Aug 12 2010

Our guests are the folks from the Hillsong Live Tour!

We are honored to have Hillsong Live with us on the show today! They've written the worship songs you've been singing in church, songs like Mighty to Save, Lead Me to the Cross, Hosanna and Shout to the Lord. What would you like to say to them today? Feel free to share it here!


Listen to the interview HERE

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8/5/2010 10:53:56 PM
Heather United States
I absolutely LOVE Hillsong!!! They have such powerful songs and lyrics.  I just sit and think of how AWESOME God is when I hear their songs.  Keep up with good work!  
8/5/2010 10:54:50 PM
CHRIS United States
Thank you Hillsong... Love your music.
You help keep me focused in a very busy day that's often filled with difficult people. Thanks for following God's leading.
8/5/2010 10:55:33 PM
Sarah Mcburney United States
Sarah Mcburney
Did you just fly into the United States yesterday or were you guys in the United States already?
8/5/2010 10:57:02 PM
Emily United States
i just went to camp and heard louie giglio and he is sucha n amazing speaker and would you tell hillsong that i love there accent Laughing thanks!!!
8/5/2010 10:57:22 PM
Michael Mitchell Caribbean
Michael Mitchell
Question for the hillsong team: is there any chance hillsong live would visit a few islands in the caribbean???

God bless
curaçao netherlands antillies
8/5/2010 11:00:00 PM
briana moya United States
briana moya
mighty to save is one of my favorite songs by Hillsong. my sister is studying to become an interpretor for sign language and we had one of our best bonding moments when she taught me how to sign the whole song in sign language. not only did it help me grow, it made her become more of a believer when i played hef the song. thank you for the amazing music!
8/5/2010 11:00:29 PM
Emily United States
I love Hillsong and i hope they have safe travels when they go back.
Do you guys have a new album coming out anytime soon????
8/5/2010 11:00:57 PM
David United States
I was blessed to go on a mission trip to Dagupan City, Philippines. With all of the poverty and homeless, it made me realized how blessed we are. The people there in Daugupan loved to listen to Hillsong. The music inspires them inspite of the difficulty. It would be a miracle if Hillsong could go to the area I was in and have a concert. Hillsong-God is using your gifts to bless people all over the world. May God Bless You and KLOVE always, David
8/5/2010 11:07:26 PM
Janixa United States
I love Hillsong, I recently decided to come back to the feet of Jesus and Hillsong's music help's me. I wake up in the morning pray, read my Bible and listen to Hillsong, their music is truly inspiring!! May God continue blessing Hillsong, may they touch many more lives and bring more souls back to Jesus' feet!!!
8/5/2010 11:08:59 PM
Marcia United States
Was just listening to Mighty to Save by Hillsong.  Chills!!!!!  Love that song and all of you must be just praising God for this time to worship today.  Thanks for sharing with us.  I just want to be there!
8/5/2010 11:13:07 PM
Karen Skinner United States
Karen Skinner
Some folks out there 'get their worship on' in different ways than sitting in a church service.  Ministering thru music is a BIG thing.  You can listen to Hillsong and our great Christian artists and feel like you HAVE been to church.  Powerful words make the difference.  Thanks for keepin' on Hillsong.  God Bless you in ALL your endevours.
8/5/2010 11:13:40 PM
Daniel United States
I love your music, and I look forward to future albums. I can definitely tell that God is present in your music because there is a specific selfless feel to your songs. Don't ever stop! Smile
8/5/2010 11:14:17 PM
Sam Negrete United States
Sam Negrete
Me and My wife had the pleasure to see them Live and WOW....Chills we both got, it was an AMAZING EXPERIENCE.....we love your music!
8/5/2010 11:15:10 PM
Destiny Simon United States
Destiny Simon
I just wanted to say thank you for your songs its amazing how God uses people. Your songs have helped me to talk to God. My 16 year old Daughter died of cancer in 1991 then my 20 year old son dided of heart failure 1993 and I think I went insane for a while . But God wounderful he is I know that I will have a family reunion in heaven . Thank you for your songs.

8/5/2010 11:16:40 PM
Amy United States
I was introduced to Hillsong about a year ago with a new church we attended. Now we have multiple CD's, and my boys ages 5,4,3 will ride in the car singing "Living to make your name high..Jesus"!!!! I love it, and I love Hillsong. All churches should play Hillsong all the time.
8/5/2010 11:22:56 PM
Mike United States
i'm listening to hillsong/hillsong united everywhere i go. in the car it comes on my ipod, same for when i'm working out or at work, especially at church. lately they've been playing songs from the new album beautiful exchange. truely amazing, everytime i hear beautiful exchange, you, love like fire, forever reign, any of them! my heart feels like its going to beat out of my chest. it's so easy to get into and feel connected with the god when listening. love the music and love the message. keep on keepin on.
8/5/2010 11:26:57 PM
kylie reid United States
kylie reid
hi hillsong my name is kylie. from the first time i heard ur song mighty 2 save i have been transformed my pastor kate at my youth group called grow plays it every sunday or when she can when my grandfather on my moms side past away i listend 2 thaht song 2 comfort me sense then ive been givin more money 4 offering so thank you so much hillsong!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
8/5/2010 11:28:25 PM
Michelle United States
Thank you Hillsong!   I started listening to Hillsong with my daughter, Kaitlyn, when she was going through treatment for a malignant brain tumor.  She was 5 years old and full of spunk!  Her occupational therapist brought a Hillsong CD to us one day, and we started listening to it while we did her daily physical therapy.  It helped to have the strenght and spirit of the Lord playing through Hillsong while we fought that awful disease.

Unfortunately, we lost Katie in 2006 to pediatric brain cancer .... but we KNOW she's loving Heaven and is in the best place ever!   In fact, I would imagine that she's chasing Noah around right this minute!

Thanks for the encouragement Hillsong!

Michelle Ford
... and Angel Princess Katie
8/5/2010 11:39:59 PM
Michelle Lopez United States
Michelle Lopez
I absolutley love Hillsong! Your songs have touched me and helped me be closer to our god all mighty! (:
8/5/2010 11:40:09 PM
Geraldina Velasquez Guatemala
Geraldina Velasquez
You have visited Mexico... when will be our turn. We are the next country from Mexico. Have you thought of any date? Please let us know.
My country have been so BLESSED by your music, it would be a great honor to host you.
Thank you for letting God use you in this great way!
8/5/2010 11:40:18 PM
Robin United States
Darlene! Your song,"Shout to the Lord," spoke to me like none other when I became a believer. I was 34 years old (I'm 47 now) and it expressed everything for me.

Today, as I was driving and listening to that song again, I broke down and cried. Mostly out of gratitude to our God, but also as a convicted sinner who needs to remember to praise Him daily for all His blessings.

Thank you for what you do!

8/5/2010 11:49:40 PM
Paul Lange United States
Paul Lange
I listen to Hillsong everyday on my drive home from work. I listen only to KLOVE these days I love all of the music you play. we attended the Hillsong united concert in Loveland Colorado last January with about 4000 other people. there is something about that large of a group of people coming together for the same reason, to worship Jesus. I still get emotional thinking about it today. There is only one more artist that has affected as this much and she is also from Australia.....Go figure. one more thing, I was able wit-nest a change in a "non believer" Who now is starting to see the truth and experience Gods love. This is the impact of your music and ministry in my life and others around me. I hope Hillsong will make it back to Colorado again someday. God bless you all.                
8/5/2010 11:53:12 PM
Perry Whitehair United States
Perry Whitehair
i would just like to say hillsong has helped me through so much in life through the highs and lows. seriously every song (mighty to save, tear down the walls, all i need..etc.) just captures my attention and immediatly draws me closer to god and i thank you guys from the bottom of my heart! -Perry
8/5/2010 11:55:18 PM
Ellie Malek United States
Ellie Malek
I love Hillsong!!  I watch Hillsong: Life is for Living.  Sometimes I wish it was just all worship.  That would be cool!  God bless!
8/5/2010 11:56:47 PM
Joe United States
Hi guys! You are a tremendous blessing to all the world by carrying Jesus Christ to the furthest ends of the earth. You have such a desire for unity, and by that I mean uniting everyone under one name and that's Jesus.

Thank you so much!
8/5/2010 11:57:23 PM
Dawn French United States
Dawn French
I just wanted to let Hillsong know how much I love their music.  I just recently bought a Christian book store in New Hartford, New York and I cannot tell you how hard it is to keep their cd's on our shelves.  My favorite song by them is "Mighty To Save".  I am one of the sacred dancers at my church and whenever our worship team plays "Mighty to Save" the movements for our dance just flow with the love of the Holy Spirit during that song.  It is just one the the songs from Hillsong that completely fills me with Christ's love.  Thank you for all you do for His glory.
8/6/2010 12:02:29 AM
Audrey Zabala United States
Audrey Zabala
I am a worship leader at my church and can not even begin to thank you for the anointed songs you have put out to the world.  We at our church and worship team have worshiped with many of your songs.  The true reward for your amazing worship will come from the Lord, but I would like to express my sincerest thanks for all you do.  Keep up the great work for the Lord He is proud of you.  
8/6/2010 12:02:58 AM
Vinnie Adams United States
Vinnie Adams
Hey Hillsong folks,

Just wanted to say that there is such an annointing over your music and your ministry. The fact that I can plug into my iPod and be drawn into the Lord's presence is a powerful and wonderful blessing; and as a worship leader, I can testify to how the Holy Spirit moves people and meets people through your songs. Be blessed (and come to Chicago soon)!

- Vinnie

p.s. Tell K-Love to play more of your music Smile
8/6/2010 12:03:54 AM
Victoria Beamer United States
Victoria Beamer
Hillsong is so great and Keeps me in the spirit while on my college campus at work! It's been great! I love Oceans Will Part!! Laughing Also I love It's your love! I listen and watch the videos on youtube all day and they really keep my spirit protected while I have my headphones in! Laughing LOVE THEM!!! Thank you for your videos and true worship!
8/6/2010 12:06:04 AM
Jackie United States
Thank you so much hillsong for your ministry! And I hope to see you back here in albuquerque nm soon!
8/6/2010 12:06:22 AM
Brian United States
As a worship leader, leading a team of people with different abilities, talents, and ideas can be difficult. Add to that the circumstances of life (work, school, family, etc.) and being a part of a ministry can sometimes seem more like a job or chore than actually ministering for the Lord. But you guys at Hillsong seem to be able to keep your focus right where it needs to be: on the Father above. What do you guys say to teams who are struggling to balance ministry with all other parts of life and keep their priorities in check?
8/6/2010 12:09:51 AM
Alana United States
Thank you Hillsong for your music!!  My dad took me to see you guys live at City of Grace church in Mesa, AZ and listening to your music has wanted to make me give my life back to Christ! I listen to your music wherever I go and it gives me faith and hope to accomplish anything throughout the day. Thank you so much! You guys are awesome!! Smile
8/6/2010 12:10:36 AM
Daniel Sellers United States
Daniel Sellers
Thanks for letting God work through your music.  My mother and I saw you in Austin earlier this year and it changed her life. She has been so blessed since that night.  She fell in love with your music especially "Savior King" thanks.  Is there anyway you could play that for her been a tough week dad has dementia and has been difficult to deal with she is a little depressed and that would life her spirits a bunch.  Thanks and keep serving with the great music
8/6/2010 5:16:48 AM
Gary United States

Does the guy from Hillsong go fishing by diving into the water with the knife in his mouth and a tarzan outfit on?? Screaming AAAAUUUUUU while beating his chest??

Gary in Colorado
8/6/2010 5:17:27 AM
Beth Ivers United States
Beth Ivers
Hey guys,
I've been leading our people in worship with your songs for years and I thank you for having a heart for the local church.  Thank you for putting a song in our hearts and words of praise on our lips.  You have helped me more than I can say. Smile Carry on!!! - God bless you all.
Be safe,
8/6/2010 5:26:35 AM
jen United States
still - i heard it at church and melted at how when i need it most God lifts me up to soar above the storm. one day we will forever soar above them. as i am physically disabled, the idea of soaring with arms and legs relaxed...i get so excited! i can't wait for this life to be done!
8/6/2010 5:30:26 AM
Sharon United States
My husband has a shortcut to Hillsong's YouTube video of "You'll Come" on his computer...  sometimes we just sit there and keep playing it over and over - (literally, like six times in a row!) - because it is so worshipful!!!

I have a sort of "controversial" question:  my youngest brother (who is 46-years-old and has abandoned Christianity) has lived in Oz for about 15 years and is living with an Aussie woman and her three kids... when they were here in the States visiting last Fall, I brought up Hillsong, and their immediate reaction was one of disgust!  Their comment was, That church is so corrupt!"  I was so bummed that was their reaction and was wondering where their opinion might have come from...  Did your church go through some sort of pastoral scandal in the past or have negative press about finances or ???
8/6/2010 5:31:35 AM
Chevy United States
Why are we here? What's my purpose?

This is a question I used to often ask myself and God. ((I used to ask out loud, and then I would get frustrated when he didn't answer me. Yet, I never really took the time to read His Word.)) A mass of events happened this summer, and the end result was a complete change of heart. God softened my heart, and opened my eyes to my (our)purpose. One day I read Lk 6:27-49(Loving Your Enemies). AMAZING!!! And then, I heard Hosanna. I had heard it before, but the song meant something more this time I had listened to it. I began to bawl during the bridge-> "Open my eyes to things unseen. Show me how to love like you have loved me. Break my heart for what breaks yours. Everything I am for Your kingdoms cause."<- Golly! This is my prayer everyday! ((To see everyone as HIS children. To get past MY feelings, and Love like HE has loved me. It's not about me, it's all for HIM!))
So thanks for singing that song Smile and Klove, thanks for playin' it!
8/6/2010 5:32:58 AM
Audrey Zabala United States
Audrey Zabala
I can't believe I can express my thanks and it may reach the ears of Hillsong.  I have been very sick and have been in and out of the hospital.  I began to get better and one day I heard "Made Me Glad" while working from home.  I could not contain my tears and just begain to sob as I worshiped the Lord through this amazing song.  I have learned this song and have taught it to our congregation.  Thank you for such a beautiful song that still makes me weep everytime I hear or sing it.  May God bless your ministry richly.  
8/6/2010 5:45:14 AM
Matt United States
When i was on my x country team, a girl liked to give nicknames to people. she called me Mattress and the name stuck for the rest of the season. everyone called me that. my mom personally hates it, but i kinda like it.
8/6/2010 6:05:21 AM
Robin United States
I was wondering why they are cutting Darlene out of their albums. She only sings 2 songs in their lastest album, 'Beautiful Exchange'. Is it something she is doing or is someone booting her out?
8/6/2010 7:52:13 AM
sara United States
their song "with everything" changed my walk with God! The first time i heard it was during worship time at camp this year! i had been praying all week that God would speak to me in some way! finally on the last night, we were singing this song, and it was like God was speaking to me through it! words can't describe the feeling! it brought me to my knees and by the end of the song i had tears streaming down my face! it was a beautiful moment and one of those big stepping stones in my faith that i will remember forever! thank you so much Hillsong for your music! it speaks multitudes!Smile
8/6/2010 8:13:34 AM
Diane United States
I love Hillsong!! And I absolutely love all their songs. Worship, worship worship is all I can say. They are so REAL!! Their new CD is off the chain!! Praying they will plant a church here in the USA all over this country!!
8/6/2010 3:23:05 PM
Rachel United States
Hillsong, without a doubt, has completely changed my relationship with Jesus.  Particularly one song that has stuck in my heart forever is "King of All Days."  I first heard it at a church camp, and it is easily one of my favorite songs of all time.  It just totally reminds me every time that I can run to the arms of love, that Jesus died for me, and that I can lay all I have at the cross.  I don't have to carry any of my burdens anymore - Jesus took it all.  All I have to do is run to the arms of love.  Thank you, HIllsong, for all that you do.  I know it can't be easy, but I hope you know all of the lives that you touch each and every day.  This song helped lead one of my friends to Christ.  Thank you so much, all for God's kingdom.  I love you guys.
8/6/2010 3:24:27 PM
Rachel United States
Also - sorry I forgot to post this but I just have to say that the bridge for "Hosanna" is probably the best musical piece and prayer I have ever heard.  Thank you so much.  It has gotten me through everything.
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