Aug 09 2010

Spiritual preparation for the storms of life

If you live in a region of the country that gets hit by severe storms, you've seen lists of things you can do to prepare for a storm. However, what can we do spiritually to prepare for the storms of life? Check out this list of scriptures:

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8/6/2010 1:06:33 AM
Mary Lou Cowen United States
Mary Lou Cowen
Well I live in Austin Texas and we have heavy rain due to hurricanes hitting the Tx coast and we also have tornados that travel down IH35 corridor that get scary. But I know Jesus will never leave nor forsake me. He rides with me whereever I go and stays by my side.
8/6/2010 6:09:16 PM
patrick from pa United States
patrick from pa
Trust in The Lord Jesus The Christ! God give us more faith (For An adventure In Trusting Him) and help me put that faith into action = TRUST. My life today is so much doing the next right thing right in front of me and letting God prepare me and whatever comes try to praise Him and not worry. One of 4 waste of life I know of: worry, doing nothing, doing my will, and or doing the evil ones will. We had 13 tornandoes hit Clovis,NM back on March 23, 2007. One of the things we did is start marking our doors two months before with The Epiphany Household blessing 20+C+M+B+10. Two weeks before the tornadoes The Holy Spirit had me write the pray in chalk not blood on the flame of The Methodist Church on Sycamore street in Clovis, NM. Two days after the tornadoes my sister who teaches at the Junior High accross the street from the Methodist Church called to tell me that her school got hit directly by a tornado (alot of witchcraft at the school and lesbiansism thru the teachers) and then it headed for the Methodist Church but she said they sustained no damage. I later spoke with the pastor and he said they were truly blessed they had minimal damage while houses around them were destroyed! Thank you Jesus. Mark your doors and trust in Jesus!
8/8/2010 8:31:31 PM
JC United States
Storms may come in many forms. Sometimes they will hurt you even if you pray, but you must keep faith and remember that it is just a test. Stay strong and believe that God will right all your wrongs in HIS time.
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