was awesome about this story, is that, like the ministry you guys were talking about, she found beauty in her pain. Now she goes back to the places where she went through these horrible things, and helps girls and women who were in the same place she was. it is so awesome that she uses her story of pain, to give hope to others.
6/1/2010 2:51:43 AM
melissa United States
well i am not good at spelling at all. if it weren't for spell check you could not read this. but you hand a math book and a calculator and i will excel.
6/1/2010 2:51:46 AM
Jasmine United States
Actually, I don't think that's true. Because when I was little, my best subjects were math and spelling. I was one level above everyone else in math and I was runner up for the spelling bee for my grade!

(BTW: The word that made me fall behind to runner up was "knot", I spelled it "not: Frown I still remember Smile)
6/1/2010 2:53:53 AM
Leigh Ann United States
Leigh Ann
I was listening to K-Love and heard everyone taling about spelling.  I have two children who have Dyslexia.  Everyone usually thinks that Dyslexia is reading backwards.....and they are wrong.  One in every five people have some level of Dyslexia.  Dyslexia is about phonological processing.  People with Dyslexia are visual learners and learn to read and spell with proper phonics and spelling rules.  My boys are great in math, except for the word problems.  Lots of famous people have Dyslexia! We need to educate people who have trouble reading and spelling to open new oportunities in their lives.  My boys are learning to read and spell using Barton Reading. The progress they are making is amazing.  I am so thankful to share what I have learned to all the K-Love listeners.
6/1/2010 3:10:18 AM
Devon United States
I am home schooled, and I an really good at math, and I am also really good at spelling.  I aced both categories in my 6th grade testing, and in my 4th grade spelling. I would say that theory might be true.
6/1/2010 4:37:51 AM
Leslie United States
Yes, it is important to brush dogs teeth. Some breeds more than others. Just remember that doggy toothpaste is not harmful to people, but floride can be poison to dogs. Love your show!
6/1/2010 10:26:08 AM
Erin United States
I may agree in general, but I haven't found it to be true for me personally. Throughout school I was good at both - went through AP Calculus in high school and got a perfect score on the English section on the SATs. But it's funny how quickly skills can rust - I haven't taken a formal math class in a few years and now adding up Yahtzee scores takes some effort! Smile
6/1/2010 10:30:55 AM
Tanya United States
I believe it's pretty true. I'm an excellent speller (after struggling in school for eons of years) but absolutely horrible at Math (Geometry, Pre-Calc., Statistics...). Opposite with my husband: awesome with Math & Sciences & a pretty questionable speller. However, I do believe that all areas of the brain can be exercised to become good at both. All depends on the talents & gifts God has given each of us at birth, really.
6/2/2010 2:41:49 PM
magon United States
heehee that too funny,,,i have never been good at math!! in 3rd grade i had to have a tutor for math.....but im great at english, which is funny becasue my first language was spanish! ...but i can spell alot of words (some surprise even me!) i won 2nd place in a city wide english report when i was in 3rd grade...my son on the other hand...2nd grade and hes in 95th percentile for math...reading and spelling not his favs!!
6/3/2010 2:44:25 PM
Linda United States
I think it's both true and false. I am a good speller but i really SUCK at math! (i still use my fingers to add & subtract! lol)

My husband is a terrible speller but really good at math (he aced Technical Math and Calculus in college!)

HOWEVER.... my daughter is very good at BOTH math AND spelling. Her brothers, though, pretty much suck at both! lol
6/4/2010 6:23:32 AM
sarah United States
definately math...IM A HORRID SPELLERRR!! lol. <3 Smile but when I was in 5th grade I was doing sophmore math and when I was in 7th grade they had to send me to the nearby high school to take classes.
6/7/2010 5:54:34 AM
Justine United States
So not trueee ! Glory be to GOD, I'm gooodd at both spelling and math ! But, not because of me, because of the wisdom God gives me. (:
2/7/2011 11:38:17 AM
racii United States
am good at both
2/7/2011 11:58:03 AM
racii United States
what i really think is that you could have a dissseise but dont let it affect your faith
2/7/2011 11:59:40 AM
racii United States
am 13years old and i have dyslexia
and a sad about it and i still belive in god
1.keep your faith
2.dont give up
3. celebrate him aymane
2/7/2011 11:59:57 AM
am 13years old and i have dyslexia
and a sad about it and i still belive in god
1.keep your faith
2.dont give up
3. celebrate him aymane
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