Jan 04 2010

Make A Difference Monday!

We are really excited about Make A Difference Monday, and we are hoping that it's a simple reminder about how much of a difference you can make.  The Bible says that it is kindness that leads people to repentance, who knows how God will use the kind things that you do to bless and encourage someone else.  There are so many people that need that today.  Maybe it's buying someone a cup of coffee in line behind you, or taking somebody out to lunch... It doesn't take a whole lot, just remember this "Little things don't mean alot... Little things mean everything!"  Thanks for looking for ways that you can Make A Difference!  Please share what you've done...or what someone has done for you!

Dec 24 2009

Have Some Fun With Your Christmas Lights

Before you put your Christmas lights for the year... You may want to have some fun!!! Here is an idea!


Dec 17 2009

Help to Teach Your Kids Manners

If you have ever thought that good manners have sort of disappeared, you are not alone. I think that we all have wondered that at some point theses days. Teaching your kids good manners is not always easy, but I just heard that Chuck E. Cheese wants to help!!! I love this... They want to help you teach your kids good manners by offering them a little incentive, FREE TOKENS! Here is the Link, PLEASE check it out when you can!

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Jul 29 2015

Feeling Hot, Hot, Hot!

Heat Wave: How to Stay Safe as Temperatures Sizzle 


Boy, 11, Starts Foundation to Make Sick Kids Smile 


In Other News...  

Yes, Texting While Walking is Actually Dangerous, Says Study 


The Funnel Cake Ice Cream Sandwich Recipe You Have to Try 


Family Walks 4,000 Miles to Disney World in Daughter's Memory 


Maple Syrup Makes Highway Mess When Truck Leaks 

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Overcoming life's challenges-Nick Vujicic
Aug 12 2010

Overcoming life's challenges-Nick Vujicic

Our friend, Nick Vujicic has no arms and legs. He ministers around the world with this message: "Nick wholeheartedly believes that there is a purpose in each of the struggles we each encounter in our lives, and that our attitude towards those struggles, along with our faith and trust in the Lord can be the keys to overcoming the challenges we face." If you need encouragement today, check this out:

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Comments (3) -

8/9/2010 7:31:23 AM
Deanna Russomano United States
Deanna Russomano
You mentioned on the air that Nick's ministry was Life without Arms and Legs, but it is called, "Life Without Limbs".

It might make it easier for people to track him down.  They sure nuff won't figure out how to spell Vujicic!!!

We were blessed with meeting him at a Right to Life gathering here in Fresno, CA. God really uses him to touch hearts.

8/9/2010 10:32:09 PM
Bill Greguska United States
Bill Greguska
I thank God that Nick is using his difficulty to point others to Himself. I wonder if we were in Nick's position, do you think we would do the same?

Check out our web site to learn more about Nick and other related topics of Encouragement!

414-541-HELP (4357)
8/11/2010 1:14:52 AM
cheryl United States
nick is such an amazing young man and truly blessed our youth group seen him in Greensboro and talked about him for weeks i got to see him on TV and was blown away i am a nick fan also
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