Aug 05 2010

How do you beat the heat?

A heat wave has hit much of the country! What is your best way to beat the heat?

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7/30/2010 6:13:56 PM
Andrew Davidson United States
Andrew Davidson
I have a swamp cooler at my house and I often have it cranked on high all days. It is usually able to keep it comfortablely in the low 70s.
7/30/2010 6:15:59 PM
Andrew Davidson United States
Andrew Davidson
I have a swamp cooler at my house which is often cranked on high. It is usually able to keep it comfortablely in the low 70s.
7/30/2010 6:16:32 PM
Valerie United States

Well, I live in Arizona, summers here are always hot. What I do to keep cool is take cool showers, stay in nice air conditioned buildings.

But I heard what you guys said about thinking cool thoughts not working. Actually they do work, even in 114 degree heat. I've tried it so I know.  but I just heard the lady talking about 129 degrees. Thinking cool thoughts would be rather difficult in that heat. hahaha.
7/30/2010 6:23:22 PM
magon United States
OH WERE WE SUPPOSE TO BEAT THE HEAT?!!  well thats not how it worked out for me was more like the heat beat me! ,, sun burnt like a cherry tomatoe:-( this aloe vera stuff isnt working much!! ..of course were going back out on the water again this weekend /....ill never learn!
7/30/2010 6:29:06 PM
Dave Adams United States
Dave Adams
Swim at Barton Springs pool in Austin!  It's fed by underground springs at 68 degress F regardless of the outdoor weather.
7/30/2010 6:30:20 PM
Kevin United States
I beat the heat by moving to the NW Oregon coast! lol! God bless all of you @ KLOVE!! Jesus is awesome!
7/30/2010 6:30:44 PM
Kim Sijm Netherlands
Kim Sijm
Move to Holland and u will miss the heat for sure.
Love listening to K-Love online all over the world; keeps us close to God. Hugs, Bas and Kim Sijm           (originally from Louisiana)
7/30/2010 6:31:53 PM
Marisa United States
For those of you that have swamp coolers, try putting ice in the water pan. The temp of the water is also warm so it doesn't cool off but if you put a bag of ice it cools of the water in the pads. You can also pour ice water on the pads. that tends to work. Someone needs to invent a way to cool the water that is going up to the coolers. Kinda like the water coolers or the refrigerator water.
7/30/2010 6:33:45 PM
Katie United States
This hot weather always reminds me to pray for those serving in the armed forces over in Iraq and Afghanistan.  In the Iraqi desert, it can get up to 140 F! Try that with combat fatigues on! My friends dad sets his watch to go off at 9pm (5am in Iraq) every day so that he could say a prayer for the troops in Iraq that were waking up. It is a long, hot day for them!
7/30/2010 11:38:51 PM
Hutch United States

We have been freezing gallon milk/water jugs and putting them in our pets water buckets.  As the "block" of ice melts it cools the water.  (It's best to cut away the plastic jug before putting it in the water, just be careful cutting it away.)
7/30/2010 11:39:47 PM
Amy United States
Cold water.  As kids, we had next door neighbors with no AC. They were an older couple, and she and her husband would sit outside in their lawn chairs reading the newspaper, while sitting with their feet in a big metal wash tub of cold water from the hose every evening.  As little kids with no sense of "boundaries", my brother & sister and I would hobble barefooted across the gravel driveway and step right into the wash tub with them(BIG round wash tub). We would then stand there and chat it up for while before wandering back to our own yard. I guess keeping you ankles in cold water does the trick.  Years later as an  full term expectant mom, I spent the summer with my ankles in the baby pool, keeping myself cool while my 2 year old played.  Those neighbors were onto something.
7/30/2010 11:52:42 PM
Darcy United States
When it is at least 100 degrees I go to the lake and wakeboard, waterski and surf behind our boat.  The water at Lake Shasta gets warm in the summer, I think it was 84 last week so I  am in the water a lot.  Then I go home and eat chocolate peanut butter ice-cream!
7/31/2010 12:05:45 AM
jackie United States
the way my family beats the heat, is we get lots of klondike bars. ;)
7/31/2010 12:13:59 AM
Rhonda United States
I used to work at Delphi with no a/c and sometimes I would tear off a long piece of paper towel (the thick ones companies use), get it nice & wet, ring out half of the water (not all the water), and let it hang around my neck. When it got warm, just take it off, twirl it around in the air a few times and it would be really cold again. Just re-wet when it dries.
7/31/2010 12:20:57 AM
Traci Cawman United States
Traci Cawman
I had just left Walmart when I heard yall talking about this, where I had just bought 2 employees in the nursery checkout a "water vitamin" drink, because I had commented how hot it is(105 outside) and they both looked beat. My checker pointed over to a jug of water that she said runs out by the afternoon and no one refills it. So I handed my water to her to scan and said, "scan 3 and you and her go pick out one!"
7/31/2010 12:24:08 AM
Kristen United States
Beat the heat with a Dairy Queen blizzard with friends.
Children Miracle Network Blizzard Day today! Smile
7/31/2010 12:30:19 AM
Hannah United States
I eat popsicels and turn on the air conditioner and the fan! don't forget the fan.
i read too to keep my mind off the heat or knit
cause i live in texas and boy our summer's are hot!
7/31/2010 7:51:43 AM
Cathy Knowlton United States
Cathy Knowlton
Just stayed inside today and cleaned my apartment, getting some paperwork done and listening to KLOVE!!! God bless you guys!!
7/31/2010 8:01:21 AM
Bill Stitzer United States
Bill Stitzer
When I was in the Air Force, stationed in central Florida in the '60s with no A/C, when we went to bed at night, it was still so warm (hot?) that we would toss a bucket of water on our beds before laying down.  Sometimes, it was the only way to get to sleep.
7/31/2010 8:22:05 AM
Elizabeth United States
There is no way to beat the heat in Taxes when you are working on a farm.
7/31/2010 8:52:35 AM
Sue (Toledo Ohio area) United States
Sue (Toledo Ohio area)
Wear 'cooler collars' - bandanas soaked in water for 30 minutes & the gel swells, keeping the neck cool. Also lean against a Chillow pad or sleep on a Chillow pillow. Both of these are available in a pet version as well. Also work with swollen joints, migraines/headaches, hot flashes.
7/31/2010 3:36:08 PM
Kimberly G. United States
Kimberly G.
A/C and lots of purified water!
8/2/2010 9:24:56 PM
Callie United States
I stay in my nice cool room with my fan on high.
Callie [age 11]
8/3/2010 11:08:38 PM
Neysa United States
Drinking a Jamba Juice "Mango-A-Go-Go"  - yummy and good for your tummy!  It's only a 105 degrees here in the shade, but it's a "dry heat"!  Make the most of what's left of your summer!  Enjoy!
8/5/2010 4:50:49 PM
patrick from pa United States
patrick from pa
Peace keep praising God almighty in Jesus' name for the perfect weather. The refining process takes heat. Thank you God our Father in Jesus' name for the opportunity to trust in you more and grow closer to you and for air conditioning!
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