Aug 16 2010

How do you declutter your home?

Have you ever seen that TV show "Clean House" on TLC? It's pretty amazing to see how much stuff we can accumulate! One expert suggested getting rid of one thing a day to declutter your home. Got any tips for getting rid of clutter in your house?
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8/11/2010 9:01:48 PM
Sue United States
I'm a very sentimental person and I tend to keep what others see as the most useless stuff but to me has sentimental value (think along the lines of a homemade farewell card my sister gave me when I left home 8 years ago!).  Last year when my Dad came to visit he told me to get rid of anything I haven't used in the last 6 months because chances are I won't use it again.  It worked.  My storage shed, which was full till the door, is now empty save for a small corner.
8/12/2010 2:06:09 AM
Terrie Price United States
Terrie Price
To declutter you have to enlist the help of a neutral third party.  Have them hold up things and encourage you to be honest about its necessity.  If you haven't used it in two years, it's outta here.  The Bible says we should sell our possessions so that each has what he "needs".  Have a garage sale and use the money to pay a bill or donate to a youth organization.  A garage sale is a Godly act!
8/12/2010 2:08:53 AM
Clever Colleen United States
Clever Colleen
I am an avid K-Love listener and was so excited to hear Kelli talking about decluttering and looking for our tips.  I'm not trying to (just) promote my business, but I'm excited that this topic is right up my alley.  I am a Founding Consultant with Clever Container, a great new direct sales company that markets great organizational product solutions!  These tips are right from one of the class handouts on the very Timely topic of getting organized for Back to School (enjoy!):

Toward the end of each school year, we look so forward to sleeping in, swimming, family vacation and all of the other fun things that summer brings. But two months later, we are just ready for school to start again - am I right? There is something so comforting about the routine of the school year schedule. Even the best intentioned mothers, however, can find themselves feeling overwhelmed in all that it takes to prepare for this Back to School time of year. Here at Clever Container, we would love to offer you a few of
our solutions to the most common of organizational dilemnas:
Do you have a Launch Pad? If not, start here. A launch pad is the primary entrance to your home.
 This is where you see the piles of shoes, coats, backpacks and bags. Depending on your family’s size, our TUBTRUGS, CARGO TOTES, COLLAPSABLE CUBES or STASH SOLUTIONS will help keep all of this contained. The TUBTRUGS are perfect for the wet, dirty shoes that inevitably come home in the fall. They are super durable and clean up in a snap. The CARGO TOTE or STASH SOLUTIONS will keep those bags and backpack from becoming a tripping hazard. If you want to compartmentalize a bit more, then place the DIVIDE and CONQUER inside the stash solution to make sorting easier (Plus they wipe down easily when dirt gets out of control!).
 Also, consider our OVER THE DOOR HOOKS. These hooks can really make the difference be-tween a good morning and a bad morning! Ever looked for your purse or jacket on the way out the door? Having an easy to see, easy to reach place for these things means you will actually use them!
 The other things we tend to misplace as we are rushing out of the house are car keys, and paper items. The BLACK SCROLL LETTER HOLDER is the perfect spot to keep your keys, important papers.
 Going for a nice, clean chrome look? Try pairing our STACKABLE SHELVES with the CHROME LOCKER BASKETS to add storage space in hall closet or mudrooms. Creating a launch pad for yourself will help you take control of your days again!
For the paper that comes in and goes out every day… you can create a separate (even portable) filing system specifically for school papers so they never get lost.
Stationary Filing Sytem – Our WIRE CHROME DIVIDERS paired with the PRETTY FILE FOLDERS create an effective, useable filing system. Sometimes less is more and if you (at the very least) have one folder for each child that can be enough! If you’re going for something more substantial you can store your files in our FOLDER HOLDER. Paired with the matching MAG STASHER, you’ll also be able to corral your children’s folders, workbooks and writing tablets.
Portable Filing System – Our PRETTY FILE TOTES are perfect for the PTO mom or event chair, where paper organization on the go is a must! But be prepared to let other mom’s know where you got yours because these are so pretty, that you’re going to get asked!
For the paper that needs to be out so you don’t forget it (phone numbers, reminders, etc…) the PUSH OR PULL is the solution. It uses either push pins or magnets (six included). Pair this item with our MAGNETIC CLIPS for a splash of color and more holding power.
For paper that you still need easy access to, but perhaps on a limited basis or for storage (…think art project too cute to part with!), try our DOCUMENT BOXES. The labels on the front of each box simplify the process of sorting your papers whether you choose the clear or fashion colors. Maybe you’ll choose to assign one box per grade level as your child grows, or one box per child. But think “out of the box” because used in a homework setting, these docu-ment boxes could double to hold your students rulers, protractors, calculators, pencils and more. Be sure to throw one of our TIMERS in there to help keep your kids encouraged and motivated!
Now you are ready for Back to School with these two Back to School hot spots under control!

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8/12/2010 2:10:39 AM
Lois United States
My sisters and cousin accepted a challenge of 10/10/10 which is on the 10th of every month we each need to declutter 10 items for the year 2010.  Every month we hold each other accountable.  It's surprising to get excited about having a clean closet or just part of a room.  This keeps us motivated and we're starting to watch that we don't bring in as much as we used to prior to our challenge.  We're already talking about taking it to the garage for 11/11/11 next year.
8/12/2010 2:12:10 AM
magon United States
i would love to know how to keep my house a non clutter mess.... im a single mom of three kids and no other family members at everything they bring home or make or want to buy becasue its cute i stays in our home forever....even things that we havnt used in months....only because i know what it is to have nothing ...and i dont wish to be there again...but with God i also know what it is to have everything. so im stuck here! HELP!!!
8/12/2010 2:18:23 AM
Paul Belt United States
Paul Belt
Scott & Kelli - Hoarding is an illness of the psyche! they are unable to look at things as "normal" ppl do . My Mother has this illness - she cant (or wont) throw away things that "might" be useful "someday" - is an OCD-type ilness, they keep the most absurd things out of fear of losing it, not having enough, needing to have more of... or just planely cant sort out what is useful and what isnt.

We as a family did an intervention... bagging up trash, organizing her "stuff" was a a result she hardly speaks to one of siblings (this was 6 years ago) she is right back to and worse then when we cleaned up...

They need incredible PRAYER Therapy!@!!
deliverance perhaps = they can not see things as we do who try to keep our homes balanced and clean!
8/12/2010 2:24:33 AM
Paul Belt United States
Paul Belt
Kelli - You remember who I am in Visalia! Lori & Nics Friend, Former KDUV Host YFC Director -if you wanna to call my cell phone I'll give a succinct interview and Pray on the air if you like for those held in the grip of Hoarding!

8/12/2010 2:34:09 AM
Betty United States
My clutter gets really bad in the winter months here in Alaska, come spring, we are out in the garage sorting through things!! mostly throwing away or giving away, and rest sell at garage sales!!  So far, it's been working!!  We collect too many things, mostly craft items that we don't use, so I either end up giving them away to someone if I don't sell it at yard sale!  I like the sisters comment of 10 item on the 10th of each month! that's a good way to get rid of things!!  So my take on the subject is: IF you haven't used the item you bought, or brought home in 2 months, get rid of it, it's just taking up space!!  I don't buy things because it looks good, or is faster, my computer is old and slow but still working - have it serviced every yr! so with that, happy cleaning folks!!
8/12/2010 3:22:41 AM
Trevor Kohlhepp United States
Trevor Kohlhepp
Hi Kelli,

I was so excited to hear you bring this topic up on the air. I actually own a company (Store No More) that specializes in helping individuals and businesses sell their unwanted items. Our goal is to make the process as easy as possible for the seller to get ride of some of their unwanted/unused items while putting a little extra cash in their pockets. It's always great to see how excited the buyer's are as well, often they are buying something that they might not otherwise be able to afford. Here at Store No More we strive to create win-win transactions for every party involved! This strategy really works well with larger items or items with more value. For more information you can visit us online,

Just thought I'd stare this with everyone. Thanks and God bless!

-Trevor Kohlhepp
8/12/2010 4:00:25 AM
Grace United States
I am a very unorganized person and so I have a very messy room. My best friend is a neat freak so she came over and helped me clean half of my room and then she stayed over night and in the morning we finished. So I suggest bringing a neat freak over to your house and invite them to stay over night and help you clean.
8/12/2010 5:12:13 AM
Holly Dvorak United States
Holly Dvorak
For whatever reason, I love to organize! My brain is just wired that way. And for me, the only thing better than organizing my own stuff is teaching someone else how to organize theirs. While preparing to speak on the topic, I realized that I needed to explain the process in a series of steps.  The result??  A full proof plan to organize anything.  I reluctantly named it the PEACH Plan.  Don't care much for the name - but at least the acronym spells something!!  The first letter ("P") stands for Piles of Likeness.  That's the key to the entire process.  Begin in an area and place anything thats the same in a pile. Once you've done that, you will be amazed at what you have.  Duplicates will be obvious, broken items will be noticeable and the good stuff will stand out.  The first step of this plan is a simple way to eliminate that "where do I begin!" syndrome and is easy enough to keep anyone from feeling overwhelmed.  Happy Organizing! -
8/12/2010 11:01:28 AM
Kathie Fink United States
Kathie Fink
After I retired, i wanted to downsize.  My son was getting married.  I was about to face the empty nest syndrome.  solution?  I MOVED OUT.  bought a smaller place and moved just what I wanted.  left the extra furniture i didn't need, and "junk" (called knick knacks, extra dishes, coffee mugs, table cloths the wrong  color, etc) for them to use or get rid it.  No empty nest drama for me.  I was off to decorate a new place, which is always fun...well, ok.  At least refreshing.
8/12/2010 11:04:14 AM
Kathie Fink United States
Kathie Fink
I hate to clean.  But have found a solution that helps get me started.  I get an audio book from the library and listen to it while I clean, iron, repair clothes, empty dishwasher, wash floors...all those boring tasks I hate to do unless I can talk on the phone at the same time.  some friends are insulted if I am working in the background, so book on tape works much better.  Oh, and be sure to schedule a dinner party for the weekend.  that really gets you motivated to clean and de-clutter!
8/14/2010 2:07:11 PM
Kimberly United States
I am constantly re-thinking my cabinets and closets.  If I haven't used certain canned goods in a few months and have no plans for them, they go to my local food pantry.  If I decide I don't like a certain shampoo/conditioner or body soap, the local shelter gets it.  As for the closets and dressers: at the end of each season, if I didn't wear it, bye bye to the local shelter!  Then there's the paper clutter: I sit down every Saturday morning and go through everything.  Coupons: not going to use them, to the food pantry.  Flyers: I either put the date in my cell phone calendar to alert me to attend something, then throw it out.  Bills: for those I sent a payment to, I check my bank account to see if it has cleared, then out it goes.  If it hasn't been attended to, then I either pay it there and then or write on the calendar when to pay it.

I have cut down tremendously on the paper mail with going paperless.  My bank statements, majority of my bills and even my newspaper!  I usually do Bill Pay via my bank so I don't have to keep checks around.  And I signed up to stop the unsolicited credit card/insurance offers at

My biggest vice is magazines, I love them!  I hate to get rid of them, and like a book, I can't cut them up!  So, every month, I tearfully say good-bye to them and after marking out my name and address, I bring them to my local hospital and clinic for their waiting rooms.
8/17/2010 10:49:11 AM
sharon United States
Marathon cleaning is not my idea of fun!
I found a WONDERFUL website:  She works on the 15 minute principal & tells us "you are not behind- just jump in wherever you are!" I LOVE Flylady!
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