Mar 23 2015
Mar 20 2015
Mar 19 2015

There's a Reason it's Called March Madness...It's Madness!

Definitely March Madness As Georgia State Upset Baylor; Coach Falls Off Stool as Son Hits Game-Winning Shot 


In Other News...

An Entire Pizza at Lombardi's Costs 5 Cents Today 


Solar Eclipse 2015: The Best Way to Watch the Spectacle in the Sky 


#GiveBenAJob: Offers Roll in for Man with Down Syndrome After Step-mom's Tweet


American Airlines Dad and Pilot Daughter Duo Take Flight 


   Devotional Shared By Scott Today• 

Generosity is a Beautiful Characteristic in People. We Love and Admire Generosity. My Mother Used to Urge Us As Children. 'Always Be Generous.'

How Do You Think of God? Do You Think of Him as a Little Bit Mean or Tight-Fisted? Or Do You Think of Him as Extraordinarily Generous? 

God's Generosity is Seen in the Natural World. For Example, There are 25,000 Varieties of Orchids. The Orchid is Just One of the 270,000 Species of Flowers. God Does Not Do Things by Halves. In Our Galaxy There Are 100,000 Million Stars, like Our Sun. Our Galaxy is One of the 100.,000 Million Galaxies. In a Throwaway Line in Genesis, the Writer Tells Us, 'He Also Made The Stars' (Genesis 1:16) 

 God is Extraordinarily Generous. 'He Gives Generously to All' (James 1:5) If God Is So Generous to Us We also Should 'Always Be Generous' -Nicky Gumble "Bible In One Year" Devotional 

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Reasons you might be overspending
Jun 11 2010

Reasons you might be overspending

Do you often find yourself with "too much month at the end of money?" If so, there may be reasons you are overspending! Check this out:

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6/6/2010 7:02:37 PM
keith alley United States
keith alley
scott, i talked to you about 30 years of pac-man the website to the 1315 arcade motherboard games is i think it is called the killer addition.. they call the boards like 60 to 1 meaning 60 games on the 1 unit or on the 1 motherboard.. there is 173 to 1 board and so on..mine has 1315 games on it and they give a list of all the games on each board if you want to look at it on there website. Scott if you have any question or a comment please email me back or call my cell at any time @ 712-326-8474  take care and god bless  
6/7/2010 11:53:30 PM
Ivan United States
i have none rite now. thankfully(:.
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