Jul 15 2010

Have You Ever Wanted To Be On Reality TV???

So I went to try out for Survivor today... Sadly I found out too late and the line was too long! But I did find out that there is a casting call coming for Amazing Race coming up... Have you ever tried out for a Reality Show or wanted to??? If so, what show???

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7/11/2010 1:26:47 AM
Cheryl Leow United States
Cheryl Leow
No I never tried to be on a reality show. I really enjoy watching Survivor. I give all the contestants credit, I would never be able to do what they do in them games. The biggest thing I totally dislike snakes and I do not like to be around they give the creeps.
7/11/2010 1:48:49 AM
Donna Zemanek United States
Donna Zemanek
Just wanted to make sure I understand this - the prior topic was how gross salt is on watermelon and sugar on cottage cheese but now we're going to be on Survivor?

Love your show!!
7/11/2010 2:08:44 AM
Katie United States
I've never really thought about it.I don't think I would really want to be on a tv show.
7/11/2010 2:12:52 AM
Darren United States
Salt on Watermelon is the busy
7/11/2010 2:13:32 AM
Darren United States
Salt on Watermelon is the best
7/11/2010 2:19:06 AM
Tanner United States
My sister, dad, and I want to go onto Wipeout!! I think it would be a fun challenge, and would be awesome if I won! My sister would probably do well on it, if they had a kid eddition...she is only 10 but I think that she could win. *hum wonder what she'd do with the money* =)
7/11/2010 2:41:42 AM
Sophia Sondreal United States
Sophia Sondreal
Yes! I would LOVE to be on a reality show like America's Got Talent, Dancing With The Stars, American Idol, or, Skating With The Stars! But I do not think I would be able to survive on Survivor! (:
7/11/2010 2:43:15 AM
bruce lynn United States
bruce lynn
always wanted to be the mole on the reality show the mole
7/11/2010 3:10:03 AM
Melinda Russell United States
Melinda Russell
I have wanted my husband and three grown sons (26, 23 & 20) to be on the family version of the Amazing Race. I would like to see how they would work together in the fast paced event without killing each other! LOL!  Since my sons have been young they have competed against each other and now that they are grown my husband enjoys them challenging him. Fun times at our house!
7/11/2010 3:27:29 AM
will United States
a reality tv show sounds amazing
7/11/2010 10:06:25 AM
Stephanie Purse United States
Stephanie Purse
I am ridiculously addicted to reality tv. I tried out for Survivor a few years ago. I sent in videos a few times & stood in line for 18 hours for an audition in June in Orlando. Hot doesn't begin to describe it!

Survivor would be my first choice, but Amazing Race or Wipeout would be fun too. Just could never deal with the drama of Big Brother!
7/11/2010 12:25:29 PM
Maggie Sena United States
Maggie Sena
I actually did audition for Amazing Race last year here in New Mexico.  I was so excited and very confident since I had the ideal partner. Hes one of those super athletic guys who could do just about everything, of course that means I was to be the brains of the whole thing. =) Sadly we were not picked but it was still one of those things I will never forget.
7/11/2010 8:55:50 PM
Christine Howard United States
Christine Howard
I don't do TV. Where's the value? I watch sports {ie: World Cup}and history {ie: National Parks} on my laptop. As far as "reality" goes; shouldn't we be living our lives "in reality" and not vicariously?
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