Jun 11 2010

Coconut Oil boosts metabolism?!

Cooking with coconut oil helps boost metabolism?


The pressed white meat of the coconut produces coconut oil, a special type of saturated fat that actually increases calorie burning.  Why?  Coconut oil is made of medium-chain triglycerides (MCT), making this type of oil much easier to digest.  Studies show that after eating a meal containing these medium-chain triglycerides, metabolism increases 48 percent.  Christine Avanti uses coconut oil to make stir-frys, searing fish, and as a butter substitute in baking.  Check out Christine’s delicious Asian stir-fry using coconut oil.






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6/8/2010 4:40:53 PM
Ashley Hildebrand United States
Ashley Hildebrand
We give coconut oil to our dog in his food to help with his itchy skin. I didn't really think that it would work, but I was really in need of something/ anything so I gave it a try. It really works. He is still a little itchy, but not nearly as bad as he was. And he LOVES IT!!!!
6/9/2010 3:18:17 AM
Leandra United States
Thanks!  This is great, we JUST got some coconut oil todaySmileso it is kinda ironic, lol;)
6/22/2010 7:15:55 PM
Pattie Dally United States
Pattie Dally
Where do I find cocoanut oil?
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