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Healthy Eating with Christine Avanti--love those avocados!
Jun 17 2010

Healthy Eating with Christine Avanti--love those avocados!



Holy Guacamole!

Avocados are not only a super food but they are also a flat tummy food.  Avocados are rich in monounsaturated fatty acids which are the Kobe Bryant’s of the nutrition world when it comes to weight loss.  According to a study in the journal of Diabetes Care dieters who consumed monounsaturated fats lost more tummy fat than those eating the same number of calories but less fats. 


Hmmm….what’s really going on here?  Well….when we eat carbohydrates on their own…for example a bag of chips….blood sugar levels peak and send a signal to your body to store fat in your midsection.  But monounsaturated fats (such as the ones found in our dear friend the avocado) actually stop those fat accumulating blood sugar spikes dead in their tracks.  Half a cup of cubed avocado contains only 11 grams of healthy fat.  So, have some homemade guacamole and baked tortilla chips and burn some belly fat!  Who knew! 


Check out Christine Avanti’s Guacamole and Homemade Tortilla Chips only 152 Calories and 11 grams of fat!  Yum!

She says it takes less than 15 minutes to whip up this good-for-you fat burning snack. 



Comments (8) -

6/15/2010 12:16:52 PM
Rebekah United States
yum!!!!!  that looks delicious!  i should make that sometime!
6/15/2010 4:14:36 PM
Ann Bardell United States
Ann Bardell
I would like to win the P 90X  series.  I am 53  and am going to become a grandma next week! and my youngest son just joined the Marines! My husband is doing the P 90 X workout with two guy friends and I am getting left behind!  I need to get in shape so I can keep up with my family! and hope to recruit a few girlfriends to "compete with the men!  
6/15/2010 9:47:52 PM
Paula United States
I love avocados! Especially as Guacamole, in a salad, or on a burger.
I wanted to add this to your information. You referred to avocados as a vegetable. An avocado is a fruit. And technically speaking, it is a berry.
To determine a fruit from a vegetable simply ask yourself this: Does it continue to ripen after it is picked? If the answer is "Yes" then it is a fruit. If it does not, then it is a vegetable. (Taken from Wiki Answers)
6/15/2010 10:57:41 PM
Heather United States
I knew that avacados were good for you, that they were not a fat you needed to avoid, but I did not realize just how good they could be...great info, thanks!
6/16/2010 12:18:08 AM
Lorena United States
WOW ... i didn't know that Guacamole was good to burn fat, I am hispanic and guacamole runs a lot in hispanic families.  Since i was little i've loved guacamole, I'm glad to know that it's healthy for you and burns fat!!  Smile  
6/17/2010 12:37:58 AM
Claire United States
Your making me hungry! I haven't had supper yet!
6/17/2010 7:44:47 AM
jackie white United States
jackie white
hi scott and kelly, i live in sioux city, iowa.  i lost my dad, mom, and grandpa all with in a year apart each other. i love them all dearly and miss them. Especially on mother's day and father's day.  my dad was very special to me because i could talk to him about anything, i really miss that. i got to spend the day with him just before he died. i had a great time together and family dinner. never thought i would lost him to a heart attack the next day,  with no warning.
thank you for your encouragement daily on k-love.
jackie white, sioux city, ia
6/18/2010 5:59:42 PM
LIZ United States
i need yall to pray for my daugther her name is melissa  she been in acct. today   and she to have trement and i dont have 3,500 dollars for it so well some one help me out . plz i dont want anything to happen to her. i like yall micus, sorry up set and cant spell right now . so plz start prying for her
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