Jul 06 2010

God Is ALWAYS There For Us!

What little ways has God reminded you that He is always there for you???
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6/27/2010 7:06:45 AM
Valerie United States
I remember a couple of years ago, I went on a Christian club retreat with Matrix ministries (A christian club I used to be a part of). Well, one of the nights, we decided to pray for safety because one of the members in particular was concerned about their personal safety, so we thought might as well pray for all our safety. That night, while we were sleeping, one of our members woke up in the middle of the night to use the restroom. But something told him to check the stove. (It was a gas stove) and it was on. I guess we forgot to turn it off before we went to bed. If that person didn't wake up, it would not have been good. But the Lord was watching out for us the whole time.
6/27/2010 7:11:43 AM
Joy Corbett United States
Joy Corbett
A couple of years ago, my church was having a Christmas Party in a low-income neighborhood where I work. I was in charge of signing up families so we could have presents for all the children. We had signed up 75 families but when the bus pulled around the corner we saw hundreds of people lined up at the door. Good news (free presents) spreads fast. All the volunteers were in shock. I just prayed "Lord, just let us have enough presents for all these children". After food and songs, we started a line to pass out the gifts. One by one they came, the pile of gifts kept getting smaller but the line did not. We got down to the last few gifts but there were still kids in line. My heart sank. I took the remaining kids names and numbers and told them to come see me in my office the next day to get the gifts. I had no idea why God did not provide for them. The next day, I went to the church to get more gifts. When I arrived very few staff were there. I went across to the building that had the gifts and opened the door. To my surprise, the room was filled with smoke. After the fire dept. came they discovered that inside a wall was a smoldering fire that would have burnt down the church if not discovered. I had no idea why God had not provided gifts for these kids until that moment. He saved our church from total distruction. God is always there and watching over us. Even when we don't think so!
6/27/2010 7:50:48 AM
magon United States
just yesterday i chkeck my chking account to mk sure that i had enough money in it for rent...and i saw it was 200.00 short...i was able to transfer money over from my savings account with out a thought and paid my rent. but just a year ago i would have been scared. not knowing how i was going to pay rent, but i now have a budget mentor from church helping me budget and learn how to save money. and with out his help i wouldnt have had the money to transfer from savings...im sure there are other small things but just the fact im able to have money in my savings to cover for my bills is just soo awsome...also i use to skip over pennys in the street but now that i know how to value money i pick it up and am thankful to God for his wonderful grace and overflowing love in my life!
6/27/2010 7:51:23 AM
Samantha Eagle United States
Samantha Eagle
This past October my family and I moved into a new home. Like most new homes you have a few problems before it feels like home. As we began settlilng in after  a few nights, my husband and I noticed our lights flickering in the laundry room.  A day or so later I came home after work to discover our power was out and our electric meter was missing.  Upon contacting the power company the explained how they discovered our meter to be bad when they came to read it.  The operator explained our box that holds the meter was bad, and if not replaced our house could have burnt up anytime..We had to spend a week or so with family while it was resolved, and with our 4 childern it did make it hard.  But I am blessed that God was watching over us and kept us and our new home safe!!  Thank You God~
                                     Thank you,
                                Samantha Eagle  
6/27/2010 8:10:20 AM
Jennifer Phelps United States
Jennifer Phelps
God reminded me at School how great he is, and that he is there for us all.Everyday, I am amazed of Gods handy work. How he perfectly made our bodies to fight and to protect us from foreign invaders such as viruses, etc. Every cell in our body is designed with a specific purpose, and reason. If he designed a tiny cell and gave it a purpose..doesn't it make you wonder, what purpose he has for y...our life?? I am sure want to know what he has planned for me...He is so Awesome!
6/27/2010 8:15:48 AM
Tony Treckeme United States
Tony Treckeme
A few years ago the priest at our parrish asked me to attend a teen recollection and if I felt like it to speak to the teenagers of my expierences with God. So i said sure and it was on a Friday night. Friday night I came home from work and told my wife I was not oing to go I was to tired. And 10 minutes later I was packing a suitcase to go and my wife said you said you were not going and I said yes but i had a very strong feeling that I should be ther so I went. Friday night at the conference people were going up on the stage to share and I felt nothing so I did not go. the next night was fun night the kids were doing skits and i was sitting in a chair when i had a massive pain in my chest and it did not stop. i knew I was having a heart attack, so i told the lady sitting in front of me what was happening and to call an ambulance. Two men caught me before i hit the floor and took me outside, and ambulance came took my vital signs and radioed in that i was in a massive heart attack and they were binging me to the hospital. I am on a stretcher and all of sudden everything got quite to me and the only thing I heard was Jesus saying to me. "Tell the children that are to accept me to night" so I to;d the lady that was sitting in front of me and she said just a minute ran in the room grabbd a micropone and brought it out to me and told me to tell the kids what Jesus told me. So i repeated to them what he said and i was put in the ambulance and the kids sang Abba Father as i rode away to the hospitsl. The pains in my chest was bad and as we backed up to the door of the hospital it was like a hand washed over me and I had no more pain, My best friend and my wife were there and I said it is ok as I was crying God used me I am fine. They checked me out in the hospital and said there was nothing wrong with  me paise the Lord! 98% of the teenagers that night swore their lives to God.
6/27/2010 8:16:54 AM
Nicole Marie United States
Nicole Marie
God shows me He is with me and cares through many ways. But one time - I was in High School and we had visited my Grandparents. My folks never let me sleep-in, esp when visiting. But they said they just felt like they had to that morning. That was the day that the Gore Bridge in Oklahoma was hit by a bardge and destroyed. We were supposed to be on that bridge - at that time, if we had done what we always did. But, instead I slept-in.

God has plans that are beyond my understanding - but I have full faith in Him and His hand in my life.
6/27/2010 8:28:11 AM
David Baker United States
David Baker
1st God is always with us, even when we are to busy to recognize Him, but a few years ago He was really with our family. We were coming home from church, and had been driving on the highway 65 to 70 miles an hour, when we came to the turn off to our road. It is a little 3 way blind itersection where you have to stop and then go after you make sure no one else is coming. So, after I stop and turned into our road, just as I was making the left turn, our right front wheel fell off, and the axel buried in to the asphalt and brought our car to a complete stop. I couldn't turn the wheel and the car was setting in the middle of the intersection. We had to call a wrecker, and another miracle was, no one came barreling through the blind intersection without looking and hit us. I thank God everyday, and if I ever wonder where God is, my mind goes back to that day, and I thank so much more, amen, amen, and amen. Thank you for letting me tell you about our God.
6/27/2010 8:31:06 AM
Tina United States
About a month ago we took temporary guardianship of my adopted daughters 2 year old sister, when we took her we got her with the clothes on her back and that was it. My husband and I both work full time and we needed childcare for her so we put her in a structured daycare who works with children very well, when we went to apply for childcare assistance we found out we made to much money and could not get any help.  We were already financilly tight and did not know how we could afford $400.00 a month for childcare but we knew we had to so we are changing and cutting things back so we can give her the proper care she deserves while we are at work.  Her sister came to us with many behavior issue's and we recently found out she has Attachment Disorder, on a daily basis my husband, daughter and I will get hit, pinched, bit an has even had it where she will draw blood on us from the attacks. On a daily basis we are physically and emotionally drained and have sometimes asked each other if we can really do this, I have sat looking at all the marks from her on me and cried many times and would start praying and each time God reminds me how he will be there to help us through this difficult time and will be there to help us help her and give her the life she so derserves.  
6/27/2010 8:34:11 AM
Natalie Valov United States
Natalie Valov
I have been really struggling with my self image more than usually lately as the world continues to tell me I'm not pretty enough or thin enough. I was praying one night desperately asking God to show me the way He sees me and to draw my self worth from Him because I would never make it by the world's standards. The next morning I woke at 5:00am. As hard as I tried, sleep would not return. I remembered that my mom often woke early and how she had always gone out to our back porch with her bible. Grumbling I took my bible out to this same spot and just sat. At about 5:30 I noticed the sun was rising. It was incredible and I thought to myself that I had never actually taken time to watch a sunrise as different colors splash across the morning sky. I read that morning from Genesis about how God created all of nature and how much he loved it's beauty and how good he thought it was, but the last thing he created was human life. He loved this best of all because it was made in His image. Perfect and beautiful. I was amazed at the beauty God had shown me through a sunrise and then how he told me I was so much more beautiful than that. I woke everyday at 5:15 for one full week and each time I watched the sunrise and delighted in God's view of beauty and how much more beautiful He sees me. This is a simple yet profound way God has shown me He's there in everything we do.
6/27/2010 8:45:25 AM
Tippy Atkins-Haumesser United States
Tippy Atkins-Haumesser
My name is Tippy and about 3 years ago after struggling on and off for about 20 years with a crack addiction and having giving  all but one of my six children over to the custody of my parents, I entered a place here in Tucson AZ called the Gospel Rescue Mission Women and Childrens Center.They are a faith based shelter and rehab. While there I begin to learn how to allow the power of God change me and my life. I was saved as a little girl of 8 and always believed in God. What I could not understand was why my life took the course it did. Why did I make so many bad choices. Well I have been clean now for the past 3 years but most importantly I have been living a life surrendered to Christ! Today I am a Certified Recovery Support Specialist and I work for a Behavioral Health Orginazation here in Tucson. God has opened so many doors for me that I am truly amazed. 2years ago I started my own 12 step faith based group called Walking By Faith,my life today is spent allowing God to use me at every and any opportunity. I love what I do and the people I work with. God change a crack addicted lost woman who would and did almost anything to get that drug into a WOMAN who lives to please my savior. I know what God can do and that even in the depth of my addiction HE never left me, HE carried me through it.One last thing at one point in my addiction I was diagnosed w/congestive heart failure,only 15%of my heart was functioning. Today my heart doctors are amazed because my heart is now functioning at a level above that of a normal heart. I tell them "that's the power of God!" God has restored me to my family and my children and our relationship is better then ever. Thank you Jesus!
6/27/2010 8:46:25 AM
Cheryl Bach United States
Cheryl Bach
God moves in MYSTERIOUS ways.
I ended up in the hospital most of the month in June, and in doing so, one of my credit card payments did not get paid. I've just paid off $13,000 and it was my LAST BILL to cover the remaining 'finance charges.' Well, they froze my card number for late payment within ONE DAY (after) the card number was compromised. There were thousands of charges waiting to be cleared (all fraudulent) but since the number was frozen, the thieves only charged $230 in video game payments, INSTEAD OF THOUSANDS!

God was watching out for me -used my mistake for HIS Glory. I have no question of that; and he saved me hours of headache disputing another hundred charges for thousands of dollars by using my FIRST TIME EVER forgotten payment! LOL. THIS is why I NEVER try to wrap my brain around the omnipotence of God and how his incredible (and mysterious) love for us always turns our 'mistakes' into BLESSINGS!!!!
6/27/2010 3:15:57 PM
Amanda United States
A few years ago, when my first born was only three months old, I was suffering from post-partum depression and missing my family (I had recently moved 1300 miles away from them).  My mom flew to vist and we ended up taking my son on a little road trip back to visit home.  It was in the dead of winter and I am not kidding, the ENTIRE 1300 miles was a below-freezing, blowing blizzard.  We drove extremely slow and cautiously but we were very nervous the entire time - two looong days it took us.  God kept us safe the whole way, with not so much as a skid.  When we arrived home, my dad took my car in to get the oil changed.  The mechanic came out and told him that it was up to him, but the car was in DESPERATE need of new tires.  My dad mentioned to him that we had just driven it all that way in blizzard conditions, and the mechanic was stunned.  He said the tires were basically shreds, and he couldn't believe that we had made it.  When I saw the remnants of the old tires, I couldnt either.  But then I realized that God was watching over us all, and took care of it even when we didn't realize what was needed.  To think that I would have driven all that way back on shredded tires...God is amazing!
6/28/2010 5:54:00 AM
Donna King United States
Donna King
This last month in June my husband,sister-in-law and myself were scheduled to go on vacation and two days before we were to leave I recieved a call that my mother was gravely ill.  We deceided to leave a day early headed out about 200 miles from where we were going pulling a 30ft 5th wheel, heard a loud poping noise, pulled over thinking it was a blown tire,all seemed ok at the time. When we pulled in late that night to our campsite, got set up I went to see my mother at 11:30 returned to the campsite went to bed. We got up the next morning to my husband saying that I parked in a hole, I said no I did not, well he said we have a flat tire then.  When the tire was pulled off,the right front, it was totally blown out on the inside of the tire and we were not able to have it repaired. God had us in his hands and got us safe so we could get the tire changed safely. This was such an oppertunity to witness to my family and especially my husband who is not saved, and show them how God keeps his own safe and watches over them. My sister-in-law is saved and we go to church together every sunday. She and I know that God kept us safe for he has a reason for everything, because about 50 miles from home we had another blow out on a tire this time on the 5th Wheel, God kept us safe that time as well, he was with us ALL the way ALL the time.  
6/29/2010 6:08:13 AM
Amanda United States
After I had my son, I was suffering from postpartum depression and really missing my family.  I had recently moved about 1300 miles away from them.  My mom flew in to visit and I decided to take my three month old son on a little road trip back home to meet the rest of the family.  It was in the dead of winter and I am not kidding, the ENTIRE 1300 miles was below zero, blowing blizzard and icy conditions.  We drove extremely slow and cautiously, and were very nervous the whole time - it took almost three days!  We finally made it without so much as a skid.  My dad took my car in to have the oil changed before I headed back on my journey (alone!).  The mechanic came out and told my dad that it was entirely up to him, but that the car was in DESPERATE need of new tires.  My dad mentioned to him that we had just driven all that way, and the mechanic was stunned - my tires were completely shredded.  He couldn't believe that we had made it.  Not only was GOD watching out for us on the road, he also made sure we would be aware of the problem before I headed back (alone!).  GOD is great - he is always watching us just like he has promised.  
6/29/2010 9:26:59 PM
Debbie Stoll United States
Debbie Stoll
God has shown that He is with us so many times.  Most recently has been in the past few months.  At the end of February I got official notice that I would not be rehired at my job for the coming year.  I began my job search immediately.  My husband and I decided that since we did not know if we would be able to take a vacation this summer, we would take one during spring break.  We had a wonderful time seeing God's handiwork at the Grand Canyon.  A few days after returning, I had to take my husband to the emergency room.  He had blood clots in his lungs.  Within a couple of days he was diagnosed with MRSA, an antibiotic resistant form of staph that can be deadly.  My husband was in the hospital for 12 days.  When he was released, we had to continue IV antibiotic treatment at home for 6 weeks.  My husband had not spent a night in the hosptial since he had his tonsils out in his early teen years.  Over the few weeks after I received the news of my job ending, I put in dozens of applications.  I got called for four or five interviews.  On April 21 on my way to work, I prayed, "God, I want to be where You want me to be, but I don't always have the best discernment, so it's going to have to be the first job offer I get."  I had another interview the next afternoon.  All the way through the interview I kept thinking, "God, I don't want this job! God, I don't want this job!"  A couple of hours after that interview, as I was on my way to my farewell party, I got a phone call from the employer of one of my top two picks offering me that job!  Silly me, I thought for a split second, "Do I tell her yes, or do I ask her to let me have time to talk it over with my husband?"  Then I thought, "Silly, you asked God for it to be the first job offer. Take it!" So I did.  My farewell party ended up being a celebration, and my new job began on Monday after my old job ended on Friday! Praise God!  
This is only one of the many times He has come through like this for me and my family. Oh, and by the way, because of a minor surgery my husband had in January, we only had to pay about $1,000 for my husband's 12 day stay in the hospital.  His IV treatments ended the Saturday before I started my new job, and now we get to ride to work together every day.
6/30/2010 5:35:57 PM
Rhonda United States
1) Last year someone ran a red light and totalled my recently paid off car. Waited until we got the check from the insurance company and tried to purchased a $6,000 used vehicle with $1,000 down. We were denied (we have very bad credit). So we waited a couple months, prayed about it, found a great deal and ended up getting a loan for a $12,000 used car, after they turned us down for a $6,000 used car a couple months earlier!
2) This year I got a new job making $5 more an hour than my previous job and they hired me without any work experience over other applicants with experience. Reminds me of the song our pastor sings..."everytime I turn around...He's blessin me..." It's not to say all I get is blessings, there are plenty of trials mixed in the batch, lol.
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