Aug 16 2010

Have you gone MAD today?! How are you making a difference?

We LOVE hearing your stories! What have you done to make a difference lately? Has someone done something amazing for you? Share your story here!

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8/12/2010 7:17:29 PM
Bee Canada
I sent a $100 wal-mart gift card to a friend cuz they have 3 kids in school and she is going to university.  I haven't heard anything about it yet, but WHO CARES!! I really didn't have the money to spair, but the Lord put in on my heart to encourage my friend and her husband, and I pray that it did.  Just doing it encouraged me! (it was kind of weird getting my co-worker to write the note & the address - I think she thought I was nuts!)
8/12/2010 7:31:48 PM
Gloria United States
I don't know if I have made a difference in someones life, but I know someone who has made a difference in my life.  I want to express gratitude to my friend, because she is always there for me.  She has been such an ispiration in my life, everytime I am pulled down to the ground, she comes and picks me up, dusts me off and tells me it is going to be okay.  One could not ask for more out of friendship like that.  I am extremely blessed and very thankful.  May GOD continue to bless her in every which way possible.
8/13/2010 12:49:59 AM
Bevin Gregory United States
Bevin Gregory
Yesterday, my parents and I went to eat after church at Denny's.  Well, just a couple of days ago I found out that one of my friends is going into the Air Force, and is deploying next summer.  That has really been on my mind a lot since then.  Well, when we sat down, I noticed this older man sitting by himself at another table.  He had a "Retired U.S. Marines" hat on, and a cane beside him.  Well, I just felt immediate compassion for him and knew that the Lord wanted me to say something to him.  So I sat there for a while, thinking of what to say.  Meanwhile, his waitress came up and when he spoke, it was very raspy and I realized he must not have a voice box.  More compassion.  =)  So, finally, I told my parents I had to say hi to someone, so I walked over to his table.  I said, "sir, I noticed your hat, and I just wanted to thank you for serving our country."  He got this huge smile on his face, and thanked me again and again.  Then he said, "God bless you" and I said, "God bless you too.  I'll be praying for you."  He loved that.  So I walked back over to my table.  It felt so wonderful to be able to make a smile come on that gentleman's face and to share the love of God with him.  Well, my parents and I finished our lunch, and the waitress came over and said, "Well, you don't have to pay, it's been taken care of."  =)  I was blown away.  I looked over at him, and he said, "Kindness repays kindness."  I got up and thanked him and hugged him.  I said, "wow, God DEFINITELY bless you."  And he said, "He does, every day."  WOW. I was just trying to obey what God told me to do, and in turn, He blessed my and my family.  =)
8/13/2010 1:05:15 AM
Kelly United States
Last night after work and volunteering at sunday school, my husband, dog & I packed a picnic & headed to a concert in the park...really wanted to go home but I knew someone singing in the local men's choir and he had invited me and several other people from work to come.  He loves his involvement in this barbershop style group and I knew he would be encouraged by having someone show up.  We ended up loving the music..husband singing along (dog too in his own waySmile and enjoying a beautiful evening in the park. My coworker so excited to see someone cared enough to come.. made ME feel great to show support. Thanks KLOVE for continually reminding us to do something....How appropriate that we were teaching the elementary kids the lesson, it's not what we can do in the world but what we WILL do.
8/13/2010 1:36:07 AM
Gabby Morris United States
Gabby Morris
This weekend someone made a huge difference in my life. My husband got really sick after being out and about with the family, we were forced to call an ambulance to get him from the mall and take him to the emergency room. the ambulance people wouldn't let me ride in with him because i had both my kids and a double stroller, so this amazing young couple let me use their cell phone and i called my sister for a ride but she didn't pick up. i went to the nearest bus stop and waited for the bus for like 10 minutes but when i looked at the schedule i noticed that the last bus was at 7pm and it was almost 8:30pm... i ran to the mall and called a cab and they said it was on its way, 30 minutes later it never showed so after breaking down in tears the theater manager called another cab company for me and they assured me that it was on its way... again i waited and they never showed... i was crying so bad and then i saw a couple walking to the movie theater, i told them what had happened to my husband and that i would pay for their tickets if they would give me a ride to the hospital, they looked at each other and they said yes... I am so thankful for what they did... if they would have said no i dont know what i would have done... God send me my angels that day, they helped me get to my husband... it is extremely heart warming to know that there are so many people that are used by God every day... THANK YOU GOD FOR ALWAYS BEING THERE... and THANK YOU to the couple who went out of their way to take me... they didn't even want to take the money for the tickets... That's my story!!!
8/13/2010 2:48:38 AM
Jake United States
Well. I was never sure that my neighbor liked me. Kind of a petty thing. But oh I have had a smile on my face all day. His name is Chuck. He is one of those older men who ya know. Just has that look on his face. Well earlier this year Chuck had too have bypasses surgeries on his heart. Today me and Chuck were both outside talking. He said hi and we had a nice coversation everytime I would stop the mower. I believe the power of everyone's prayer for Chuck during this last year has softened his heart. So. I didn't make a differance. But Chuck did in mine. Proverbs 15:1 A soft answer turneth away wrath: but grievous words stir up wrath.
8/13/2010 2:53:28 AM
Ken Engledow United States
Ken Engledow
I am an air traffic controller in the military and for the past ten years have had the humble honor of watching the sunrise from a control tower about 130 feet in the air.  It is breathtaking.  I have decided that as many people as possible should be able to see the wonderful works of God's hands and what He spoke into existence.  I have begun taking pictures of the sunrise.  I am doing this for one full year, with the final sunrise to be taken on Easter morning 2011.  My prayer in this is that someone who doesn't know God will see His work and through that come into a saving relationship with an everlasting God.  I post the pictures on Facebook each day.  The page is called 'A Year In The Son'.  Here is a link to it:   I pray that you will check it out and be as blessed as I am each morning, and that you will pass this on to someone in your list of friends who might not know Christ.  It is for His glory we serve, not our own.
8/13/2010 3:01:26 AM
kitchie United States
Few weeks ago me and my family had a dinner at our friends place, then after the dinner my friend went out to the gas station and he saw a father and his teenage sons. The youngest boy ask his father that he needs to go inside the store. After a few minutes the boy got out the store and his family left already. The poor boy started to panic and ask my friend if he can use his phone. Then he called his family and they where all laughing at him and he started crying and said "You always leave me, you always tease me and make fun of me. what did i do wrong to you guys? youre always doing this to me!" Then he shut the phone off and  return the phone and drop himself on the floor crying. Then my friend ask him how old are you? he answered im 15, then my friend ask him where do you leave? he replied "I'm from roseville." then my friend said "Get in the car, I'll take you home." On there way the phone rang and it was the father who's calling and my friend answered and said "I'm taking him home!" then he turned the phone off. Then the poor boy said "they always tease me, they dont like me maybe beacuse im heavy." then when they got there to there house, he stepped out of the car and said thank you and my friend said "Youre beautiful. You are very nice boy, I will pray for you." and the boy smiled, said thank you and turn his back get inside there house.  
8/13/2010 8:06:51 AM
Paul Belt United States
Paul Belt
Scott these folks with incredible clutter are ill! They are called hoarders, my Mother is inflicted with this incredible psyche illness. They keep the most absurd things for the a myriad of reasons... it is similar to OCD they obsess over keeping, not losing, gaining more of... they sometimes think that there is no help!

Make a diff and help them - pray for them!
8/13/2010 8:16:41 AM
Ken Engledow United States
Ken Engledow
I am an air traffic controller in the military and for the last ten years have been humbled and honored to see the sunrise from a control tower about 130 feet in the air.  It has been simply breathtaking!  I have decided that as many people as possible should be able to see the same beauty of God that I do.  I pray that from this, someone who does not know God will see what He spoke into existence and come to a saving knowledge of Him.  I am taking pictures of the sunrise for a complete year, with the final sunrise picture to be taken on Easter morning 2011.  I post these on Facebook, on a page called "A Year In The Son".  Here is the link for it:   My prayer is that you will check it out and be just as blessed by His majesty as I am each day, and that more so, you will choose to share His beauty with someone in your friend list who may not know Christ as their Savior and Lord.  We serve Him for His glory, not our own.
8/13/2010 8:48:16 AM
Nichole United States
Yesterday, was Faith day and everyone I was planning on hanging out with had the blessing of getting to go to the Rookies game and then hear Jermey Camp in concert. I didn't get to go becasue of finances again. So, instead I decided to help out my parents who have been stressed out lately. I washed our family's car, cleaned the house, and willingly asked them what they needed help with. It was great becasue for a breif min. they smiled. It was great becasue I just did simple things around the house and it made a huge difference for my parents.
8/13/2010 11:06:54 AM
Jennifer United States
After many trials and errors in my life God has made a tremendous difference in my life. Growing up I had a dad that was a hard core never happy hard to please. After high school I lost my father to a tragic car accident in 1983. A few months before I lost a dear friend to a truck accident. I went through a horrific relationship till I lost my first husband to a suicide. Then a few months later I lost my mentor to a terrible car accident. I stayed in the valley for a while. Then I met a man now my husband I found out he had a affair with my friend and had a child a yr younger than my child. I went through a whirlwind of emotions for many yrs. I ask God over and over why I have been going through so much pain. Then one day I got a call to go to social services to pick up my husbands grandbaby. For six months I loved and cared for the child then the judge ordered me to give the child back to my step-daughter (drug addicton problems) I was split in half part of me happy she was better so we thought and hurt because I lost a child I had grown to love. I still couldn't see all God had planned for all my sorrows. Then I got a call back three yrs ago to come back and get the baby the mother couldnt quit her habits. Now the child is a happy 4 yr old. He loves me I am mama. I look back on all the things in my life and I am sure if it was'nt for the Grace of GOD I would be crazy by now. It dosen't matter if I am blood kin to him or not he loves me anyways. Just like GOD  loves us. SO WHEN YOU THINK YOUR LIFE IS UPSIDE DOWN YOU NEVER KNOW THE GOOD GOD IS PREPARING YOU FOR. MAY GOD CONTINUE TO BLESS YOU ON YOUR MANYH TRAVELS.
8/14/2010 7:53:43 PM
Arlene G. Rogers United States
Arlene G. Rogers
While checking out your website one evening, I ran across the M.A.D. page to print out (where you can print out & make a card).  So, I did that & printed out a few, have passed a few out(as an unknown giver---just put the persons name on the outside of the card).  So far it's working, in particular this past Sunday.  The person I gave a card to was our choir director.  Not knowing her situation over the weekend (Sat.), she some how knew the card was from me.  You see, her father is currently surviving cancer & had a very rough weekend, her daughters best friend from school was killed in a tubing accident & her daughter is also leaving for college this coming Thursday.  So, you see you never EVER know what a difference you can make in a person's life................
PRAISE THE LORD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
2/17/2011 12:17:32 PM
Mrs Herren United States
Mrs Herren
I was "encouraged" to post what I do that makes a difference.  Frankly I don't think I do all that much.  I have a few health issues that make some thngs difficult, which seemed to limit what I can do.  
Several years ago I was working at a school in the before school care.  On my way driving through my neighborhood I would pass several kids (they don't like being refered to as children) and on a whim, I rolled down my window and said "Have a great day".  I'd catch the kids walking on the streets and near stop signs where traffic permitted.  I didn't stop and chat, just a "Have a great day" and go on.  Well, due to health issues I had to resign my job.  But decided to catch the kids in the neighborhood anytime I could.  I ask them how they're doing in school and tell them I want to encourage them to do the best they can.  I don't allow them to come up to my mini van, and love it when I catch them with their parent.  It's just a small thing and I never expected much from it.  I do get waves and smiles when I see the kids.  I have been doing this for several years.  One day when I was in a store a young man came up to me and said " Do you remember me?"  I looked at him and said you look familier but older.  He laughed and told me he was one of the kids I had kept asking how he was doing in school.  He reminded me  of the day I had told him he was very smrt and I knew he would do well if he wanted to.  Then, he told me he was in his second year of college, gave me a hug and said thank you.  Of coarse I was in tears.  God works through us even in very small ways, and we just need to be open to the opportunities.
3/14/2011 2:27:25 PM
gail cantrell United States
gail cantrell
Today I put my faith in action for Japan by donating to World Vision. They need help now and this organization is one that we already support and they have people there who can respond to their immediate need. Out of our abundance we all can do something and make a difference! May God Bless us all to do what he would have us to do.
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