Jul 12 2010

Have you gone M.A.D. today? Yup, it's Make a Difference Monday!

It's Monday---time to go M.A.D. and Make a Difference for someone today. Write a note to let someone know that they matter in your life. Buy lunch for a stranger. Bring flowers to your neighbor. Be creative! Share your ideas...how someone has made a difference for you or how you have "gone M.A.D." today!

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7/2/2010 3:20:41 AM
Michelle United States
My husband Ben is an amazing, Godly man who loves me and my four daughters with an amazing, unconditional love!
7/2/2010 3:22:15 AM
Toya Aultman United States
Toya Aultman
A young lady driving to Little Rock right now for missions training has Made A Difference in my life!  She is a young woman leaving for the Asia Pacific region next month to follow His will for her life.
She is one that you know she loves Jesus just by watching her life.  She has encouraged me in my walk with Christ like no other. She reminds me almost daily to put on His armor and that He is faithful. He is enough.  
To tell of one instance of her making a difference is impossible...she is a difference maker not just on Mondays, but every day of the week, every day of her life. She is a gift and I'm blessed to call her friend! Love and prayers Sarah!!
7/2/2010 3:22:22 AM
magon United States
my place of work isnt a christian atmosphere, but when ever im there i always have KLOVE on so its my way of making it more christian...but just a few minutes ago i was in the coffee room getting my tea with sugar a cream(mmmm mmmm)i saw my bosses coffee mug sitting there (waiting for the coffee to be done) well the coffee was done so i poured his coffee and took it to him in his office. He said thank you and smile, i dnt know how much of a difference that made in hise life but to get him to smile is a HUGE job here...so hopefully it made a small difference and small is lots better then none right! ...
7/2/2010 3:25:00 AM
Krystal United States
My boyfriends Best friend is going through a hard time and has been sleeping in her car.  I searched her city for Hotels (which is about 9 hrs from where I live) and paid for 2 night lodging so she could get some Much needed R&R.  I pray she makes her way to bright days with the help of Christ Smile
7/2/2010 9:41:50 AM
Krystal United States
the other day i had a dress and sandals on and left out without my umbrella not realizing it was gonna rain. as soon as i got in walmart it starts pouring, so i buy an umbrella. get to my car while its pouring and as im driving i see this homeless man with a backpack and sign walking. i give him my umbrella and by the time i get to where i'm going...it stops raining. Smile
7/2/2010 9:46:01 AM
Tracy United States
I have been very convicted about Mathew 25..where Jesus talked about"doing unto the LEAST of these is just as doing unto me"...So, I started praying praying God would put "one of the least of these" in my path.  Boy did he ever.  A lady was standing around the corner from my church when I came out of bible study this morning & I asked if I could give her a ride to the Laundry Mat.  I did..and when I noticed she had 6 bags, I offered to come back & get her & take her home.  It was then when she told me she had nowhere she called "home".  My heart broke.  After paying for her laundry & a bite to eat, I took her to a local motel & paid for 7 nights,shared Jesus with her and drove off! I wept all the way home...somehow feeling that if I had done that to Jesus...it would Nowhere NEAR be enough!
7/2/2010 9:51:42 AM
Becca United States
Last year due to problems out of our control, my husband and I, along with our three children, had to move out of our apartment, and didn't have the money for a deposit in a new place.  Knowing our trubles our friend Sarah bought a large 5 bedroom house for us to live in. In addition to this she refuses to let us pay rent, even though we have offered. She has selfishly helped us through a very rough time in our life and always is there for us.  I have never met anyone with as much love or compation.    
7/2/2010 2:04:38 PM
Bekah United States
Today I helped my grandma in her garden! We planted a lot of little flowers! She was telling me how much i have made a difference in her garden! I would go and get stuff for her when she asked and that helped get the job done!!! We got dirty and muddy, but we had a lot of fun while doing it!!!
7/2/2010 2:28:04 PM
Bekah United States
Today I helped my grandma in her garden! I planted a lot of little flowers! She said that i made a difference in her garden and it is really pretty now! After we where done, I made dinner and I helped clean up so I made it easier for her! We got really dirty and muddy, but we had an AWESOME time gardening together!!
7/9/2010 2:12:46 AM
Bronson United States
I was running in McDonalds to get breakfast since the drive thru was backed up and a man in Army attire held the door opened for me so I went ahead of him to order and turned around to ask him what he wanted.  Got a big smileSmileI went to hand him a KLOVE card and he said he and his wife listen to it all the time.  It was great to hear that he was a Christian.  I hope I showed the Love of Christ in me to him.  He showed me by letting me go ahead and I showed him by paying for his meal.  Pay if forward.  You never know what impact you might have.  God Bless, In Jesus name!
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