Jul 19 2010

What Are You Doing to Go Make A Difference?

Hey start the week by Going MAD!

What are you doing to Go Make A Difference today??? or What has someone done to Go MAD for you???

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7/13/2010 11:14:03 PM
Luke Devine United States
Luke Devine
Mined my spelling but . . .  My dad's parents are not save and I have been trying to work with them but not going very well.  So this summer I've been doing something call "E-mail Challenge".  I baught them a Bible and got them a devotion to do ever day.  So every day I e-mail them say something like "Your Bible is calling you" then they say (when my dad talks to them it goes in one ear and out the other)"Yes I've been doing" and ask us questions.  I just want to give GOD the glory for all he has done!
7/14/2010 12:18:21 AM
Barbara Roberts United States
Barbara Roberts
Besides the usual being there for people when they need me, some of things I like to do involve coupons.  I've always taken my extra ones with me and placed them with their product in the store.  I have been blessed many times by people doing the same.  My favorite thing involves a special coupon from a national christian owned craft store. Occasionally they have an online coupon for 40% off one product.  I always print extra ones and ask for God's guidance as to who to give them to.  He's never failed to show me the exact number of people that I have extra coupons forSmile When I give the people the coupon, I explain to them to use it on their highest priced item and tell them that God is always the one to show me who to give them to.  As much as they feel blessed by getting the coupon, it blesses me much more to be used by God to provide it to themSmile
7/14/2010 5:41:25 AM
Adriana Balandran United States
Adriana Balandran
This is mostly others going MAD.  We were camping this weekend.  On Friday night at about 9:30pm we with all the noise from all the different campsites one of my kids hears worship music both in english and spanish.  We all stop to try to figure out where it is coming from.  I told my husband that we should go find it and ask if we could be part of it. Before I was done our 23 yr old daughter says yes (she's walked away from God in the past 4 yrs).  So we go...I asked at one site if they were worshiping God and they said no but that it was their neighbors that were singing.  My husband asks if we could join in and they said yes.
It turns out that the group were I had asked, the mom was getting "annoyed" because she was so frustrated with all the noise that she didn't hear that it was worship music.  As soon as we were told that we could join the other group came over and we all worshiped until about 11:00pm.   This was so God, that security came over.  We thought that they were going to make us stop after 10pm but they just asked if we could stop clapping.
Oh, but the best part.  The "annoyed" mom's son at the one site, he brought over his guitar and joined in playing.  Later the mom shared with me that he has been struggling with his walk with the Lord.  He used to lead worship for 2 different youth groups and has not played his guitar for the Lord in over a year.
Amazing that God would place total strangers all in one place so far away from home to Worship Him.  We were in Redding, CA.  These people were from Oakland, Paso Robles, Corning and Fairfield, CA.  AMAZING!!!
7/14/2010 5:44:34 AM
Kelly Patterson United States
Kelly Patterson
I would like to brag about a friend making a difference.  His name is Ray Gendron and he has a non-profit organization called p-o-r-k-i-e-s (p-o-r-k-i-e-s.org) which stands for People Obliging random kindness in every sector.
He assists in the  operating and  stewardship of a farm in Burlington, TX.
There is unlimited resource of FERAL HOGS there.
These animals are grain fed on the crops of this particuler farm as well as all the surrounding farmers crops which are depredated daily on an ongoing basis. He saw the need to remove these animals, but on the condition that the resource was to be used to assist in the feeding of everyone he could touch with RANDOM KINDNESS.
They process, package and freeze all the meat they get through donation as well as harvest themselves.
Currently Pepsi is running a grant type program called the PepsiRefreshProject.  You can vote for this worthy mission at the following website:

I am just proud of he and his wife for giving of their time and talents for the benefit of those in need of a basic necessity...FOOD!!
7/14/2010 6:04:25 AM
Bobby United States
Today I was mowing my lawn on my riding mower when I noticed my neighbor's grass is getting very high. We aren't friends or anything, they aren't Christians... when I wave they wave back, but that's about it. The last time I saw him mowing, it was with a push mower which isn't easy.
When I got done mowing my yard, I decided to mow the part that is seen from the highway, just to make it look nice. I mowed until I was running out of gas. Then I took my mower back to the garage. I only had a few ounces of gas in my fill can, but put it in. IT FILLED MY GAS TANK!! I got so excited that I went back and finished their yard and I still have a full tank of gas in my riding mower!
When I took care of someone else's need, GOD took care of me.
7/14/2010 6:27:27 AM
Summ United States
I am a K-Love supporter and K-Love's ministry is near to my heart. I was driving home today and I saw a car with two K-Love bumper stickers. I always smile when I see other K-Love listeners. However, as I got closer, I saw that the driver was very upset with another driver on the road and was making inappropriate gestures to communicate his feelings. It was very disappointing to witness this situation. Scott and Kelli, could you remind us K-Love listeners that as Christians we are representing Christ everywhere we go and in everything we do. People will judge Christ based on the acts of his followers. Thank you.
7/14/2010 6:27:43 AM
b4165@aol.com United States
Through the grace of God I was able to pay for a young woman's perscription as she did not have enough money.

I also was able to pay for some groceries that a person was not able to afford at the checkout stand.  Both people were in need and the Holy Spirit prompted me to do these acts.
7/14/2010 6:28:27 AM
Jessica Doria United States
Jessica Doria
I was in the grocery store line behind a lady who had two carts FULL of food. She was having the cashier totall up the food, and then she was taking out a bunch that she couldn't afford. One of the items she took out was a whole chicken. I started to notice people behind me starting to huff and puff, and complain about the time she was taking. My heart just broke for her and I felt the Lord speak to me and put it on my heart to pay for the chicken she had to remove. Now, I have very little money and when I go to the store I have a very small budget to feed my family of 5, but I know that if God is leading me to do something then it is His money I'm spending and that He wouldn't let my family suffer for it. So I got her attention and asked her if I may pay for her chicken. She looked a little startled and said no. I said okay and continued to wait for my turn. Well, as she began to walk away, she turned around and suddenly ran to me, giving me the biggest hug. She told me thank you for offering as she held onto me... it was amazing! I never did pay for her food, but I think God just used the opportunity to show someone that there is hope, and love out there. It effected her, but also changed my life. I always look for chances to express the love of Jesus now!
7/14/2010 6:35:50 AM
Chris (Hawaii) United States
Chris (Hawaii)
I was in Vegas and I walked by a homeless man who was asking people for money for food. So instead of giving him money I walked into the nearest casino and bought him a hot dog meal. When I brought him the food his face just lit up and he was sincerely thankful. It made me my whole body tingle and I just felt extremely joyful. I thought to myself that I should just buy food for everybody instead of losing all my money. It is the first time I really understood the saying, "The best way to cheer yourself up is to try and cheer someone else up."
7/14/2010 7:20:23 AM
Bree United States
I have recently became the co-leader of mission projects for my Sunday school class. The other leader and I met and planned out our Go MAD projects for the rest of the year. We also collect a different item each month for our church's food pantry. I thought I would share our ideas to give ideas to others. I am so excited about doing God's work for others.
August-collecting school supplise for the local Baptist Children's Home
September-provide donations for our local Women's shelter
October-Adopt a soldier and send a care package to them (go to www.adoptaussoldier.com)
November-prepare and serve a Thanksgiving meal for the homeless
December-collect gift cards for teens. It seems the teens get left out at the Christmas toy drives.

The Go MAD idea at K-LOVE definitely inspired me to go and make a difference. Thanks so much for all you do.

7/14/2010 7:40:50 AM
Willie Mullins United States
Willie Mullins
I have been going through a really ruff pach the last couple of days but what happened today really helped. Today, while i was on my way home from work, i stoped by Hardee's to get me something to  eat. I pulled up and ordered my food. While ordering, i noticed that my order was not appearing on the screen. The lady asked to pull around. I pulled up to the window and she told me that the lady in front of me in a green jeep had heard from klov on the radio on 99.7 to do something good for someone today. You all have no idea how much that effected me. I then turned my radio on and heard Amazing Grace My Chains are Gone. I just want to say God bless you all and her.
7/14/2010 1:59:39 PM
Little K United States
Little K
About a month ago, I received the news that my job is being outsourced to India.  Fortunately, it will not be for several months yet.  I have of course been experiencing a multitude of emotions for the past few weeks.  I'm trusting God for my future yet some days are still difficult.  Last Friday was one of those days.  Riding my bike home from work, I was feeling a bit lost & confused.  When I came home, I had a card in the mail from two friends & it meant so much to me as a reminder that God is with me, I just broke down with tears of gratefulness.  I told them they were a God-sighting for me and made a difference in my day!
7/15/2010 8:57:58 AM
Jennifer Leivestad United States
Jennifer Leivestad
Handwritten cards/letters are becoming a thing of the past and yet such a wonderful way to show someone how much you care--enough to spend the time to write a little note, care enough to spend the money on a stamp, and care enough to take the time to mail it.  
About a month ago, I went on a quick weekend trip (14 hrs one way--4 day trip) to see an aunt who is in her last days.  We also had supper with a different aunt that evening.  When we got home, life got busy and so I didn't get my mail checked for 2 or 3 days.  When I finally went to my mailbox I had a handwritten letter from my 2nd aunt (the one we had supper with), thanking us for taking the time to stop by and see her and have supper and that we should do it again soon.  
That handwritten note meant so much to me but also the fact that I know for it to have gotten to me 2-3 days after we returned, she had to have sent it the day after we saw her.
GO MAD and show someone else just how much you care about them that you send the very best--your love wrapped up in a handwritten note!
7/15/2010 10:21:38 AM
Pastor's Wife United States
Pastor's Wife
As a pastor and a pastor's wife, we don't usually broadcast when we make a difference, but thought this might just encourage another to do just one small act of kindness. Money is tight and we have just enough for necessities. We live in a Section 8 neighborhood and get public assistance, but money is still tight. Last night, my baby boy's best friend's mommy comes over to sell some bracelets so that she can buy her baby some diapers. My husband told me, so I went out to buy diapers for her son (and mine lol), when I got home I was still worried about her until my husband told me he bought one of her necklaces (yarn braided together) for 50 dollars so she could buy more if she needed them.

Diapers at Walmart cost 5 dollars. Who do you know who is struggling to provide even the basest of needs to their kids? It doesn't take much to put happy tears in a Mommy's eyes. Be Jesus to your neighbors. Pay forward what Christ has done for you.
7/15/2010 10:29:20 AM
Jennifer Leivestad United States
Jennifer Leivestad
Just learned about this opportunity that local Y's are participating in around the world on Saturday August 14th.  Why don't we join forces and help reach their goal of one 1 million children participating.  Random acts of kindness do make a difference.
7/18/2010 2:18:57 AM
johnny United States
we are in a church that will help the "fishnet thrift store" .as we were helping people load big items a old woman said "thank you so much , i have been going through a very hard time lately but this trip has helped me very much so ,thank you". after that my whole week went better.
thank you k-love and thank you God
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