Jun 04 2010

What is your FAVE Donut?

You are gonna so hug us for this! Today is National Donut Day and you can get a free donut at Krispy Kreme and Dunkin Donuts! What is your favorite kind of donut and WHY???
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5/29/2010 10:29:25 PM
Jason United States
Choclate covered Bavarian Creme filled long john!
5/29/2010 10:30:22 PM
Chris Teerlinck United States
Chris Teerlinck
My favorite donut is the cruller. It goes well with a short glass of milk as I like to dunk it. Sometimes crullers seem too dry.
5/29/2010 10:30:29 PM
April United States
My fave donut is the old fashioned tractor donuts-especially in chocolate! : D
5/29/2010 10:30:45 PM
Julie United States
It's either got to be those chocolate covered Eschelmann's donuts or raspberry filled w/ powered sugar. Mmm....I can feel myself gaining weight just typing this.....
5/29/2010 10:30:56 PM
Donna Stillings United States
Donna Stillings
My favorite donut is the boston creme (wish they made sugar free)can't eat them though as I am a diabetic.
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