Nov 05 2010

Appreciate matter what stage of life you're in!

Kelli's friend shared a very cool perspective on how we view our Mom's as we get older. Check this out:

"3 Years old: my mom is the best!

7 years old: Mom I love you.

10 years old: Mom whatever...

17 years old: My mom is SO annoying.

18 years old: I wanna leave my mom's house.

35 years old: I wanna go back to my mom's house.

50 years old: I don't wanna lose my mom.

70 years old: I would give up everything for my mom to be here with me."

Love on your Mom today!

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Nov 04 2010

Belinda's Make a Difference story (The "Pecan Story!")

Yesterday, we got a note from our friend Belinda who shared an incredible story. Her subject line read: "God's love made a difference." Many have requested her story, so here it is:

I was getting ready for work this am and looked out my window and saw a man on a bike stopping to pick pecans up under the tree in my front yard.  We live in south Louisiana and here people will pick pecans and sell them.  In our little town several of what we call “the druggies” go around picking pecans out of people’s yards.  I knew the man and knew that he had a drug problem and had even spent time in prison.  I didn’t have the heart to ask him not to pick my pecans.  Truth is I didn’t have the time to pick them and they were selling for $1 a pound, so he could have them.  I said to myself, “I will just back out of the drive and pretend like I don’t see him.”  The Lord just spoke to my heart, “What, do  you think he is invisible?  He is just as important to me as you are.”  WOW!  It just got me in the heart.  Instead of pretending he was invisible I decided to just stop at the end of the driveway acknowledge him and ask how he was doing.  As I got out of my truck and walked toward him, he lowered his head and wouldn’t look at me.  I squatted on the ground next to him and asked how he was doing.  He said he was doing okay, asked if he was doing something wrong, and said he would leave.  I told him no, he was fine.  I knew he had diabetes and so I asked how that was.  He said it was okay, but that he had a problem with his liver and the dr. had given him 9-12 weeks to live.  I asked him if he knew the Lord and did he know where he would go if he died.  “To hell I guess.” he said.  I asked him had he ever asked God into his heart.  He began to cry said that he had when he was 8 but that he had let God down so many times, that he drank, did drugs and used crack.  He said that when he was in prison he went to church and prayed, but when he got out he quit.  I reached for his hand and told him that God didn’t love him any more or less for that and that He forgives us. I talked to him some more and learned so much about his life in just a few short minutes.  I shared with him and prayed for him and then left him there picking pecans and went to work.  What an impact those 15 minutes had on my life.  People are not invisible.  They don’t just wake up in the am and say, “Gee I would like to be a drug addict, or alcoholic, spend time in jail and alienate my entire family.”  They all have a story.  Many times it is filled with hurt and pain.  We just have no idea.  They are still a child of the most high God and He still loves them just the same.  Just the same as me.  I pray that God would heal him and be with him.  I thank God for the perspective He has given me that has changed how I look at others.  The difference that was made today, was in me.    

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Nov 04 2010

Ellie Kay talks about the financial struggles of military families

Ellie Kay is America's Family Financial Expert and has some helpful advice for military families who may find themselves in a financial bind. Learn more here:

Listen to today's segments: part 1 and part 2

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Christine's fat-burning breakfast ideas and peach parfait recipe
Jul 30 2010

Christine's fat-burning breakfast ideas and peach parfait recipe

3 Fat Burning Foods for Breakfast


1) Greek yogurt-

A recent study from the University of Tennessee at Knoxville found that people on a low-calorie diet that included yogurt lost 61 percent more fat overall and 81 percent more belly fat than those on a similar plan but without yogurt. 


2) Nuts and Seeds-

A study at Georgia Southern University found that eating monounsaturated fats found in nuts and seeds increases calorie burn for up to 3 and a half hours!


3) Fresh Fruit-

Eating a properly balanced breakfast that includes protein and low glycemic carbohydrates (unrefined, unprocessed) such as fresh fruit three hours prior to exercise may help burn more fat suggests a study from the Journal of Nutrition.


Try Christine’s Raspberry Peach parfait.  It’s made with Greek yogurt, pumpkin seeds, fresh peaches and raspberries.

341 calories, 24 grams protein, 48 grams carbs, 9 grams fat

Get the recipe here:

Listen to Christine talk about fat burning breakfast ideas

And if you missed Tony Horton talk about summer fitness - listen here!

Comments (2) -

7/24/2010 12:48:25 AM
Claire United States
Sounds yummy! Looks yummy!
7/24/2010 5:08:54 PM
Karla United States
I really get my hackles up when people (like Tony Horton) talk about women "letting themselves go" after they get married.  It has been my experience that for some of these women, their focus shifts from taking care of themselves to caring for their husband and eventually their children.  While it is certainly an unhealthy pattern, with women now a solid part of the work force, they are still expected to put dinner on the table when they get home and raise a family, increasing their burden and leaving less time to take care of themselves.  So BOO to men who think women are sloughing off.  Their workload has GROWN and until men alleviate some of that, women are doomed to bad habits as a shortcut to relieve some of the pressures that have been loaded upon them.
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