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Jun 24 2015
Jun 23 2015
Matthew West joins us on the show today!
Aug 19 2010

Matthew West joins us on the show today!

We are so excited that our good friend, Matthew West is our guest on the show today! You know him for his songs, "More," "The Motions," "You are Everything" and "Save a Place for Me," but he's been busy writing and recording some brand new songs that we can't wait to share with you! Anything you want to say to Matthew today? Perhaps God has used a specific song (maybe his new one, "My Own Little World"?) to speak to you. Tell us about it!



Listen to Matthew West on with Scott & Kelli:

Part 1 ~ Matthew West talks about his experience writing songs for his new album at his cabin in Tennessee.

Part 2 ~ Matthew West's experience with a cabin mouse

Part 3 ~ The explanation of the song "My Own Little World"

Part 4 ~ Matthew West talks about the stories on his new album, The Story of Your Life.

Part 5 ~ Matthew West's story of a broken girl that influenced his new album

Part 6 ~ The story behind Matthew West's Two Houses and his live performance of the song.

Part 7 ~ Matthew West "One Less"


Comments (101) -

8/17/2010 1:19:00 AM
Veronica United States
I'm a brand new listener -- only 2 weeks in, believe it or not! I've gone through tough times lately & I've recently gotten back to finding my faith. When I first tuned into K-LOVE, the absolute first song I ever heard was "The Motions" and it resignated so deeply with me. It put into words the fact that I wanted more than to just "say" I am Christian. I want to have that real relationship with Christ, and Matthew West's song said that for me in so many words that I could not.
8/17/2010 1:20:11 AM
Jenn United States
Matthew West's song "More" made all the difference in the world for me.  I was in my car, wondering whether God was even hearing my prayers.  For the first time ever, I changed the station to KLove.  There was a moment of silence and then "More" came on the radio.  I had never heard the song before and I just burst into tears.  I knew then that God heard me and loved me.  Thank you Matthew, for the song that led me to that moment with God.
8/17/2010 1:23:16 AM
Shell United States
Just want to let Matthew know that the song "The Motions" took me off the fence post and I leapt into Christianity with both feet. No longer will I wonder if I have given everything because I no longer go through the motions! I teach kids that Jesus is the only choice to make in this world. Building the Kingdom one kid at a time! Thanks and may God bless you as you have blessed so many others with your music!
8/17/2010 1:26:04 AM
Gary United States
Your song "It's Only Grace" meant soooo much to my wife and I.  The song came out at the same time our my un-married daughter announced to us that she was pregnant.  The song ministered to me more than you know.  It helped to let us trust God in the hard situation at the time.  We now have a 2 year old granddaughter, and we feel very blessed even though there were some tough struggles.  Thanks!!!!

It's only love... it's only grace.  Many tears were shed listening to that song and the healing that we allowed God to work in.
8/17/2010 1:37:53 AM
Christopher Mack United States
Christopher Mack
Matthew, thank you for the song "the motions". That song speaks so much on my life after everything I have gone through lately. I have re-directed my life to be God focused even with all the stress and struggles going on in my life. If it wasn't for Him, I wouldn't even be able to send you this messege. Thank you for blessing all of us with your inspirational music. God Bless you.
8/17/2010 7:12:40 AM
Regina United States
I am a long time listener of KLOVE, 18mos ago, my husband and I went through some really tough time. The first time I heard "The Motions", I knew that I had to stop going thru the motions in my marriage and as a believer. It has been an awesome growing and loving time since then in both my marriage and my walk with Christ. Thank you Matthew West for being open to the Holy Spirit with your music. Texas
8/17/2010 7:50:12 AM
Sally Boatman United States
Sally Boatman
Matthew, Thank you so much for "Save a Place for Me".  My husband, my other half, was taken home to the Lord 5-1/2 years ago.  Your song seems to come on KLove every time that I'm missing him.  It really helps to comfort me.  I can't wait to meet you on the KLove Cruise in February!
8/17/2010 7:55:42 AM
Pam M. United States
Pam M.
I have always loved The Motions and this song really touches my heart so much.   I saw Matthew at a concert at Oak Brook Community Church and had a chance to meet him.  So awesome!  Matthew has such a gifted voice and story to tell.
8/17/2010 8:02:55 AM
Melissa E Newman United States
Melissa E Newman
The song "Love will hold us together" by Matthew West is our families theme song. My husband has been outta work for a year and a half and we have two boys Zane (9yrs) & Connor (7yrs) and we listen to this song on youtube everyday, It gives us hope for the day and no matter what.. God has got us! Thanks Matt! Your songs make us sing praises to the Lord!  Melissa
8/17/2010 8:02:59 AM
Lilie United States
Hey Scott kelli so excited to be listening to matthew West live.The song that speaks to me is ''More'' I thikn is what it's called.Im 13 and I heard it right when it came out and I was like I need to find out who sings this and now I now it by heart!!!
8/17/2010 8:04:16 AM
Abby United States
I just heard Matthew West talking about the mouse in his cabin, and it's happened in my house, too! My brother likes to hide food in his room, and a mouse ran out of his room into the hallway, and looked at me in the eyes, and then walked into the kitchen! It knew where we hid the food! Haha! Have a great day!
8/17/2010 8:04:55 AM
Angela United States
I first met Matthew at Kingdom Bound in 2008, which is a 4 day Christian music Festival near Buffalo NY. He is the most personable guy I've ever met! When he was signing autographs after  his concert, security was trying to rush everyone through the line, but Matthew was like"It's ok, whats up?" He didnt care that they were trying to rush people through. He made me feel like he cared about each person there!  We really missed him this year!!   PLEASE COME BACK TO KINGDOM BOUND 2011....
8/17/2010 8:04:58 AM
Mari United States
So, I just "secretly" watched the Mouse at the Cabin.  Oh, that is so funny!!!  Thank you for the afternoon laugh and I look forward to more - sorry Matthew . . . .
8/17/2010 8:04:58 AM
katelyn United States
Is "cabinmouse" REALLY a mouse??
I am 9 years old and Matthew West is one of my favorite artists! Where can we see " cabinmouse" footage?

God Bless katelyn

8/17/2010 8:07:24 AM
Jillian Christiansen United States
Jillian Christiansen
I am digging this time.  This song has ministered to me personally.  I have a dear friend who lives hundreds of miles away and his wife is dying of Liver Cancer.  This songs speaks of the way we feel for him and his wife.  When I hear the song i feel like we are doing something to encourage him and his wife with Christ's love...Thanks Matthew West...I LOVE your music.  Keep writing!
8/17/2010 8:09:05 AM
Chris U.A.E.
I am listenig via the internet.  Currently serving the Air Force n the "sandbox".  I love listening to you half-way around the world.  You are a comforting, little piece of home away from home.  God Bless you all for sharing God's love!  Please continue to pray for my brothers and sisters in arms that they come home safely.
8/17/2010 8:09:16 AM
Dina United States
I heard Matthew West's song "Save a Place for Me" for the first time not long after my brother died in June, 2009. To say the least, these words said exactly how I feel. I thank God for the peace of knowing my brother is in heaven and for letting me hear that song when I needed it most. Thank you Matthew for sharing your music with us.
8/17/2010 8:14:31 AM
Forbes Family United States
Forbes Family
Our daughter gave her heart to Jesus last fall. She says Matthew West's song "The Motions" was one of the things that the Lord used to encourage her to make that decision. She didn't "want to go one more day" without Him. Smile
8/17/2010 8:18:11 AM
Nichole United States
Matthew, you write some amazing songs, God has truly blessed you with a special gift. I love everyone of your albums and I'm so excited for this one and I already know that its awesome becasue I heard my own little world on the world premeire day and right at this moment. I can tell you its impacting, I love the words for they are so true!!! I know this song is going to be just like your songs "More" as well as "Going through the Motions" which helped me with being picked on at school, I always listened to them on the bus and prayed, it was great (and still is,exspecially with going to college next week!!!!)!! Its great becasue they give me the reminder that we are living for Christ and we can shine for Him in all things, no matter what happens we have the ability to make a difference and shine instead of just going through the motions!! Laughing So keep up the good work and keep serving the LORD with the gift and talents He has blessed you with!!. .
p.s. The mouse thing I found really funny, becasue when my family had to live at my grandparents house when I was little the bears first attcked the garbage can but then figured out the doors if they smelt food, so all is well! I've also delt with the mice, not fun so I will side with you here!!

May God bless and keep every one of you always and forever!
8/17/2010 1:20:48 PM
Sean Kubaskie United States
Sean Kubaskie
Just heard "My Own Little World".  Reminded me of someone I met about a year ago.  Stewart.  At least that was the name on his camo jacket and he answered to.  Went work at the laundromat one night.  He was sitting outside.  He asked me for some change.  Gave him all I had, a buck fifty.  We chatted a bit as I worked.  He needed socks, and there were a couple pairs of forgotten socks.  I happily gave him those.  A customer gave him $100.  We both cheered quietly.  He was a Marine, just trying to make his way home, according to him.  I thanked him for his service.  He gave me his tiny mp3 player.  I held it for a second, treasuring the gift, then gave it back.  I got one of the biggest, strongest, best bearhugs from him, if smelly.  Never seen him around town since.  I pray he got home, or is well on his way.  Thank you, Michael, for bringing back this sweet memory.
8/17/2010 1:20:54 PM
Rita Garcia United States
Rita Garcia
I'm on my knees painting our deck listing to K love...what a treat to hear Matthew West! I met you back in May while voulenteering with Samaritans Purse Disaster Relief. We were cleaning up after the floods in Tenn. I sat at a table with you for dinner at the church...I didn't even know who you were... just that you were our special guest and that you had a treat for us. What a treat!! You blessed us with a small concert! I was especially blessed with your song "My Own Little World"
8/17/2010 1:31:23 PM
Karen United States
I had the privlige of going on the Alaskan cruise with Michale W.Smith and friends- one was Mathew. We had a listening party for his new release- the entire CD is wonderful and the stories that came with it were great. I love this song, to. Nice to meet MW and see his darling girls- is the youngest one walking ok? Have you lost the weight from all the ice cream..please record that song, too! God bless and keep playing great music and writing great songs
8/17/2010 1:33:06 PM
jeremy United States
Hello Matthew west my name is Jeremy, I am visually impaired your songs really speak to me, how did you come to the Lord ? God bless you always
8/17/2010 1:33:44 PM
Kelly Rodriguez United States
Kelly Rodriguez
The song The Motions spoke to me in more ways than you can imagine. I graduated from college last year and felt myself slipping away from God because I was focusing more on trying to get into the real world. I began to just go through the every day motions with no emotion and my heart not completely there.

My mom told me that K-Love had a new channel in our area so I decided to give it a shot. On my way to work one day, I heard your song, The Motions,  I froze while I was driving and just listened to every word. I started crying more than I have ever cried and prayed that God would forgive me for only going through the motions and flipped my life around right then and there.

I have heard your song over 100 times and I will listen to it 10000000+ more times and every time it will still have that same impact on me.

I thank you so much for your gift of words. God truly speaks through you.

I love your new song as well Smile
8/17/2010 1:37:40 PM
gus United States
Question for you guys.  Does one prayer matter?
I mean sometimes I feel so insignificant that I wonder ...does my one prayer matter to God?
Four million people are homeless today in Pakistan and I wonder...does my one prayer matter or even make a difference. Thanks   -gus
8/17/2010 1:37:49 PM
Cindy United States
The first time I ever heard Matthew West was when my daughter's best friend committed suicide and they plyed More at her funeral. I immmediately went out and bought the CD. I love that song and reminds me daily that I am loved more by God.
8/17/2010 1:39:28 PM
Shalene United States
Oh My!!! I was vacuuming and heard the song when i turned the vacuum off....that broken girl was me! I have found my value in the Lord, but for a long time what happened to me effected my actions and my thoughts about myself. I'm in tears about the fact that someone isn't afraid to tell other girls like myself that God thinks they are beautiful and of ultimate value! Thank you and my God bless you and your music!
8/17/2010 1:41:53 PM
ERICA United States
8/17/2010 1:43:41 PM
Kevin Talley United States
Kevin Talley
Matthew,  Saw you a few weeks back at the Speidie Fest in Binghamton, NY.  Thoroughly enjoyed the show as well as the bonus of listening to your music today on K-Love.  Thank you for the message being delivered through your music.  God Bless, Kevin
8/17/2010 1:44:29 PM
Olivia United States
Thank you so much for writing Broken Girl. For years I've been struggling with the pain of being one, and trying to forgive him for what he did. I cried when I heard it just now, it's really touched my heart. May God continue to bless and use you as He's already done.
8/17/2010 1:46:03 PM
Kathy lott United States
Kathy lott
I work for a funeral home/cemetery and I have told and played "save a place for me" so many times to people and it is such a blessing to be able to give people hope and peace in such a hard time.  How did you get the idea to write that song?  Thank you and God Bless
8/17/2010 1:46:30 PM
Joey Spiva United States
Joey Spiva
Matthew West you have truly blessed me with your music.  I sent my story in and I was sent a newletter from you saying my story was picked.  I would love to talk with you about the whole thing.  My number is 417-622-8652.  You are coming to my area for a concert in Springfield MO and I would love to meet you.  Thank you for your music and how it ministers to myself and others.
8/17/2010 1:48:40 PM
cindy United States
Thank YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU May God bless you so much as he has used you to reach so many .My prayer is that God gives you a glimpse of the lives of so many people that you have reached and touched. Thank you for believing and following God's plan .I enjoy your music so much,what a difference you've made in my life.God bless you and your family - and I DON'T WANT TO GO THROUGH THE MOTIONS
8/17/2010 1:49:21 PM
Missy United States
Dear Matthew:

First thank you for opportunity to share my wonderful life with you. Through the child abuse, sucide, drugs, abortion and my many attempts to take my life...I do have a blessed life thanks to my loving and forgiving Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. It does not matter nif my story is part of your songs...what matters is that I shared it with someone I have never met. To tell you and others how our Lord loves us through all the hurt and despair. Even with someone  else causing you such pain our Lord is still there. I am a born again christian since 1980 and all those horrible things that happened made me who I am today...I WOULD NOT CHANGE A THING! Instead of why me...WHY NOT ME! To God be the Glory! Until me meet...thank you!
8/17/2010 1:51:19 PM
Andree Brunk United States
Andree Brunk
Matthew, Kelli and Scott, I love your music.  The new song you just played really touched me the first time I heard it.  When I pray in the morning and at night before going to sleep I have been asking God to show me what he wants from me.I truly thank God for all my brothers and sisters.  They all have a message for us.  When we hear something it sturs something in me.  I get very excited because I know God is wanting something from me.  

Also, Kelly and Scott I called last night about the Tea Party song and I didn't hear any suggestions.  Maybe Matthew has one of his own songs I could use.  

God bless all of you
8/17/2010 1:52:37 PM
Feather United States
My story is one of the 10,000 that were submitted. I want to first thank Matthew West for taking the time to read my stor and every other story was submitted. It is a humbling feeling to know that someone cares that much God used Cancer when I was 15 to bring me to Him. I have been growing ever since and it wasn't until today about 5 mins ago when Matthew said "they aren't damaged goods" that I truly believed it. The 6 months that I faught the cancer is just a small part of all the tragedy I have been struck with in my almost 32 years of life. The word limit wouldn't allow me to share it all. This process has encouraged me to begin writing my full story/testimony so that I can work towards sharing it with others. Thank you Matthew West for starting me on this journey that will truly change me, grow me & heal me.
8/17/2010 1:53:48 PM
Jennifer United States
A neighbor of mine had her daughter drown in their bathtub a couple of years ago.  I purchased "only grace" for her to listen to.  She loved the song so much that she played it at her daughter's funeral.  Thank you Matthew for such a wonderful song.  Everfy time Klove plays that song; I think about her.
8/17/2010 1:54:16 PM
Daytona United States
I was on my way home from high school a bit ago and Matthew West's song "Broken Girl" was all I heard, the song and the explanation.  I have been that broken girl ever since I was a child.  My dad helped me become that broken girl, while at the same time seeing my sister and mother become broken too.  God's love has become overwhelming to me, especially this summer.  I once again became that broken girl.  Only this time in a complete different way.  I have learned that God desires to put me back together.  But it was great to hear someone else acting out to share specifically to the broken girl.  Thank you and God bless you guys!
8/17/2010 1:55:39 PM
jazmine United States
mathew west has gotten me thinking of my relationship with God in his song the motions
8/17/2010 1:55:55 PM
Kurt United States
Matthew, Thank you for Save a Place for Me.  I lost my son and with him my dream over four and a half years ago.  Save a Place is one of those songs that I sing when I am down and want to be with him.  I know that my son will save a place for me in heaven and that I will see him and Jesus.  But for now I have to wait...

In God's Hands,
8/17/2010 1:57:02 PM
magon United States
I LOVE HIS VOICE LIVE!!!! thank you for service loving the Lord!!!
8/17/2010 1:57:24 PM
Carol Fontano United States
Carol Fontano
I'm thanking you, Matthew, for paying "the asking price" of obedience and faith.... I believe you're a vessel God is using to reach the captive and broken; hearts and souls He loves.  The Bible (Romans) teaches us that faith comes by hearing; and God is drawing many now to listen.  Thank you for allowing the Holy Spirit to annoint you and for using those talents He has entrusted to you for His glory.  Thank you, Jesus, for giving Matthew the passion and conviction to walk the walk.  And thank you Father God for giving Matthew the wisdom he shares.    
8/17/2010 1:57:35 PM
Laurie Bradford United States
Laurie Bradford
A couple years ago, my husband had passed away from multiple sclerosis and I needed a job. I'd been John's caregiver for 30 years, so I had a blank resume'. No one wanted to hire me. Meanwhile, the Lord was calling me to write testimonies about His work in my life. I had no desire to be a writer, especially since I needed money, NOW! One day, I'd just finished explaining to Jesus (for the um-teenth time) I wasn't a writer and had nothing to say, when I turned on K-Love. At that very moment, Matthew West was singing the line, "you've got something to say!" I broke down, half-laughing/half-crying and agreed to submit my future to the Lord's will. Long story short, I'm now an award-winning Christian writer. And, while I don't make enough to earn a living, the Lord is providing for me through an inheritance my husband would have received.

Thanks Matthew! And thanks K-Love!

Bless you,

8/17/2010 1:57:59 PM
Lilie United States
The first time I heard the motions I wasn't in a good place with the lord I was at youth group and I was upset about being there cause I didn't want to be there.Then the song came on and Pastor said to listen so I listened and that night I got back to my Fire and stoked it and it was glowing the next time I went to youth group!
8/17/2010 1:58:33 PM
ypv United States
"Broken Girl"......Wow....I thank Jesus Christ everyday that he restored my innocence and took my shame. I will spend the rest of my life praying for those lonely victims and their perpetrators. I pray healing and restoration that only God can give. Thank you Matthew for putting to song what so many of us suffer in silence.  
8/17/2010 2:01:00 PM
Teresa Cruz United States
Teresa Cruz
Thank You God, K Love and Matthew West for getting us through these past 7 months, We lost my husbands brother on Jan 21st and ever since then we have been listening to K Love and the week he past away I was listening to the radio station and the song "Save a Place for Me" came on and that was the song for my brother in law that everytime we would hear that song we knew he was right with us again,  God has helped us get through these sorrow times and one day my husband and I went online to klove and found out about the Matthew West promotion he was doing so that night we wrote a letter to Matthew about our brother how he inspired everyone he met and how he was just a blessing to have around all the time, Thank you for giving us that opportunity to do this God is amazing, Mrs Cruz
8/17/2010 2:01:50 PM
Benita United States
Can you let Matthew know that I thoroughly enjoyed him at Soulfest this year.  As a first timer, he was great!!!!!  No one would have known it was his first time there.  I love his spontanaeity!  Truly an oracle for our Lord.  I can't comment on a song 'cause I love them all!  Each one touches and speaks into my life in some way.  Keep 'em coming!!!!

God bless you my, brother.

8/17/2010 2:03:16 PM
Melissa C. United States
Melissa C.
I would just like to thank Matthew. His music means alot to not just me but anyone who has ever heard it. The new song he just sang (i cant remember the name) was awesome! Laughing THANK YOU!
8/17/2010 2:05:09 PM
Jessica United States
Praise God,
  I just heard Matthew West's clip from "Broken Girl" and I wanted to give you Positve story.  I used to look at myself as Broken.  I saw myself as one of those pretty little trinkets that parents tell there kids to "look, but DON'T touch" Only someone had smashed me, just to watch me shatter.  God, OH AWESOME GOD, Took those broken, sharp, And bitter pieces and said "Look, I've made a stained glass window!"  I know my God is Proud of me.  I am HIS creation and HE DOES NOT MAKE JUNK! I learned to Forgive and I know a piece that fills me up and makes me giggle.  So, to anyone that reads this.  GOD DOES NOT MAKE JUNK.  HE LOVES YOU AS YOU ARE.  HE WILL TAKE YOUR BROKEN PIECES AND MOLD AND SHAPE YOU.  He will refine you like silver.  HOLD onto HIM like your life depends on it.  Because it DOES!
8/17/2010 2:06:29 PM
Elaine Jeppesen United States
Elaine Jeppesen
In response to the song regarding sexual abuse. This hit me hard because recently my sister's husband was arrested for abuse to a family friend's child.
We need to remember to pray not only for the actual victim of the abuse, but for everyone affected. My sister is now a single parent of two children, filing for bankrupcy, and trying to explain to her kids why their lives have been turned upside down, that the father they revered is now in jail for a heinous crime.
It has devastated two families. And the kids, ALL THE KIDS involved will be suffering from the fallout for years to come.
Please pray for all the innocent victims.
8/17/2010 2:06:33 PM
Rosie United States
I justed listened to your new song based on the mom of a middle school aged boy.  I was getting out of my car and I had to sit there and take it all in.  My son attempted suicide after only 3 weeks in middle school.  that was 2 years ago.  we still struggle everyday to connect with him and show him God has a plan for him, a purpose.  Your song helped me remember to tell him not just how God sees him, but how I see him.  I don't always stop to remember to look at him in that way, I often see his troubles more than I see his beauty.  I get lost in the day to day "things" and while I never forget to tell him I love him, I do forget to tell him i see him as an amazing young man who can handle more than I could, if his shoes were on my feet.
8/17/2010 2:07:02 PM
cheryl stewart United States
cheryl stewart
I was a broken girl but the Lord has taken that hurt,pain, guilt, and feelings of worthlessness away. I have raised 3 beautiful daughters and that was one of my biggest fears . That someone would my them broken, but the Lord has blessed me. He has taken care of my babies.They are 27, 24 and my youngest is 18. The lord truly has blessed that broken girl I was for so long. Thank You Matthew for praising and helping us to heal through your music. I believe music soothes the soul and it is the way the Lord talks to me. I love yall so much. I pray every day that I can tell the world what the Lord has done for me.
8/17/2010 2:07:03 PM
Victor Castro United States
Victor Castro
Matthew, Scott, Kelli and K-Love!!!!! I am Active Duty Air Force stationed on a small island in the Atlantic Ocean. Despite the distance from American soil, I am still blessed and encourage through the washing of the Word by K-Love and the great, Holy Spirit inspired music that is played. PLease keep the military in your thoughts and intercession because as I share with our small chapel through playing worship music, we are broken, battered and bruised in our relationships, marriages and past, yet we have made an oath that despite all that is going on in our personal lives we will still defend our country no matter where that calls us. Thank you for your ministries! They make a difference, even here on this small island.
8/17/2010 2:07:24 PM
Suzi Haenitsch United States
Suzi Haenitsch
The song Matthew just sang was my son Grey. He has ADHD and learning disabilities. He is 9, and our story started in kindergarten. By the time he reached first grade he was being called "dumb" on the playground every day. He got in trouble for calling the kids taunting him names one day. Of course the teacher had missed the daily abuse heaped on Grey, and only heard him call someone names. We spent that entire year trying to get help for him through the public school system without anything being done to help Grey. We started exploring other options and by February that year found a local Christian schhol whose principal was also the first grade teacher and a certified therapist for LD. Thank God for showing us where to get help!!! Thank you for this song!
8/17/2010 2:08:56 PM
Katie United States
I really enjoyed the song "You're everything to me." I'm in Junior High and I could really relate to that song. At first i ignored it, but the words got meaner and finally got to me. One night the words hit me and i cried while my mom was trying to convince me that i wasnt the mean names kids were calling me. Now i try to ignore them the best i can and that song made me want to try even harder. I try to be liked by everyone and please everyone and now i have realized i cant. That song really made me think about who i am......i am Gods Child......his most wonderful invention and i wanted to thank Matthew West for helping me realize that everyone could hate me but i am Gods Child so what everyone else says doesnt matter. God bless......
8/17/2010 2:10:37 PM
Julianne United States
Today I'm cleaning out my parents' basement because my mom has to move. My dad died about a year ago, and the house is too much for her alone. Frankly, I didn't even realize just how sorry for myself I was feeling as I worked. But listening to Matthew West reminded me just how very blessed I am and what a blessing it is to care for hurting people. My eyes were opened--yet again! I shouldn't be so amazed, but I always am, at how God puts me in the right place at the right time for Him to speak to me. Thanks for being a part of that!

So, here's a question for Matthew. Have you told the people about whom you wrote specific songs--like the mom with the precious boy in junior high--that the songs are about them? Just curious. I can't imagine how someone would feel to know that their letter was turned into your music.

In Christ,
8/17/2010 2:13:01 PM
Diane Mietelski United States
Diane Mietelski
I just heard Broken Girl of which I was one many years ago.
I also felt unworthy and did not lead a very good life when
I was younger and some of when I was older.
However, I know now thanks to Jesus that I'm ok.  I'm so happy that
He didn't give up on me.
I pray that younger girls will hear your song and realize they are
loved and not unworthy so they don't spend their life on the wrong
Thank you and God bless.
8/17/2010 2:13:11 PM
We are across the country in CT loving K-Love and Matthew West. You are truely gifted, talented, inspiring, moving - your lyrics have had an impact on so many of us. My children and I were in the Stge Pit at the Soulfest in New Hampshire a couple weeks ago - Thank you for touching so many lives - You are certainly an angel of God - Bless you
8/17/2010 2:13:58 PM
Margaret United States
My name is Margaret. I am 20 and I have a twelve year old brother who has dyslexia. I just heard your song that was written for a woman named Michelle I believe for her son Connor about the teasing he receives in school and I wanted to thank you for that song. I burst into tears listening to it because I know my brother is going through the same experiences. My brother has been home schooled for the past two years and this is his first week back at school. I worry about him constantly but I know God will protect him from all ridicule. Thank you for spreading God's love.
8/17/2010 2:14:07 PM
charlene United States
I am one of the broken girls that submitted their story; I was sitting at my desk when I heard this song and tears whelled up in my eyes.  You nailed that song and what a blessing god has given us to let you be our voice. And as I sit here listening to two houses. I know my children will be able to relate to this as well. I can't wait to get this album as I know the words come from my father the one who truly loves me.   Thank you and god bless you matthew
8/17/2010 2:14:11 PM
Analyn United States
I heard the story of Conner, it almost made me cry, I am homeschooled and never have been bullied, but I sooooo want to be friends to all the hurting people. I want to be friends with Conner and all kids being bullied and picked on, I want to reach out to everyone who needs it. God Bless Everyone!!
P.S. I'm starting to cry right now. Smile God is so powerful. Smile
8/17/2010 2:16:09 PM
Denae Croucher United States
Denae Croucher
I was driving home from work and listening to K-Love. That's when I heard Matthew West sing a bit from a song on his new album about abuse. It really struck me and I began to cry because my current situation is that my boyfriend has a sexual addiction. He says he loves me and I know he is trying to break it but I still don't feel like I mean anything to him or ever will due to past experiences with ex-girlfriends. I also feel worthless as a person for him to do this to me. I love him but have doubts that he loves me like he says.
8/17/2010 2:17:55 PM
Helen B. United States
Helen B.
In my story I could tell you of the sexual abuse and the poverty of my youth, the alcoholic 1st husband and the emotionally abusive 2nd husband. Those events and the awesome love of my mother and her belief in God shaped what I am today... I have always believed in Christ but it wasn't until my mothers death in January that he became real to me... She told me before she died not to greive for her but if I must greive to do it for my self, get over it quickly and then to celebrate her new life with our heavenly father. So we held a life celebration for her at the beach because she loved to go there. The waves were crashing and the sky was gray that day but as my son released his portion of her ashes in the ocean the water suddenly calmed and I felt warm all over. I looked up and there was the sun shining down on us. There was no parting of the clouds just a great white light that beamed down on our little group. I know God is real cause he was with us that day. I just wanted to let you and others know that it is not always in brokeness that we have the defining moment in our lives. For me it was the celebration of better things to come... Keep it up Matthew you are truely Gods servant...
8/17/2010 7:18:41 PM
Elizabeth United States
Hi, my sister recently divored and man that song Matthew just sang (2 houses) has me crying... it's so hard, for her and the kids. Especially when they began to ask questions and you find youself with out any words. I've been helping her out as much as I can so she can finish school and continue working. Matthew West has those lyrics that just touch you, no matter what the situation is... love his music and love you all for sharing it. I know there is a better ending to this... Be blessed!
8/17/2010 7:18:49 PM
Melissa C. United States
Melissa C.
OK raise your hand if you cryed during the song about two houses....Everyone? yea..thats what i thought Smile
8/17/2010 7:24:53 PM
Tammy United States
I just heard a couple songs of Matthew West. "Broken Girl" and "To Me".  I had to pull over to stop from crying. I am a single mom of three now teenagers. I have been a single mom for 10 years. I left their father after a whirlwind of abuse. Having a gun pulled on me, my head slammed into a window, thrown through an arcadia window, and so much more. The song really got to me. I had a really hard time getting over the abuse I received by someone that was suppose to love me. I left for three reasons - none of which were for me. I left for my three angels.
The song to me, "To Me" up till last year I had a constant struggle with teachers and kids about my youngest. He was a quiet kid growing up. Many times he would come home and tell me stories of kids telling him he was ugly and tell him to get away from them because they were worried his ugliness would rub off onto them. I spoke to teachers about things being said to him and they just said 'oh kids are kids but we will talk to them.  I then was called into the office to talk to his teachers about his grades. I had a teacher tell me, 'he reminds me of  an  alien, he spaces in class and looks at me like he has no idea what I am saying and he is in outer space - like an alien.' My son was sitting right there. I told her that any comments she has, should never be said to my son. I waited till I got home and I emailed her and went further telling her that it was wrong of her to make a comment such as she had and I felt it was completely unprofessional of her. My son asked me later that day - my son asked me if something was wrong with him. I said no. God made you exactly as I wanted you, If I had gotten to chose who I wanted for my youngest son - I would pick him everytime.  
I thank the Lord for my three angels. They are why I have a smile everyday.
8/17/2010 7:25:15 PM
Paige United States
The past song, 2 houses, hits home for me. I just got out of the shower and was listening when i heard this song play. it brought me to tears. My parents divorced when i was 5 and i remember all of the screaming and going from house to house and always having a suitcase filled with my clothes. and it was horrible. But then my dad met my stepmom and she introduced my family to god. i was about ten at the time. I am forever grateful for that. I am now fifteen and i was baptized may of this year. Music has been my way of expressing my love for god and this song truly made me stop and cry. I am thankful for the family i have now. I am thankful my life has a purpose because of God. Thank you  mathew for this wonderful song.
8/17/2010 7:25:38 PM
Dawson Berry United States
Dawson Berry
Matthew, I was listening to the radio today on a more scenic (or should I say audial) drive to my grandmother's house today, and you played "My Own Little World" and I heard the song "the Motions", I think it was on the radio station HisRadio (spelling?) It does touch on some of the struggles I face.  Also what you said, that you tend to live in your own little world, like I tend to do on the radio.  It's good to know I'm not the only one with this sort of problem.  


Dear God, Father in Heaven, I pray that you tell Matthew to to keep writing;  and I pray that it really makes a difference.

In Jesus's Name

8/17/2010 7:26:22 PM
Sam United States
My classroom assistant sent a story into Matthew West about one of our students, Michael. Michael passed away last year of a rare genetic disorder, GA Type 1. Michael never spoke or walked, but we will always remember his deep blue eyes, they lit up the classroom and our lives. Michael will live on in our hearts and memories. I hope and pray that I when I meet him in heaven, Michael will run up to me and tell me all kinds of great stories. Till then Mikey!
8/17/2010 7:26:59 PM
madison United States
i just heard the new song 'two houses'.. it was really awesome. a friend of mine recently wrote a song a lot like that after counseling with a young boy going through his parents divorce.. god laid it on my heart to share it with you..

Love is A Choice

As tears fall from the eyes of a broken hearted child, I'm left without a word to comfort his heart, His dad and his Mom say they're falling out of love, and the thought of a broken family is tearing him apart..

Do you see what you're doing, when you throw the promise away, that you made on your wedding day, Do you see who you're hurting, on the day you said I do it meant whatever you go through, Don't let this be your ending, God created love to last for eternity, & love is a choice..

As tears fall from the eyes of a broken hearted wife, at the altar praying God soften his heart, As a husband bows his head and raises up his hands, he cries out to God begging for a second chance

Can you not overcome the circumstances through Christ after what He has loved us through, Families weren't created to be torn apart, But to hold on strong through whatever comes along..

8/17/2010 7:27:14 PM
Angela United States
I had just pulled in the drive tonight when I heard your song about the Middle School boy.  I sat there tears streaming.  We just went to M.S. orientation Tuesday and my daughter cried on the way home, not understanding why her "friends" wouldn't talk to her.  I'm going to make certain she hears this...what a beautiful message Matthew, what a wonderful gift.  This song is sure to be a blessing in my "little" girls life.
8/17/2010 7:28:04 PM
Tim United States
  I'm a 30 year old man born and raised in Killeen,TX.  I just wanted to share that the last song Matthew West sang on the air "2 houses" hit the nail on the Head. I won't lie it made me cry too. I came from a broken home, my parents divorced when I was 5 years old. That song rings more true than most songs I hear.  If all the songs on this next album are like that than, well I don't know what, I know I'll buy it and I will one of many.  Sir, you have a wonderful and amazing gift. God Bless You and Your Family, and thank you K-Love I don't know what I'd do without it.  I listen all day, my kids fall asleep to it.  

            Thank You Sincerely,
8/17/2010 7:30:03 PM
Jesse United States
Just listened to West's newest song on K-LOVE and I cried. I am a junior in high school, with my parents going through a divorce. It has all been very confusing because both of them are Christians, and I want to know why one feels like they have to divorce the other. But I don't have to know, and probably never will anyway. In some ways the divorce is a bad thing, but I am trusting that God will work it for good. For example, I've thrown myself into my church and youth group.

Anyway, thank you Matthew West for the new song!
8/17/2010 7:30:08 PM
Barbara United States
The song Matthew sang called Two Houses really gave me chills.  I don't know if it was just the way he sang it or the words or both.  I don't have a similar story but I know others who do.  All that kept going through my head was this song is going to be a DOVE Award winner and reach a lot of people.
8/17/2010 7:30:42 PM
Lu United States
I really enjoy your show,I was listening and I heard Matthew West say he's from "Chicago", what part of Chicago did he grow up in? "Logan Square" maybe???
Also, "Motions" is an awesome song it really moves you to examine yourself;it has a Keith Green flavor, "waking up the sleeping giant", you know. Anyway,I can't wait to hear his new recordings. Oh and I'm with Matthew, rodents belong outside far away in some distant land.
8/17/2010 7:30:58 PM
Melinda Garcia United States
Melinda Garcia
God bless you for your songs that touch us all. They are songs we can relate to. Even if they remind us of the hurt. We can reflect were God has brought us from. Thanks to your wife and kids for giving you the time to write these beautiful songs.
8/17/2010 7:31:09 PM
Tobin United States
I just listened to Matthew's song, Two Houses, on the radio in the back room of the office of where I work and I am having a hard time maintaining my composure in front of my colleages. Last week I was at a ministry conference where I was baptized with 30 others into the body of Christ.  The last day my friends and I were there we looked for gifts to bring home to our families.  While looking for a book for my 2 year old daughter, a very particular story caught my eye, "The Little Engine That Could".  I hadn't thought about that story in so long and knew that I wanted to read to my little girl.  Why?  I didn't know then but I do now.  Because I am the child of divorce, and it is the book my father would read to my two brothers and I before bed.  It is one of few memories we all shared, when my father and mother were happy, held our hands, loved each other.  It is a memory we all shared. . .before we lived our lives three boys between two houses.  Thank you for writing our story.
8/17/2010 7:31:58 PM
Leeann United States
I was listing to K love when you were talking about that 15 year old girl and about how her parents are divorced. That song two houses is just how it's been like for me. My mom and dad got a divorce when i was 2 and now am 16 going on 17 in 7 days. I haven't talk to my dad in over a year. Your song brought me to tires but yet the divorce has brought me so much closer to God and my Church family. So thank you Matthew for giving me hope and encouragement.
8/17/2010 7:34:23 PM
Batbara United States
Your song about divorce made me weep.  I was the young mother on her own stuffing her emotions and fears so she could work and raise her children.  Seeing their pain.  Not dealing with her own.  Thank you for the song.
8/17/2010 7:34:43 PM
Kim Hayes United States
Kim Hayes
Just wanted to comment on Matthew's song that he just sang for his child (To me you are).  I feel that way of course about all 5 of my children however my oldest, my daughter Megan specifically comes to mind during this song.  She and I have always been particularly close.  She has all of her life professed a strong relationship with God, to the point of being a youth group leader and has spoken on the importance of saving yourself for marriage.  She is an absolutely beautiful girl and was the homecoming queen of her school but has always struggled with friendships and the fact that boys didn't want to date her for long because of her beliefs.  In 2008 she went to live in a bigger city not far from us with a former friend of mine, much to my dismay because I know this friend very well.  Megan however wants to believe the best in everyone and wants to bring them to Christ.  I however know that there are risks in this to her walk and also to my dismay she fell to drinking, started hanging with a different crowd and chose an alternative lifestyle that is in opposition to God's will.  I of course did not probably handle this in the best manner and as a result of her actions and my temporary response we have lost what we had.  She has chosen to believe these new "friends" that we do not love her unconditionally nor does God have a problem with her new lifestyle.  We have done all we can to show her that we love her more than words can say and that we are sorry for our initial response but that we still stand behind what we believe and what God has said.  And her new "friend" of course continued to put doubt in her mind.  They have kind of cooled their friendship and Megan is now kind of softening towards us but I just wished I could let her know how absolutely beautiful she is to me.  Now I can, as soon as that song is available I am going to post it for her so she can know what I gift I believe God gave me in her.  Thank you Matthew for using the gift that God has given you in such a wonderful honest way.
8/17/2010 7:35:43 PM
Haley United States
I have spent most of my day today listen to KLove and I heard the song "Broken girl" for the first time. I am so appreciative that somebody finally took the time to write such a difficult song. I was molested when I was 8 by my brother. More than once it happened, and I finally told my parents about it. Nobody ever did anything about it. Years later, because it was still haunting me, and I was having nightmares, I brought it up, and my mother told me that I was lucky it only went as far as it did, and that I needed to forgive and move on. Never having anyone there to tell me it wasn't my fault, I spent so much of my time hating myself. I never even blamed my brother because it wasn't something I ever tried to stop. In fact, I did the opposite. He played it like a game, and for a while I never realized how wrong it was. Until one day when I was overwhelmed with such guilt and sadness that I had to tell my parents. I hated myself. Throughout my life I have denied any sort of affection from family. It always felt dirty to me. He broke me, and as I grew up I continued to break. I allowed many others to use me sexually, and me to use them sexually as well. In the middle of one sexual encounter, after asking the guy to stop, he told me no, and continued. I lost my virginity at 16, but my innocence much younger than that. I eventually ended up in a homosexual relationship for 1 1/2 years. I tried to commit suicide and have recently begun working through an eating disorder. I can't even begin to explain the feelings of worthlessness and guilt I felt. I continually punished myself and broke myself into so many more pieces. This past April, I went to church, and the pastors asked for those who wanted to come forward to do so. I stood there for a while, and finally compelled by God to go to the altar I did. Ever since my life has been different. I have given my life over to God, and while it has been hard to end the cycle of sexual immorality I have finally done so! I am able to find the strength to flee that temptation. A strength only God could have given me. I even lead a girl's Bible Study and went on a mission trip to Haiti. I am currently in the process of forgiving myself. God has forgiven me, how can I not forgive myself? He is so much greater than me or my sufferings. I am also in the process of forgiving my family for never being there. I often find myself lashing out at me mother because if anyone should have been there for me it should have been her (She and her sisters had been raped by their brother when they were younger). I have also found within me the strength to reach out to others. So many people have gone through similar or even worse experiences than I. I want them to know they can be healed, that they are loved, and so deserving of love. We must all realize that we are never alone. Even when others are not there for us, we always have God. Who is greater than he? No one. He has the power to heal, and he is offering that power, along with his grace and mercy, to us. All we have to do is accept it.
8/17/2010 7:39:42 PM
Carrie Ann United States
Carrie Ann
Matthew, Scott, Kelli, and the entire Klove team;
Thank you for blessng my life.  Without you I may not be here today.  You continued to nourish my soul with God's word through song, and prayer.  Today I am healing from the wounds of my past and learning to love myself, and believe that God can and does love me. Thank you for lifting me and being there day in and day out.  God Bless you all.  Love Carrie Ann
8/17/2010 7:43:34 PM
Sharon United States
Hello Scott, Kelli, and Matthew,
I just heard the song and story about a son who has a learning disability in middle school. It was the Spirit of the Lord who spoke to me at that very moment!!!  This was definitely a GOD moment!!!!  My husband and I of 22 years have really been having a very difficult time!!!!  We have a 14 year old who has a learning disability and ADHD and anxiety. To say that his upbringing has been difficult is an  understatement. I believe with all my heart that God has a plan for our son.  He has had a difficult road and finally in 4th grade someone believed me that there was a learning problem.  He was tested and dx with a learning disability and then went to a school called Springer School and Center for two years.  He then went back to his old school in the 7th grade and it was a very difficult road, he would have failed, he ended up in a day treatment for two weeks for anxiety and his school felt like our son was playing a game.  Very difficult to swallow those words when you have been through a difficult period with your child.  I assured them it was NOT a game!  They did not want to try to help my son in any way!  Decision was made to home school him with Connections Academy; It was not an easy journey but he did pass!!  God gave me strength and I know that God has a plan with my son.  My husband on the other hand, does not.  He has a hard time accepting him and in fact, when I heard this song, it was after a big argument when he said "I cannot stand to be around him".  I am doing on-line public schooling with him along with working full time at home, and I get no support from my husband.  It is difficult but I know God loves us and He has a plan!!!  It was then that I heard this song which reminded me of that very thing!  Thank you so much for letting God use your beautiful voice to speak to me!!!!  I know I can get through this with God's help!!!! Please pray for my son, Joel.  Thank you, Sharon
8/17/2010 7:44:34 PM
Janet Souleyrette United States
Janet Souleyrette
Hey Scott, Kelli, and Matthew tuned in to hear your story about bullying... this  brought me to remember something said by someone very special to me .
8/17/2010 7:50:37 PM
Anna United States
Matthew and Klove, I am a 14 year old girl that has watched both my mom and dad deploy since I was 3.  Between the two of them they have been on 8 deployment.  That is over half of my life without one of my parents for at least a year. I have had to stay with relatives when they were deployed at the same time... let me tell you, it makes me tired, sad and insecure. Your music as brought alot of light to my life these past few years.  Both my mom and dad were gone for a year and my dad is leaving for Haiti in a few weeks. I miss them so much! I just didn't feel that I had any security with being "passed around" because they were defending our country and I, I stayed behind. I know this email doesn't make alot of sense... it's hard to try through tears, but the words that our Lord has given you to sing about has helped me through all of this more than you will ever know! Thank you for your faith and services to our Father! Your music and your words, even when it really doesn't apply to my situation, has ALWAYS uplifted me and made me smile! May God continue to bless you and no matter what, please never stop serving Him!
8/17/2010 7:52:28 PM
Tanna Jones United States
Tanna Jones
I was in tears when I heard "Broken Girl" and then again with two houses. The reason being that I am a broken girl and because of that my children have to two houses they call home. I pray that God will heal my wounds as well as my girls. I also pray that someday they know that altough they have to homes they are loved more than anything by me. I thank God for the strength he has given me and I believe that one day my hurts will be healed. Abuse in any form is a horrible experience to endure, be it physical, emotional,or verbal. I pray for all of the people that endure abuse. Please pray for my girls as they have to go two houses and for me to continue to teach them about Jesus and how much he loves us all. God Bless!

8/17/2010 7:57:18 PM
Janet Souleyrette United States
Janet Souleyrette
8/17/2010 7:59:07 PM
Batbara United States
I found it hard to say what I waned to say on the last comment.  That divorce cost me one son with a drinking problem, one in prison and one who is bitter toward me.
8/17/2010 7:59:20 PM
Stephanie United States
Thanks for making me pull the car over and cry!

As a child of divorce, I never wanted children (or to get married) so I would never have to put a child through the pain/insecurity of a possible divorce...but, I DID get married and I have a beautiful 4 year old son.  Imagine my guilt, pain, fear and disappointment when my husband left after six years of marriage.

The song, Two Houses is so fitting to my life right now...and I hurt so badly for my son that he has to have two houses, two Christmases, two "families".  The only thing that gets me through the hurt/anger is remembering that God uses all things for His glory and that there is a reason for this journey...I just pray that I can guide my son to Jesus and help him to know this truth, too.

8/17/2010 8:02:07 PM
Janene United States
Matthew thank you for being so humble.  My niece (10years old) and I went to your show in Kansas City MO.  We met you after the show and I watched you take time for each person.  You showed all of us the love of God. Thank you for sharing and showing God's to me and other.  I also love your song the Broken Girl, I was a broken girl!  God is making me whole again.
8/17/2010 8:05:48 PM
Holly United States
One song that has made such an impact on my husband and I is Matthew's song: When I Say I Do. We first heard the song before we were engaged and knew instantly we wanted the song to be a part of our wedding ceremony. After almost eight years of dating, we became engaged within a couple months of hearing the song and then started planning our wedding. A close friend sang this song while we lit our unity candle on the altar. What a neat experience to be standing there with my new husband and hearing these words that meant so much to us already. For better or for worse, we have given our lives to each other and to God. Thank you Matthew West for continuing to write and sing songs that touch people in such profound ways.  God Bless.
8/17/2010 8:17:07 PM
Hope United States
I just heard Matthew West's song "One House" and I cried, sadly I to came from a broken home.  What's worse is that I have done that to my two small children because the relationship was not healthly.  The most positive thing from all of this is that I am committed to showing my two kids what a heathly relationship should look like if I get into another one.  I know that my kids will have to deal with this for the rest of their lives just like I did, but I am greatful that the Lord has given me the tools to make better decisions for both me and my kids.  Thank you Lord..
8/17/2010 8:20:10 PM
Victoria McConville United States
Victoria McConville
When I heard the song and story about a son who has a learning disability in middle school it reminded me of my son and our struggles with ADHD.

When he was diagnosed, I did a lot of reading to find out more about it and how to help my son.
With all the research, I was able to teach my son to "accept" the fact that he is different than most kids his age. And through his acceptance he just laughs when kids tease him.  

He was always "worried" about having friends and kids picked on him too. But, now that he has started high school, this is not on his "list" of priorities.

He knows that he can't stop being ADHD, but he does try to control it as best as he can.  And with God's help he will continue to learn control and help others.
8/18/2010 1:55:40 AM
Jessica United States
I was at the concert last Sunday at the Indiana State Fair, and Matthew was amazing! I am looking forward to this new CD. It has already touched my heart and God has been speaking to me through the song My Own Little World. It is a huge eye opener that we need to look out at those that feel invisible and help them to know that God always sees them, no matter what they are going through!! Your honesty and just the fact that you took time away from everything, even cell service, for God is a HUGE thing! Thank you for trusting our God and showing your story & now others to the world & share His love!!! Smile
8/18/2010 3:13:22 AM
Jennifer United States
The song "brokengirl" reminded me of myself.  However when I heard the letter about the son who has learning disabilities I cried.  It is the exact same thing I am going with my son.  In fact twice this week he stated all he wants is a friend.  To make it worse this week was his birthday and school started he still has no friends.  I am going through this in elementary school I didn't even think how it would be in junior high.  With God guiding me and my son we will get through this and all the other things we are going through.  I would love to be able to find a way to have schools follow through on no bullying and tolerance of others.  For some one to reach the children that are doing these things to our children would be awesome.  We still need to pray for those children too.
8/18/2010 3:20:15 AM
Elizabeth United States
The first time I heard The Motions, I knew that song was meant for me. Every lyric spoke to my heart. So I decided to do a lyrical routine to it, and the first time I listened to it with my instructor, I was on the verge of tears. I have anxiety, and sometimes it results in depression. I am the person that is always saying hi to everyone in school and smiling, but my pain isn't always visible. This song spoke to me, it made me realize that i don;t want to look back on my life when i am grown and wish I had loved more and gave EVERYTHING (including my anxiety) to God. AS Jason Gray said, God can use our handicaps to show others what he can do with and for us. When I got in my car after band, I heard Matthew West on the radio, and it was an answer to my prayer because I had read the lyrics to some of his other songs on his new album, but had no way to hear them. The song about "never giving till it hurts" reached me & I thought it had a similar message to Human by Natalie Grant & then it came on! GOD was telling me when I wallow in my worries I can't reach those with actual troubles & in need of his love found through me. Peace in Christ Smile
8/18/2010 3:26:50 AM
Elizabeth United States
Also, I wanted to tell Matthew West that I think it is the most wonderful! idea to make this album with people's personal stories, and I know it will reach and touch people's souls because it is REAL. God Bless! And THANK YOU Smile
8/18/2010 6:14:14 PM
steffanie United States
Scott and Kelly,
Thank you so much for airing Matthew's new song that he sang live in the studio yesterday about the children being rescued from their broken homes and adopted (I didn't catch the title of the song).  We adopted our 2 year old son over a year ago. He is a very sweet, but VERY challenging little boy whom we have recently discovered has a sensory disabilty which causes most of his difficult behavors. As he was acting out again our way home yesterday and as I was again feeling like I was unequipped to be his mom, I heard Matthew singing about how the heart of another child was safe because of adoption and I began to cry.  Thank you for reminding me in God's perfect timing that God annointed our family to have our son and that all of the difficult times and struggles are part of his perfect plan.  
8/19/2010 1:46:59 AM
Katie United States
I was so touched yesterday, while I was driving.   Matthew West was talking about my family's story.  In 1995, my daughter revealed to her youth director that her father had been molesting her for many years.  Later, I asked her how she had decided to tell us.  She said that she knew that her continuing to stuff the information was affecting her Walk wth God.  Her father was arrested that night, and after a trial he was taken to jail.  He also was mandated to attend counseling, both group and individual.  My daughter and her older brother and I all went into Christian counseling. We tried to reconstruct our family, with both of the children's encouragement, but it was not to be.  It took me several years to also realize that I had also been sexually abused in that marriage, me being brainwashed that some of the things he forced me to do we actually "normal."
Almost fifteen years later, there are many scars left on our hearts, but the three of us have thrived.  My son is happily married and they have 3 great little one.  My daughter and I are still seeking God's will for our lives-our future relationships with men.
Thank you Matthew West and KLOVE.
8/19/2010 3:43:31 AM
Marcia United States
I heard Matthew West's "broken girl" i was not done that way as a child but i have be abused by my ex that i was with for 6 yrs and he like to say things that hurt me so bad and then he got physical and he didn't care that our boys were in my arms or not and most of the time they were and that song just let me know that god has someone that is willing to go and talk about something that alot of people just sweep under the rug and tell you to go on i have been told that alot .
8/19/2010 8:34:57 PM
just me United States
just me
When I heard Matthew West "Broken Girl" I was on my way home from work like everyday. I started to cry, that was me all over again. Let me just say I was abused as a child for 5 years and the man never was charged and is still out to do this to other children and that's whats hurt. I know that he has hurt other girls just like me. As my life would take me down my path I was raped by my husband, I left him and divorced him. I stayed a single mom for fifteen years. I meet a real nice guy and he had two children and we got married we were married only eight months and we were in family counseling when I found out that he had inappropiately had touched my step daughter.  He was charged and we went through a long process and I got custody of his daughter and we stayed married.  But when I heard this song I couldnt believe my ears that God was talking to me. I have to learn how to forgive so that I can be free and learn how to truly be free of all that anger that I have been holding on for so many years. Matthew you will never know just how much this song will forever be with me and be my theme song to help me free myself of all the hurt and anger.  I have to truly forgive my husband so our marriage can be stronger and by the grace of God I know that it can be done.  I thank you Kelly and Scott for all you do on K-Love I travel 2 hours one way to work and home and change my radio dial 3 times on the way so I can continue to listen all the way home and I wouldnt know what I would do without KLOVE in my life.  GOD is my everything!!!!
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