Jul 26 2010

Go make a difference in your world today!

It's Monday--another chance to Make a Difference! What have you done to encourage someone today? Has someone done something to make you smile? Share it here!

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7/22/2010 8:30:36 PM
Susan Vernick United States
Susan Vernick
My husband is deployed with the Army to Saudi Arabia.  He was scheduled to return in September, but we just found out he will not return until mid-October.  Although that is not long to most people, another month for myself and my four children (ages 13,11,8,& 5)seems like a lifetime.  Anyway, two days ago I found out his orders were finalized and I was so discouraged.  This morning at 9:30AM there is a knock at my door and a neighbor that I recently met b/c of my husband's deployment was standing on my doorstep with dinner for us and encouraging words as well.  She said, you were on my heart yesterday and today and I told her that we had just found out about my husband's extension and how much her visit was perfect (God's) timing!  What an amazing person she is!  Thank you, Connie!  And most of all thank you God for caring for all the details of my life!  PTL!!!
7/23/2010 12:42:25 PM
Theresa United States
ok story first. A two year old twin boy in our home town drowned last wenesday in the family pool. The twins were in my sons day care class and after I read the flyer from the daycare I could not think about anything else. I can only imagine what I would do if that had happened to our family. So after praying for the family all weekend I decided I needed and wanted to do something more. I collected donations from my fellow coworkers and gave the money to the daycare to give to the family. I know it was not much but no one expects to pay for a funeral for a child let alone a 2 year old. My heart and prayers go out the family, and I just hope they know God is there for them in their time of need.
7/24/2010 3:40:09 PM
Rachel United States
I was at the store during my lunch break and know this guy in our office LOVES skittles. I picked some up and bought them. I left them on his desk (he was out of the office). The other guys at the office noticed and asked why I did that. (This guy is not exactly popular in the office.)I told them about going MAD. That little thing allowed me to share Christ with them.
7/25/2010 8:38:17 PM
Catherine Kinsey United States
Catherine Kinsey
I decided to have my "Make a Difference Monday" on Thursday this week.  Usually when I run my errands on Monday I go through the drive thru at Chik Fillet and give the window attendant some extra money to put towards the purchase of the whatever the car behind me has ordered.  This week when I stopped to get my usual bottle of caffine (Coke-a-Cola)for my morning rush, I gave the boy at the window some homemade cupcakes and told him "Happy Thursday" instead.  I make snacks for my customers every Thursday and Friday at my shop (I run a hair care center) and I thought he needed a treat for the day too!  He is always so kind and has a smile and brings my bottle of caffine to the window without my even asking!  Great memories should be rewarded!
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