Aug 16 2010

Like Dandelion Dust movie and adoption awareness

A new movie is hitting theaters in September that producers pray will raise awareness of the need for more families to adopt children in our country and around the world. Learn more about the film here: A recent article in USA Weekend called it "the next Blind Side!" Here's that article: Thanks for praying that God uses this film to encourage more families to look into adoption!


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8/11/2010 9:29:05 AM
Felicity De Hoyos United States
Felicity De Hoyos
i all wayz want to adopition a little beother becuse im the babi of the family so i cant tack care of some 1 but let him be around 3 an im prayin that we can do so am mack a difference in some 1s life
8/12/2010 7:44:53 PM
Janet Kiessling United States
Janet Kiessling
We are the proud adoptive parents of 6 (Lord-Willing may be more )beautiful gifts from God. It has been an incredible journey with each and every one of them.If we could - we would love to find a home for each and every child out there in the foster care system! All they need is LOVE & to know that Jesus loves them!

9/24/2010 3:40:59 PM
Joel United States
We just brought our beautiful little Iris home from China in June.  She is almost three and is visually impaired.  A year ago I would have never even thought about adopting a child with a special need, especially vision issues. But here we are and I can not imagine not doing it!

When we started the process we did not have enough money (not even close) to adopt a child from another country.  With lots of prayer and love God has provided for us and we did it.

It was the greatest feeling in the world seeing my 5 and 8 year old kids pray for their sister whom they had never met!  What a blessing.
9/24/2010 4:27:08 PM
Tana Shafer United States
Tana Shafer
For many years my husband and I tried to have children of our own without any success.  Many people told us we should try the Foster Care system.  We refused for so long.  God finally hit us over the head with a 2x4 (not literally).  God told us we needed to do Foster Care.  In the past ten months, we have become the proud parents of two beautiful little girls.  They have blessed our lives beyond measure.  We continue to do Foster Care.  My husband always jokes that we need to build an ark for all the children.  These children needed us, and we needed them.  Praise God for our little miracles.  
9/24/2010 6:08:19 PM
Laura Nowak United States
Laura Nowak
My husband and I had 2 beautiful, healthy girls and I felt called by God to look into adoption.  God so eloquently placed co-workers in my path that had been through the adoption process and my heart ached to adopt.  The more I ignored the desire the more signs from above would appear such as songs, adoption poems, church sermons...everything pointed to that this  was what our family needed to do.  We started the process right away and at an informational meeting we went to we learned that God had an even more specific plan for us, we had wanted to adopt from China but that all changed when a family with a little boy named Kenny adopted from Korea came out to meet us.  My husband Dan's father had protected the Korean border in the Korean war, years later he passed away, his name was Kenny.  Our friends and family were so supportive.  My stepfather who was looking forward to having "Grampy's" little helper (finally a little boy) died unexpectantly just a few days before Bradan was born.  Ironically Bradan's favorite foods are the very same as Grampy's.  We are so grateful that God spoke so loudly and was so persistent in sending all the "signs" to show us that adoption was his plan for us.  Bradan Ha-Min Kenneth Nowak is such a blessing to our family.    
9/24/2010 8:59:58 PM
Lisa United States
Dear Scott & Kelly,
I heard you speaking of the movie, "Like Dandelion Dust" today and I felt as though I needed to share my story with you.  My family tree is complicated!  I am adopted. My adopted parents split when I was young.  My mom remarried and had another child and my father remarried another woman whom already had 3 children.  My birth mother found me when I was 20.  Her and my birth father have both married and had children w/ others.  God has blessed me with so many wonderful people to love its amazing!  And yet the complications of this family tree bring great heartache as well.  My birth moms heart was broken the day she signed over her rights to me... My adopted moms heart was broken the day my birth mother came into my life...  I lack similarities with my adopted family and it has been hard for us to understand each other because we are so different.  I lack memories with my birth family and those can never be made up.  Blessings and heartaches are apart of everyday life, this I know.  And so today I say thank you to the lord because though I have a lot to complain about, I have so many to complain to.
9/27/2010 5:35:30 PM
Shawna Reynolds United States
Shawna Reynolds
My husband and I were the happy and proud parents of two beautiful biological children for years. While we were relishing in the joys of parenthood, we could not ignore that thousands of children were waiting and hoping for a family. After years of thinking about and praying about adopting we took a leap of faith and began the process. During that time, KLOVE provided inspiration and courage, from divinely timed songs like the NewsBoys' "He Reigns" and announcements for adoption seminars in my city, our calling to adopt was made clear! We were blessed with a 3 and 4 year old set of siblings from Kazakhstan six years ago and can't imagine our lives any other way.  Thank you KLOVE!!!!!!!
9/27/2010 8:11:19 PM
Lisa United States
My adoption story is unlike anyone else's. At 33, I became the single mother of an adopted son...who was 20 at the time. He'd been a part of my life since he was 15, and moved in with me at 18. As the daughter of a Southern Baptist preacher, I was acutely aware of what people would say about the situation. I told my parents the people who knew me would understand, and the rest would say what they wanted to anyway, but that I had to follow where I felt God was leading me. I'd love to be able to say it's been an easy 11 years since then, but that wouldn't be true. His family dynamic was totally foreign to mine. There've been a lot more downs than ups, but I've felt all along that God had great plans to use this child in a world where so many children are hurting, that he would be able to reach out to them because he'd been there, too. God's working on his heart right now in a mighty way, and I'm trusting that He's going to give my son a special purpose to fulfill. I don't know of anyone else who's adopted an adult child, but I wouldn't trade my experience for all the world.
9/28/2010 3:52:09 PM
Shasta United States
I just filed the adoption papers for my 11 and 14 yr old foster children last week.  I am 37 and never had children of my own.  I was married in my 20's and we tried unsuccessfully for several years to have a child.  The marriage eventually fell apart and I fell away from God.  Only 6 months after my divorce was final, I found myself single, unemployed and pregnant with the child of a man I knew only a couple months.  After all those years of praying for a child, I was so scared of how I would provide, and ashamed of getting pregnant out of wedlock that I chose to do the unthinkable:  I had an abortion.  It took me years to recover from guilt of that decision.  But What we do in Sin, God is able to use for his good.  I made a promise to myself and to God.  I decided that whether I ever had a child of my mine or not, I would become a foster parent and help care for children whose parents made the right decision in giving them life, but were unable to properly care for them.  I have been a foster parent for almost 3 years now, and am finally becoming a real mom now that the adoption is going through.  I am friends with my kids' bio parents, because they may have made mistakes, but I have made my own too.  God has taken 2 broken families, and brought them together to make one wonderful gift for these children.  God is so good.
9/28/2010 5:02:24 PM
Katie United States
I heard you talking about adoption on my way home from work today, and I'd like to share my story! I live with my birth mother, but at age 5, I was adopted by my dad Mark. I never knew my real father since I was 3 months old when my parents separated. I had been searching for my birth father for years, eight to be exact. It was a hard struggle, many ups and downs, and on Sept. 11,2010, I received a phone call from the agency I was going through, and had the first phone call with my birth father in over 20 years. It was one of the most happiest moments of my life. He lives in California, and I'm actually planning a trip down there on Oct. 14. I've been so blessed in my life, I have a great family, but now it's multiplied! My dad is 1 of 10 kids, I have 7 aunts and 2 uncles, I have 2 sisters and a brother, and 19 first cousins! Everyone can't wait to meet me and I can't wait to meet them. And I just want to thank KLOVE for helping me out through the difficult times and struggles I've been through on this journey. I've never felt more loved in my life. Thanks for listening Smile
9/28/2010 9:11:59 PM
Martha Schubert United States
Martha Schubert
31 years ago as a single parent of a 4 year old, I gave my second child up for adoption, knowing I could barely meet the needs of one, it would be impossible to provide a stable life for two children. I married when my daughter was 10 and my husband and I had three children together. After reading articles in the newspaper about the need for foster homes, we began loving and caring for children who we believed would be returning to their families. Fifteen years later we have adopted 11 children, including two sibling groups (4 siblings under age 6, and 3 siblings under age 6 -all in a years time). Currently we have 2 foster children, bringing our family to 18 children. God has blessed us every step of the way, it is rewarding and amazing to watch the changes in each of them. I count on Him each and every minute of the day to give me strength and ask Him in times of uncertainty, that His will for each child comes through clearly. I was reunited with my child that I gave up for adoption a little over a year ago. It was an incredible experience, not easy but God was there, orchestrating everything.
9/29/2010 7:58:42 PM
Karen United States
Two years ago today, Sept 29, after thirty years of wondering about and praying for the precious baby I placed for adoption, I was given an answer in the form of a two word email from an unknown sender - "Thank you".  The shortest email I ever received but the one that filled my heart!  
It's true that God does answer prayer - in His own time, in His own way.  
After a year of futher emails, phone calls, photos, my grown son and I met on Oct 9th, with his Mom, Dad and wife surrounding us both with love.  Our reunion that weekend was made all the more special as we also celebrated the first birthday of my biological granddaughter!  
Our connection was so very comfortable from that very first email, and that was in part because of the wonderful Christian parents he had - they are the warmest and kindest folks! I am blessed to have been given this gift of being welcomed as one of their family.  
9/30/2010 12:57:59 AM
Steve Brandy Wills United States
Steve Brandy Wills
I was a street child in the City of Manila, Philippines. I was apparently taken into a children center by a police officer who found me wondering the streets all by myself. I was less than 2 yrs young. A Pastor took me into his home with his family where he was starting his own orphanage which later housed 100+ babies and children in a bigger and better facility. I was later to be adopted to a family in England by the age of 6. I never knew my biological parents but God gave me a loving and caring family. Although it wasn't picture perfect the environment I was nurtured in allowed me to blossom into the person that I am today. I later realized how much God really loves the little children, and even the unborn, which I got to experienced first hand in my late teens. To discover how much we are loved is to discover our purpose in Him who created us. Every step of my life I had an innate  trust in God which leads me to where I am right now, married to a beautiful FilAm women, gifted with 2 beautiful children and settled in the beautiful land of America. I have been told that there are no documents of my biological parents or birth certificate since I was found by a police officer...or was it an angel? And you know what, I have no inclination, no curiosity, no need, to find my biological parents. My security lies in the faith and trust of Jesus Christ and what He has done for me. No parent can or will ever be able to achieve a higher act of love of our Heavenly Father, and we are not called to do that thankfully. We are called firstly to multiply and then train up a child in the way that they should go. God is all about adopting, so this is a great way to follow our calling as Christians. What better way to exemplify God's character. My wife and I are open to adoption but only in His time and I have a feeling that wont be too soon enough. We are already sponsoring a child in the Philippines and planning to have our children have their own sponsored child close to their age so they can grow up together and one day get to hug each other. That will be a beautiful and touching occasion. May God open up the hearts of every person that not only see the film but even hear about it, and start taking the steps of fulfilling our callings to look after not only widows but also orphans. Amen!
10/1/2010 11:06:05 AM
Jeanette Carpenter United States
Jeanette Carpenter
Adoption has been in and around my family all of my life.  My mom was taken in by a wonderful family when she was five years old.  They were not allowed to adopt her because her alcoholic father would not terminate his rights.  When my mom turned 21 she went to the courthouse and signed her own adoption papers.
My husband and I could not have children so we have adopted three boys.  We know and love one of the boys biological family, but we don't know the other two boys family.  Perhaps someday we will.  
Adoption is such a needed thing in the world.  Too many children are not being adopted and don't have a family to love them.  Hopefully this movie will help others see what a wonderful expression of love adoption is.
10/1/2010 3:07:01 PM
Maricela Escobedo United States
Maricela Escobedo
Ever since I was a teenager in high school I used to always think that I would never get married. I always saw myself as a career woman and with a home full of adopted children. I thought there are so many kids in the world that need the love and care of a parent and I was going to be the one to provide that love and everything they needed.

Well oddly enough I got married at 20yrs old to my high school crush only a short 2 yrs after high school. We've been married 7 years now and have not been able to have children, but we've always both agree that we eventually want to adopt children whether God ever sends us our own or not. We've talked about this a lot over the years and always had the "perfect plan" for when to adopt. But as we all know there is no perfect plan unless it is God's plan. We weren't going to adopt for another 7 yrs according to our "plan" but it seems God is preparing us for it soon. Everything just seems to be falling into place in our lives and He keeps bringing up adoption in one way or another in our everyday lives.

Adoption has always been something we've wanted to do, but seeing how unbelievably real it is now is scary. A mother has nine months to "nest" and prepare for the birth of her child and get that "maternal instinct" and it scares me that I wont have that experience to prepare. But I am confident that the Lord will give us everything we need to be great parents. And I'm excited to think that this may happen sooner than we imagined. He's sent us so many signs, I can feel it in my heart that our turn to be parents is fast approaching. I can't wait to be an adoptive mother to a special angel that needs love and guidance to live his life in the path of Christ. We are preparing God so that when you are ready we will be too.
10/1/2010 4:24:53 PM
Teresa United States
Dear Scott & Kelly,
Whenever I hear adoption stories they touch my heart.  I was adopted when I was 3 days old into a family with four biological children of their own. The one thing I remember my adoptive mother always saying to me was, "It took more love to give you up then to keep you." But the story isn't so much about my adoption experience but how God used it to bring two beautiful identical twin girls into our lives.  My husband and I had two wonderful boys and we decided we were done having children.  Needless to say God had other plans.  As I pulled into the grocery store parking lot I heard a song on the radio by Jeff Moore, "Swept Away." He had just returned from China with his newly adopted daughter and the song was about how we are all orphans and swept away by God's grace. The song had not even been released on his album yet and to this day I have never heard it on the radio again.  I sat in the parking lot and just wept.  That evening I went home and around the dinner table I shared my experience with my family.  My husband looked at me and said, "We could do that."  I said, "Do what?" He replied, "Adopt.  We are so blessed, we could adopt."  My six year old son immediately said, "I want a baby sister." My nine year old son said he preferred to keep it just the way it was with the four of us.  At that point it was just kind of dropped.  The next day my eldest son came to me and said, " Mom, I think we have enough love."  My question was enough love for what?  He responded, "to have another baby."  Again, it was kind of dropped.  Three days went by and during mid morning on a Monday my husband called from his office and he was very excited.  He is an OB/GYN and he had been speaking with a patient about her pediatrician.  She was disappointed that her pediatrician was going back to China to care for the poor, orphaned and widows.  My husband said, "I have been praying all weekend that if this was somthing God wanted us to do He would reveal it to me. Please call that pediatrician and tell him I want to speak to him." That was when the ball started rolling and God's hand was so evident in the whole process that it still astonishes me. We just celebrated  "Gotcha Day" on September 10th and we have enjoyed seven wonderfully blessed years with our girls. Anna, Amber and I share a special bond...because we didn't grow in our "mommies" tummies, we grew in their hearts. I hope that one day my own biological mother will realize the gift she gave me, and how in turn we were able to give that same gift to two little girls..."a family."
10/1/2010 4:46:48 PM
Paul United States
I was placed in an orphanage as an infant and adopted within a few months by loving parents.  Once I had children of my own I quickly realized the great sacrifice that they made in their lives to do make me a part of their family.  As I see the situation in the world today of so many children and even older kids without a home, I want to encourage everyone who can to adopt to do so; I can't imagine how my life would have turned out without my adoptive parents.  Praise God for His plans before we are even born, and His desire to be our ultimate adoptive Father!
10/1/2010 5:17:48 PM
Maria United States
Even though I was raised by my biological parents, when I came to the US for collage, there were so many wonderful Christians who "adopted " me as a part of their families.  Then I married a guy who was adopted by an amazing couple. So when we found out that I probably cannot carry babies to term, we did not hesitate to start the adoption procedure. What we did not realize was the depth of emotions for those who are involved in this process. We adopted two infants from two different birth mothers through open adoptions; which means that they chose us, and handed their babies into our hands.  We received the undeserving gifts. They loved their babies enough to give up so we can raise them in our Christian homes. Their sacrifice and love kept us into the right focus as we have been raising our precious children.  This also helped us understand the depth of Heavenly Father's sacrificial love for us.  I wish we could see the movie... may be on the video, since there are no theaters near here that are showing it.
10/1/2010 6:44:23 PM
Melissa United States
I remember going through our marriage classes with our pastor and one question that came up was, "If for whatever reason you were unable to conceive a child together, what would your reaction be?" The answer to that question flowed so freely from our lips as we both immediately said "Adoption." Adoption was never really far from our minds as I was adopted as an infant.
Little did I know, how much that simply answer of "Adoption" would play such an incredible role in our lives.
As we got married and began to try to conceive a child,we thought for certain it would happen immediately. We had no reason to not think it wouldn't. Weeks turned to months and months turned to years... and still we found ourselves, labeled as "infertile". In our hearts, we knew God had a bigger plan for our lives than we had for ourselves.
It was in November 2004 that we were called to adopt. We began the adoption process and it was the most amazing experience of our life. On August 8, 2005 I received an email from my uncle who told me about a friend of his that was pregnant and wanted to make an adoption plan for her baby. From there, she got into contact with our agency, we met one another and she chose US to be the parents of her child. What a blessing! That God would have SO much faith in us to entrust us with this other human beings life.
Emma was born into our lives on October 12, 2005. We had no reason to believe that the adoption plan would go array; however, after we had Emma home with us for a few weeks, the birth father wanted her. Not having to do anything with the birth mother or any of the process, it was very surprising that he would come forward as such. I remember receiving a call from my Uncle who helped bring us to this situation after we heard the news, and his words were so fitting. So encouraging, that it is in that moment that I KNEW God was using Him to speak to me. To calm my nerves, because He knew that I could not gain focus and understanding without it. We knew, that God had a bigger plan for us. He brought us through this situation and after much prayer and conversation the birth father realized that the best place with Emma, was with us. In the state we live in, the birth parents have two years to appeal the adoption. While this time really never frightened us, because we knew God was in control, I received a phone call in October 2007, exactly two years from the time it was threatened that this joy of our lives would be taken away from us that the very person that God chose to help bring us together as a family, my Uncle, died.
I know my Uncle had many purposes in the life here on Earth, but most of all... I know that God choose HIM to help make this one last impact in our lives to let us know that HE is in control. That above all, God... He knows what He is doing. He KNOWS the desires of your heart and if you trust in Him, He will not lead you astray.
10/1/2010 7:35:44 PM
LouAnn United States
I have been a foster parent for the past 10 years, and in that time have adopted two of my special needs foster children. (I also have two precious grown birth children.) Foster/adoptive parenting is a challenging calling, especially as a single woman, but I wouldn't trade my life for anything. I began this ministry thinking that I would be the one making a difference in the lives of these children. Although I sure hope that's true, I never dreamed what a difference they would be making in my life. The joy they share with me far outweighs all the hard parts. If you are wondering if you are called to be a foster or adoptive parent,don't be afraid. If God gives you a burden to do something, he will also give you the strength and the ability to see it through. I've had a few regrets in my life, but walking into this calling sure isn't one of them. There is no feeling that compares with knowing you are in God's will and that you are MAKING A DIFFERENCE. Smile
10/1/2010 7:51:54 PM
Andrea United States
My husband and I are the adoptive parents of a beautiful 3 yr old and are fostering an 18 mo old little boy whom we hope to eventually adopt. I work in the field of adoption and foster care so I knew the need for families and have always had a strong desire to adopt. Our daughter came into our lives at 7 days old and little did we know then that we would also have the privilege of meeting and building a relationship with her birth parents, which has been a truly wonderful experience. We consider them an extended part of our family and know that our daughter's life will be richer by maintaining a positive connection to them and the ability to have information about her background that is so vital to adoptees. We truly believe that you cannot have too many people in your life that love you. This doesn't always work out for everyone, but we took a leap of faith, not just adopting but opening our hearts to the possibilities out there. With our 18 mo old, we are just beginning the journey and trusting God for His will to be done not ours. We feel it is a priviledge to love these children, be it for a little while or for a lifetime. People like to comment about "saving" these children, but in reality they have "saved us" from ourselves in giving us a bigger God perspective on life and relationships. The blessng of adoption has changed our lives and we enjoy getting the message out about the need for Godly families to step up and take care of these children. If we don't, who will. So grateful God brought these precious children into our lives.
10/1/2010 8:17:24 PM
Andrea United States
My husband and I previously adopted a beautiful 3 yr old little girl and we are in the process of fostering an adorable 18 mos old little boy whom we hope to eventually adopt. Working in the field of adoption and foster care I knew the need for families, but even prior to that, had always had a strong desire to adopt. Our daughter came into our lives at 7 days old and little did we know then that we would have the privilege of meeting and builing a relationship with her birth parents. 3 yrs later we now consider them extended family and have regular contact. We truly believe that a child can not have too many people in their life that love them. We know this doesn't work for everyone but we took a leap of faith when we began the adoption process, by not only adopting a child but opening our hearts up to the possibilities. We know our daughter's life will be richer by maintaining contact with her birth family and having the ability to have background information that is vital to many adoptees. We are in the beginning of our journey with the 18 mo old but are trusting God's will in this and not our will. We feel honored to love and nurture these children, whether it be for a short while or a lifetime. Adoption has impacted our lives more than can be described. People often comment that in adopting children you are somehow "saving them" but if truth be told, they have "saved us" from ourselves and given us a bigger God perspective on life and relationships. We are always happy to share the message of adoption and to encourage Godly families to step up to the plate and care for these children. If we don't, who will? We are so grateful to God for our precious babies.
10/1/2010 9:24:32 PM
Tammie Spivey United States
Tammie Spivey
"Nana's Blanket" is what my adoption story is about. After 19 years of marriage and no children, my husband and I moved in with my Grandparents while we were having our house built. I am so thankful for this special time God gave us to spend with them. In the two years we lived there, I had two failed pregnancies and an inquiry about adoption with no success. My Nana, who had crocheted a blanket for all of the pregnant granddaughters, had started one for me without my knowledge. When our house was finished and we moved out, Nana proudly presented the blanket saying she wanted me to have one too because she knew God had a plan for my husband and I. Of course I cried and just planned on giving it to my niece or nephew when they had children. Two years later Nana passed away and a year after that God sent our son to us. His hospital potrait was taken with Nana's blanket as the background and of course he was wrapped in it when we brought him home for the first time! I'm not sure how Nana new I would use the blanket she made but everytime I see it I know God had a plan for my husband and I to be the parents of one precious little boy. "Nana's Blanket" is a reminder to wait for God's plan for our lives to unfold and we will be truly blessed!
10/1/2010 10:14:30 PM
sherry roberts United States
sherry roberts
My husband an I have 3 biological children. He also has 1 child by a first marriage. We have adopted 4 children so far and are waiting for the court date for adoption on our 1 year old foster son. We are also waiting on a court date to see if we will be allowed to adopt our 5 yr. old grandson and his half brother, not our grand, whom we are fostering. Of our many adoptions we have been blessed with extended family through the adoptions. A couple of our children have siblings adopted elsewhere, but have contact. We are also in contact with a couple of the birth moms Smile I am so blessed to be up late tonight with my teething 1 year old that lights up our lives with his smile. Everyone says how wonderful it is that we have adopted and are adopting these damaged children. I scream "Wrong!" How wonderful God is for allowing us the ability to adopt these children, just like He adopted us!
10/2/2010 9:12:55 AM
Jennell United States
I heard you were collecting adoption stories and I wanted to share ours, so here it goes...5yrs ago my husband and I started praying for a child to adopt since I couldn't carry any more babies, and I had always wanted a little girl. I knew that it was very dangerous for me to be pregnant, and I felt very blessed that God allowed me to give birth to 3 boys, but I felt something was missing.  I had to have a hysterectomy, which crushed me emtionally.
  8mths after our last son was born and my surgery, we went to a family wedding and met two little girls: Dezianne was 18mths and Emma was only 6wks old. The first time I held Emma something in me cried to help her, since she was the one who had been abused.  My husband and I started spending time with the girls and taking foster/adoption classes.  We fell in love with them so quickly, like we've known them forever.  The girls were still having visitions with thier bio-mom and after a year they were put back into her costody.  We were crushed!  I prayed very second of every day that God would watch over them and His will would be done.  It was really hard to trust God, but I knew it was a sin to covit someone else's child.  Months went by and we heard nothing, so we thought it was God's will that the girls were not meant for us.  In this time the Lord gave me a strength I never knew I had, I felt filled and whole, like nothing was missing. I grew to be very content and happy with the family I had, but I learned that God is never predictable!    
  One day, 11mths after they had been returned to thier bio-mom, we got a call saying that Emma was in the hospital for abuse, she was 21/2 yrs old with broken bones.  I felt like my whole world had been torn apart.  My husband and I went to work right away to adopt them.  On June 1, 2008 we added two little girls to out family! Not a day goes by that I don't think of God's plan and how He knows best.  Sometimes it is difficult to be patient, but God blesses those who wait on Him. ~ thanks for listening :0
10/2/2010 5:21:55 PM
DeDe Jacques United States
DeDe Jacques
My husband and I married in 1999.  We dreamed of both birthing and adopting children.  After 2 miscarriages (the 2nd of which was emotionally excruciating), we decided to adopt our first.  We chose Cambodia, not yet knowing that the Cambodian government just lifted a moratorium on adoptions (in which no one could adopt from there).  After 8 months of paperwork, we flew to Cambodia on an almost empty plane just 1 month after 9/11 while I was 6 months pregnant.

We received our most enjoyable son, Power, into our arms and fell in love instantly.  3 short months later, we home-birthed our 1st daughter, Grace.  Then just 14 months later, we home-birthed our 2nd daughter, Taylor.

What we realized a few months after the adoption is that the birth date the orphanage came up with for our son, was just a few days before we found out that the baby inside me had died.  Looking back, I believe God was saying, "My child, your real son has been born half-way across the world.  Now I can let you know that this one isn't it."  

Believe me, I've cried many tears over our losses and our blessings.  I wouldn't trade my Cambodian son for five birth sons - ever!  He's the best big brother to his sisters and brings me joy every single day.  I believe like Joseph that it was all in God's plan - even when we couldn't see passed our tears.

Oh, and by the way, just 2 months after we got him, the US Embassy closed down all adoptions from Cambodia and it's been closed ever since.  Just another re-assurance that he was meant to be our son!
10/3/2010 2:59:13 PM
Tina United States
Hi scoot and kelli just thought i would inculed my story to all the others I think anyone who can should adopt. my husband and i had 2 children and then we adopted our last child she was and is a bessing to us it told us a long time to find her but she was born with ceriberal palsy and at the time that we adopted her she could not walk she was 4 at the time almost 5 when we got her home we started to get her up and walking with a walker after a lot of therapy and surgery this last jan. she is now walking with just brases on the leg God is so good if she would have stayed in russia she would be dead know I am so thankful that God showed us our young lady she is so full of Gods love she is just a sponge when it comes to tearning abouut God sometimes she blows me away I have been a christian for over 40 years and she is only 9 now
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