Jun 28 2010

20 Worst Kids' Foods in America

A recent study revealed the worst kids' foods in America and what we should choose instead. Check it out:

20.   Cap'n Crunch Cereal. Choose Cascadian Farm Clifford Crunch.

19.   Austin Cheese Crackers with Cheddar Jack Cheese. Choose Laughing Cow Mini Babybel.

18.   SunnyD Smooth Style. Instead, buy Capri Sun Tropical Fruit Roarin' Water.

17.   Bob Evans Smiley Face Potatoes. Order Home Fries instead!

16.   Atlanta Bread Company Peanut Butter & Jelly. Instead, choose Kids' Cheese Pizza.

15.   Auntie Anne's Pepperoni Pretzel Pocket. Order the Pretzel Dog for better health.

14.   Au Bon Pain Kids' Grilled Cheese. Order the Kids' Macaroni and Cheese.

13.   Oscar Mayer Maxed Out Turkey & Cheddar Cracker Comb Lunchables. Not the best choice. Instead, try Hillshire Farm Deli Wrap Smokehouse Ham & Swiss Wrap Kit.

12.   Uno Chicago Grill Kids' Sundae. Better dessert option? Kids' Slush.

11.   Ruby Tuesday Kids' Turkey Minis and Fries. Much better option? Chop Steak & Mashed Potatoes.

10.   Boston Market's Kids' Meat Loaf with Sweet Potato Casserole and Cornbread. Instead, get the Kids' Roasted Turkey and Green Bean Casserole and Cornbread.

9.    Romano's Macaroni Grill Fettuccine Alfredo. Order Cheeseoli instead!

8.    On the Border Kids' Bean and Cheese Nachos. Better option? Kids' Grillerd Chicken with Black Beans.

7.    Uno Chicago Grill Kids' Deep Dish Pepperoni Pizza. Opt for the Macaroni and Cheese as a healthier option.

6.    Chili's Pepper Pals Little Chicken Crispers with Ranch and Homestyle Fries. Instead, choose Pepper Pals Grilled Chicken Platter with Cinnamon Apples.

5.    Denney's Little Dipper Sampler with Honey Mustard Dressing Dipping Sauce and Deep Space Fries. Much better? Moon & Stars Chicken Nuggets with BBQ SAuce and Moon    Crater Mashed Potatoes and Gravy. 

4.    Baskin-Robbins Small Snickers Shake. Instead, try the Small Strawberry Citrus Fruit Blast.

3.    Burger King Kids' Double Cheeseburger with Small Fries and Coke. Order Kraft Macaroni and Cheese with Apple Fries, Caramel Dipping Sauce and Low-Fat Milk instead.

2.    P.F. Chang's Crispy Honey Chicken on Brown Rice. Try Almond and Cashew Chicken on Brown Rice for a healthier option.

1.    Uno Chicago Grill Kids' Kombo with French Fries. Try Kids' Pasta for better health!

Thanks to MSNBC.com for the heads-up!

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Comments (4) -

6/21/2010 4:33:57 PM
David United States
Wow...I like cap'n crunch.
6/21/2010 4:45:22 PM
Christine United States
I recently did a program for my weight loss support group called TOPS (Taking Off Pounds Sensibly).  I researched the best and worst things to eat when dining out.  At the top of the worst list was Ruby Tuesdays Turkey Bella Burger.  I was astonished, because I thought it would be a great alternative to a beef burger.  As it turns out when they grind up the turkey to make the turkey burger they grind up all the skin and fat into the burger...(no wonder they taste so good).  
6/21/2010 4:54:46 PM
Kori United States
I must admit we buy those Austin crackers but with different fillings. BUT, it is almost as easy to just buy your choice of cracker and fill it yourself - either with the alternative cheese they mention (spreadable Babybel) or a sliced cheese your family enjoys - or with your family's favorite peanut butter. If you'll be taking them for a picnic where someone might be nut allergic, fill them with tahini (sunflower seed butter - try Whole Foods or local health food store).
7/25/2010 1:04:35 PM
Katrina Weinhold United States
Katrina Weinhold
Thanks for the tips. Now I know how to "better care" for the body that God has given me.
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