Jun 24 2010

Day of Prayer for the Oil Spill Crisis

If you've seen the images of the devastation from the oil spill in the Gulf and felt helpless, there IS something you can do! The Governor has declared Sunday, June 27th a Statewide Day of Prayer and we want to encourage you to take this need to your church this weekend. Join us this Sunday in prayer! Learn more here: http://www.gov.state.la.us/index.cfm?md=newsroom&tmp=detail&catID=2&articleID=2259


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6/23/2010 7:38:23 AM
Kristi Rogers United States
Kristi Rogers
I've sent this to the "Powers that be" in our church asking for our church to participate in this day of prayer.  Laurinburg, NC
6/23/2010 7:43:08 AM
christine United States
Love that Governor Jindal has proclaimed Sunday as a Day of Prayer for the crisis...will spread the word...I know in my heart that GOD IS LISTENING!

Thanks for all you do and for your prayers for our beautiful state and gulf coast!

6/23/2010 8:49:22 AM
Leandra United States
This is great!  
Sunday is also my BirthdaySmile
6/23/2010 8:32:16 PM
magon United States
isnt wonderfull to see someone in government declare w day of prayer?...GODS POWER DOESNT GET RAN OUT BY NO ONE!! ...i will defenetly ask my pastor to pray in the service for this awful tragity..but i hope the people there still remember that God is at work ...we may not see it now but when He shines He really shines....just have faith and lean on God in this time!!! my prayers and thoughts are with all of them1!!
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