Jul 15 2010

Dr. Paul Meier on postpartum depression

We talked with Dr. Meier today about postpartum depression. What is it? Is it real? How do I recognize the warning signs and get help? Learn more about the Meier Clinics and Dr. Meier's book, The Postpartum Survival Guide here: http://www.meierclinics.com/

Listen to Dr. Meier discuss postpartum depression:

Segment 1

Segment 2

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7/14/2010 3:16:05 AM
David Lee of Camby, Indiana United States
David Lee of Camby, Indiana
Absoulutly.....salt that watermellon....   Smile
7/14/2010 11:29:27 AM
will United States
I love the song Our God by Chris Tomlin
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