Aug 09 2010

Back to school advice!

It's back to school time! Got a question for the teachers: what can we parents do to prepare our kids to return to school. This is your chance, teachers! What would you say to us parents?
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8/6/2010 6:14:33 PM
Rebecca United States
Hi, I'm not a parent or teacher, I'm actually a highschool student going into Junior year. First thing that I would suggest is that you go early school shopping, meaning a day or two before school starts. The deals and sales are probably already out there, and you might want to beat the crowd and get the supplies before they all get wiped out! I hope this helped a little
8/6/2010 6:18:58 PM
Rebecca United States
I don't know if my previous comment got through but if it didn't I would just like to say that i'm actually a current highchool student about to start junior year on wednesday. I would suggest that you start shopping for school supplies a day or two before school starts, that way you can beat the crowd before all the supplies get wiped out! The sales usually start about a week before school starts, so you can get the great deals, and get everything you need. I hope this helped! (:
8/6/2010 6:19:11 PM
Kristi United States
I'm a teacher in Southwest Missouri. My advice, limit cell phone, video games, tv, etc...after 10 pm. We have a 10 pm rule at our house. At 10 pm, all electronic devices (personal video game systems and cell phones) are plugged into the outlet in our bedroom. Our kids don't have tv's or computers in their room either. This helps to ensure kids of all ages get the sleep that is necessary for learning and growing.
8/6/2010 6:39:38 PM
Meg United States
There are many things that a parent can do to help their student and us teachers!

1. Make sure they know that whatever happens they are still loved by the L-rd and you
2. Send them with a positive attitude
3. Don't pressure them into thinking they HAVE to be on top.  If they are trying their hardest and putting in everything that is what matters the most.  Grades are only a part of what is learned in school.  Most of the learning happens outside of the classroom and overemphasizing grades can cause a student to miss out on the chance to grow Spiritually, emotionally, and socially.

Middle School Teacher
Kunming International Academy
8/7/2010 12:03:29 AM
Christi K. United States
Christi K.
(I'm a high school teacher) A lot of kids feel pressure when school starts and they can be harder on themselves than even parents can be.  Remind them that school is a part of their life, not their whole life and certainly not their identity.  Help them stay involved in church despite homework; send the message that who God says they are is more important then their report card.  Students with parents who help them maintain perspective are better off in the classroom and in life.
8/7/2010 12:35:17 AM
Janet United States
I'm a parent of four...and our last two are in college...but one particular year when we had children in 3 different public schools (elementary, middle, and High schools)...we took the time to ride bikes around each of the schools and then stop and pray.  Like the walls of Jericho we rode around the schools(some years seven times)...we prayed with our children that the walls that satan would use to hinder truth would be broken.  We prayed for freedom for Christian teachers to speak the truth in love.  We prayed for protection for our children.  
Every morning when my husband or myself would take the kids to school we would pray with our kids and always included putting on the armor of God.  When the kids walked or rode bikes my husband often called out "Don't fight naked" Smileas a subtle reminder to claim the armor for that day. Prayer is truly the best preparation.          
8/7/2010 3:18:18 AM
Tonya United States
Wow, these are all great suggestions! I am a special education teacher in Texas. As a teacher, I would tell parents to make sure their children have a healthy breakfast (it fuels their brains for learning), plenty of sleep, and provide the things they need to be prepared for their day. As a Christian mother of grown children, I would tell parents to encourage, encourage, encourage their children to be strong in the Lord! They face many decisions throughout their school careers that influence their walk with God. Pray God's protection over them. Have a good time on the way to school...KLOVE provides that morning boost!
8/8/2010 6:09:48 AM
Shelby Pillow United States
Shelby Pillow
I listen to KLOVE all day and support you monthly. I have a question - why can't I get the station on 90.5 anymore.  All I get is static.
8/9/2010 11:27:34 AM
JC United States
Get your kids excited about school.  Their attitudes about school will reflect your attitudes, so be positive.  Remember that you are your child's first teacher and their education is your responsibility.  Also, pray with them and for them to have a wonderful school year full of blessings and happiness.
8/9/2010 7:04:39 PM
Rhonda United States
Don't forget the lunch check like I did. My 15 yr old went w/o food his first day. He's ready to go now. lol
8/11/2010 4:39:01 AM
deb United States
parents and children both need to know what they really need to succeed in college and careers. too many parents trusting school systems to tell truth, for example, you do not need a high school diploma to go to college. almost all colleges are going by act and sat scores. you can also start taking college while in high school for credits that count for high school and college (especially if in home school - one of my children started at 14 - her choice, not pushed on her). i think this is sounding a little negative and i meant for it to be a postive for those eager beavers!
8/12/2010 4:53:14 AM
Crystal United States
I teach Jr. High (6th grade). I know, I know, that automatically makes me certifiable. ;) I'd say the best thing parents can do to help their child through this particular transition from elementary school to Jr. High is to help them understand that they are responsible for themselves. There's a Latin phrase I teach my students, "Mea Culpa," which means "I am to blame." They will determine whether they have a successful year or not. Teachers do not assign grades; students earn them. Once they get that through their heads, students have a much higher chance for success in education (and in life!).
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