Jun 24 2010

Jeremy Camp is our guest today!

Jeremy Camp is our special guest on the show today! What do you want to say to Jeremy? Feel free to share it here!

Click below to listen to the interview with Jeremy:

Jeremy Camp - part 1

Jeremy Camp - part 2

Jeremy Camp - part 3

Jeremy Camp - part 4

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6/20/2010 8:33:50 PM
Ivan United States
6/20/2010 8:48:13 PM
Leandra United States
I love your song Speaking Louder Than Before, Klove really should be playing that song...(klove, take the hint ;) Smile
lol ;)
6/21/2010 1:53:08 AM
jen United States
does jeremy know my cousin cassidy clark, courney clark, garret clark and cameron clark, and my uncle david clark
6/21/2010 1:54:47 AM
emily United States
Miss you Jeremy from Tucson...
When are you coming back this way?
This is Ryan Truso's aunt-
Tell Addie hello
We love you!
6/21/2010 1:55:44 AM
Pam United States
I saw Jeremy when he did a concert after a Royals baseball game earlier this month.  He was AWESOME!  It was a stinkin' hot day ... he and his band acted like it was a nice Spring day and they never noticed the heat!  Thanks, Jeremy, for your heart for God and reaching all people!
6/21/2010 1:59:44 AM
Ivan United States
he makes OSUM SONGS! i'm not kiding it's osum music.
6/21/2010 2:00:05 AM
Yvonne Flores United States
Yvonne Flores
Since your in Nashville will you be in San Antonio tomorrow for the Fiesta Texas show?
6/21/2010 2:01:04 AM
Denean Minellone United States
Denean Minellone
Me and my husband love your music and your love for the Lord, you are truely an inspriation to us and can't wait to see you live at SWC! Thank you so much for your music and a big THANK YOU to KLOVE for having the most amazing man in music on for all of us to enjoy! God Bless you all! Smile
6/21/2010 2:04:30 AM
Joe New Zealand
Hi Jeremy
Hope to see you down in New Zealand one day. We have wonderful weather, people and a beautiful country. God bless you, your family and keep up the great music.
6/21/2010 2:04:34 AM
jen United States
can we call in
6/21/2010 2:04:55 AM
Hannah Myers United States
Hannah Myers
Dear Jeremy,
      I will be faithfully lifting you and your children up in prayer as you will be ministering to many in Mexico.  I have myself been on a missions feild to Jaurez and served in a local orphanage there!  Have a wonderful trip and God bless you.  Grace, Hannah Myers
6/21/2010 2:05:32 AM
Brendon United States

I met you at the Del Mar fair in San Diego a couple hours before you went on stage. I drove out from Phoenix, Arizona to watch your concert. It was an honor and a pleasure to have met you, and under different circumstances I would have enjoyed spending more time visiting with you. I want to express how much your music has meant to me. Each word, phrase, and song has a specific purpose and message reaching a specific soul. In my absence of having a home church or a close body to fellowship with, worshiping with you while listening to your music has filled many voids. Again, I was truly blessed to make your acquaintance.

6/21/2010 2:06:51 AM
Bill United States
I first thank God for your ministry!  It has meant so much to our family, especially my younger daughter, who just graduated college and going into Youth Ministry.  I remember how thrilled she was when she met you at a concert and you took enough time to encourage her to keep her passion alive! Your music has been a HUGE part of her passion to serve others!  Thanks and many blessings to you and your family... and thank God for KLOVE to keep our days filled with thoughts about our loving Father!!
6/21/2010 2:07:05 AM
Elizabeth Lopez United States
Elizabeth Lopez
Hi Jeremy! My family really enjoys hearing your songs. I missed your concert here in San Antonio, tx.  Do you plan to revisit here again.I hope so.
If not thats okay we will continue to listen to your music.
6/21/2010 2:10:03 AM
Rachel A. United States
Rachel A.
Oh my gosh. I really love your song, Cinderella!!! it is sweet and beautiful!!! I wish K Love would play it more and oh my gosh I love it! (Please tell K Love to play it more!! I wish I could hear it more! I might be a teen, but I still like your CHRISTIAN music! I hope you really read or hear my comment!!! Have a wonderful day and a wonderful night!! God bless you! Oh yeah, and tell Bella good lick with her touth!!! It was just a few years ago I lost my first tooth!!! Tell Bella I said after the first, you are a pro at it!!!! Thank you for everything!!! Have a great time on K Love!!!!!!!'

Your listener,

; - )
6/21/2010 2:11:05 AM
CV United States
I love all of your music! You are so inspiring!! God Bless!!
6/21/2010 2:11:45 AM
Stacy United States
YAHOO!!! He's a smart man!!! HOTEL!!! I wouldn't mind looking out the window at a bear but thats about it : )
Come to Philly PLEASE!!!!
We saw you in Burlington NJ..front row and loved it ...we NEED YOU BACK!
Hugs & Prayers
6/21/2010 2:13:21 AM
Shari United States
Hi Jeremy,
My son with (native american with disabilitie)s, Joseph is your biggest fan.  He gave you his stuffed dragon backstage at a meet and greet in Omaha a few years ago and we ran into, as truly a God thing, in a hotel lobby in Glacier national Park soon after that.  Joseph has a 16 X 20 copy of that picture of you and him on his bedroom wall!
Thanks for being such a good role model!
6/21/2010 2:13:24 AM
Phyllis United States
One of my most favorite Mom/Son Memories was being able to take my 11 year old to his first concert.....Jeremy Camp in Medford Oregon,about 3 years ago!  Thanks Jeremy for making a lasting impression on his and my life.
6/21/2010 2:13:35 AM
Liz Walker United States
Liz Walker
Hi Jeremy -
I am a huge fan of yours!  I took my 5 year twins to see you in concert at Wild Adventures in Valdosta GA in April.  It was their first concert and they loved it - we all totally rocked out!  They know alot of your songs (Take My Life is their fav!).  I am so grateful for your music and that they have someone like you to admire and look up to!  We will see you in concert anytime you are near us!  Thank you for sharing your gift!  We love you - Liz Walker
6/21/2010 2:14:30 AM
Terri United States
Hi Jeremy!
I want to thank you for your awesome music, I have had a rough year and a half, I am unemployed due to physical limitations, I couldn't do my job as a corrections officer anymore. My car was in an accident, we have no money in savings, poor credit and barely make enough to cover the bills and food. But we have the Lord, each other and your inspiring music, to anchor us and our faith! Thank you. I wanted to know when you will be here in Arizona again? May God bless you and your family Smile
6/21/2010 2:14:44 AM
Jason Mobley United States
Jason Mobley
I loved the stroy about camping. We went a few years ago to lake taho to camp and had a bear go through our camp. In the middle of the night. We are actually going on a camping trip this july with a tent and the bug and everything.
6/21/2010 2:15:15 AM
Patricia United States
Any tips for an aspiring young Christian songwriter? Smile

God Bless <3

6/21/2010 2:16:56 AM
Shannon Martin United States
Shannon Martin
Hi Jeremy, I just wanted to let you know I started listening to Christian music about 5 years ago. The song "This Man" is one of my favorite songs and is one of the first Christian songs I ever heard on the radio. It made me want to listen more and more and now I very rearly listen to any other kind of music. Thank you and God Bless.
6/21/2010 2:17:48 AM
Lisa Carey United States
Lisa Carey
Dear Jeremy,
I lost my precious 13 year old son Jonathan 3 1/2 years ago, and your song There Will Be A Day has ministered to me so much in my unimaginable pain. The first time I heard that song I knew whoever wrote it was familiar with the pain of losing a loved one. Your music is very special to me. Thank you, and God bless you and your family.
Lisa Carey
6/21/2010 2:18:53 AM
Olivia Foshay United States
Olivia Foshay
Hey Jeremy,
My friend and I saw you at the Barre, Vermont concert on your tour (You guys sang happy birthday to her, and I got to talk to you a little after about life.)
I just wanted to let you know that not even a month afterward, my friend and I ministered to another close pal of ours.  It just showed me how fantastic prayer can be! If you could pray for my friend though, Kayleigh, she is starting to slip back into the worldly ways.
Thank You, and God bless!
-Olivia Foshay
6/21/2010 2:19:03 AM
Sylvia United States
Jeremy! Take your kids camping! Don't listen to Kelli! :o) There's nothing like it. My whole childhood is filled with the most special memories of camping every August for the whole month. Waiting for the bears to come and raid the trash cans, sleeping under the stars, Mom making us hot cocoa every morning and giving it to us to dring while we waited for the sun to come up over the mountains and warm the campsite, smores, fishing, card games, meeting people from all over as Dad would invite them to our campsite to warm themselves around his huge camp fire, and, as I got older, riding my bike around the campgroun and past the rangers house to check out the cute new rangers. :o)
6/21/2010 2:19:31 AM
Kristin United States
Jeremy, you're a blessing to Christian music because your songs really speak of how GOD is always there for you no matter what you're going through. I've had a tough life and relationship with my father and ex-husband with feeling adequate (both have made me feel inadequate). Healing Hand of GOD tells me that there is hope and healing and I can find my feet and draw strength and courage from GOD. Don't stop singing! Everytime I have doubt about anything I hear one of your songs and I'm comforted.BLESS YOU!
6/21/2010 2:19:53 AM
Robbie Dixon United States
Robbie Dixon
Does Jeremy know if he will be at an orphanage in Baja that is in the town of San Vincente Guerrero.  It is an orphanage that is a part of Foundation For His MInistry. WE go there every year for a medical mission trip.  Thanks!
6/21/2010 2:21:04 AM
Donna United States
I love your music and "There will be a Day" is very special to me!
6/21/2010 2:21:17 AM
Corey Lannert United States
Corey Lannert

I was writing to see if you would still be willing to take me up on the round of golf at the course I work at.  I met you in Evansville, IN and I am freinds with Jennifer Allen who knows your brother really well.  Write me and let me know if you guys will ever want to come up the Evansville and play some golf.

6/21/2010 2:21:30 AM
Kristin United States
GOD truly does speak through you and that's the beUTFUL THING.
6/21/2010 2:24:48 AM
Laura United States
One day I walked into my daughters bedroom and she was listening to WALK BY FAITH. At that moment my life changed. I was at my lowest and had nowhere to turn. Since then I have given my life to the Lord and am addicted to everything Jeremy Camp. I listen to Klove every day and wanted to let you know someday, somehow, that you saved my life.  I am forever grateful for your gift of music, your words and your worship.
Grand Junction, CO
6/21/2010 2:24:52 AM
truitt United States
My high school basketball team was probably the only team in the nation to have warm ups that said "I still believe" jeremy camp on the back!!  What a special group of boys to coach it was a great year!!! Small town of Augusta Montana.  We saw Jeremy that year at Down Pour in Great Falls and I thought of the saying on our warm ups.  Thanks Jeremy
6/21/2010 2:25:23 AM
Leandra United States
6/21/2010 2:25:44 AM
Sarah Hogan United States
Sarah Hogan
We met Jeremy when my nephew Judah was in Arkansas Children's Hospital.  Jeremy came and saw him in the hospital through the Make A Wish foundation.  It was an awesome day in the misdt of heartache.  What a blessing to be able to worship with Jeremy there in the hospital.  After my nephew passed away, we stayed in contact with Jeremy and still go see him in concert anytime we get the chance.  He has always welcomed us he has been a friend and brother to us and it has been a blessing we can never express. God gives us amazing blessings in the midst of heartache. Jeremy of all people know that.  We just want to say Thank you to Jeremy and his wonderful wife Adie. What a blessing yall have been. We sing along with you, We still believe in His faithfullness, even when we can't see, we still believe. I just want everyone to know what a real ministry Jeremy has. He loves the Lord and lives his message!

Sarah Hogan (Judah's auntie)
6/21/2010 2:26:30 AM
Brad Vaught United States
Brad Vaught
Praise the Lord!
Jeremy, You Rock!
Our whole family is inspired by your music and ministry. I am so encouraged by your love and passion for Jesus and God's Word. Thanks for so boldly and lovingly preaching/teaching God's Word.
Can't wait to see you play in Indy (hopefully soon).
George Markey, your dad, and now you, are my biggest inspirations this side of Heaven. Keep Jesus first.
God is Faithful; Continue In Him! Brad Vaught
P.S. Give me a call sometime.

6/21/2010 2:29:14 AM
Irene Silva United States
Irene Silva
Jeremy, I love your music.  It has ministered to me so much.  God has used you in times that I felt really down.  Keep making the music that God is giving you for His glory!

Anderson, Indiana
6/21/2010 2:30:07 AM
Ally United States
Hi Scott & Kelli!
I saw Jeremy at the San Diego Fair last week. It was an awesome concert and even cooler was that we were worshiping God together at such a public place. Praise the Lord!
San Diego
6/21/2010 2:30:43 AM
Irene Silva United States
Irene Silva
I forgot one more comment, CAMPING IS FUN!!!!!!  Just ask my two sons, 22 and 20.  They have lots of great memories of our camping adventures.
6/21/2010 2:31:10 AM
Beth United States
I think Jeremy Camp is AWSOME!!!!His music is very uplifting.Thanks Jeremy!!!!You rock!!!
6/21/2010 2:32:02 AM
Sara United States
I recently had a miscarriage with my 2nd child. The night I lost our baby, The Healing Hand of God came on the radio. That song is such a great reminder that God can heal everyone! That song still brings tears to my eyes and brings me to my knees, we serve an amazing God!
Thank you for sharing your gift that our God has blessed you with!
6/21/2010 2:32:21 AM
Dave Merrill United States
Dave Merrill
I lost my wife 2 years ago. Your music help me and I understand your pain.  Thanks!
6/21/2010 2:32:39 AM
Karen United States
I love, love, love your song There Will Be A Day. I've been going through different kinds of pain. Physical and emotional. When I first heard that song I cried all the way through it. A great reminder. Praise God there WILL be a day with no more pain.
Thanks for your devotion to our Lord and King!
6/21/2010 2:34:05 AM
Amy United States
At a low point in my life, my husband begged me to go this christian concert(Jeremy Camp).  I did not want to go.  I work 40 hrs a week and had 4 kids ages 7, 3 and 2, 1 yr old twins.  I went and it changed my life!  I felt God's presence that night and it had been a long time since I had.  I bought his cd and healing began inside of me.  Now all I listen too is christian music.  KLOVE plays as I work and as I drive to work, if I am not listening to a Jeremy Camp cd.  Thanks so much.
6/21/2010 2:34:56 AM
Deb Rempel United States
Deb Rempel
My mom was falling because of her failing right knee.  After 80 plus year, it finally gave up the ghost. Jeremy Camp's song, "There Will be a Day," and Mom's courage in the face of this disability were both incredibly inspiring.  Thank you, Jeremy, for facing your own tears with what Philip Yancey calls "fidelity - a deeper, more mysterious type of faith" in his book, Disappointment with God. Thank you, Mom, for living this in my life.

i wrote about it on my blog - www.debrempel.com/.../...-reflecting-about-my.html

using your name without your permission, Mr. Camp - i hope you don't mind!  
6/21/2010 2:35:07 AM
Jeff Lindquist United States
Jeff Lindquist
God speaks to our family through Jeremy's songs.  What an amazing artist.  Seen JC in concert 6 times and each show has been better than the one before!!! Thanks for using your gifts to spread God's WORD!  Your music is why we listen to Christian music...great stuff!!
6/21/2010 2:35:10 AM
Emily United States
Jeremy, your concert in Barre, Vermont was fantastic! I hope you'll come back soon! Your music speaks to my life whenever I hear it. Thank you and God bless!
6/21/2010 2:35:23 AM
Bryan Puerto Rico
When are you coming to Puerto Rico?
6/21/2010 2:36:40 AM
Kim Brandt United States
Kim Brandt

Thank you so much for your powerful songs of hope.  I lost my mother suddenly last month at the age of 58.  Your song "There Will Be a Day" has touched my heart even more now.  I truly believe in the power of Christ's love and know there will be a day soon where I will join my mother rejoicing next to Jesus.

6/21/2010 2:36:49 AM
Carolyn United States
Keep up the Ministry I look forward to your music.  I listen to you when I work out ( great upbeat) and worship!  You got my attention when I heard you testify about losing your first wife and how you continued to praise God and never lost faith!  What a Testimony!  My family and I went and saw you here in Santa Rosa, we have seen you a few other times, but that was intense!   What an awesome concert!  Thank you
6/21/2010 2:40:35 AM
jeff hnatek United States
jeff hnatek
The first song I heard on KLOVE (maybe 5 years ago or so) was "everywhere I go your not far away...your right here...right here".  I didn't know who the singer was, but I heard the words.  I knew the promise that He "will never leave us or forsake us."  Then, whenever I turned on KLOVE, I hope to hear "that song".  I would hear it in remote places as I travelled- like Texas, and the East Coast, and it drew me closer to God.  Now, of course, I know Jeremy Camp's music and I thank God and praise him for Jeremey.  We are here to praise God and one way is thru worship and worship music.  Thank you Jeremy for helping me give God glory by praising Him thru singing your songs!

6/21/2010 2:41:40 AM
Grace United States
Hi, Jeremy, I just want to let You know how much your Music has helped Me These last few months, I met you this Year on April 24TH on My Bother's Birthday!!! Well your Music and Your Testimony has been really helping me lately...because I have an Enlarged Pituitary Gland in My Brain...and I'm Really Scared,...but the only thing I Wanted Was to Meet You!!, and I had Been Praying and Praying, that if Anything happens to Me, the Only Thing I want is to Meet You!!!, and God Answered My Prayers!!!, on April 24TH, Jeremy Thanks So...Much(^_^)
6/21/2010 2:41:55 AM
Jessica United States
Hey there, Jeremy. I just wanted to say that your song "This Man" has kept me going through everything. It reminded me that even though life gets hard, Jesus went through so much do we wouldn't have to. It really kicks a person in the perspective. Thank you so much.

Jessica from Memphis.  
6/21/2010 2:41:57 AM
Gabby Bouldin United States
Gabby Bouldin
Im 12 years old, but i listen to your music and klove daily. I LOVE how much you care for your fans and for God. By the way, I camp at least once every year. Were actually going this weekend haha;D   My favorte song of yours is Healing Hand Of God. Its a beautiful song. Just wanted to show my appreciation.
Love, Gabby Bouldin
6/21/2010 2:42:39 AM
Carol United States
I really appreciate the messages you relay throughout your songs. They have lifted my spirit and really show me God's faithfulness in my life. I have been having some severe health problems these past few years, and during those "dark" moments, I listen to your music and just start praising the Lord. I often sing through my pain, and it takes me to another plane, and feel so comforted. Your music is a catalyst for which I know God is with me and strengthens me always!
6/21/2010 2:43:28 AM
nicole United States
i saw jeremey camp in corpus christi tx a few years ago, awesome songs, love em!
6/21/2010 2:43:51 AM
Adam United States
I just wanted to say god bless you k-love for you ministry through music, and i also wanted to say God bless you mr. Jermey Camp for writing the songs that got me so motivated to start learning guitar so i could become more involed with my church's worship team. Thank you guys so much, and i can't wait to see Jermey at Coors Field in Denver on Aug 15th for faith day!
6/21/2010 2:45:43 AM
amanda lemus United States
amanda lemus
hi jeremy camp i am a huge fan.i hope to see you one of these days.your song "THERE WILL BE A DAY" has touched my heart so much. i am 12 ys old i live in sunnyside wa. when i was in school(6th grade) we had to write a bio sketch about someone famous and i chose you because you are MY FAV SINGER. i found out so much about your life and honestly it made me cry.so now everytime i hear there will be a day i cant stop crying because i know there will be a day that we will see jesus face to face and now i have to open my bible to revelations 21:4 because it is my fav verse.the wierd thing is there will be a day is my fav song,ur my fav singer and that verse is my fav.well big big fan VERY BIG FAN welll hope to see you in a concert 1 day. god bless!!!
6/21/2010 2:47:07 AM
Jackie United States
Hey Jeremy i just want you to know what an inspiration you are to me, your music is just so incredible and it speaks to many hearts who hear it! I want you to know that I enjoyed having you here with natalie grant that was just amazing and alot of people were spoken to and i just want to tell you what great job your doing ministring to the many people that hear your music so thank you for all that you do!
6/21/2010 2:50:18 AM
Priscilla Richardson United States
Priscilla Richardson
I just found KLOVE radio station and I love it!!  I also love Jeremy Camp.  Would you ask him who is his favorite Christian artist; who does he listen to?  What is one of his favorite Christian songs, not written and sung by him? Thanks and God bless you.

Listening and lovin it!
North Hills Church, Admin Asst.
6/21/2010 2:50:21 AM
Gretchan United States
I just want to say that Jeremy Camp's music has had a huge impact on me.  I was 8 months pregnant w/ my 1st child in 2002, and lost my Mom to Cancer 5 weeks before he was born...I listened to 'I still believe' by Jeremy Camp through that whole time as I learned to be a first time Mom, and grieving my Mom, 2 years later in 2004 - our 2nd son passed away of SIDS, again - trying to keep my Faith, I listened to 'I still believe' frequently.  2 years later in 2006, I lost our 4th baby @ 17 weeks gestation, and shortly after lost my Dad to brain Cancer.  Again, I continued to listen to K-Love to keep my Faith strong, as our Church Family rallied around us.  But I would play Jeremy Camp repeatedly in my car, especially 'I still believe'.  Because I DO still believe!!  God is so faithful, and so amazing, and my husband and I have been so blessed, even through our tragedies.  Thank you K-Love and Jeremy Camp for being so encouraging to me and so many others each day - and spreading God's love to us.
God bless,
Gretchan Wheeler, Fresno CA
6/21/2010 2:51:56 AM
Sami :) United States
Sami :)
Wow you are such an inspiration. Your music is great and it helped me turn my eyes back to the havens. Now that I am back to my true self as a Christian I can now talk to my fellow high school students and hopefully touch people’s lives like you do. Thank you for doing what you do.
6/21/2010 2:51:59 AM
joel United States
jeremy your music has inspired alot of people expically me i enjoy listening to your music but there was one song that really touched me and that song was "my desire" that song realy put me to think and made me see everythingin a different perspective. well God Bless you  
6/21/2010 2:52:23 AM
Marilyn United States

Thank you for using the gift the Lord has blessed you with. Your music has touch my heart so many times. Your song"There will be a day" is a song that has been one that has meant so much to me. I have a son the has a secular band. I love his music but have prayed for years that he would play Christian. I long for the day  he plays for the Lord. Your parents must be so proud of you. Thank you so much for blessing my life and so many other people. I look forward to meeting you in Heaven someday. Ps. 91
6/21/2010 2:52:48 AM
kenzie United States
I saw Jeremy Camp after the Royals game earily this month with my friends who had never been to a consert. It was a great time. My favorite song Jeremy did was Alive. he had everyone jumping, singing or moving in any way. my friends and i were jumping up and down on our seats, while the seats flipped up and down along with us.
6/21/2010 2:53:33 AM
Marilyn Dixon United States
Marilyn Dixon

My daughter and I are coming to see you tomorrow night at your concert at Fiesta Texas in San Antonio.  We are so excited.  We actually will get to go backstage and meet you as we won these tickets through a local radio station.  I'm enjoying listening to your interview on KLOVE right now.  I feel like I'm getting to know a new friend.  In some ways, it's like hearing one of my sons; I have one your age with a daughter and one on the way.

"There Will be Day" is my favorite song of yours. My daughter who is coming with me to your concert has had lifelong seizures so we truly are looking forward to that "day with no more tears, no more pain, and no more fears" and "when the burdens of this place, will be no more, we’ll see Jesus face to face".  We love life on this earth, but look  forward to eternity with Christ and fellow believers like you.
6/21/2010 2:56:10 AM
Dennise Tully United States
Dennise Tully
Jeremy-thank you for your music-half to tell you about my dear friend dying of pancreatic cancer. He is such a dear man. He said what he wants us to pray for is that God be glorified through his illness-HE LOVES MUSIC-he has led singing in our church since he was young. I have the honor of making his memorial video, and I was wondering if it's ok if I use your song THERE WILL BE A DAY-to bless his family and friends with the wonderful message you sing GLORIFYING GOD through challenge. (TEARS STREAMING DOWN MY FACE AS K-LOVE PLAYS THIS SONG!) THANK YOU FOR WHAT YOU DO WITH YOUR GIFT!
6/21/2010 2:56:15 AM
Jennifer Hayes United States
Jennifer Hayes
   I gave my life back to Christ six years ago and listen to nothing but K-Love everyday. You are by far my favorite and most inspiring Christian artist. I've seen you several times in Modesto, CA with my husband and your passion for Christ and His love inspire me to always put God first, no matter how difficult things are. Your music has touched so many lives and will continue to for generations to come. Every song of yours always lifts my spirits and I can't wait to hear your new album-may God bless you & your family always! The Hayes familyJennifer & Craig)
6/21/2010 2:56:22 AM
Valerie United States
I LOVE Jeremy Camp!!! He's one of my favorite artists! I'm even a member of "Jeremy camp, camp" Tell him I love that play of words, it's so cute! And that I love his music. The first song that I heard that I felt I could relate to was his song "I still believe" I love his music. It seems like I hear his songs exactly when I need to hear them. And when he's gonna come back to Phoenix. I have yet to attend a concert, and I'd LOVE to go.
6/21/2010 2:56:46 AM
Terrie Jimenez United States
Terrie Jimenez
Hi ! Coming from Fairfield Ca. I am a Pastor's Wife and My whole church lovees your music. We have a recovery home that gets so ministered by your music Thank you so much for allowing God to use you in such a powerful way God Bless You!
6/21/2010 2:57:01 AM
magon United States
6/21/2010 2:58:02 AM
Paulette United States
Hey if Jeremy does the Regis show-I will send him the Red sox shirt!!!
I can Hear Jeremy singing ... Give me Jesus!

Thanks for your music- it got me through some really tough times.Son who went to iraq at 18-He returned but he still struggles with PTS.
The storms keep coming and your music never gets old--Gives me the strength I need to get to the other sideSmile
Can't wait for Aug 24th!!! Your new  album!!!
There will be a day!

We love you JeremySmile
There will be a day...I can't wait for Jesus' return!
6/21/2010 3:02:16 AM
Jennifer Eckert United States
Jennifer Eckert
My son still requests Jeremy's Song Feels Like and he still sings along with it.  I still remember his words of encouragement to my son last summer at Lifest about continuing singing for Jesus.  Your music has gotten me through so much since that day as 3 days later I got notice of a lay-off but see God's hand in it as I work on my master's degree while still looking for a job.
6/21/2010 3:02:24 AM
joel Aguirre United States
joel Aguirre
jeremy your song there will be a day also enspired me n changed my life in an amazing way cause it made me realize that one day we will be up therewit God an aint going to have nothing to worry about including that song touched me so much that i made a lecture for the youth at my church and just like revelations 21:4 and romans 8:18 says there will be a day with no more pain or suffering but a day of victory!!! God Bless You!
6/21/2010 3:02:57 AM
joel Aguirre
joel Aguirre
jeremy your song there will be a day also enspired me n changed my life in an amazing way cause it made me realize that one day we will be up therewit God an aint going to have nothing to worry about including that song touched me so much that i made a lecture for the youth at my church and just like revelations 21:4 and romans 8:18 says there will be a day with no more pain or suffering but a day of victory!!! God Bless You!
6/21/2010 3:09:43 AM
Kent Kiester United States
Kent Kiester
Jeremy - you are my absolute favorite artist!  I am a high school teacher in Monon, Indiana not far from your home town of Lafayette.  My wife Kathy and I have visited your dad's church and our son is a regular member there and goes to Bible Study each week with your brother Jared.  We've seen you at the Indiana State Fair last summer and again at Anderson University last fall and will so again next month at the Trinity Music Fest - and will also come to your Q&A there!  Praise God for you and your fellow Christian artists who lift the spirits and minister to so many through your beautiful music - many people who otherwise wouldn't be reached.  Our son Kevin is also a huge fan of yours and has been saved through Jesus of his drug and alcohol addictions and he's now 2 1/2 years clean!  We all love you, Jeremy!  We thank God every day for Christian artists such as yourself and K-LOVE!!!
6/21/2010 3:10:40 AM
ashley United States
Hey Jeremy
I dont know if you remember me, but im Ashley. I was in the car crash with my mom and Randy told you about me and you gave me free backstage passes to one of your concerts. I was 9 then im 14 now. Well i wanted to say thank you for blessing me that night and wanting to meet me. It really meant alot! I also wanted to tell you how one of your songs helped me through a hard time. I play softball, I'm a catcher for one of the fastes pitchers in my leauge. Right before my opening day I started having alot of shoulder and arm pain, so my mom said she would take me to the doctor. The day I was going to the doctor I woke up heard my neck crack and I could not move it. So we went to the doctor he said nothing was wrong and to play in my game. The day of my game came and the doctor calls at 8 in the morning and says do not hrow a ball we think your neck might be fractured and you have to go in for an MRI. (now opening day is like christmas to me and to hear that i couldn't play was the worst thing ever) The pain in my neck was horrible, so one day I said God may your will be done and not mine heal me. My pain stopped and everyday after that your song the healing hand of God would come on K LOVE. I believe I was healed because the doctor says im fine and now im back and playing ball. So thank you for blessing me with your songs.
6/21/2010 3:18:24 AM
Lori Mata United States
Lori Mata
Hi Jeremy,
I wanted to let you know that your music has meant so much to our family. I know that you have experienced great loss in your life with your wife, & I belive a child also recently if I heard correctly. Our family has also suffered great loss. Two of our seven children have gone home to be with the Lord far to soon. We lost the first one to stillbirth back in the summer or 2006 & our son Gabriel passed away 4 months & 26 days later. He was our world, because he was sick from 4 months of age on, he was 9 yrs. & 5 months old when he passed. I just wanted to let you know that you & one other well known Christian artist where all he wanted to listen to in the last few days of his life. Your Dvd was what had been playing continuously for the last 6 hours of his life. He took his last breath with you on the screen & your music in his ears & heart. Your voice was the last one he heard, because the room was silent other then the music playing through the Dvd when he passed.
Your music has continued to & always will bless our lives. You have a special place in our hearts & did in our little Gabriel's heart also.
Your song There Will Be A Day came out not to long after his passing in January of 2007 & I felt like that song was written just for me. Thank You so much for being faithful to God & the call he has on your life through all your pain & for letting the rest of the world know there's hope. We love you & your music!
Gabriel & Isaac's mom ( Lori)
6/21/2010 8:22:05 AM
Jim United States
I am a fan of Jeremy Camp.  My teen daughter has wanted to sing a song with me in front of the church for quite a while.  After some prayer and listening to the Holy Spirit's prompting we were finally able to.

It all timed out just right and we sang "I surrender" of all days on last Sunday, Fathers Day! It is a beautiful song that demands our commitment to him on a daily basis.  My prayer is that He does keep softening my heart and keep me close to Him as I strive to be the father He wants me to be.
6/21/2010 8:32:15 AM
Will United States
how did you get started?
6/21/2010 8:34:07 AM
Will United States
how did you get started
6/21/2010 8:46:22 AM
Amanda Doucette United States
Amanda Doucette
Jeremy Camp is one of the best Christian music artists; I like every one of his songs!  My favorite is "My Desire."  I first heard it @ work one day in a season of my life where I was giving it ALL to the Lord.  I wanted nothing more of my way and all of His way. I wanted the Lord to use me more, and I knew that I had to be empty so He could fill me.  My Desire completely captured my heart and really helped me to focus on the the Lord and His ways instead of mine.  Thank you Jeremy Camp for the time you spend before the Lord to give out to us.  It is reflected in your music!
6/21/2010 8:57:57 AM
Susan United States
Hi Jeremy!

My 7 year old daughter and I can't wait to see you Friday night in San Antonio!  
Thanks for sharing your faith and music.... Your cd is the first christian cd we ever purchased... Keep sharing!
6/21/2010 9:31:03 AM
Dee United States
Jeremy, your music is inspiring and my family is grateful for your faithfulness to God's call.  My two youngest daughters ages 24yrs and 20 yrs sing along to all your songs.  The youngest went out and bought your first CD as soon as she heard it and we've been fans ever since.  Thank you for sharing your God given talent with the world.  You are a blessing. God bless you and your family in all your endeavors.
6/21/2010 9:36:13 AM
Larisa United States
I really like your music.  My sister and i were at your concert in New York - and i really LOVED it.  
6/21/2010 9:37:07 AM
Lauren Thurman United States
Lauren Thurman
Jeremy, you are a true testament to how God can use people in miraculous ways when they use their gifts to serve the Lord.
A little over a year ago, I was running in the wrong direction.. I was in a very unhealthy relationship with a guy who introduced me to drinking, turned me against my parents and worst of all.. it was poisoning my relationship with Jesus Christ. God would not stop pressuring me to let go of him but I refused to do it. The thought of losing Him terrified me. One night, I hit a low point and realized the comfort I was receiving from my boyfriend was of the earth and not of God. So I asked him to meet me at the lake, where I ended it. When I got back in my truck I could barely breath…  When I turned the radio to K-Love, I'll Take You Back came on. Out of every song ever written, that one had the message I needed to hear. I was filled with guilt for turning my back on the Lord but when I heard the lyrics to that song I was overwhelmed with forgiveness. I never felt so loved in my life. Since that day, I've turned my life around.
K-love is like God's Juke box and He picks your songs to work miracles.. Thank you for using your beautiful gift to honor our savior because you inspired me to run in the right direction, literally. Hardin Simmons University recruited me to run for their cross country and track team. I intend to use my gift for His glory.
Thank you K-Love and Jeremy for the encouragement!<3 <3 <3
6/21/2010 9:39:13 AM
Larisa United States
I really like your music.  My sister and i were at your concert in New York and i LOVED it.
6/21/2010 2:54:32 PM
Daniel United States

I started listening to your music when I was first saved. I never listened to christian music at all, and thought it was lame. One day I was flipping though the stations and stopped on K-love just as your song Walk by Faith had started, and it instantly had become my favorite song. Soon after I started buying your CD's, and listening to K-love everytime I got into the car. That was back in 2005, and is still and always will be my favorite song for the impact it has had on my life. Thank you for using your wonderful talents to praise the Lord for what He has done for us.
6/21/2010 2:55:56 PM
Rose United States
Your music has been a blessing to me many mornings and nights sitting in my car crying to Jesus cause my heart hurts so bad and I often feel like there is nothing to stop it. Thanks for listening to God's heart and relaying his love to his hurting kids. I really believe that his hands can heal and someday my tears will be wiped away and hearing you sing encourages me to keep trusting until then Smile. God bless!
6/22/2010 3:01:36 AM
Shelley United States
Jeremy, I first met you years ago when you came to Pastor Joe's church in Lafayette, IN. You were sharing your music and testimony about losing your first wife. My husband and I had lost our 18 year old son in a car accident not long before that and your message was a real blessing to us.  The other day I said to my husband I wish they would have Jeremy Camp on KLOVE as a guest. (I listen to KLOVE at home, in my car and we often have it on at workSmileMy husband called me at work, where I am a nurse on the Labor, Delivery and Post Parum unit, to say that you were being interviewed on KLOVE!! and that you were on Regis and Kelly! I was so excited to here that God had opened doors for you to share God's message with so many. We have a picture of you talking to our son on our fridge as a reminder to keep you and the ministry God has called you to in our prayers. God bless you and yours as you continue to minister in His nameSmile
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