Jun 04 2010

Ever gotten an unusual sunburn or tan?

Scott got a sunburn on his head in the shape of a "D," due to the baseball cap he was wearing last weekend! Ever gotten an unusual sunburn or tan?

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5/21/2010 3:06:57 AM
Sarah Mendelson United States
Sarah Mendelson
I once went to the pool, and I was required to wear a one piece because it was swim practice.  So the only one piece I owned had a huge hole in the back.  But it was supposed to be there, so I didn't question it.  But when we went to the locker room to change, I had a huge tan circle on my back.  My friends made fun of me for a while after that.
5/21/2010 8:12:58 AM
Mathias Sweden
I've gotten an unusuall sun tan once.
Was while working as a racing supervisor at a race-track. for around 6h I did nothing but sit down and look in one direction.
So of course only half of my face got sunburned.
I was nicknamed Two-Face, for the rest of that summer.
5/21/2010 8:16:30 AM
Haleigh McDaniel United States
Haleigh McDaniel
My mom put cornrows in my hair before I went off to camp and when I got back, I had been burned between each row. That should teach people to wear a hat on a sunny day.
5/21/2010 8:20:53 AM
deborah United States
picture???  Where's the picture???
5/21/2010 8:22:35 AM
Ashley Frazier United States
Ashley Frazier
One summer I had my hair cut to where my hair went across my forehead. I was out one day and got really burnt and when I went to pull my hair back the next day, I had a diagonal line going across my forehead. One side red, one side white!
5/21/2010 8:24:38 AM
patches mccauley United States
patches mccauley
when i was 12 i fell asleep with on my back, with my hand across my stomach while at the beach with the family. we lived in hawaii so it didn't take long for the hand print to take. at 12 years old, well, it didn't take my dad long to start teasing me about 'who's hand was that?'
boy, glad i was with the family that day
5/21/2010 8:28:15 AM
Caroline United States
one of my friends has to wear a knee brace because he has this problem with his knee called osgood schlatter. He went to the pool one day with me and took off his knee brace. Since his knee brace had a huge hole in the center of the knee, his wole knee was pale except for a tan spot in the middle of his knee! he looked really funny!!!!
5/21/2010 8:31:30 AM
christe mckenzie United States
christe mckenzie
DUde just claim it.....say it stands for something like super dad...or devoted disciple......its all in the attitude......
5/21/2010 8:33:44 AM
Cindy United States
My sister and I used to work outside during the summer. One summer my sister had rolled the waistband of her shorts, and unbeknown to her, the tag was sticking up. We were planting flowers, and so we were bending over a lot. Because of this, her lower back was exposed a little bit. Well, the rest of her back tanned--except that one little square where the tag to her shorts was sticking up.
5/21/2010 8:34:16 AM
Marcella O'Connor United States
Marcella O'Connor
My son, Danny, is always playing jokes on me (well, the apple doesn't fall far from the tree, to be honest!).  We were at the beach, and I fell asleep, face down.  He delicately squirted a large smiley face in sunscreen on my back.  Of course, I didn't see it.  We went to a pool party the following week, and everyone was laughing and I didn't know why!
Keep up the great work! :]
5/21/2010 8:39:33 AM
Rebekah United States
i got an uneven tan in florida and one side of my arm was tan and the other was as white as a ghost.
5/21/2010 8:40:24 AM
Linda Mierow United States
Linda Mierow
dear Scott,
    Yes, I had an unusual sunburn when i was a Senior in High School!  Because I was not very atletic and never made any teams, cheerleader or Pom Pom squad I decided to make up my own group so I could be captain!  I made up the C-Team cheerleaders.  There were Varssity and B-Team and so I started the C-Team.  Well we had many special events but on one in particular, National C Day, I decided it would be good to have a C on my back!  I used my Mom's OLD sunlamp and with masking tape in the shape of a C, did a little tanning!  Well it was winter, my back was pretty white, I stayed under too long and needless to say what should have been a faint C for my loyal teammates to see only in the locker room, I had a crisp back and the C shown vividly all the next summer as well!!!
5/21/2010 8:40:36 AM
Stacie United States
Scott you can use your 'D' by also adding "I (heart shape) G O". So it spells out 'I heart GOD'. ( :
I also wanted to let you know of an unusual sunburn I got when I was younger, I was always in the pool over the summer and had a swimsuit that was striped. I got burnt through the suit and it came out as stripes all over my body!
5/21/2010 8:42:09 AM
Raina United States
Ok. It sounds strange. But soak a washcloth in whole milk and then put it on the sunburn for about 15 mins. That will help with the inflammation and the redness
5/21/2010 8:43:48 AM
dana United States
He needs to be glad that its not a "l" lol... with the "d" he can say its for he's dangerously awesome!!
5/21/2010 8:44:21 AM
Dennis K. Miller United States
Dennis K. Miller
I'm with you brother!  Just when I thought I was the only non-Dallas fan.  I'd rather poke my eye out with a kindergarten pencil than be a Cowboys fan.  I'm thinking spray paint - and if it fades, just repaint it.
5/21/2010 8:46:43 AM
Dennis K. Miller United States
Dennis K. Miller
Yeah the D is bad.  I'd rather be striped like a tiger.
5/21/2010 8:49:03 AM
Katie United States
Well, a couple of years ago, my family and I went fishing. My mom put sun screen on her nose and arms, then rubbed what was left on her forehead.. needless to say, 5 hours in the sun, and she was roasted, but had stripes on her forehead.

Then, this past summer we were in California for vacation and my brother and I swam in the motel swimming pool while my mother just sat in a lounge chair and watched.. two days out there, and the front of her legs were ROASTED... it took about four days oflaying on her stomach before she finally got her tan evened out!

Me, I'm fairly dark, so if I burn, it's not much, so my only advice is, Go burn more!
5/21/2010 9:23:29 AM
Elena Abott United States
Elena Abott
Dear Scott, I feel your pain.  When I was 12, I fell asleep at the pool.  I was so burned, my eyelids turned green.  My grandmother, first bathed it with cool water, then she added Noxema to the burn for three days.  After that, she got so lotion with Aloe Vera in it, and I am glad to say there are no scars from the burn.  I never did that again.

And, as for the earlier segment on air guitaring, I am 53 years old, and yes, I can still air guitar with the best of them.

God Bless.
5/21/2010 10:10:10 AM
Becca United States
hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi
5/22/2010 5:28:17 AM
michelle United States
yes one summer all i wore for sheos was these leather sandles well on th firts dat of shcool i went to put on my tennis shoes on and saw i had checker board feet
5/22/2010 2:36:21 PM
Elizabeth United States
One summer in the Wisconsin Dells, I was in and out of the lazy river, a wave pool, my beach chair. The weather was warm when the sun was out but the day was somewhat cloudy with a breeze. So, my choice of in or out of the water changed through out the time we spent there. My fair skin and blonde scalp did not have a good ending.=( I was wearing shorts and a tank top shirt. AHEM. My bubbles were very tender to the touch over the burn of my very redden skin. Long story shorter, my healing process wasn't with out a patience like no other. I did learn a lesson. SUNSCREEN! HAT~! No matter what. I still have the freckles to prove it. My arms, cheast and face. I am now married, mother of 2 children and very conscience of my sun exposure. Thank you God for your healing grace.
5/22/2010 2:48:31 PM
Autumn H. United States
Autumn H.
Last summer i went to the beach with my aunt and i wore a two piece bathing suit and my entire stomach and lower part of my back got sunburn.
5/22/2010 3:17:08 PM
Diane United States
Not in a odd place but so badly sunburned at age 16 I had to have my mom help me dress and undress because my shoulders were so badly burned I could barely raise my arms.  From that point on I avoid staying in the sun, protected or not, for any great length of time.
5/22/2010 4:52:03 PM
Leah United States
Last Monday i was at the park all day with some friends. i was wearing sandals and got a sunburn on the parts of my feet that were not covered.
5/22/2010 5:22:35 PM
kevin hofman United States
kevin hofman
on vacation in guam, i used sunscreen all over, except the tops of my feet. i had to stay off them for a couple days, which was almost as long as the entire vacation.
5/22/2010 5:46:05 PM
Dennis United States
More on the "D" on Scott's forehead:
So the bill of the cap is there to protect your face and forehead from a sunburn.  Why were you wearing your hat backwards anyway?  I'm thinking that was a "D"umb thing to do.  Perhaps the "D" is not inappropriate in this case.
5/23/2010 12:56:57 AM
Kayla United States
One day my parents and I decided we were going to go outside and work. Well it was a really hot day and my mom told me to put sun screen on this little mole that I have on my arm. Well I was in a hurry, so I just threw it on and didn't even pay attention to how much I put on, or where it went. I didn't worry because I never even tan, let alone burn. When we came in for lunch, my mom kept looking at me funny and finally asked, "Is that a circle on your arm?" I looked and it turned out where I put on that sun screen, there was a nice quarter sized white circle in the middle of my cherry red arm!!! And that circle was VERY noticable.
5/23/2010 4:49:43 AM
Jim Headley United States
Jim Headley
Hi Scott. Apply a small amount of sunblock(high uv rating)only to the "D" area with a q-tip and stay out in the sun for a few hours.

My story is when I was in my late teens to mid 20's I needed to do some work on my car. I layed on my back on the ground at about a 45 degree angle with no shirt on and fell asleep. What a mess. My friends got a laugh or two, and now, so do I! Take care and God Bless! Love your radio station. It's helped me get back on track in my christian walk. Thank You! Jim
5/24/2010 4:39:59 AM
Amber United States
I had a friend who went skiing, and when he came back his face was burned except for the place where the skiing goggles had been.
5/24/2010 12:39:55 PM
Andrea United States
One summer when I was young my family spent a week at a cottage in northern Wisconsin.  I had a red swimming suit with big white flowers on it.  I spent so much time swimming that week that I actually got tan through the white flowers on my suit.  So, I had sun tan flowers all over my body!
5/24/2010 6:34:05 PM
Nikki United States
It's more of a question of who hasn't had a funny tan.  Haha.  I had a pair of shoes that had multiple straps across the top of my foot... well, needless to say I had an amazing piece of art work on my feet.
5/25/2010 2:21:20 PM
Alex Belasco United States
Alex Belasco
I have two stories. Once while I was talking to a friend. I was leaning up against a wall in a drainage ravine and she was on the other side, it was cloudy so we didn't think about the sun. When we went inside we realized that we had tanned on one arm, the other was still pale! Well, she has fair skin and I have olive skin, so she burned and I tanned.

The next instance was when my family went down to  Mexico for a vacation. We went to the beach and I got my hair braided in corn rows. When we went home and took out the braids we realized that I had tanned in rows down my head!
5/25/2010 3:55:16 PM
Claire United States

I know somebody who got a (P) sunburn. On their back from swimming!
5/27/2010 9:20:00 PM
Merv United States
My family was vacationing at Fire Island Beach near NYC. My son, who was one at the time, fell asleep on my chest. When we got back to the motel, I had the shape of his outlined body on my front. Needless to say, I got a few comments that summer when I went to the beach or pool. Smile
5/29/2010 8:35:44 AM
Nora United States
I was at my daughter's track meet and my husband was standing behind me holding an umbrella with his left hand and had his right hand wrapped across in front of me resting his hand on my left tricep, well not knowing that the umbrella was not covering that part of my arm, when we got done I had a pretty bad "red" sunburn" with a hand print on my left tricep that is still visible today and constantly looks as though someone has smacked me on my arm and left a hand print Smile

5/29/2010 10:06:33 AM
Micci United States
One father's day we decided to go to the coast. My husband decided it was his chance to show off his new hawaiin button-down. because we were at the beach, he left the front unbuttoned.  And, sure enough, he got a beautiful bright red stripe down the front of his stomach, extending from his neck to his waistline.  It's my favorite story to tell, when I remind others to where sunblock. or just for a l
6/2/2010 11:23:11 PM
Jose Joaquin Lim (J.J.) Panama
Jose Joaquin Lim (J.J.)
My cousins came to visit from Colorado during summer a few years ago.  We went to the beach and my cousins wife was wearing a black suiming suit with white fishes, and she got fish-like tan lol
6/2/2010 11:24:17 PM
Kathy United States
So cool!  My sister loved to peel me when I had a sunburn when we were kids.
6/2/2010 11:27:27 PM
Lillian United States
One year I had surgery before summer on my leg so my doctor didnt want it to burn. He said to put the highest spf on my leg so I just put the sunscreen on my scar because I wanted my leg to get tan. The scar area was white and the rest of my leg was tan! haha
6/8/2010 5:10:50 AM
Katie United States
At my swim meet last year, I put on sunscreen lotion but it wasn't water resistant so I was out in direct sunlight for 5-ish hours and when I got home, I looked like a bright red tomato! The next day I had to swim again, and after that I helped with my church's VBS and had kids climbing all over my fried shoulders. That was the most bpainful VBS ever!
7/9/2010 3:18:32 PM
Michelle United States
I went to the river last weekend and did not get in because I cut my finger pretty bad 2 days before and now I have a knuckle band-aid tan line on my pinky.  I was in the sun for 5 hours straight and tan very easily.  I feel compelled now to wear the band-aid all the time even though It is almost better now!
7/14/2010 3:28:23 PM
Savana United States
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